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If you’re starting a WordPress blog today and looking for the right managed WordPress hosting, there are too many options. Deciding which web host offers convenient features and a budget for your unique business needs could be challenging.

One of the best ways to do this is to sign up for a managed WordPress hosting free trial offer. 

This will allow you to explore essential hosting features and quality and decide if purchasing a paid plan is worth purchasing. 

With over a decade in online marketing, I have tried several web hosting types and many web hosts; here are some of the best web hosts that offer WordPress hosting free trial with no credit card required.

But before you explore the list, it’s essential to know what WordPress hosting free trial is and why you should consider reliable web hosts with free trial offers.

After all, plenty of other hosting types are suitable for a WordPress blog.

So, what is the hype about WordPress hosting?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting Free Trial? 

A managed WordPress hosting free trial is a promotional offer allowing a potential customer to try out the services for a specific time, usually days, weeks, or even months, without financial commitment.  

During the free trial period, you will be allowed access to test hosting features, free migration services, SSL certificates, optimization tools, and any hosting service influencing purchasing decisions. 

You can use this period to test the WordPress hosting services and features to determine if it is worth your investment. 

A free trial period is an excellent marketing tactic to allow potential customers to test business tools and services, learn about the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages, and how it can help their business positively. 

Suppose you’re new to managed web hosting. In that case, you should consider one of the web hosts listed here to gain valuable insight and experience into how WordPress hosting works and how it can benefit your business and make you more productive. 

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are several benefits to managed WordPress hosting; let’s discuss them below.

Expert Level Supports

One of the main advantages of managed hosting providers is the specialized level of support you get.

Instead of generic web hosting customer support, you’re in the company of WordPress experts who offer customized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

These WordPress experts can help you with unique solutions, from choosing the right themes and plugins to troubleshooting on-site errors.

They could also advise you on how to manage and maintain your WordPress sites in the future.


Another advantage of managed hosting services is time-saving, which can lead to increased productivity.

Top WordPress hosting solutions with managed hosting features will save you time on website maintenance. 

You don’t have to spend time or be bothered about things like plugins, WordPress core updates, theme updates, and backups. 

These are automatically handled and executed by your managed web hosts in the background so you can focus on running your business.  

Custom Hosting Features

Also, reliable managed WordPress hosting providers have built-in customized and optimized hosting features to increase your website pages’ speed and performance.  

With hosting features like built-in cache functions, custom CDN (Content delivery network), and server-level optimization features, you can have a website that performs better, improves user experience, and helps with search engine rankings. 

Enhance WordPress Security

WordPress sites are the target of many malware, hackers, and vulnerabilities, which can lead to downtime, data breaches, and other security issues. 

Managed WordPress web hosts can help you mitigate many of these threats and provide adequate security measures to reduce their effect on your business. 

A WordPress web host will provide advanced web security features like WAF (Web Application Firewall), malware scanning, automatic updates, and regular backup, ensuring your website runs on the latest PHP version.

All these services usually come at no extra cost – depending on the web hosts – but you can rest assured of a hosting service that gives you peace of mind regardless of your web development skills. 

Managed WordPress Hosting With Free Trials.

While it’s hard to find web hosts offering a free trial of its services at zero cost without credit card registrations, these web hosts have done well to make the process more seamless and easy for customers.

Except for Rocket.Net, which required a $1 free trial registration, others don’t require credit card registration to gain access to the free trials. 

In this post, I have listed other web hosts that offer affordable entry-level hosting prices, which I believe are more or less equal to a free service trial. 

If you can’t find your ideal hosting requirements within the first four web hosts, you should go through other web hosts in the table.

This post has many options, features, and managed WordPress web hosts. 

Let’s walk through the list.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways web hosting

Cloudways is an excellent candidate for the top WordPress hosting with a 100% free trial. 

They offered a 3-day free trial to new customers, no credit card registration, unlimited websites, free Object Cache Pro, and an SSL certificate. 

You also have access to 24/7 customer support during your trial period.

As the name suggests, Cloudways is a cloud hosting solution that offers scalable cloud hosting services from 5 different providers.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud (GCE)
  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr

Suppose you purchase WordPress hosting after the initial 3-day free trial; you can upgrade your plan, select a different cloud service provider, access more tools, get priority support, etc.

Cloudways offers many scalable WordPress hosting features; here are some notable ones.

Cloudways Hosting Features.

  • Auto healing
  • Cloudflare add-ons
  • WordPress staging environments
  • Automatic regular backup
  • Unlimited website application installations
  • Flexible and scalable pricing models
  • Advanced WordPress cache plugin
  • HTTPS/2 server enable
  • Access to SSH and SFTP
  • Free migrations services
  • And many more.

Pros of Cloudways Free Trial

  • You can use the services without upfront payment. 
  • No credit card is required.
  • Access to essential hosting features.
  • Choose a cloud hosting provider.
  • Scalable web hosting plan
  • 24/7 support available
  • Free Migration

Cons of Cloudways Free Trial

  • The trial period is too short – three days might not be enough to test most features properly.
  • Google Compute Engine is not available for a free trial

2. Namecheap

Namecheap wordpress hosting

If you’re looking for 30-day managed WordPress hosting with free trial access, look no further. The Namecheap EasyWP hosting is the perfect match.

Namecheap offers a 30-day free trial of its cloud WordPress hosting service, EasyWP, for new and existing customers.

It only requires a Namecheap account to get started. No credit card. No commitment. You can walk out anytime if you don’t like the services. 

I have been using the Namecheap WordPress hosting since April 2020, during the COVID-19 peak period. I never regret the decision for a moment. 

Easywp has a built-in three-layer cache system, which gives you advanced optimization features, making your website pages load insanely fast for users. 

It is one of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting in the industry. The starter plan costs $12.88 monthly if you upgrade your account.

You don’t need an additional cache plugin using Easywp WordPress hosting from Namecheap.

Here are some of the top features worth mentioning.

Namecheap Easywp Top-Features.

  • Free SuperSonic Content Delivery Network from Namecheap
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidths
  • Use any domain you own, including a domain from a third-party registrar.
  • Hosted on Namecheap cloud
  • One-click backup and restore point
  • Uncluttered and easy-to-use WordPress dashboard.
  • Responsive 24/7 support system
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • And lots more.

Pros of NameCheap Free Trial

  • Longer free trial days – 30 days are enough to test the service and features.
  • No financial commitment. Cancel anytime you like.
  • Free migration service
  • Scale as your business grows
  • Flexible pricing option
  • Easy to use and install WordPress
  • Free CDN included
  • Cloud hosting services

Cons of NameCheap Free Trial

  • I can’t think of any.
  • Honestly.

3. Rocket.Net

Rocket.net - WordPress hosting

Rocket.NET does not offer a complete 100% free trial hosting plan; there is a $1 asking price for the first month. You must enter your credit card details to get the free trial.

But you get to try the hosting features and service for $1 for 30 days, which is a very good bargain. 

Arguably, Rocket.net prides itself as the fastest WordPress hosting service provider. 

Its web hosting technology is built on a lightning-fast, secure, and optimized infrastructure, making it one of the best in the industry.

Rocket.net only hosts and manages WordPress blogs, making the services a WordPress-specific hosting platform.

You can not install other content management systems, like Lareval and Magento, on Rocket.net servers.

If you upgrade to a paid plan, your pricing remains unchanged on every renewal. This is one of the advantages of Rocket.Net over its competitors.

There are no price hikes or exorbitant renewal fees when renewing your hosting plan is time. 

Here are some of the highlights Rocket.Net’s hosting Features

Rocket.NET Top-Hosting Features.

  • Use a single cPanel dashboard to access all essential hosting features.
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Integrate with Cloudflare Enterprise add-on, delivering best-in-class hosting performance. 
  • Unlimited free WordPress migration services.
  • 24/7/365 WordPress-specific professional support is available.
  • Automatic WordPress core, themes, and plugin updates.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise and Imunify360 offer two pre-configured firewall security applications for Rocket.Net.
  • Log every WordPress activity back to your Rocket.Net cPanel for secure and easy access.
  • And lots more

Pros of Rocket.Net Free Trial

  • Longer days to test the service – 30 days.
  • $1 is required, which is affordable and reasonable.
  • All premium hosting features are included.
  • Free migration services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Rocket.Net Free Trial

  • Requires credit card details.
  • A $1 upfront payment is required.

4. Nestify

Nestify - WordPress managed hosting

Nestify offers an affordable WordPress hosting plan powered by AWS Graviton 2 processor to deliver ultra-fast, secure, and cloud hosting services. 

There is a 7-day free trial option to test the hosting services, and if you decide to upgrade, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. 

There is no commitment to access the Nestify WordPress hosting trial offer. You don’t need to enter credit card details. You can start using the service now with an email and a username.

The entry-level plan starts at $12/month, with other hosting plans as high as $79 monthly but offering high performance and more features.

There are larger plans for mission-critical sites if you require more features and hosting space. 

Nestify offers some excellent hosting features you must know about:

Nestify Top Hosting Features.

  • No monthly traffic limits 
  • Free site migration
  • NVme SSD Storage type
  • Unlimited WordPress site installations
  • Image optimization and WebP conversion features
  • WordPress multisite supports
  • Automatic WordPress blog cloud backup location 
  • Optimized for WordPress and woocommerce
  • Control panel features
  • Optimized built-in cache system
  • Advanced DDoS protection and firewall security.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Low-latency content delivery network powered by AWS CloudFront.
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Staging environments for web deployments testing ground.
  • And lots more.

Pros of Nestify Free Trial

  • No credit card requirements.
  • Reasonable free trial duration – 7 days
  • All paid hosting features are available for the free trial.
  • AWS Graviton2 cloud hosting services.
  • Free trial available on all hosting plans, including larger plans.

Cons of Nestify Free Trial

  • For some users, a 7-day free trial period might not be enough.

Editor’s Choice – Top Managed WordPress Hosting

Using what each web host offers, the free trial package, ease of use, and overall service delivery, Rocket.Net, and Cloudways make the best choice.

Rocket.Net is an excellent WordPress hosting service provider if your business requires more hosting resources, and budget is not a major problem.

With its customized Enterprise content delivery network from Cloudflare, Rocket.Net can deliver lightning-fast website pages for users globally. 

Additionally, hosting with Rocket.Net means reducing the number of WordPress plugins you install. You can safely ignore cache, image optimization, security, and website performance plugins.

Rocket.Net has all these features built into its managed WordPress hosting solution, so you don’t have to spend extra money on plugins or time configuring the settings.

Cloudways is the top choice if you’re looking for more flexible pricing options. And the best cloud hosting providers.

Though with its 3-day free trial plan, you may be unable to test your website performance under many conditions fully, Cloudways is undoubtedly a reliable and trusted WordPress hosting provider.  

They offer excellent hosting services, a reliable technical support team, and several hosting features required to start, grow, and maintain an online business.

Editor’s Choice – Best Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re a beginner, look no further than the Namecheap WordPress hosting plan.

Easywp from Namecheap is the best-managed WordPress hosting package for beginners. It’s easy to use, optimized for optimal performance and has a built-in cache, free CDN, SSL Certificate, automatic updates, etc.

The entry-level plan starts at 12.88/month, which is affordable managed WordPress hosting and reasonable for a beginner marketer. 

As your business grows in traffic and audience, Easywp offers a seamless, scalable hosting plan upgrade without loss of traffic or downtime.

For more information on Easywp, read our comprehensive guide

Other Managed WordPress Hosts You Can Try

There are other managed WordPress hosting service providers with risk-free money-back guarantee policies you may want to try.

Though these web hosts do not offer a free trial period, the money-back guarantee policy is a good incentive to try them.

From a minimum 30-day risk-free period to an incredible 180-day money-back guarantee policy, you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

If unsatisfied with the managed WordPress hosting services, you can request a refund within the contract terms. 

Here are web hosts with a risk-free money-back guarantee refund policy you can try. They also offer good quality hosting services for the price you pay. 

However, you will get the best of these web hosts if you subscribe to an annual plan, which gives incredible discount prices on your first invoice.

Note: Some of the quote prices in the table are introductory or promotional WordPress hosting offers, meaning the renewal price will be higher.

Web Host

MBG Period

Entre-Level Price

Website Link


30-days Risk-Free



30-days Risk-Free



30-days Risk-Free


Mocha Host

180-days Risk-Free



30-days Risk-Free


FAQ – Free Trial WordPress Hosting

How Much Traffic Can a WordPress-Managed Host Handle?

Managed WordPress hosts can handle any website traffic volume, from thousands to millions of monthly visitors; there is no limit to the amount of traffic you can receive.

However, depending on your web host, hosting plan, server specifications, and website size, your web host may cap your traffic at a certain threshold.

You must host your website with a web host that provides a seamless, scalable hosting plan in case of sudden traffic spikes or when in the middle of a viral campaign.

Can I Install Custom Theme In WordPress-Managed Hosting Solutions?

Yes, most managed WordPress hosting providers allow third-party themes and plugins. 

However, there may be situations where specific themes, caching, and optimization plugins are not allowed. 

This is mainly because your web host has a built-in alternative solution and fears compatibility issues.

If you have a particular theme or plugin you must use in a managed WordPress hosting environment, contact your web host before purchasing the hosting plan. 

What is the difference between WordPress-managed hosting and unmanaged?

The main difference between unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting services is the support and automated blog maintenance services provided 

In a managed WordPress hosting solution, your web host provides automatic update features for WordPress core installation, plugins, security, and backups and offers performance optimization features. 

Managed WordPress hosting handles many technical and maintenance aspects of running a blog. They also provide professional support from WordPress experts. 

All these allow you to focus on the business aspect of blogging without worrying over server-side maintenance or technicality. 

On the other hand, unmanaged WordPress hosting gives you more control over server-side configuration and maintenance, but it also puts more work on your part. 

You’re responsible for updating website files, plunging, themes, WordPress installation, security updates, server, and website optimization. 

While you have more control over your blog, you will waste time dealing with blog maintenance and technicalities. 

Also, unmanaged WordPress hosting isn’t for you if you have limited web development knowledge. 


A managed WordPress hosting free trial is the right option if you’re considering the service without upfront financial commitment. 

It is an industry marketing tactic that has worked for ages; it allows a potential customer free access to the services and allows merchants to drive more sales potential.

While WordPress hosting trials are an excellent way to test-drive hosting features and the service, ensure you read the terms and conditions before subscribing. 

There may be limitations in the trial offer, such as certain features not included, traffic and resource limits, etc.

The free trial will allow you to make better hosting decisions and pick the right WordPress host and host package. 

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