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In 2021, the global food industry generated around 8.27 trillion US dollars in revenue and was expected to reach 11.1 trillion by 2027.

As a food blogger, how can you take a cut of this massive revenue to pay for your blogging efforts? One option is through food affiliate programs.

There are lots of affiliate programs for food bloggers that pay heavy commission rates.

Most are free to join; you don’t need to pay any fee to be part of a cooking affiliate program. The commission rate can go as high as 70% or 50% per sale. 

From food bloggers and recipes to health and diet bloggers, I’ve found the top food affiliate programs suitable for anyone.

However, before signing up for these food blog partnership programs, ensure you have a blog with a decent readership and traffic number. Most affiliate programs don’t approve blogs with low traffic, general niche topics, or content quality.

If you believe your blog is up for the task, let’s dive in…

1. California Wine Club Affiliate Program

California wine club

With an average sale of $197 and a $27 average commission rate, the California Wine Club is one of the highest-paying drink affiliate programs.

It also offers $2 for its 2-tiered affiliate program, a VIP commission for high-performing affiliates, and a 15% regular commission.

California Wine Club is not just another wine affiliate program but an award-winning wine club with variables to suit all affiliates.

  • Cookie – 90-days
  • Commission – 15%
  • Payment Threshold – $50
  • Payments – Checks, Direct Deposit, Payoneer, and Mail Check.

2. Learn Cake Decorating Affiliate Program

Lake decorating online

Learn Decorating Online sells courses and membership programs, ebooks, and tutorials on how to make and build a business around cake making. 

The commission is between 30% and 50% on every membership program sale and individual product purchase.

If the customer remains subscribed, you get a recurring affiliate commission for every paid membership plan.

This is one of the best food niche affiliate programs on the list.

The cookie life is set to non-expired and remains on the user’s browsers for as long as the browser is not deleted.

This means if your referral didn’t make a purchase when they clicked on your affiliate link but returned anytime in the future to buy something on the website, the sale is credited to your account.

It can never be better than this.

  • Cookie – For life (Browser lifetime)
  • Commission – 30% to 50%
  • Payout Methods – PayPal
  • Payment Threshold – $50

3. Home Chef Affiliate Program

Home chef

The idea is simple, the process is fast, and the delivery makes it even better. Home Chef makes cooking effortless, convenient, fast, and fun. 

Customers can order from predefined menus, including grill packs, oven-ready meals, fresh ingredients, etc.

Or create their recipe menu list, which can be delivered via an insulated box. 

Home Chef runs a food delivery affiliate program through Commission Junction (CJ), one of the best food-related affiliate programs on the list.

Your audience can order a food delivery service via your affiliate link, and you get paid a commission when the order is delivered.

You can sign up for CJ through this link

  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Commission – $10 on every new customer you refer
  • Payout Methods – Checks, Direct Deposit, and Payoneer
  • Payment Threshold – $100

4. Universal Yums Affiliate Program

Universal Yum

Universal Yums is a source of candies and snacks from different countries.

You can taste the Mala Seaweed Roll in Thailand or the Spanish chocolate caramel candies without leaving home or the airport.

Snack boxes are delivered to its paying members every month, along with a guidebook that includes the culture, recipes, trivia, games, and so on of the chosen country of the month.

At the time of writing, the company only ships to the US, Canada, the UK, Israel, and Australia.

If your blog audience resides in this area, this can be a good snacks affiliate program to join.

Universal Yum’s affiliate program is run via ShareAsale. And pays a $10 affiliate commission per each successful registration.

  • Cookie – 30 days
  • Commission – $10 per sale
  • Payout Methods – Direct Deposit, Mail Check, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.
  • Payout Threshold – $50

5. The Fruit Company Affiliate Program

The Fruit Company

As the name suggests, The Fruit Company is all about fresh fruit delivery.

The company has a wide range of fruits from Gourmet, Apple, and fruit baskets and, think of it – you get it on The Fruit Company and delivered to your door. 

Shareasale and CJ run the affiliate programs. So you have more options to choose from. And it pays a 10% commission rate when your referral order is for fruit delivery. 

  • Cookie – 90day
  • Commission – 12%
  • Payment Methods – Payoneer, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and Mail Check.
  • Payments Threshold – $50

6. Gobble Affiliate Program

Gobble Chef

If your readers are busy entrepreneurs who want to finish the cooking fast without all the preliminary tasks like pepper chopping, mixing, cutting, etc.

Gobble is one of the best Food recipe and meal delivery affiliate programs.

Gobble works in a way similar to Home Chef. 

Customers pick from various meal menus, and the Gobble chef prepares the ingredients.

The seasoning, recipe, and sauces are all measured and pre-portioned according to the meal order.

All the ingredients and recipes are delivered in a refrigerated box to your doorstep so you can have a meal in less than 15 minutes.

The idea is to make it easy, fast, and flexible for every family to cook dinner in less time and do less.

The Gobble food blog affiliate program is via Impact and pays a $20 affiliate commission per sale.

You can try this out if you’re looking for a food recipe affiliate program that pays.

  • Cookie – 30-day
  • Commission – $20
  • Payout Method – PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and ACH Transfer.
  • Payout Threshold – $50

7. Catalina Crunch Affiliate Program

Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch delivers healthy snacks with low sugar, no artificial, low-carb, keto, and vegan friendly.

Your readers can get a 30-day order for less than $50 and your pocket up to $10 from each sale. 

Catalina snacks and cereal contain no sugar, which is suitable for healthy living and helps you stay full longer.

There is a 20% off for the regular supply subscription plan. 

You can join the Catalina Snacks affiliate program through Shareasale and earn an average of $6.14 per sale and a conversion rate of 6.20%. That’s not bad…

  • Cookie – 30-day
  • Commission – 20%
  • Payout Threshold – $50.
  • Payout Methods – Mail Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.

8. Pinch Of Yum Affiliate Program

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is the home to all your meal recipes – Vegan, soup, taco, pasta, meal preparation recipe, etc…whatever the food recipe, you get it on Pinch of Yum.

As an affiliate of Pinch on Yum, you promote any of the best-selling affiliate products for a food blogger ebooks (Tasty Food Photography and How to Monetize Your Food Blog), and when a sale is made, you get a 50% cut.

The cookie lifespan is one aspect of the Pinch of Yum food blog affiliate program. It gives affiliates more time to make the sale and do marketing.

  • Cookie – 180 days
  • Commission – 50%
  • Payment Threshold – $50
  • Payment Methods – Mail Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

9. Chocolate.org Affiliate Program


Chocoloate.org works with artisan, handmade chocolate makers in the US. It also offers gift basket chocolate from reputable shops across the United States.

The company offers a variety of chocolate needs, including dietary treat chocolate gift boxes. 

You can be part of the Chocolate.org affiliate program through Shareasale, AvantLink, or Rakuten Linkshare.

60% of Chocolate.org customers are women; the company only ships to the US and Canada.

So, you must consider your audience demographic before joining the affiliate program.

  • Cookie – 9 months.
  • Commission – 12%
  • Payout Methods – According to the affiliate program
  • Payout Threshold – According to the affiliate program

10. Food52 Affiliate Program


Food52 is the home to everything food, recipe, and kitchen equipment. It has a community of over 13 million cooks, recipe makers, and food content editors.

Customers can order various meals, kitchen tools, food, and recipes on the website. 

The Food52 affiliate program is managed through Partnerize and gives a 9% baseline commission with a 7-day cookie period.

  • Cookie – 7-Day
  • Commission – 9%
  • Payment Method – Wire transfer, check, PayPal, and Credit Card.
  • Payments Threshold – According to Partnerize.

11. Snake River Farm Affiliate Program

Snake River Farm

If you blog about food recipes that include beef or pork, the Snake River Farm affiliate program might be a good fit for your audience.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Snake River Farm is the missionary of American Wagyu.

Other products include kurobuta pork and the double R ranch.

You can do more in this program with commission starting at 10%, monthly sales incentives, and a dedicated affiliate manager.

You can get paid daily via direct deposit, depending on your affiliate agreement and monthly sales volume.

The affiliate program is run through Impact, and branded marketing materials such as catalogs, promo codes, tracking links, text links, and more are available.

  • Cookie – 30-Day
  • Commission – 10%
  • Payout Method – Paypal, Direct Deposit, and Check
  • Payment Threshold – $50

Conclusion…Food Affiliate Programs

Whether your readers are food niche target audiences or broader cooking communities, these 11 food affiliate programs are good for most food bloggers.

You’ll find affiliate marketing for food bloggers from different food chains and diet sections in the above list.

The food industry is a market with a consistent increase in demand. As the world population increases, so do food demands.

As a food blogger, you’ll never run out of products or services to promote to your audience.

If you need a place to start your search for the best affiliate programs for food bloggers, I have given you an excellent list to start.

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