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Today, I’m proud to announce the start of a fantastic WPForms giveaway. In partnership with WPForms, we’re giving out 12 months of free WPForms Pro License keys to 3 lucky winners.

This Giveaway has Ended…

However, WPForms premium License is available at a budget-friendly price today; check the pricing and feature page for more details.

Get WPForms – Click Here

Alternatively, you can read my in-depth review of WPForms on this page. This will help you decide if WPForms can help your business.

This WPForms giveaway will allow 3 lucky readers of CyberNaira to win 12 months free of a WPForms Pro License key worth $399.00/yr.

For the record, this is the first time I’m ruining a giveaway on this blog. So, it is going to be a special moment for everyone involved.

The three lucky winners will get a Pro license key of WPForms worth $399/yr each. Winners will be announced on the 14th of September 2020.

To get a glimpse into WPForms Pro license features and how they can help your business grow. And how much does WFPorms Pro cost if you’re to buy one of the paid licenses?

First, here is the WPForms price list for the paid licenses.

Here are some of the WPForms Pro features. This will help you know what’s in this if you’re one of the lucky winners.

And how useful WPForms can help build your online business, save time, and generate better business forms, sign-up forms, PayPal forms, order forms, etc.

WPForms Pro License Features

wpforms pro features image

Whatever your need for WordPress forms, you can do it with WPForms. It is a complete drag-and-drop form builder for small business owners.

How to Enter WPForms Pro License Key Giveaway

The rules are simple—nothing complicated here.

All you have to do to join this party and win WPForms Pro License free is:

Email Sign up

Sign up with your email address below and confirm it by following the instruction sent to your email address on the next page.

You must confirm your email address to be eligible to participate in this WPForms Pro License key-free contest. This is important because winners will be contacted by email.

And as a bonus for being part of this historical WPForms giveaway, you will get access to a list where I walk you through the step-by-step process to go from zero to consistent $1,000 monthly in affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll be subscribed to the list and begin your first lesson.

Enter your name and email below to get started.

How to Win the WPForms Pro License Giveaway Price.

Apart from the email sign-up, you have nothing else to do to win the WPForms Pro license giveaway prize.

The 3 lucky winners will be randomly selected on the 14th of September and announced on the blog. Their names will be published on this very blog on the said date.

You have nothing to lose but all to gain if participating in this WPforms giveaway contest. So, what are you waiting for?

That’s all, and thanks for taking part in our WPForms Pro License free contest/giveaway.


WPForms is an invaluable tool for enhancing website functionality, streamlining forms, and elevating user experiences. WPForms will be a game-changer for the lucky winner of this giveaway.

As the giveaway ends, we assure you that each entry will be carefully and fairly considered. We understand this opportunity’s excitement and are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity throughout the selection process.

Even if you don’t win this time, we have many more exciting events and giveaways planned for the future, to be the first to know about new giveaways like this, subscribe to our newsletter. 

Once again, thank you to all our participants, and we look forward to continuing this journey together. Your ongoing support inspires us to bring you even more valuable content and opportunities in the future.

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  1. Hello Shamsudeen,

    WPForms is a great tool to create professionally designed forms. I am also using it on my blog. You can create almost any type of form with this amazing tool. You can also collect payments from it. Thanks for organizing this giveaway.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Hi, Vishwajeet,

      Thanks for stopping by and good to read you use WPForms on your blog. No doubt, WPForms is a very useful WordPress drag and drop form builder for small business owners. Thanks, Vishwajeet.


    Thanks for sharing the good article which is obviously best off your knowledge, I would love to read more like that,
    Today I have installed Wpforms for my website, but I am not satisfied with the free version and you know that we don’t like to spend too much on plugins, and so after following your article, now I can get the pro version for free.

    It will be really helpful if you visit the page and give valuable comments and feedback, Please Visit: rssscorp dot com

    Thanks, & Best Regards

    1. Hi, Angelique,

      You always get what you pay for. Free versions sometimes don’t have the required features to take the business into the next level. Glad you to read you will go after the pro version after reading through here.


  3. good to read you use WPForms on your blog. No doubt, WPForms is a very useful

    1. Thanks, John,

      Glad you also find WPForms useful, and thanks for reading through.

  4. very useful WordPress drag and drop form builder for small business owners.

    1. Thanks, Karan,

      Glad you find WPFomrs useful and good for small business owners.

  5. professionally designed forms. I am also using it on my blog. You can create almost any type of form with this amazing tool.

    1. Hi, Nick,

      Yes, WPForms is a very useful online marketing tool for managing customer’s forms. Glad to read you also use it on your blog.


  6. I am also using it on my blog. You can create almost any type of form with this amazing tool

  7. Hey Shamsudeen,

    WPForms is one of the best Form builder with easy drag and drop feature. It is amazing form builder tool which is use by many pro blogger. Since I am using on my blog and its save my time.


    1. Hi, Archana,

      Good to read you also use WPfomrs on your blog. No doubt, it is one of the best drag and drops WordPress form builder. Thanks for reading through, Archana.

  8. Hello shamsudeen

    I am a new blogger, Learning from pro bloggers. I liked Your post since it talks about great features of wordpress forms. Currenly i am using wordpress forms in my blog.

    Thanks for crafting valuable information.

  9. Wp form is the best form plugin in WordPress. Because I use and get collect more leads.

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