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There are several use cases for online forms, from collecting customer feedback, surveys, contact pages, and registrations to advanced uses like collecting marketing data; businesses have different needs for using online forms. 

Forms are excellent marketing tools that most businesses require to complete different marketing tasks and goals. 

However, there is a problem with creating forms; just as their uses differ, the tools required to develop them differ in features and functions. 

That leaves us with the big question – Which is the best online forms builder for your marketing needs? 

There are no clear-cut answers; it depends on several marketing factors and needs. 

It is difficult to say this is the best online forms creator for you.

However, here is a list of checklists to look for in forms builder tools to guide you in making the right decision.

Choosing The Best Form Builder Apps

Making the right choice isn’t as easy as picking and working with a form app builder. There are several features to consider before deciding to buy form builder software. 

At least you need an online form maker that lets you add the required form fields, makes it easy for users to fill, and allows you to collect responses to store them securely. 

Some form builder apps have template designs that eliminate creating from scratch, making it easy to build any form design and use case effortlessly. 

Based on these facts and others, here are the features and things to look for in each online form builder tool. 

  • Supports – Support is one of the first criteria I look for in a product. If the company or brand behind the products/services does not offer helpful support or essential communication channels in the case of an emergency, it could be a sign of poor overall services.
  • Templates – One of the purposes of buying an online web form builder is to save time, build quickly, and create beautiful designs. If the applications do not offer built-in pre-design form templates, getting your form set up could be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know how to code. 
  • Integrations – You can use many advanced email and CRM tools to collect, store, and manage contacts in your business. Your form builder should provide seamless integration with other productivity, marketing, and contact management tools. 
  • Customization – Branding and design customization are essential in today’s business world. You need a form builder that allows you to create consistent branding for every form you build with it. 
  • Analytics – Collecting form responses isn’t enough. You need a form builder that makes it possible to collect forms’ performance data and access it for in-depth analysis and evaluations.
  • Ease of Use – You don’t want to spend a whole day reading through dozens of help documentation so that you know how to use the app. The form builder should be easy enough to use, a drag-and-drop editor, and easy to use. 
  • Available Features – The best online form builder should have the required features that make it worth the investment for your needs. Go through the website pages and look for the features before deciding. 

These are some features and aspects of an online form builder software you must look for to make the right decisions.

Best Online Form Builder

I have used many online web form builders for different use cases for the past decade. 

During this period, I have had many experiences with how forms builder works, what features matter, and what sets them apart. 

This list comprises the best online form builders, from simple contact form builders to more advanced online form generators for building complex web forms, regardless of price. 

So, if you’re looking for a free form builder, check out WPForms lite version or Google Forms. These are free online form builders suitable for basic needs. 

The WPforms pro version is more advanced and offers feature-rich tools for creating different forms. You can create an online store form, payment processor, survey, registration, Q&A, etc., with WPForms.

Now, let’s dive deep into the list…

1. WPForms 

WPForms - WordPress Drag-and-Drop form builder

If you use WordPress, WPForms is the best online form builder, and nothing comes close. 

WPforms offers many customization possibilities, features, and tools to create any online web form in any industry. Plus, it is constantly updated, and more features are added to it to align the software with business demands. 

Apart from creating different contact forms, WPForms offers an intuitive drag-and-drop form editor, making it easy for anyone to build complex web forms in minutes. 

You can also integrate hundreds of third-party tools and services to extend its features and functions. When you collect leads through WPForms, you can automatically export them to your CRM or email marketing tools.

The WPForms free version allows free integration with ConstantContacts, a free email marketing service provider. But if you want to integrate with other email marketing and CRM services like Getresponse, HubSpot, Brevo, Mailchimp, and Aweber, you must subscribe to the Pro, Plus, or Elite license. 

As of now, there are over 600 built-in form templates for different use cases. So, you can build any form without stress.

WPForms templates list

WPForms also allows you to integrate its forms with payment processors like PayPal checkout, Stripe, Authorize.net, and more. But once again, you must be on the Pro or Elite plan to access the WPForms payments add-on features. 

You can create conversational forms, add forms display conditions, reCAPTCHA, multi-step forms, create forms abandonment to increase your eCommerce store sales, and more. You could also allow users to partially fill out web forms and complete them at their convenience.

In WPForms, you can collect many users’ data through form submissions like geolocation; this add-on lets you know more about the locations of people who submit your online forms.  

WPForms is a powerful online form builder with many helpful and advanced form features you won’t get in many of its competitors. Read my extensive review for a more comprehensive look at WPForms’ features and use cases. 

You can also check out its full features on the company’s website

WPForms Pricing.

WPForms has a free plan that you can download and start using today, but it offers limited features and access to advanced features. 

If you want to unlock form features like conditional logic, form entries, payment add-ons, more integrations, automation tools, marketing tools, and more, you must subscribe to a paid plan. 

Here is the complete WPForms pricing with up to 50% discount on your first purchase. 

WPForms pricing

2. GravityForms

Gravity Forms home page

There’s no free version of Gravity Forms, but you can register for a 14-day free demo to use the software and determine if it is worth the investment. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to upgrade. 

Gravity Forms is a powerful online form creator for advanced users who need to create complex web forms with automation and take full control of design elements. 

It offers a wider range of add-ons and turnkey template designs, allowing anyone to build complex online forms without coding. 

Gravity Forms offers tools for form building, form data collections, and eCommerce features and is developer-friendly. 

If you’re a developer, Gravity Forms offers you the possibility to bring your imagination to life with an add-on feature that lets you do more with it. With the addon framework, you can build your own feature that automatically executes after form submission. 

Gravity Forms are GDPR enabled, integrate with Akisimet or honeypot anti-spam, and use Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3. All forms created with Gravity Forms are WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility and compliance enabled so that everyone can interact with your web forms regardless of physical disability. 

You can check the complete Gravity Forms features on this page

And if you’re still deciding between Gravity Forms or WPForms, read our showdown of these two powerful WordPress forms plugins. 

GravifyForms Pricing

Gravity Forms has three standard plans offering different values for money. The basic plan allows one website installation; you can only use the Gravity Forms on one website. 

The Pro plan allows up to 3 websites, and the Elite plan allows you to use your Gravity Forms License on unlimited websites. 

The Basic license costs $59, the Pro license costs $159, and the Elite plan is sold at $259; all plans are renewed annually. 

Gravity Forms pricing

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms home page

Ninja Forms offers an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the WordPress online form builder plugin without fear. 

Like Gravity Forms and WPForms, Ninja Forms is a WordPress drag-and-drop form builder plugin offering template design and addon features to build custom forms quickly.

The plugins offer features that allow small businesses to build and manage form entries effortlessly. 

You have features and add-ons to integrate with email marketing solutions, accept online payments, increase productivity and team collaborations, and customize forms with webhooks and APIs.

This feature allows developers to fine-tune further and play with Ninja Forms for development purposes.

One of the pros of Ninja Forms is the creation of unlimited forms in most of its plans. Ninja Forms does not restrict the number of forms you can create. You can create and send unlimited forms, whether the Basic license or Elite. 

Ninja Forms offers features and tools for creating GDPR forms that make it easy for users who request access to their data. So you don’t have to worry about getting privacy data or complaints from people within the European privacy law. 

NinjaForms Pricing 

You can pick from four standard licenses. The Basic license, which allows the Ninja Form plugin to be used on one website, costs $49 for a first-year purchase. 

The Plus license costs $99 (3 websites allowed). The Pro license, ideal for developers and designers, costs $199 for annual billing. 

The Ninja Forms Agency license, which gives you everything in other licenses, unlimited website usage, and premium support, costs $299 for the first year. 

Note all prices above are displayed at a 50% discount. You will pay the full price if you renew your license at the expiration time.

Check the image below for more information on the Ninja Forms pricing, discounts, and renewable prices.

Ninja Forms Pricing

4. Google Forms

Google workspace home page

Google Forms is free and an easy way to create web forms quickly. 

Unlike many web form software, Google Forms presents an intuitive and uncluttered interface to prepare your forms in minutes. It’s simple and offers beginners-friendly ways to build contact forms for small businesses.  

Even if you have never built a form, you won’t find it challenging to create a web form in Google Forms. 

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like other online contact form builders on this list, but it offers the essential form needs you would expect.   

You can customize many aspects of your forms, including the header, fonts, fields, and other basic features. 

After creating Google Forms, you can share the link with anyone, embed the HTML on your site, or via any web page. You can collect responses and see them in a list of data or individually, and even export them to a Google Spreadsheet where you can further analyze the data. 

The only requirement to use Google Forms is a Google account, which you can open by creating a Gmail account. And if you are already a Gmail user, you have access to create Google Forms.

Google Forms is suitable for simple contact form design and needs for beginners, and it is one of the best free online form builders.

GoogleForms Pricing

Google Forms is free for all Google account users. However, if you have a Google Workspace premium account, you can access more features to customize and extend the forms features.

5. Typeform

Typeform homepage

Typeform is one of the top online form builders you can trust. Used by big industry brands like Apple, Nike, AirBnb, Hermes, and more. 

It is one of the most powerful web form creators for building dynamic web forms that adapt to user needs. 

However, Typeform may be more suitable for advanced users and marketers with heavy reliance on form needs. It is not suitable for beginners with limited forms and features needs. 

First, it is more pricey than most of its competitors listed on this page. It offers advanced form features capability and template design you won’t find in many online form builders. 

Typeform is great for creating conversational forms. The type of forms that display one question or form card at a time. And the user experience is second to none.

Typeform has templates for creating many form types – Quizzes, Giveaways, Research, Polls, Order Forms, Requests, Feedback, etc. You can even import templates from external sources.

Type form Templates

Typeform has an easy-to-use and uncluttered forms editor, over 100 form templates, and 50+ design theme elements to make your forms great and look elegant and stylish. You can customize the look and feel of your web form by making changes to fonts, form icons, color, layouts, and form alignments. 

You can distribute your forms via emails and social media platforms, embed them on your website, or use a QR code. These options are great for omnichannel marketers who collect feedback or leads. 

Typeform has a powerful analytics feature that lets you monitor, share, and analyze form submission data with team members or get deep insight into how people interact and fill your forms. 

You can tag form submission, which allows you to organize entries based on interest or categories, assign tasks to form submission if it needs attention, and even add brand kits. 

Adding brand kits to the Typeform platform allows consistent branding with your website design and image. This will positively affect your followers and allow for consistent brand recognition.

Typeform integrates with many tools for:

  • CRM – Hubspot CRM, Contentful, etc.
  • Marketing automation – Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Hubspot, Chili Piper, etc.
  • Customer supports – Desk, MonkeyLearn, Zoho desk, Twilo, Trustpilot, etc
  • Lead generation – Mailchimp, Getresponse, Facebook, Target, Mention, etc.
  • Payments and eCommerce – Square, Stripe, Tremendous, etc.
  • Productivity Tools – Canva, ActionDesk, Microsoft Team, Google Sheets, etc.
  • File management – Google Docs, Knack, Dropbox, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Developer tools – WordPress, Cloudflare, Github, Freshdesk, etc.
  • Sales – Cleaver Ads, SalesForce, Neto, Nimble, Sendgrid, Shopify, etc.
  • Marketing Automation – Buffer, Unbounce, noCRM.io, Drip, etc.

TypeForm Pricing. 

Typeform basic plan costs $25 or $29 monthly, depending on monthly or annual billing. The Plus and Business plan costs $50 and $83 monthly, assuming you subscribe to a 12-month plan. 

There is a free plan that you can use for unlimited Typeforms and templates, where you can add calculators, hidden fields, logic jump, and integrate with Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and others. 

However, it is limited to ten form responses per month.

If you want to test paid features in your free plan, you can do that, but you won’t be able to share the form or collect users’ responses unless you subscribe fully to the paid plan. 

Typeform pricing


The best online form builder depends on your needs, budget, and business model. 

Pick one or two from the above list, explore the features, add-ons, and price range, and check if they fit your requirements. 

I’m sure no matter your present technical skills, business size, budget, and form requirements, there’s a form builder app up there that meets your needs.

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