10 Picture Sharing Platforms to Save Beautiful Moments

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You may already know about some of the best picture sharing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, but do you know there are many other image-sharing sites on the internet? 

These photo-sharing sites where you save ideas allow you to upload your original images and share them with your followers and friends.

More than sharing your bright moments with followers and friends, images sharing platforms can improve your website SEO, and traffic, increase brand identity, and reach. I will be revealing some of the best picture sharing platforms you can use to drive more free website traffic and increase brand exposure.

12 years ago, the daily pageview of Google images by users was more than 1 billion. As expected, that number will have risen in 2022, which should give us an insight into how much traffic images can drive from the Google search.

0If you’re not using images as part of your content marketing campaign, maybe it’s time you rethink your SEO strategies. Here are 10 photo-sharing platforms to drive more free traffic, increase brand awareness, collaborate with team members, and increase engagement.

10 Best Free Picture Sharing Platforms in 2022



With 1.22 billion monthly users, Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing app. The majority of its user base is aged 18 to 34 years old, this tells you what kind of marketing picture you could be sharing on the platform.

And with about half of that 1.22 billion users login in every day on the platform, your images can easily get massive views and engagements with the right tactics. The Marketing Mentors Instagram account is a good example to follow.

The Marketing Mentors used to share inspiring educational images that tell better stories and educate their audience. The account has over 1 million flowers and always shares interesting educational content.

If you need inspiration on how to engage your audience and the quality of images that makes an impact, you can follow the Marketing Mentor.

Instagram is an image focus site, this gives the picture sharing platform a head over other websites. For optimal image size and resolution, make sure your image’s height is between 566 and 1350 pixels and a width of 1080 pixels. The image aspect ratio is 1.91.1 and 4.5. 



Pinterest is one of the best image-sharing sites you should be using. You can post images, gifs, infographics, memes, etc. Pinterest has an app and online site for uploading photos to your pins.

As of 2022, Pinterest is used by 433 million active monthly users, which may not be near the likes of Facebook and Instagram, but still a massive number of unique monthly visitors. You can sign up for Pinterest with a Gmail account, or Facebook, or use any other email client and a password.

Pinterest allows you to create boards to categorize your images by topic and follow other users’ boards based on topics and interests. This is one of the best ways for a group to share photos online and to find interesting images on the platform.

You can create boards and invite other users to contribute to your board. It is a good way to collaborate and share images in groups or with team members. And Pinterest can be a good website traffic source if you’re consistent and giving value.

For more helpful information on how to use Pinterest to drive website traffic, read this guide.



Facebook is a social media platform that allows its users to share beautiful moments with friends and family. You can upload your photos and videos and share them with all your friend’s list, close friends, family, acquaintances, or a selected list.

Facebook automatically saves your photos and videos into an album that you can access anytime. You get the basic insight into who views your photos from your friend list.

You can share photos, videos, and files privately in the Facebook messenger app. This allows you to share things you don’t want public on the platform but you want to share with someone.

Also, you can tag people in the picture or anyone on your friend list if you want Facebook to notify them of your photos. This is a good way to make sure someone sees your photos on the platform.



ImgBB is another popular free image-sharing site to save and share your photos and videos with anyone on the internet. It comes with a free and pro account that offers more features and storage.

You can integrate imgBB into your website with the imgBB upload plugin and let users directly upload an image and video file to the imgBB services. The plugin handles all the integration and customization so you don’t have to worry about dealing with codes.

This is a good way for website users to upload photos to an online application stress-free. If you need the image file upload features on your website, try imgbb. 

The imgbb upload plugin works with any website with user-editable content and a list of supported software: 

  • PhpBB
  • Simple machine forum
  • bbpress
  • NodeBB
  • vBulletin
  • Vanilla Forum
  • XenForo
  • Discourse
  • Invision Power Board
  • ProBoards
  • MyBB

The pro plan gives you unlimited storage space, direct linking capability, ad-free, and the image replacer feature.

Photobucket  ®️ 


Photobucket  ®️ is an image hosting and sharing site with lots of features to make it your one-stop photo uploading platform.

It has more than 90 million users and over 15 billion personal images since it was launched in 2004. You can upload, share and print your pictures on the platform. 

The image print features allow you to bring your bright moment to life. With its link embed features, you can share your images to social media and the web without uploading the image itself. So you don’t have to keep uploading the same image over and over again.

Users on the pro plan can share images on third-party image hosting platforms. Photobucket ®️ is available on the IOS, and Android app stores, and as an online image-sharing platform.


iCloud Apple

For iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS users, you can share photos and videos with anyone using the iCloud link feature. Though it’s not available in all countries, it’s a good way to share privately secured images and videos via email.

Also, in the latest Apple OS, you can use the Shared Album feature to share and control access to your stored photos and videos. 

iCloud is an app that hosts images and videos for sharing with great features for Apple OS users. It works with many Apple products including Apple TV 4k or the Apple TV HD.

Google Photos

Google photos

Google photos were initially an image backup storage facility, but it has evolved into an online image hosting software where you can store and share your images with loved ones.

When you upload your images, they are kept private by default, but you can share them with anyone on the internet.

Google photo is a big online site for uploading photos and videos and comes with some worthy features:

  • 15GB free storage space
  • Automatic backup
  • Access your saved photos and videos from any device using your Gmail account and an Internet connection
  • Removing backup photos and videos from your device to free up your phone storage.
  • Automatically create animation, movies, photo collages, panoramas, etc.
  • Built-in photo editor features – adjust photo lightening, quality, 
  • Use Google Lens to search for photos description on the web or identify objects in the image.
  • You can grant access to your photo library and have a trusted person explore your photos.
  • And lots more 

If you need an app that hosts images and videos for sharing, try Google Photos.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

A product of Amazon, Amazon photos let you upload and share videos and photos online with anyone via email, web, or collaborate in a group. 

Free account users get 5GB of storage while Amazon prime account holders get unlimited full resolution photo storage space and 5bg video space.

One of the advantages of Amazon photos is security. Your uploads are secured with state-of-the-art Amazon data encryption security. Only you and those you grant access to can view your photos and video. You also have automatic photos and video backup features.

You can order print-in tabletops, sizes, and wall decor, which come with free shipping. Also, you can access your files on all devices, and organize your photos with an advanced search filter.

If you need more features and over 5GB of storage, you need to subscribe to one of Amazon photos prime accounts. 



Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that empowers team collaboration, document sharing, management, file security, e-signature, insight, and keeping your photos and videos online.

You can use Dropbox to upload large images and share your files with anyone online via a direct link you generate for each file. Dropbox has tons of features that make it a perfect productivity suite for businesses and professionals.

  • You can test, track and analyze different document versions, see top-performing pages, and the average completion time.
  • You can use different security codes to protect and grant access to documents. This will ensure only the right people and domains with access can open your files.
  • The Dropbox DocSend feature allows you to send and track multiple documents with a single link. 
  • The Dropbox Hellosign features allow businesses to send, request, and sign documents with e-signature from anyone on the internet.
  • Automatically save signed documents in Dropbox and organize them.
  • Integrates with the tools you already loved and use – Asana, Zoom, Trello, Google workspace, Canvas, Microsoft Office, Slack, and more.

As you can see, Dropbox is a big online site for uploading photos, videos, and all documents type. The free account gives you 2GB of storage space, if you want more, you need to subscribe to one of its paid plans.



WeTransfer is the perfect online uploading platform for uploading large image sizes up to 200GB in a folder. If you have a group of file folders you want to send to business associates via email, use WeTransfer.

You can add people to your WeTransfer portal and give them access to view, comment, make an edit, or approve files. And they don’t need to have a WeTransfer account. You just need to add them to yours.

For users on the free account, you get a limit of 2GB file transfer size. Users on the pro plan can transfer up to 200GB file size and unlimited.

WeTransfer is one of the best ways for a group to share pictures and other documents online. You can share and upload large image sizes with friends and business associates.

The premium plan starts at $10/month, 200GB per file size, 1TB storage per team member, and unlimited project reviews.



Flickr is home to tens of billions of images and over 2 million communities. And it is one of the oldest picture sharing platforms where you save ideas and collaborate with team members. It was founded by Ludicorp, a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2004.

You can follow other Flickr users and join groups to participate in discussions and post your photos. Flickr’s free account allows its users to upload 1,000 photos and HD videos. This makes the photo-sharing platform one of the best apps that host images and videos for sharing.

You can organize your photos and videos by album and category, and upload uncompressed high-quality images to your album folders. Your image EXIF data such as the time and places the image was taken are kept in your Flickr upload images. So you can always have your image information secure on the platform.

If you’re annoyed by the Flickr ads, you can upgrade to the pro account, and browse ad-free, advanced statistics, and backup features. And if you want privacy for your photos, you can use Flickr private.

Flickr has a feature that allows you to customize your web address which you can share on social media platforms and the web. People can access your photos and videos through your Flickr web address.

The pro account starts at $8.25/month which gives you more features and storage space.

FAQ – Picture Sharing Platforms in 2022

  1. How do I upload a photo to an online application?

    Depending on the platform or the application you are using, many photo uploading applications require you to select the image from your device storage. 

    The image-sharing sites will provide an interface where you can begin the process to upload your images and video. It could be a simple drag and drop feature, or click to select the file from your device's hard drive.

  2. What is the best photo-sharing platform?

    The best photo-sharing platforms are the ones listed on this page. I will be adding more to the list as time goes by and make it a one-stop resource for finding the best image-sharing sites on the internet.

  3. Where can I upload photos for free?

    You can upload photos, videos, and other file documents for free using online tools like Dropbox and WeTransfer. You can also use tools like Google photos to upload and share your photos for free with others.


Picture sharing platforms can be an incredible source of brand exposure, increasing followers, and driving more traffic to your website. But like all things, you need to give out value, be consistent, and share interesting and educational images and video content always.

The first part is making sure your images are of great quality and resolution, you need an image editing tool like Canva to create stunning images in minutes. Then, you can choose a few of these photo uploading platforms to increase your reach and shares.

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