This year’s BFCM will be an interesting one that markets will always look back to. Many discount deals are available, and the Gravity Forms Black Friday sales are not left out. 

I’m excited to announce another incredible saving for small business owners: the Gravity Forms 50% discount on all plans. This offer is available to new Gravity Forms customers purchasing one of the WordPress forms plugin licenses. 

Gravity Forms is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly WordPress form builder plugin. It lets you create web forms for several use cases. 

Whether you want to create a simple contact form, survey, conversational web form, payments form, condition logic, etc., Gravity Forms lets you effortlessly create complex web forms. 

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday, individuals and businesses can save 50% off all new licenses, including the Basic, Elite, and Pro licenses. 

Here are the complete details for the Gravity Forms BFCM 50% coupon. 

Gravity form logo

Gravity Forms BFCM 2023

Save 50% off Gravity Forms This Black Friday through Cyber Monday on all license types.
On-Going Offer

Gravity Forms Black Friday Sales Details

The 50% off Gravity Forms apply to all license plans and are only valid for new purchases. However, keep your eye on possible discounts on the Gravity Forms certified addon. There could be some fantastic offers in the pipeline. 

Here are the official Black Friday details for Gravity Forms.

  • Offer Start Date – Nov 21st – Nov 28th
  • Discount Offer – 50% off all new Gravity Forms license purchases. 
  • Plans Included – Basic, Elite, and Pro license plan. 
  • Validity – New license purchase only. 
Gravity Forms Black Friday 50% pricing landing page

How to Access Gravity Forms BFCM 50% Saving.

Follow the instructions below for a complete step-by-step guideline on accessing the Gravity Forms Black Friday 50% offer. 

This will help you get the most out of your savings and enjoy value for money. An important note: you don’t need to enter the Gravity Forms Black Friday coupon. The 50% is auto-applied to your cart. 

There is no coupon code to generate or available. The 50% discount is tied to the Gravity Forms links on this page. So, when you click through from this page, you’re automatically qualified for the Black Friday promo. 

Step 1. 

Use this link to open access to the official Gravity Forms BFCM page. You should see a web page similar to this one. It should be exactly like the one in the image.  

Gravity Forms BFCM landing page

Step 2. 

Scroll down this page and select a plan that fits your budget, business needs, and features. 

As mentioned in this Black Friday sale for Gravity Forms, three standard plans are available for the 50% BFCM offer.

  • Basic – 1 website license  and offer standard Gravity Forms support
  • Pro – 3 websites license and offer Gravity Forms standard support.
  • Elite – Unlimited website license and offer Gravity Forms priority support.

You save 50% on any plan you purchase. 

Among the differences in the plan is the number of sites allowed to use a license. Available features, support levels, and add-ons are also what you should consider when choosing a plan.

Assuming you plan to use Gravity Forms on a single site and integrate with your email marketing services only, the Basic license is all you need. Still, consider the available features/addons in the Basic plan that suit your business needs. 

The Gravity Forms Pro license allows you to use your license on up to 3 WordPress websites, including access to payment and CRM add-ons.  

The Elite plan opens access to unlimited website license usage, payment and CRM add-ons, and access to coupons, analytics, webhooks, and more tools.

The Elite license offers more value for the money spent for businesses with a high need for web forms. 

You should consider the Elite license to integrate web forms with services like 2checkout Google Analytics and create surveys, polls, and user generation forms.

Step 3. 

After selecting your ideal license, click the Buy Now button and complete the account registration process. This should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

Gravity Forms Black Friday 50% pricing

Once you enter your personal, tax, and billing information, click the “Place My Order” button on the page to finalize your payment. 

Gravity Forms accept PayPal and Credit Card payments.

That’s it; you’re ready to start using Gravity Forms on your websites.

Gravity Forms Black Friday Pricing vs Regular – How Much Savings?

How much savings is Gravity Forms 50% giving you?

This is a valid question, as you must know the total amount you’ll save if you purchase Gravity Forms during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

Here is it.

License TypeRegular PriceBFCM Price
Basic (1 website License)$59$29
Pro (3 websites License)$159$79
Elite (Unlimited websites License)$259$129

As you can see, the Elite license gives the most significant savings of $129, and you can use it on unlimited WordPress websites.

I recommend you get the Elite license, as it gives you the best value for money and allows access to more tools and add-ons you may need in your business.

Why Gravity Forms Black Friday Deals?

Several WordPress form builder plugins exist in the market – both free and premium. What makes Gravity Forms one of the top choices for marketers and businesses alike? 

You must be wondering why you need to spend on a web form builder when there are several free alternatives, especially on WordPress.

Here are a few reasons to consider buying a Gravity Form plugin license this Black Friday. 

Third-Party Integration

One of the core features of Gravity Forms is its integration capabilities with other web tools and services. 

Think of the tool or services; Gravity Forms provides a seamless integration. Gravity Forms integrates with analytics software, CRM, accounting, messaging, and collaboration platforms like Slack and Twillo. 

In addition, there is direct integration with tools such as HubSpot CRM, GoogleSheets, PayPal, 2Checkout, Dropbox, Authorize.Net, etc.  

Drag-and-Drop Editor

There is no complex form design; everything is drag-and-drop. You can easily navigate the Gravity Forms builder editor even if you have never designed a simple contact form. 

It has an intuitive interface, is free of clusters, is beginner-friendly, and is easy to use and navigate.

Form Template

The form template lets you build your contact form quickly. 

There are several prebuilt form templates for whatever projects you have in mind. Each form template is fully customizable and editable; you can make it yours. 

As of writing, Gravity Form has 14 premade form templates catering to different use cases. There are premade form templates for:

  • PayPal eCommerce payments form.
  • Stripe payments form.
  • Contest entry form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Gift Certificate order form.
  • Webinar Registration
  • Event Registration
  • Donation web form.
  • Survey form
  • Employment application web form.
  • User registration web form.
  • Request a Quote
  • Contact form.
  • Advanced contact form. 

Remember that these web form templates can be customized further with the Gravity Forms addon, making them function precisely as you intended. 

Payments Gateway Integration

For eCommerce website owners, Gravity Forms provides payment gateway addons for PayPal,, 2Checkout, Square, Mollie, and Stripe.

However, you should subscribe to the Elite plan if you need connections to 2Checkout and Authorize.NET. 

The Basic license does not unlock access to any of the payment addons. The Pro license allows you to access the PayPal, Mollie, and Stripe payment addon gateway. 

Conditional Logic

Create web forms that adapt to user input. No more rigorous or complex web form filling for users. 

Conditional logic allows you to create web forms that change fields based on the user’s previous entry. So, if a form information field is not needed or relevant to a user, that particular user won’t see it. 

This can increase form completion rate, improve conversion, and save user time. 

File Upload

Users can upload files and attach them to their form entries. This allows businesses to add fields to their web form requests for extra user info.

This field can be optional or required. You have absolute control over your field design and functions.  

Security and Spam Protection

Form security is essential for most businesses and marketers. You don’t want your web form spam to death with unwanted information. 

Gravity Forms supports Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3, an anti-spam honeypot, and provides integration for Akismet to create a force field for your web forms. 

Additionally, Gravity Forms provides tools for user validation, data management, and consent validation for third-party data. In a nutshell, Gravity Forms is GDPR and PCI-compliant.  

Language Support.

Gravity Forms automatically inherits your WordPress blog language setting. 

This gives you more control over the description of your form field and allows users to interact with your web form in the language of your content. 

Whatever language you set for your WordPress blog, Gravity Forms takes over that. 

Custom CSS 

Explore your coding skills with custom CSS declarations. 

Gravity Forms allows developers to customize the look and functions and add more features to their forms. This is a beneficial feature for web developers needing something unique that stands out and functions how they want it. 

Save and Continue.

This is one of the innovative features of Gravity Forms

This feature can be beneficial for more extended form filling. Users can partially fill out a form, save it, and resume filling any time. 

Like conditional logic, Save and Resume can boost form retention and conversion and increase the completion rate. 

Mobile Responsive 

All web forms created with Gravity Forms are mobile responsive. So, whatever the user’s device, your web forms will display equally well for all users. 

Whether it is a conversational form, registration, webinar, or newsletter, your web form will give the optimal user experience. 


Gravity Forms lets you create complex web forms without coding. It has many helpful features like form signature, survey, polls, payments processing, email marketing software integration, webhook, etc.

50% off is a good deal you shouldn’t miss if you’re interested in getting a premium web form plugin this November. 

And that’s not all; there would be a discount offer on premium Gravity Forms add-ons to achieve more for less spending.

Like I said earlier, this year’s Black Friday is one of the best, with plenty of unbelievable discount prices. 

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