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SEO Powersuite Spring sale

You have 14 days to test the waters to see if the SEO Power Suite professional edition is something you need for your online business growth.

If it is not something you need now or don’t have the cash to buy it, you can continue with the SEO software-free version.

But with limited SEO features at the end of your SEO PowerSuite Trial offer.

Click here to access the SEO PowerSuite Free Trial license at zero cost for 14 14-day SEO free trial offer.

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It is an essential search engine optimization tool used by over 500,000 SEOs across the globe. It is the number #1 SEO software for Fortune 500 companies.

The product sells itself.

Below are some companies that rely on SEO Powersuite Pro for website optimization. And to increase search engine visibility.

Seo powersuite clients gallery

Away from the free trial offer details, let’s dive into the review of SEO Powersuite bundle kits.

SEO Powersuite Review

Unlike many other SEO software solutions today, SEO Powersuite is not just a feature-rich SEO software. A tool without positive impacts on your online business.

The developers work tirelessly to ensure you derive maximum benefits from using the product for search engine visibility.

If you’re new to the SEO landscape, let’s start with the basics…

What is SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite is a desk-top-based four-bundle app compatible with any working environment. Whatever your operating system, it works equally well and runs smoothly – Windows, Linux, or a Mac.

Each app is developed to perform a specific SEO task, yet all four tools complement each other’s tasks.

This post will cover many more features, benefits, and uses.

Keep reading…

As a desktop-based tool, you download and install a suite of tools on your personal computer for easy use.

The software allows you to create more effective strategies by providing unique analytics insight for your project.

It speeds up the whole search optimization process and allows you to work less and for less time.

As mentioned earlier, the software consists of four (4) SEO bundles:

These four (4) toolkits are fully independent but complement each other’s work. Together, they make for a complete all-in-one marketing tool.

They work equally well with the BIG data set, and you can run multiple projects simultaneously.

Available in 9 Languages

As an SEO Software used in 153 countries worldwide for a reason, it is also available in 9 different languages.

You can work with all optimization tasks in its environment from one of the nine languages:

  • English.
  • China
  • German.
  • Russian.
  • French.
  • Nederland
  • Dutch.
  • Spanish.
  • Slovak.

This feature is great for your business if you’re an SEO consultant or agency. It lets you expand your market to other non-English-speaking countries.

Not only can you work in the tool interface from your preferred language, but you can also generate clients’ reports from any language you want.

It is truly an international tool.

How to Install SEO Powersuite

First, decide on the software license your business needs and have at least 1GB of free storage left on your hard drive – personal computer. SEO Powrsuite is a desktop-based application, so you must install it on a computer to use it.

In the next section of this post, I will discuss the three main licenses available. You’ll get to that section later.

Once you’ve decided on the edition, download SEO Powersuite software on this page. It is a large file with around 302MB.

It also works and runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Enter your name and best email address on the download page to begin the download. You’ll want to answer two questionnaires if you so desire.

This is optional, as you can use the “X” (close button) on the screen to close the dialog box without completing the questions.

survey dialog box in seo powersuite sign up page

Next, choose your operating system from the options.

Though, the website is designed to auto-detect your operating system. This might not be something to worry about.

The download should start immediately after you complete/close the dialog box. But to make it easier to come back to, the download link and instructions will be emailed to you.

So, make sure to use a valid email address on the website.

After downloading, run the SEO power suite-jre.exe file on your computer and follow the on-screen wizard.

windows installer

For Windows 10, you may experience Defender SmartScreen notification; there is no reason to panic. Click the “more info” option in the dialog box. Next, click on “Run anyway.”

If you complete all the steps successfully, you should have these four software icons installed on your computer.

To start any of the applications, double-click on its icon to launch.

That’s it!

All four sets are installed on your computer.

Features and Edition

SEO Powersuite comes in three different license editions.

There is the forever free version, which comes with limited SEO Powersuite features. This is ideal for solo website owners who want simple yet effective but limited SEO features.

On the paid plans, there are two premium licenses available.

SEO Powersuite Professional and SEO Powersuite Enterprise.

The Professional license edition is the perfect marketing tool for small business owners who need in-house tools for regular use.

The Enterprise license edition is the ideal solution for SEO agencies.

If your job is to do SEO for other business owners, the enterprise license is what you need.

Each of these license editions comes with four toolkits that cover every aspect of the optimization task:

  • Keywords Research, tracking, and analysis.
  • Back Links analysis and research.
  • On-page SEO and Content data/optimization.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Social Media.
  • Google Analytics and GSC integration.
  • Customizable branded reports for clients

The four tool kits are mentioned above; let’s recap for a quick move

Let’s see how these toolkits can help you achieve a better Google ranking.

This is the ultimate end: to rank better for your target keywords.

If an SEO solution can’t help you achieve a higher ranking, it could waste time, resources, and money.

So, let’s start with

Click here to download the free license to test-run the tools for a 14-day free trial. Then, you can learn how to use the software for business growth in this SEO Powersuite tutorial.

1. Website Auditor Review

We will start with the Website Auditor from SEO Powersuite for obvious reasons.

Building and maintaining a healthy, Google-friendly website is the first step to better SERP visibility.

With a Website Auditor, you can:

  • Analyze an entire website’s SEO status.
  • Optimize your content – new and existing.
  • View your website as Google crawlers do.
  • Find and optimize your most valuable keywords.
  • Uncover the competitor’s content strategies.

Now, let’s begin with auditing your entire website.

Click the Website Auditor icon on your desktop to launch the application.

It will download the latest updates for over 560 search engine algorithms to give you new, up-to-date data.

website auditor auto updates

After the update, enter your website URL into the file on the next page and hit the “Next” green button.

URL filed in website auditor

Now, we can begin analyzing your website for possible on-page technical errors. Give the tool a minute to run the report.

You can change the default crawl settings to your target search crawler. Do this by ticking the corresponding box.

Optional: You can specify the user agent.

choose preferred search engine bot in website Auditor
option to crawl as specific agent in website auditor

Depending on your optimization task, you may want to leave everything as it is. However, when you’re done with your selection, hit the next button below.

Wait for the crawler to run your website and return the on-page report. You should see a page like this when done.

seo report data in website auditor

On this page, there are three main crawling error reports to work with:

  • Error – These website pages need a quick fix or attention.
  • Warning – Your website pages may contain potentially harmful elements.
  • Info – These pages on your website have a less negative impact on your organic search visibility. You can ignore them for the time being.

The three options give you access to locate the pages with the error.

Select any options you want to work on and follow the recommended on-page fix.

This is one of the advantages of Website Auditor over other tools.

It doesn’t leave you hanging.

The software is developed to make optimization possible even for beginners.

With this information, anyone with little knowledge of SEO can optimize their website without paying agencies.

You only need to follow the on-the-screen SEO factor reports and learn how to fix them.

The software doesn’t just show you what’s wrong with your website pages; it also tells you how to fix the errors.

You can do other on-page optimizations on the Website Auditor analysis interface. But first, let’s explore the Page Audit tool.

Content Optimization and On-Page Analysis

From the sidebar, click on Content Analysis, then Page Audit. You can run a detailed report for an existing post or analyze optimization for a new post.

But I love to use this feature for an existing post. It makes things easier and has existing data to work.

Clicking on the Competitors tab gives you a quick list of top-ranking pages for your target keyword. This provides you with an existing winning formula to replicate.

audit seo data error, warning, and info tabs

The Technical Factors tab is where I want you to focus more. You can always make something better by fixing what’s broken.

technical seo report in website auditor

On this page, you will see a list of errors that might negatively impact the page’s search ranking.

Scroll down to the mobile-friendliness and page speed section. You need to fix a list of technical errors to make the page mobile-friendly.

As you make the necessary changes to your website pages, you can refresh the reports to give the most current optimization status.

While writing this Website Auditor tutorial, I ran a page audit for a blog post. The above screenshot is the mobile-friendly report before optimization.

While the screenshot below is the after-optimization, you can see the changes you made to your website pages in real-time.

Website Auditor Technical Tab report page

The better your website link structure, the higher it could rank.

Website Auditor provides a complete view of your website’s “click depth.” The best practice on click depth is that your pages should be within three clicks maximum from your homepage.

You can view your website’s orphan pages, your most linked pages, and how many clicks it takes to reach them.

To view this, go to “Site Structure,” ===> Pages. On the screen, you can view your website:

  • Pages click depth.
  • The number of internal links.
  • Total word count in the page body tag.
  • The number of outgoing links.
  • Page title.
  • HTTP Status code.

seo report data in seo powersuite

You might want to check the page first to see if your website has orphan pages. You can pass links to these pages or delete or redirect them to another URL on your website.

Content Editor

The latest content editor in Website Auditor is a powerful tool for:

  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Content editor – write your content.
  • Edit or create new content pages.
  • Content optimization and analysis.
  • Export content in the HTML document.
  • Download content in a PDF file.
  • Competitor keyword research and analysis

So, instead of using separate tools for finding target keywords, another tool for writing the content, another for optimization, and a tool for content analysis.

And another tool for team content collaboration. The content editor is an all-in-one analysis collaboration and optimization tool.

You can start and complete the entire writing process within the Website Auditor content editor interface without needing another tool.

You can also collaborate with others or pass instructions to copywriters regarding your content needs.

You can download and export your draft copy as an HTML document to your website. Or copy/paste it into your website text editor for final publication.

Here is a five-minute video that walks you through how to use the new Content Editor in SEO Powersuite.

This is a powerful content editor, analysis, collaboration, and optimization tool. Learn more about the Website Auditor content editor on this page.

There is much you can do with this tool that we can take in this SEO Powersuite review today.

I will dedicate a post to the Website Auditor review in the future. It is worth a stand-alone review of its own.

So, let’s move on.

2. Rank Tracker Review

A powerful keyword research and position tracking tool.

Advanced rank-tracking software lets you monitor your keyword positions in Yahoo, Bing, Google, Baidu, Yandex, etc. It also offers a series of SEO Powersuite SERP features.

You can do the following in Rank Tracker:

  • Monitor your search ranking in all the major search engines.
  • Uncover keyword difficulties.
  • Automate the process.
  • Track SERP feature snippet.
  • Research keywords from various sources – Google autocompletes, People Also Ask, Keyword Planner, etc.
  • Competitors’ keywords research.

Rank Tracker must access your Google Analytics and search console data to work effectively. You need to give these permissions to start tracking your keywords.

connect rank tracker with Google analytics and search console data

You need to specify the website property to track its ranking keywords.

Select the web property from the drop-down options.

select search console website property in rank tracker

You can track unlimited keywords with up to 1,000 results. And get a detailed summary of your ranking keywords in a spreadsheet.

Also, it allows you to research keyword data from several sources to get more detailed marketing insight. And even spy on your competitor’s most valuable keywords.

This helps you uncover what’s already working in your industry so you can ride on the wave of success.

Apart from the obvious keyword tracking features, let’s see how to do keyword research with the SEO power suite Rank Tracker.

Ranking Keywords Features

With its keyword features, you can research any website’s ranking keywords. You’ll see the list of top keywords for which the domain and subdomain are already ranking.

You can research the domain using the exact page URL, root domain, domain, and subdomain.

And you can research by different SERP features:

  • Organic Result.
  • Image.
  • Video.
  • Site Links.
  • Featured Snippet.
  • Local Pack.
  • News.
  • Thumbnails.
  • Reviews.
  • Knowledge Panel.
  • Ads.
  • Shopping.

The keyword tool displayed the top best ranking of 10,000 keywords for the analyzed domain. However, this figure will certainly vary based on the input URL.

This is the keyword research I did on NeilPatel.com.

The estimated organic traffic volume is based on the top 10,000 ranking keywords in the past 30 days for NeilPatel.com. It is not the overall SERP traffic volume for the website.

rank tracker SEO data

To uncover keywords that drive traffic to any website/page, go to “Keywords Research” ==> “Ranking Keywords.” Enter your competitor’s website URL in the field and hit the search button.

There are other helpful keyword data on this page you might need to make better marketing decisions:

  • The number of search volumes.
  • Cost Per Click – CPC.
  • Keywords Competition – Low, Medium, High.
  • Keyword Difficulty.
  • Estimated monthly organic traffic.

But you can do more than spy on your competitor’s keywords alone, so let’s see how to do full-scale link-building.

Competitor Research and Analysis.

The competitor’s research features work in different ways. You can research your competitors by:

  • Domain.
  • Topics.
  • Keywords.
  • Top Pages in SERP result.

This is a handy competitor research and analysis tool to quickly discover top blogs in your industry for collaboration and other marketing strategies.

Go to the “Competitor Research” tab and find other targeting options under the menu.

report data in rank tracker

Keyword Research Features

Rank Tracker uses more than 20 keyword research methods to find relevant search terms in your industry.

It lets you dig through many keyword tools to research, analyze, and pick the winning keywords.

Under the keyword Research tab, you will see the list of different keyword methods.

In summary, here is what you get from each method:

Ranking Keywords – This overviews the top 10,000 keywords that bring organic traffic to a website. You can search for all types of SERP features.

Keyword Gap – Find competitors’ keywords that you’re not ranking for. Compare up to five competitors’ URLs side-by-side. Find keywords that overlap among competitors, etc.

Search Console – Collect keyword data in your GSC web property for more research and analysis.

Keyword Planner – Collect and analyze keywords from different Google keyword tools – Google Ads.

Auto-complete Tools – Generates new keyword ideas by searching autocomplete suggestions from many search engine sources.

Related Searches – Find related search terms to your main keywords in the most popular search engines.

Related Questions – Use Google People Also Ask and Question Autocomplete to find related questions users ask in your industry.

TF IDF Explorer – Find frequently used search terms your competitors are using, but you’re unaware of.

Keyword Combination – Find misspelled keywords and generate a list of new search terms by word combination.

Schedule Task and Alert

Monitoring your search ranking is important in today’s competitive marketing space.

Rank Tracker makes this easy.

You can schedule tasks to go out on a specific date and set up an email alert if something changes in your search ranking.

To set up a schedule and alert for target keywords, go to “Target Keywords” ===>>Rank “Tracking.” Click on the “Bell Icon” on the top menu.

schedule and create email alert task in rank tracker

Select what you would like to schedule and track on the next page. Then, follow the rest of the steps to save your settings.

select alert type in rank tracker

Whether you need to perform a scan for the top 1,000 or 50 pages, track keyword position daily or weekly, and track competitors’ keyword performance, you can do all these with the rank tracker free trial license.

Away from Rank Tracker, let’s see how to manage the entire link-building campaign in…

What is Link-Assistant?

Link Assistant is an all-in-one link-building, analysis, management, and email outreach tool. It’s the SEO Powersuite link explorer and analysis tool.

This tool takes away all the challenging work of building backlinks.

SEO Powersuite Link-Assistant helps you find link partners from many sources, create email templates, find contact information and management, and send bulk emails.

You can store all types of links in your project – Anchor text links, URL links, quality factors, brand links, etc.

Also, for agencies, you can generate branded reports in different languages, print them, send them via email, or upload them to a website.

In the current Link-Assistant edition, there are 12 sources to research for potential link partners:

  • Affiliate Review Blogs – Get Links from blogs that review products and services.
  • Forum – Find relevant forums in your niche to participate in discussions.
  • Guest Posting – Find blogs that accept guest authors in your niche.
  • Link Submission Form – Find website pages with link submission forms.
  • Competitor’s backlink – Find potential partners already linking to your competitors.
  • Topical Blogs – Discover relevant industry blogs that will likely feature your product/service.
  • Comments Sections – Find relevant blog posts that accept comments.
  • Directory Listing – Discover quality directories listing in your niche.
  • Giveaways – Find giveaway opportunities to offer your product for exposure.
  • Link Pages – Find relevant links or resource pages likely to reference your webpage in their publication.
  • Your Backlinks – Research and analyze your website backlinks.
  • Custom Search – Be creative. Use your skillset to find link-building opportunities.

Here is how to use Link Assistant to improve your link profile.

To start your link-building campaign, click the Link-Assistant icon on your desktop to launch the application.

Start by creating a project.

Enter your website URL or the page to which you want backlinks. Then, hit the green “ok” button on the page.

enter your name in the filed required

Wait for Link-Assistant to run. Click “Look for prospect” from the top menu on the open page.

Creating link project in link assistant

Select your backlink method from the list that pops up. Next, enter relevant keywords in the space to start the link-building campaign.

link building sources in seo powersuite link -assistant

From here, follow through on the steps that follow.

For a complete breakdown of how it works, here is a detailed workaround video tutorial…

4. SEO Spyglass Review

Competitive research is one of the most effective content marketing strategies. You scale hours of tasks and jump on the already working formula.

SEO Spyglass is the SEO Power Suite competitive analysis and research tool. It lets you do more and achieve more in less time by spying on already working marketing strategies.

With SEO Spyglass, you can:

  • Research and analyze your competitor’s backlinks profile.
  • See what they’re doing so you can replicate it.
  • Compare your link-building profile to your competitors.
  • Reduce link risk on your site.
  • Discover potential harmful links.
  • Clean up your link profile.

Let’s see what you can achieve in this short SEO Spyglass tutorial. You could learn more about how to use SEO Spyglass to achieve better organic search visibility.

Start the application from your desktop and enter your website URL in the required field.

Wait for the application to run a full backlink audit of your requested domain and all its pages.

Here, you can see your backlink growth over the selected period. You can see the percentage of “do-follow links” and “no-follow links” immediately.

back link historical data chart

Note: The number of reported backlinks will vary from other backlink checker tools like Ahrefs, Search Console, Semrush, etc.

This is because most link analysis tools extract data from various sources. The link data here could be taken as an estimate, not the actual number.

For instance, SEMrush reported a higher backlink number for the same analyzed domain for the same period.

SEMrush link data with graphs

Away from that, let’s explore some of the tasks you can accomplish.

Backlinks are not created equally; some can harm your website’s growth. And some can even cost you traffic growth.

In SEO Spyglass, you can check for risk link penalties with one click. To find out if your links are at any penalty risk, go to “Backlink Profile”===> “Penalty Risk.”

Google penalty checker data in seo spyglass

Here, you can find all the details of your links profile. If something is not right here, use the disavow tool.

Scroll down the page and hover your mouse on the back of the corresponding high-risk link. Then, use the “x” button to disavow the link.

disavow tool in seo spyglass

That’s all.

Except you’ve received a manual penalty from Google, you don’t need to export the file to the search console.

Check Linking Domain

To see a list of your linking domain, go to “Backlink Profile” ===> “Linking Domain.”

Here, you can see the number of your incoming links and their corresponding domains.

This page has other useful data, such as when the link profile was first found.

  • Domain IP address.
  • Page authority.
  • The number of backlinks from a single domain.
  • The number of do-follow links from the same domain.

link historical data in seo spyglass

Anchor Text Distribution

Anchor texts are good for relevancy and purposes.

You must check them over time to see if they’re relevant to the words on the visiting pages.

To view your website anchor text breakdown, go to “Backlinks Profile” and “Anchor Texts.”

anchor text distribution data

Here, you can see the distribution of your website anchor text links. You can contact the website owner for edit or outright removal if something is irrelevant.

You can do so from the Anchor texts interface.

Simply hover your mouse on the # of Backlinks” column. Then click on the 3 slides to reveal a list of websites linking to you with the anchor text.

From here, you can click on the website to contact the editor.

link prospect URL image

Going through your website links and historical data can dig up a lot of helpful SEO ideas.

You can see if you’re doing well or falling behind in your link-building campaign. Also, you can view the frequency at which you gain and lose links over a period.

SEO Spyglass lets you check links’ historical data for up to 12 months past.

Click on the Historical Data tab. Next, click on Backlinks. You can now set your preferred date range.

link historical data for 1 year

There are two tabs here that come in handy.

The “New links” and “Lost links” tabs.

You can use this backlink analysis feature to find web pages that no longer link to your pages. However, there could be some “false positives” in the report.

In this case, check the referring web page to confirm if the link is lost.

Discover New and Lost Linking Domains

If you’re an aggressive link builder, you know the worth of tracking your linking domain.

A link could be there today and no longer exist in the next.

SEO Spyglass lets you check the historical data of your linking domain. All the incoming links from other domains to your website.

It allows up to 12 months of a link data set. Or choose a custom time range between them.

You can see # of how many incoming links you’re getting from a single domain within a period.

Check the number of new and lost links from a domain. Discover the lost and found date.

detailed link analysis for one year history

Compare Domain Side by Side

You can compare, side by side, every domain metric of up to ten websites.

SEO Spyglass gives you a domain metrics overview such as:

  • Domain Age.
  • Domain strength.
  • Text links.
  • Top TLD – Top-level domain extension.
  • Anchor text.
  • Anchor text diversity.
  • Top Ranked Country.
  • IP Address.
  • Dofollow backlinks.
  • C-Blocks.
  • Total Linking domain.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank.
competitor comparison chart

The link intercession feature can be described as a competitive analysis link research tool.

It lets you discover links to domains in the comparison chart but not links to you. In other words, these links point to your competitor’s web pages but not to you.

And it also shows you link overlap in the comparison chart.

competitors comparison side by side

Click on All Domains to reveal other menu options, and select “Prospective Domains” to find a list of potential link partners.

You can click through the website and contact the website owner for a link deal from the interface.

Analyze Multiple Domains at Once

This feature could be a time saver if you do SEO as a job.

You can analyze up to 200 URLs at once and get the main stats for each domain.

This is done through the “Bulk Analysis” feature.

bulk URL analysis tool in seo spyglass

You can paste up to 200 URLs into the space and get detailed main website metrics.

SEO Powersuite Pricing

SEO Powersuite is competitively priced compared to other high-end SEO tools – SEMrush, Ahrefs, SERPstat, etc.

Recently, SEO Powersuite introduced a new pricing model allowing users to select a yearly or multiple-year plan.

You can now buy a two or three-year plan and save up to 34%. The two-year plan gives you a 20% discount.

Here is the full plan, the respective pricing model, and the discount offers.

New SEO Powersuite pricing model

FAQ – SEO Powersuite Free Trial

Is SEO Powersuite Free?

Yes, there are both available free and paid versions.
The free license is best for solo website owners with limited optimization features.

The paid plans are available for professional and enterprise licenses. The Professional license costs $299, while the Enterprise license is $499.

What is Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker is a keyword position-tracking tool. The Keyword Research tool discovers keyword difficulties, tracks keywords for various SERP features, etc.

It is a powerful keyword and analysis tool for the best values.

What is Link-Assistant?

Link-Assistant is an all-in-one link prospect and management tool.

With Link-Assistant, you can start and complete your entire link-building campaign without leaving the workspace.


SEO Powersuite is one of the most powerful and widely used SEO tools in the market today.

For years, I’ve been using it for personal and client use.

However, I’m not fully into SEO as a job. But I help co-bloggers with their website optimization, one of the tools I rely on.

Listing all the useful features in one post will be very exhausting.

Honestly, the software has over 600 useful marketing and optimization features.

The features listed here are just some of the helpful and core features. You can find a list of more helpful features on this page.

However, aspiring SEOs want to learn more about what SEO Powersuite is all about. So, I take a moment to answer some of the questions below…

And if you’d like to test-run the software to decide if it is worth your investment, take a 14-day spin from the link below.

Get SEO Powersuite 14-day free Trial today – click here.


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    1. Hi John,

      Yes, still available till end of the month, I wish you the best in your new office.

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      Note: Please don’t forget to share with your friends and anyone you think might benefit from this.Thanks.

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