How to Write Great Content for Affiliate Marketing

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Content is a big part of affiliate marketing campaigns and one of the best ways to sell affiliate products or services.

There are many ways of affiliate marketing content that you can use. Blogs, newsletters, social media, and even Youtube videos. You can run a successful affiliate marketing business by utilizing these platforms.

As an affiliate marketing content writer, you have to get a proper grasp of how to write great content for an affiliate marketing campaign.

Here are 6 ways to write great content for your next affiliate marketing offer.

6 Popular Types of Affiliate Marketing Content

Who says you can earn money from doing only one type of affiliate marketing content? There are multiple ways and here we will talk about them.

1. List-style Post (Listicles)

Listicles form of content is great to grab the attention of the readers right away. In today’s day and age isn’t that what every other article is about?

You must have seen this type of article thousand times in the past 24 hours already? Here are some examples

  • 10 best things about x and y.
  • 26 Best SEO tools for small business owner
  • 10 Ways to Make Money from Affiiliate Marketing
  • 24 Insanly SEO Tips to Reach Google’s Top 10

Make listicles or List-style posts but do not forcefully prepare a list that does not even need it.

Another thing to note is that, do not make a list of things that the readers already know of. For example: Make a list of web hosting companies that provide a free trial and list some companies that do not provide free trials.

That will turn off your readers.

Every point included in your list should have its distinctive impact when the readers are going through them.

2. Individual Product Review

Product reviews are the most popular form of affiliate marketing content.

Add individual perspective into the review, you are on the verge of gaining the trust of your readers. When your readers start to notice that your affiliate product reviews are genuine, they will make decisions based on your reviews.

You have to write reviews about products and services as if you have already used them and are writing an opinion about them.

Write about things that you like and more importantly in an affiliate context, write about things that you don’t like.

By being honest and transparent about the products/services, you’re helping your readers to make the best marketing decision.

3. Case Studies

Case studies are valuable resources that potential customers use to make purchasing decisions. Since you, as an affiliate content writer, are compiling data and insights, you can provide useful findings and results to your readers.

The readers should be able to fully trust what is written about the affiliate product since it is backed with facts and data.

A case study usually contains statistical data and reviews from many people who have tested the product.

It is one of the best ways to write an unbiased products review that converts better. You can source product uses case from many platforms.

A good place to start your search is the Facebook group.

Many products owners have special or private Facebook groups for their product users. Here you will get real-world user experience you can leverage to make your content trustworthy.

4. Tutorial or How-To Articles

Many products and services need a guide on how to use them. You can capitalize on these affiliate items and create Tutorials or How-To Articles.

Create and edit an informative video tutorial using a video editor that teaches your audience how to use a certain product. The same can be done in written form for your affiliate blogs.

5. Product Comparisons

Product comparison affiliate content can provide valuable information to your readers.

It usually contains straight-to-the-point information like the features of the product. Readers can go through each aspect of the comparison in a few seconds and can easily decide which product is best for them.

6. Guides

Guides are another great type of affiliate content. With Guides, the affiliate can recommend affiliate products so that they can earn commissions.

Not only guides are an easy way to make money from affiliate marketing, but they also build trust and the brand name.

Long-form guides are usually affiliated content friendly and earn more revisits and shares.

8 Amazing Tips on Writing Great Affiliate Marketing Content

Go through each amazing tip that will help you write great affiliate marketing content.

1. Write Your Own Experience and Truth

The fundamental of building great affiliate marketing content is to write about products or services that you have personally used.

By writing about things that you have experienced personally, you will be able to write authentic content that the readers will appreciate.

You must test out and know all the things about the Products and services that you are about to make affiliate content on.

Even if you have not personally used the affiliate product or service, you must write about it as if you have personally used it. It does not mean that you write any misinformation about the product.

When readers read about your reviews they need to feel the authenticity of your content so that you can build credibility from it.

2. Be Honest

Writing content for Affiliate marketing consists of writing about those aspects of the product which you believe in. This point is somewhat similar to the first one.

Being honest is the key to writing compelling affiliate content even if that means a negative review about the product. But is it that what affiliate content is all about?

The content will look like it’s an advertisement if readers fail to see a genuine opinion about the product.

Affiliate content writers should never write about an affiliate product or a service in a way that sounds like it’s a promotion.

You have to be straightforward about the product.

If you don’t like the product, you can tell exactly what you don’t like about the product so that the readers do not make the mistake of buying a non-promising product or service.

3. Keyword Research, Use long-tail keywords

Keyword research is a crucial element of making your content rank in Google or any other search engine.

You can write the best affiliate content or blog in the world but a poor SEO optimization of your content will affect its organic search ranking. This will result in less traffic to your website.

So you need to search for keywords, especially long-tail keywords that you can use in your affiliate content. Pro tip of using a keyword is to use them where it fits naturally.

The best place to look for keywords is on your competitor’s site. Find what long-tail keywords your competitors are using and you can integrate those keywords into your website.

You can use keyword research tools to generate valuable long-tail keywords that make your website rank higher in search results.

4. Improve Text Readability

Improving the readability of your affiliate blogs will take you a long way. An astonishing affiliate article will not pour in the result in SERP if it has low readability.

Affiliate content writers can make their sentences short, use headings and subheadings in their content.

Another way to improve readability is to make long sentences into small paragraphs. You can also use a bulleted list where it is necessary. Do not also use many adverbs.

Using alternative phrases and words can also improve your text readability.

There are platforms or tools like the Hemingway app that can analyze your content and highlight sentences that need adjustments.

5. Choose Appropriate Post Length

Every niche has its appropriate post length so it is important to determine your niche first.

Assuming you have your niche figured out, now you have to determine what type of content you want to write. For example, if you are publishing short articles, your post length should be 500 to 700 words.

Similarly, if you are writing a detailed review about a certain product then around 1500 to 2500 words are enough.

Your topic also holds a crucial role in determining the appropriate post length of your content.

6. Incorporate your affiliate links into stories naturally

Expert affiliate content writers know this method and this is why they attract many readers who end up buying a product from their affiliate links.

Never use affiliate links forcefully because it will make your content look promotional. Instead, try to incorporate your affiliate links into stories naturally.

7. Use Appropriate Tone Of Voice

There is no assigned tone of voice for all types of content that you are writing. More importantly, your tone of voice should depend on the type of audience you are targeting.

If your target audience is Millennials or Gen Z then your tone of voice should be conversational and can include some jargons or slang that is appealing to the appropriate generation.

On the contrary, if your target audience is Boomers then making straightforward and informative articles will be more up to their taste.

8. Create Visual Content

A compelling affiliate content strategy is successful when at least text content and visual content are included in it.

Imagine you are reading an article that only consists of plain text, it will look dull. You will likely click out of that article.

This is why creating visual content for affiliate marketing is a must. People are more engaged when visiting websites that contain images and videos that help them understand the topic better.

You don’t have to be a professional designer. Canva is a free tool you can use to create high-quality infographics, photography, video, and branded images, etc. When it comes to videos you can add explanation videos.


Affiliate content marketing requires to be an expert copywriter that understands the feelings and intentions of prospective customers.

Although it takes time to master this skill especially if you are a beginner, you can achieve great success once you implement the things we have mentioned above.

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