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With just $360 per year, you can build a faster, better, and more powerful WordPress website with the Genesis Pro WP Engine, a powerful website-building tool for WordPress blogs.

WP Engine, the WordPress Digital Experience Platform, announced via StudioPress blog it is making its Genesis Pro page builder StudioPress offering, a site-building solution, available for purchase via a subscription.

This will include one year of free hosting on WP Engine’s platform for a limited time (optional).

Previously, WP Engine Genesis pro page builder was only available to WP Engine customers. But now, Genesis Pro WPEngine is available for purchase by the entire WordPress community.

Your subscription to WPEngine Genesis Pro includes access to and support for Genesis and all the StudioPress-made themes, all for only $360 per year.

The StudioPress themes gallery currently consists of 35 SEO-optimized, well-coded WordPress themes. With your WPEngine Genesis pro subscription, you can access all the 35 wp engine studiopress themes.

This is an ideal offer for website development agencies and professionals.

What is Genesis Pro WP Engine?

Genesis Pro WordPress plugin is not a publishing platform or another content management solution (CMS) like WordPress or Blogger.

It is a solution to seamlessly manage your WordPress blog and content creation, especially with block editors. It is an optional product in the Genesis product gallery and is not required to run the Genesis framework or themes.

Genesis Pro intends to bring the future of WordPress’s entire site editing blocks to WordPress users.

Editing every part of your WordPress site will be as easy as writing content on your text editor.

Genesis Pro is a powerful site creation tool. A content page builder. Page layout builder. Advanced Gutenberg editor with over 22 custom blocks not present in your default WordPress installation, etc.

Genesis Pro includes an ever-growing list of blocks and the ability to create your own custom blocks.

You can leverage advanced block capabilities, including accessing premium blocks and customizing beautiful block-based page layouts and sections. And the ability to set user permissions on blocks. This allows content creators to only access blocks that set them up for the best chance of success.

These features are designed to make it easier than ever for you to complete your next project. 

It comes with an optional one-year free start-up hosting plan from WP Engine. This is valued at $420.00 at the regular price. You must contact WP Engine to renew the hosting at your one-year free hosting expiration.

So you’re not subject to contract or automatic renewal for the free start-up hosting plan attached to your purchase of Genesis Pro subscription.

You don’t have to host your blog with WP Engine to use Genesis Pro from WP Engine. You can host your blog anywhere using Genesis Pro.

Check out how to quickly build an amazing and faster blog using Genesis Pro in the video below.

Make Better WordPress Sites Faster

Launched to existing WP Engine customers in May, Genesis Pro helps you build better sites faster with WordPress.

It includes a selection of professionally designed and pre-built content layouts (blocks). This makes it easy to create content and web pages with WordPress.

Genesis Pro also includes design and development teams’ ability to make the best blocks and layouts available to content creators. So, the beautiful site you create stays beautiful over time.

Combined capabilities are perfect for agencies that want to scale the innovation of their design quickly. It also helps development teams to bring ideas to digital reality faster.

According to Jason Cohen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at WP Engine:

“We’re proud to have Genesis Pro as part of the WP Engine DXP and we’re thrilled to be able to offer Genesis Pro for everyone on StudioPress,”

“Being able to scale your design and development work is critical for team building with WordPress and is a major focus for WP Engine with all of our Genesis products.”

Genesis Pro Features and Benefits.

With Genesis Pro, many helpful features let you build a beautiful, powerful, and faster WordPress blog.

Below, I talk you through some important highlights of using Genesis Pro from WP Engine.

1. Genesis and premium themes

Access and support for Genesis Framework and all 35 StudioPress-made premium child themes.

2. Free Wp Engine hosting for 1 year.

Enjoy free hosting for 1 website on WP Engine with NO automatic billing for hosting beyond your first free year. Unless you choose to renew at the expiration, you won’t be automatically billed for hosting.

3. Build better sites faster.

Access and support the Genesis Pro plugin, which delivers new site-building superpowers for creating beautiful websites quickly.

4. Optimized blocks & layout options

Access a library of professionally designed and fully customizable blocks, content sections, and full-page layouts.

5. More Control With Gutenberg Blocks

Equip content creators with only the blocks approved for their user role to help make sure the site you build stays beautiful.

6. Use on unlimited WordPress sites

Use Genesis, StudioPress premium themes, and the Genesis Pro plugin on as many sites as possible. There is no restriction on your use of the Genesis Pro subscription. No matter where your site is hosted, you can use Genesis Pro.

7. User Roll-Based Permission Level

It provides the ability to restrict blocks, sections, and layouts to specific users. You can arm your content creators with blocks optimized to help make sure your content and site remain intact.

8. Money Back Guarantee.

You’re back up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase within 60 days, request a refund.

Just ask for a refund, and no questions are asked.

9. Full Access and Supports

Access to and support the Genesis Pro plugin.

This helps create beautiful websites quickly using professionally designed and pre-optimized WordPress blocks, page sections of blocks, and entire layouts.


Technology is evolving fast, and so is WordPress.

Blocks are the future of WordPress core editors; this is what Genesis Pro brings.

You’ll be able to create beautiful web pages faster, build, and have access to premium blocks. And able to create appealing content faster and effortlessly that your readers will love.

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