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Web publishing is a tough job; as a blogger/publisher, creating great content for the web and your audience requires a great deal of motivation or passion, especially when starting and the revenue being generated is zero to nothing.

To stay motivated and earn an income from doing what you love, it is important that you find and explore the best techniques to monetize every single page view you get.

For most publishers, placing ads within and around their content is the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue from this craft.

However, experienced publishers with high-quality content go the extra mile to implement other monetization strategies, bringing in more earnings while ads supplement it.

When monetization with ads comes to mind, the next question is the ad network or platform to work with, of which the first to be mentioned would most likely be Google Adsense.

Fortunately, there still exist several options for publishers to choose from aside from Adsense.

However, for publishers in Nigeria and Africa, the options are limited; being accepted into Adsense can be quite tough, and header bidding and ad optimization platforms like Mediavine are out of reach as one may most likely not meet their traffic requirements.

And worst still, the bulk of these platforms do not make payments directly to bank accounts in Nigeria or Africa; even worse, tier three traffic isn’t so loved by them.

Fortunately, publishers in Nigeria and Africa are about to breathe fresh air as Munchads launches a native ad network/marketing platform and a p2p ad marketplace.

Munchads is an AdTech startup based in Abuja, Nigeria, and its recently launched platform simplifies monetization with ads for publishers in the country and continent.

It is envisioned by its founders to be a full monetization suite for publishers, especially those who get a lot of direct deals from advertisers.

Why Native Ads?

In simple terms, the native ad format is an ad format that fits perfectly with its environment (being the publishers’ content).

They mimic the website content and are less intrusive, thus offering advertisers higher Click Through Rates (CTRs) and a better experience for website visitors.

Munchads’ native ad format can be customized to fit perfectly well with the color scheme of a publisher’s website, and their fonts are such that the visitor has an almost ad-free experience.

Experience and simplicity are at the fore of the platform’s design as its founders believe that ads shouldn’t be intrusive and publishers can still earn ad revenue without negatively impacting their visitors’ experience.

P2P Marketplace

Truth be told, ads served from a network or a Demand Side Platform (DSP), no matter how well optimized, can never pay, as well as direct deals publishers get from advertisers.

Moreso, advertisers, small businesses, affiliate marketers, and brands seeking to place ads on a handful of high-traffic websites and negotiate directly with their webmasters/publishers have always had a hard time researching their best options, contacting, and negotiating with their owners.

They are often left with a few options which might not be good enough for running multiple campaigns or testing different audience types.

The Munchads P2P ad marketplace addresses this problem.

Advertisers who wish not to create ads on the Munchads self-serve advertising platform but wish to close deals directly with a handful of publishers can simply search through the marketplace for the website of their choice, make an offer for an ad unit or make immediate payment and start placing unlimited banners ads to be served to the purchased ad slot instantly.

The marketplace saves the advertiser and publisher the back-and-forth and lengthy wait periods that would have been needed to close the deal.

Ad Server

There’s much more to this party; bloggers/publishers have a free ad server available on their dashboard to serve ads directly to their platforms based on created campaigns with targeting options/filters.

There are no limits, and publishers can take advantage of this blazing ad server, saving themselves hosting and server resources such as Innode count, especially for those who use shared web hosting.

Final Thoughts

Delivering content for the web is tough, and having great monetization strategies is of utmost importance.

At the same time, bloggers and publishers may already be familiar with the likes of Taboola and MGID for those in this part of the world.

Munchads could be a better option; their team is friendly and responsive across their various support channels and Telegram group.

Hopefully, in no time, they could easily be touted as the best Ad network and advertising platform for publishers, small businesses, and advertisers in Nigeria and the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

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  1. This was really an eye-opener piece of information. Being aware of technology is the best thing to stay on the path of success. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. author comments Mike Bass says:

    Munchads is no where near being the best. Ad networks in Nigeria will better suit your Needs no doubt. Their customer service doesn’t even exist just some Number that does not ever pick up calls, I am saying this from personal experience.

    1. Hi, Mike,

      Thanks for sharing your experience, it is good to help others make the right decision.

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