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If you run a WordPress e-commerce shop, having the best WordPress payment plugin is not an option or luxury, it’s a necessity.

As an online merchant, your customers deserve simple, secure, state-of-the-art payment form solutions to make their shopping cart experience memorable.

But looking at the available WordPress payment plugins today, it could be overwhelming going through each plugin to know which is the best WordPress credit card payment plugin.

I created this page to walk you through some of the best payment plugins for WordPress so you can make informed decisions based on your business needs.

The plugins I discussed on this page use Stripe or PayPal payments gateway. Depending on your customer’s location and country of operations, one payment gateway service might be better for your business.

But first, let’s see why you’d need a payment processor plugin on your WordPress blog.

Why Do You Need a Payment Processor?

Every online business has one common goal, to generate revenue. That is the primary objective of most business owners.

To effectively carry out your operation and collect money from your customers, you need a way to process the Payment on your website. Without this, running the business could be a futile exercise.

Your customers will request payment in different options; Credit card payment, Bank transfers, USSD code, barcode, Bitcoin, etc. The best payment gateway you take will depend on a lot of factors.

However, processing payment is just one part of your task; ensuring customers’ sensitive information is secured, safe, and encrypted is of greater importance.

Your customers must ensure their financial data is not exposed to unauthorized institutions or individuals.

Therefore, you need a secure payment gateway with a state-of-the-art security system. A payment processor that can be trusted with user’s information.

Factors to Consider in a WordPress Payment Plugin?

Aside from the monetary side of running an online e-commerce shop, you also deal with sensitive information. So, it became necessary that you carefully look through WordPress payment processing plugins.

You wouldn’t want a payment method that makes it harder for your customers to complete the payment process on your website? You will be losing money and getting lots of cart abandonment.

At the same time, you want to provide a seamless and secure user experience for your customers. Therefore, here are some things you should look for in any WordPress payment plugin.

1. Security

The number one feature to look out for in any payment processing tool is the security features.

With many cyber security breaches existing today, you need to be sure of the security measures and protection used by the payments gateway.

2. Tracking

Payment tracking is essential in a dispute or for an in-house audit. A good payment tool will provide an easy-to-use payment tracking feature.

This is one of the features of the payment solution plugin you shouldn’t overlook.

3. Multiple Gateway Option

A good payment system will provide multiple gateway options for customers to choose from.

Look for a WordPress payment plugin that gives payment choices, such as accepting credit card payments, online bank transfers, USSD, POS, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.

4. Refund Policy

When customers request refunds, you want a payment platform that makes the process easy without high costs.

5. Ease of Use

Not everyone running an online business is a tech guru; your payment system of choice should be easy to set up, use, and manage.

6. Set up Processes

This is an addition to the above point.

The setup process should be easy to follow and require no complicated configuration. At the bare minimum, a walkthrough documentation guide should help users navigate the process without hiccups.

7. Support

This is important and one you should not overlook, even if you’re a tech guru who knows everything.

Your payment gateway providers should be on the ground to provide support when needed. Multiple support channels should be available to answer your query and provide timely solutions.

Stripe or PayPal Payment Gateway?

For a global e-Commerce shop with customers in different countries, you need a payment system to process payments in other currencies.

PayPal and Stripe are the two most widely used payment gateways today.

But don’t just assume that one is the best option for your business; both have their pros and cons. Here is what the data says about PayPal and Stripe.

PayPal is used in more countries than Stripe; over 200 countries use and accept PayPal.

But PayPal processes fewer currencies than Stripe. PayPal only supports payments from 25 global currencies.

On the other hand, Stripe is used in over 47 countries and supports over 135 currencies worldwide. This allows you to charge a customer in their native currency while you receive it in your country’s currency.

So, before you decide, you must analyze your audience database and know which option works best for your business.

This is not hard to figure out.

Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on; User ===>>Demographics Overview. You will see the countries your site users are coming from.

Google Analytics users demographic chart

Depending on your business target market, if the currency is what matters to you, Stripe might be a better option. But if your customers are mostly Europeans, it makes sense to go for PayPal.

Now that we’ve learned how to choose a WordPress Payment plugin, let’s dive in to see the best payment plugins for WordPress in 2023.

5 Best Payment Plugins For WordPress

These plugins allow integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.Authorize.NET

1. WPForms

wpforms plugin website homepage

The most beginner-friendly WordPress drag-and-drop form builder on the list. WPForms allows you to create any online form in minutes without knowing a thing about coding.

Whatever your contact form needs, you can do it with WPForms. You can create any online form, including booking, registration, payments, accidents, poll, surveys, etc. But the payment features are only available in the Pro and Elite plan.

So, if you want the payment features in the WPForm, you need to purchase the Pro or Elite plan.

The plugin has built-in templates to make form creation easier, even for a newbie.

For a WordPress e-commerce site and small business owners, this is one of the suitable WordPress payment plugins that are worth the investment.

WPForms supports multiple payment gateway options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net.

The Authorize.NET payment add-on is only available in the WPForms Elite plan. PayPal, Square, and Stripe payment features are available in both the Pro and the Elite WPForm plans.

There are plenty of add-ons to make WPForm completely yours. The available add-on depends on your license.

WPForm Key Features

  • Instant payment notification.
  • PayPal payment integration.
  • Stripe payment integration.
  • Square Payment.
  • Authorised.net.
  • Smart conditional logic.
  • Save and Resume functionality.
  • Online signature.
  • Engage cart abandonment users.
  • User registration.
  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • Hundreds of templates…And more.

There is a free version of WPForm for simple contact form needs. The payment features are only available in the Pro and Elite plan, which cost $299 and $399, respectively.

Read the extensive review here for more details on how to use WPForm for your business growth.

WPForm Pricing

All the WPForms pricing below comes at a 50% discount offer. But your license will be renewed at a regular price next year.

  • Basic – $39.50/yr
  • Plus – $99.50/yr
  • Pro – $199.50/yr
  • Elite – $299.50/yr

2. Ninja Form

Ninja Forms drag and drop WordPress form builder

Ninja Form is another popular WordPress contact form builder on the market today. However, unlike WPForm, Ninja Form is not beginners friendly as such.

The user interface required time to get used to it and a bit of workaround knowledge.

Ninja Form integrates with the following payment gateways Elavon, PayPal Express, Stripe, and Authorize.net.

Also, it works with Recurly if you run a monthly subscription business model.

This feature is helpful for membership sites and businesses that work on recurring payment systems.

The PayPal Express add-on is available in the Ninja Form Agency, Professional, and Personal plan when you purchase the full membership license.

While the Authorize.net add-on is only available in the Ninja Form Agency plan, you will save a 40% and 20% discount on professional and personal plans, respectively.

The core Ninja Form plugin offers basic web form features compared to what’s available in the core WPForm essential plugin.

If you want more from the Ninja Form besides a simple contact form, purchase the feature as a separate add-on or subscribe to a membership plan that gives you access to all available Ninja Form premium features.

Ninja Form’s key features

  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Smart conditional logic.
  • Shareable public link.
  • Save and progress.
  • CRM integration.
  • Form usage Analytics.
  • Support over 16 languages.

Ninja Form Pricing

  • À La Carte – $29 – $129
  • Personal – $49.50
  • Professional – $99.50
  • Agency – $249.50

3. Gravity Form

Gravity form - WordPress form plugin

Gravity form is WCAG AA 2.1 compliance which is the recommended conformance for most web-based content.

This means your web-based WordPress forms are accessible to physically challenged people. People who are living with one form of disability issue or another.

Gravity Form is an ideal option for an e-commerce shop that sells to the international community and processes Payment from several currencies.

It has more payment gateways than many of its competitors. Gravity Form works seamlessly with PayPal, Mollie, Authorize.net, 2checkout, Stripe, and Square.

These options make it a perfect WordPress payment plugin for many businesses. It is a powerful drag-and-drop form builder, feature-rich, secure, and easy to use.

Gravity Form Top Features.

  • WACG 2.1 AA compliance.
  • Export and import your form data.
  • Multi-column layout.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Form pagination – break longer forms into several pages.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3 to protect against spam entries.
  • And more.

Gravity Forms pricing

  • Basic – $59/yr
  • Pro – $159/yr
  • Elite – $259/yr

4. Stripe Payment

Stripe Payment WordPress plugin

The Stripe payment plugin offers a simple, intuitive way to process your website’s credit or debit card payments.

This free payment plugin for WordPress offers a simple and secure Stripe payment gateway. This plugin makes a perfect choice if you’re an NGO or humanitarian organization.

The plugin provides the Stripe buy now button website shortcode for accepting online payments.

You should expect limited payment features and add-ons as a free WordPress payment plugin.

Stripe Payment Key Features

  • Simple setup process.
  • She managed payment orders inside the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Add shipping and tax details.
  • Simple payment button.

Stripe Payment Pricing


5. PayPal Plus

PayPal Plus  - Plugin made by Inpsyde

PayPal Plus is a free WordPress payment plugin that offers a simple setup process to add the PayPal payment gateway to your WooCommerce store.

You can process Payment via multiple ways, credit card, PayPal Express checkout, debit card, and Payment upon invoice.

The express checkout allows you to add payments to your PayPal account directly.

As you will expect from a free plugin, it has limited features and functionalities. But a perfect and reliable option if you just need PayPal payments on your WooCommerce website.

PayPal Plus Key Features.

  • PCI protection.
  • PayPal vendor protection.
  • Process payment in four ways.
  • No hidden charges.
  • PayPal Express checkout option.

PayPal Plus Pricing


FAQ – Best Payment Plugin For WordPress

Here are a couple of questions you might want to ask before buying. Please ask through the comment form if your question is not listed below. And I will be glad to answer all your queries.

Is there a PayPal plugin for WordPress?

Yes, there is a WordPress PayPal gateway payment option for your WordPress blog. WPForms and Gravity Forms are two of the best-paid choice. But the PayPal Plus plugin is ideal if you’re looking for a free alternative.

Can I Accept Payments with WordPress?

WordPress is a full-fledged e-commerce application that gives you access to various payment gateways. You can accept Payment from anywhere in the world on your WordPress blog.

Whether for one-time or recurring payment subscriptions, WordPress gives you the tools to process payments on your website.

How do I add a payment option to my website?

There are several ways to add payment options to your WordPress website; the easiest is to use a payment plugin.

These plugins allow business owners to integrate with many payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, Authorize.net, Square, Braintree, WePay, Verifone (formerly 2checkout), and more.


If your business needs robust, advanced security, multiple gateways WordPress payment plugin, the list above is enough to give you the answer.

Though it might still be hard to choose, you should try one of the first three options.

WPForm, Ninja form, and Gravity Form are premium WordPress plugins that offer more than basic web form features.

The free version offers basic contact form needs; if you want the payment functionality, purchase one of the premium licenses.

Whatever your web-based contact form needs, one of these three options will make a perfect choice.

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