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I have another fantastic BFCM deal for you today. This time, you’ll be blown away by the discount offers. 

The RankMath Black Friday deals 2023 with massive savings on selected products. As you already know, RankMath is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins used by over 2 million WordPress blogs worldwide. 

It has many helpful features, including an XML sitemap generator, Content AI, redirection manager, multiple keywords optimization, Woocommerce support, schema, etc. 

If you’re using the free version of RankMath and considering the Pro plan, now is the best time to grab a license at a far less regular price. And not just the Pro plan; all RankMath products are available for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday SEO deals. 

Here is the breakdown of this year’s Black Friday Deal for RankMath SEO plugins. 

RankMath Black Friday Deals Details 2023

The discounts apply to three RankMath products, including the RankMath SEO course (Details below).

An essential aspect of the RankMath BFCM special sale is that it is a very time-limited offer. You must act fast to get the best deal and save money on RankMath products.

The offer is starting on Nov 21st and comes to an end on Nov 26th, 2023. 

Aside from the RankMath SEO course, customers can choose from three different licenses from the RankMath SEO plugin and the Content AI products.

Depending on which product you buy, saving differs, too. 

More comprehensive details about the discount price are in a table format below. 

RankMath PlanRegular PriceBFCM Price
Rank Math PRO $69$59
Rank Math Business$299$199
Rank Math Agency $549$499
Content AI Starter$49$39
Content AI Creator$99$79
Content AI Expert $159$129
Rank Math SEO Course $199$149

As you can see from the above table, each product offers a different discount price. 

How to Access RankMath Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal: 

Follow the instructions if you need help navigating the RankMath BFCM landing page.

Step 1.

Click this link to open the landing page to access all Rank Math Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEO sales products. 

On this page, review the products on sale. Check through their features and what makes a product superior.

RankMath Plan pricing table

You can buy multiple products and get all the available discount offers. That is even better savings. 

Step 2. 

After selecting your products, click the Buy Now button. On the next page, enter your payment details to finalize the purchase.

RankMath accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

RankMath payments portal

Once your payment is validated, you can log into your RankMath account, download the plugins, and optimize your website. 

The process is more straightforward, and even a beginner should be able to review it in less than 5 minutes. 

Which RankMath Plan is Right For You?

Looking at the above table, one might be confused about which product or plugin should you buy. 

Well, it’s not difficult to answer this question, as your business needs should guide you in the right direction. 

However, if you’re thinking between several products, here is my breakdown analysis of who should get what product or plugins. 

RankMath Pro Plan

RankMath Pro is ideal for individuals, bloggers, and small business WordPress owners looking to optimize their blogs for search engine visibility. 

It allows access to some of RankMath’s powerful SEO features, including:

  • Track up to 1,000 keywords in SERP.
  • You can use the plugin on unlimited personal websites.
  • Powerful Schema markup generator.
  • Custom Setup wizard
  • One hundred eighty days of Google data storage.
  • Email report frequency (15 to 30 days)
  • Advanced built-in analytics.
  • 15-day free trial access to Content AI with 12k credits.
  • Google Indexing status checker.
  • 24/7/365 standard support
  • Redirection manager.
  • And more.

In summary, you should get RankMath Pro if you need essential on-page SEO from the plugin. 

RankMath Business Plan

Support up to 200 clients’ websites. RankMath Business Plan is the ideal SEO plugin for agencies, freelancers, and small SEO teams specializing in WordPress website management. 

If you run an agency for WordPress website management, the business plan can save you a ton of money by buying separate premium SEO plugins for each of your client’s websites. 

It comes with the following features:

  • Install on up to 200 websites.
  • Track and monitor up to 20,000 keywords.
  • Create your custom schema type or choose from a list of prebuilt and save as templates.
  • 15-day free trial access to Content AI with 12k credits.
  • 7, 15 or 30 days email report frequency. 
  • No limits to Google data preservation. 
  •  24/7/365 RankMath priority support. 
  • Whitelabel email report.
  • Plus everything in the Pro plan.

RankMath Agency Plan

The Agency plan is the perfect gift for web development agencies with hundreds of clients’ websites. You can use this plan on nearly 750 websites. 

It unlocks full access to RankMath SEO plugin features. In addition to everything in the Business plan, you also get the following:

  • 24/7/365 priority support.
  • Install on up to 750 clients’ websites. 
  • 30k free Content AI credit – 15-day trial.
  • And lots more.

You can review all RankMath SEO plugin features on this page. It is extensive, feature-rich and nearly impossible to cover all the features in this article. 

Benefits of RankMath SEO Plugin Discount Sale

Why should I get RankMath this Black Friday? Sure, this is an important question you should ask yourself.

RankMath isn’t the only WordPress SEO plugin; there are many reasons for its popularity and adoption by the WordPress community. 

Here are some top reasons to consider buying the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin this festive season.

Features rich

No other SEO plugins for WordPress come close regarding features. RankMath is superior to every other popular search engine optimization plugin, such as Yoast, All-in-one SEO, etc.

It has more free features, allowing beginners to benefit and access more advanced tools for free. This helps solopreneurs with no budget for SEO plugins to compete nearly on the same level with the big established website in on-page SEO. 

Rank Tracking

Rank Math includes a keyword position monitoring tool, letting you know when your pages are moving up or losing ranking in SERP. 

The good thing about this feature is that it notifies you regarding significant changes to your ranking keywords, so you can act timely to make necessary changes. 

404 Monitor

Rank Math 404 error features identify and track not-found URLs on your websites. It logs the events so you can analyze and manage them effectively. 

It captures more information about the 404 not found URL, like the user agent, event time, and referring URL. With this information, you can understand how to manage the dead link on your website to improve SEO. 

Internal Link Builder

Internal linking is an effective SEO strategy that can improve search engine visibility. But many SEOs need to do it correctly. 

If you’re using RankMath, you don’t have to worry about getting it right. The plugins let you enter relevant keywords to use as the anchor text and will automatically handle all it presents in all existing and future posts, turning it into links.

So, each time that phrase is mentioned in a post, Rank Math links it to the URL you specify in the setting. 

Support for Woocommerce

RankMath offers full support for Woocommerce websites. Support product-rich snippets and internal link builder and integrate seamlessly with Google search console.

WordPress Woocommerce users can also benefit from using RankMath.

Advanced Schema Generation

Implementing schema on your website can be tricky and complicated if you’re not skilled in language programming. 

Many WordPress plugins try to make this process easier for beginners by creating accessible prebuilt Schema structure data. 

Rank math lets you go the extra mile; you can create custom Schema, save premade templates to save time and access more Schema types. The plugin also supports using multiple Schema types in one click.

Bulk SEO Optimization

One of the challenges faced by websites with thousands of pages is updating many posts in bulk. Updating hundreds of posts is difficult and time-consuming, especially for e-commerce businesses.

Rank Math provides a solution to this problem. 

You can update the title and meta description of 100 posts at once without manually opening each post. The Rank Math bulk editing features save time and make updating hundreds of posts painless. 

Search Console Integration

Rank Math brings your Google Search Console data directly into your WordPress dashboard. 

With this feature, you now have more time and quick access to review search console data and make informed decisions. It shows you relevant information like sitemap, search impression, average CTR, clicks, keyword position, etc. 

Optimize for More Than One Keyword.

A good blog post covers the subject as a whole and does not leave readers confused or a half-baked answer. Therefore, optimizing your blog post beyond its focus keyword is possible with Rank Math. 

You can enter up to 5 relevant keywords and get SEO suggestions on optimizing them within the plugin. This way, your post can be rich in information, optimized for LSI keywords, and ranked for multiple search terms. 

Conclusion – RankMath SEO Plugin Deals

Rank Math Black Friday SEO plugin deals are the perfect gift for individuals, small businesses and agencies managing business websites for clients. 

The good news is that all Rank Math products are available for the WordPress plugin discount 2023. You can get the SEO plugin, Content AI, and SEO course program for less than their price if you act fast within the limited-time offer. 

I have more WordPress product Black Friday deals you can check out. Here are more WordPress plugins for the BFCM deals you may consider. 

And if you’re interested in web hosting deals, I have more options you can check out with unbelievable discount prices. 

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