How to write An Article That Get Read – The Art and Science.

If you’ve drop by to read this post mainly because the phrase “art and science” in the title grab your attention then you’ve just learned a lesson on how to write an article that get read.


The phrase “art and science” in the post title is meant to arouse the curiosity in you and get you thinking – is there a scientific fact, discovery or lay down set of rules to guide you through the art of writing an epic blog post?

Well, I would answer that. There are no scientific proven fact, discoveries or any set of rules that guarantee your blog post would go viral no matter what.

But I can say categorically, that going by many blog post that has went viral on the internet and remain a corner-stone for their respect authors; there are certain elements, styles, structures and patterns commonly found in them.

Going by this fact, we can conclude that to write an article that will do same job as the ones we’ve seen in the past; we have to follow strictly the path that leads to making your articles go viral.

So, how do you begin your quest on how to write an article that will not only go viral but remain relevant today, tomorrow and always?

Answer ;

“Write what people want to read”.

So simple – and that’s just the realistic truth about article writing. Remember you’re not writing to yourself – you’re writing to meet the needs and wants of your readers.

If you’re not writing what people are currently reading; its’ certain your effort in putting that content on the web will be in vain.

How do you know or discovered what people are reading?

You start by doing keyword research and going to places like Amazon, eBay, question and answers site, online communities, forums, social media sites etc.

Keyword research is my favorites among all these places – It gives everything I need in one place and provide more resourceful information to better understand the value of your targeted keyword phrase.

Forum, social media sites and online communities are reliable places to get real-time information about current events and what people are really talking about at the moments. You’re not just getting real-time information, but also getting marketing intelligence about where to start marketing immediately your post went live.

If the news blows up on social media sites – you already know where to kick-start your marketing campaign.

Ideas ready, what next?

If you’re well-grounded on the topic – it gets a lot easier putting words on paper but if you’re not, it get tougher.

Research on the topic and see if other experts have written something similar on it. If not, then you have to do your best to come up with points and lessons to take from your post.

The easiest way to go about this it to visit forums, social places, question and answers sites. Ask questions related to your idea and see what reply people are giving back. This will increase your knowledge about the topic and give more points to talk about in your post.

Writing your post.

Good, so we’re progressing steady and preparing to write our epic blog post.

But wait a second – there is an important aspect of any online copy you need to pay attention to…………the headline.

At the beginning of this post I talked about how the words “art and science” are used to trigger your attention towards this post. Think about it this way; if those words hadn’t trigger your attention or mean anything to you – the body content you’re reading now does not exist as far as you’re concern.

Your headline is the first impression that readers will see and decide either to read or not to read your content – and remember – there is only one first time impression. So do all you can to impress your readers the first time they see your content.

So, how do you write articles titles that never get ignored? Don’t worry, you’re not left alone to figure it out.

This is how you do it.

First, what makes you feel emotionally charged to things easily? Is it love, fear, desired, pain, interest or what? Whatever is it – you have feelings mainly because you’re emotionally attached to it.

Same strategy can be used to write your articles titles and move your reader’s emotion towards your post. You do this by playing on those things that moved human to take certain actions – like love, fear, desired, wants, happiness, hatred, power, authority etc.

All these depend on what type of information you’re putting together and your motive of writing. Besides, there are mainly five elements that you can infuse into your articles titles and course your readers to be emotional or increase his interest in reading your post.

While writing your article’s headline – make sure you do one of the following:

  • Benefits.
  • Curiosity.
  • Interest.
  • Awareness.
  • Attention.

At a glance, your article’s title either get the reader curious to want to find out more about the information, or grab his attention, tells the benefits he stand to gain from reading your post, pronounce an announcements or tell what interest is in it for him.

Take this title for an example:

Successful blog – “What 50Cent “taught me

First, on seeing that title, you get “curious” – what is about 50cent (a rapper) with blogging? On the other hand – I would have phrase the headline like this:

Successful blog – what “I learned” from 50cent.

The latter won’t do the job well enough to get you interested in wanting to no more about the content.

“what 50cent taught me” – this sound as if I was with 50cent one-on-one and he whisper those lesson in my ear. I guess this leads to why many people read this post

You don’t have to put these entire five elements into writing one article title. In fact, a very good blog topic will stay on course, focus and talked about just one idea per post.

Types of articles That went viral.

We’re progressing at a very fast pace.

There are a variety of articles known to have gone viral on the internet both in the past and present. So if you’re planning on making one of your next blog post goes viral – consider choosing one of this article template.

Argument Articles.

This type of post is used to create buzz in the blogosphere. You used this when you have a different view, opinion, thought on some of the industry consensus.

Something most people believe without proper evaluation; something like dogmatic in acceptance. We have many of those theories on the net.

Let me give you a pointer here.

I guess when you’re stepping into blogging -  you would have heard this phrase a hundred times over “create it they will come“?

You can pick up something like this and write why you go against such believe. This help you get noticed quickly and bring in new visitors.

But be sure you have a good reason, fact or points to backed up your arguments.

Theory Articles.

This is no brainer, I guess?

You could see them all over the internet – they pop up millions of time a day on the net.

But to stand out and make your post go viral……do a bit than just presenting same theory like everyone else theory or something most authors have treat in the past.

Though you can do this – but come from different angle and size. Give new ways of doing something or to achieve a task, goals and objectives. Tell how you achieve doing old stuffs in a new way or version.

Those who are interested in learning from your new revolutionary discovery will find you out.

List Articles.

Do I need to include this on the list? Yes, for many reasons I should:

  1. List articles are the easiest for people to read.
  2. They quickly get picked up by readers.
  3. They are scan able and easy to navigate through.
  4. Readers go straight to the points they’re interested in.

You see why they’re so powerful?

How to Articles.

An all-time winner if you ask me. And again, you probably have seen this type of post on the internet may time over in the last 24 hours.

How to articles are so powerful that people almost begin their search query with how to……..

If you’ve been around on the internet contributing to web pages you must have written many how to articles. Look within yourself or your industry and see what idea you can come up with that people are interested in knowing.

But for this type of article to work well – your idea must be something you have genuinely experience, feel and smell or touched. In your how to articles – people are looking for how to do something and is obvious you must give clear guideline, details and instructions on how to go about it.

There is no room to leave readers hanging.

Explanation Articles.

There are lots of changes in the world and everyday – different concepts are emerging. This makes it hard to keep up with the fast pace of changes around us. And it became harder to easily understand some simple ways of achieving things on your own.

Therefore, as an expert in your field – you can write special blueprints that explain in detail how this things can easily be understood or break it down for an average person to digest.

In this type of articles, it is necessary to remember you’re writing for an ordinary man in the street. Instead of using industry jargon – use every day English. Makes it easy to read, understand and benefits from.

Seriously, my hands are hitching and I’m just thinking of stop typing. But don’t panic – I know we’ve come a long way up to this point to leave you hanging. I promise to post the rest of this post in coming days.

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  2. write what people want, which type of stuff want people, any one knows no no one can’t know.some blogs post are going viral, some are not viral, why, to hard to tell, and you give the best stuff points, every blogger followed these points at the creation of article. thank you
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    • Hi Mvenkat,
      Though I can’t understand you correctly, but if you’re asking how can we know what people want to read?
      I believe that as been explain in the post and only if you know what your audience want to read, you maybe talking to an empty sit.
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