Blog Income Report: The Danger for Beginners

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Each time I visit a blog that publishes monthly blog income reports, I feel sorry for so many aspiring newbie bloggers who “may” get mislead by this type of information.

Wait a second.

I know and agree that to a great extent, this same type of information serves as motivation to many who wishes to start a blog. But I also believe that the danger that comes along with this type of information is more than the good it delivers.

The thing is when you come across headline such as Pat Flynn income report:

income report post - smart passive income

That’s some crazy amount of $$$ to earn in a single month for a one author blog, right?

Yes, it is!

At first, you get hooked up to read the rest of the content hoping to find some magic bullet in it that will fill your bank account with something similar. But in the end, you find nothing jumping out to hand over to you that magic wand…

Something is usually missing in most types of published posts that detailed their monthly income report. Like that of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income report.

That’s what I am here to let you in.

They lack reality, yes!

Most blogger’s income reports posts you’ll read online detailed only and concentrate on the good side of the story. The most awesome part of blogging. And in most cases…are only design to lure you into buying from them or through their affiliate links.

The blogger never reveals the sweat, blood, energy, etc.

And how long it takes to reach such an awesome level of success. The level of works, risk, investments, energy, it takes to reach such height are never discussed in most income reports publications.

They make it sound as if all are bed-of-rose with blogging for money. And newbie blogger thinks he too can replicate such a level of success within a few weeks or months into blogging.

That’s some kind of horrible mindset to get into blogging for money. A mindset that will leave you with no choice but to quit when reality sets in, then you will see clearly that blogging to make money or earn your living online is not an easy task.

Blog Monthly Income Report – The Good Side

Granted, publishing income reports serves its own purposes too. Which have positives effects on the reader’s side.

Among some of its benefits are:

Inspiration – After reading income reports of popular bloggers like Pat Fylnn, John Chow, etc.

Anyone could easily get inspired to go all out on his blogging activities to ensure it starts making money.

Motivation – Yes, you always get motivated to keep going with your blog and hope that a better day is just a mile ahead of you.

Reality – Many people still doubt the fact, or are in confusion about how bloggers or blogs can really make money online.

Publishing income reports post with detailed reports of sources where each cent came from takes away all ambiguities as to whether bloggers really make money or this whole thing called “blogging for money” is just another internet BIG scam.

Transparency – Transparency is one of the core ingredients of a successful blogging career.

Publishing income report posts prove that the blogger is ready to hide nothing away from his readers and the worldwide web.

This is because anyone visiting the blog even for the first time can read all about the blogger earnings reports on the blog.

Discoveries – If you’re a big fan of getting a “handout” to success.

Reading other bloggers income report post can present you with an amazing opportunity to discover unknown HOT in-demand products/services. Product/services you can ride on its waves of success at the moment and get your own share of the money.

Instead of you doing all the hard work to find these products/services to market as an affiliate, blog income reports have done this for you.

This is how it works…

Regularly visit blogs that publish blog income reports, go through the list to see where their top earner usually comes from.

  • Is it from a particular affiliate product/service?
  • How many websites does combine generate the $$$?
  • What strategies is the blogger adapting to bank the most money?

When you see that two or more authority bloggers are making money from a certain type of products/services. Especially if this is an affiliate product, then you can try your luck with it.

Though, you may not be as successful as they did with the product. This is because there is more to selling affiliate products and services than just promoting your affiliate links all over the internet.

Now that we’ve seen how blogs income report can be of benefits to readers…

Let see how it can damage the career of a blogger.

The only problem I see (at least for now) with this type of information is that it only talked about one side of the story – the glittering side of blogging. The front-end.

Most bloggers who publish income reports never had the time or take into consideration to tell what goes behind the scene before each cent was made. The sweat, blood, energy, resources, time, anxiety, frustrations, long hours of work, etc…

They tell it like plug-in few hours of blogging activities and plug-out thousands of $$$ in minutes.

dollar money

I have been here ($0). There (3 figure income)  and will be over there next (six-figure income).

So I can tell you from experience that making money online is not as hard as you might think. But not so easy too like what income report portrait.

Blogging for money is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

You’ve got to be aware that with blogging for the money you get what you put in. If you put in mediocre efforts, you’re going to come out with mediocre results. There are no two ways about it, what you give is what you get.

What is your thought on bloggers publishing income reports? Let’s hear your opinion in the comment section.

15 thoughts on “Blog Income Report: The Danger for Beginners”

  1. I agree that most newbies are likely lured on making easy money online, especially with convincing article title and header. Yet, the secret to success still remains to be the same. They are hard work, perseverance, time, dedication, and willingness to succeed, and of course, equipping oneself with the right knowledge in managing a blog.

    1. Hi Andy’

      Thanks for sharing your view in this topic.

      The fundamentals rules of making money never change, only the application do changed overtime. Same in online marketing, without the right mindset, it might be difficult to achieve significant success here.


  2. I do feel the same way when i read such posts.

    Sorry to say this, Even the AdSense monetization method he (Pat ) do showcase at times has no meaning because i have ones followed it up and nothing works.

    And i think that’s what made Enstine Muki stopped writing about his blog reports as well. For many of such posts are not helpful.

  3. I agree that most newbies are likely lured on making easy money online, especially with convincing article title and header. Yet, the secret to success still remains to be the same. They are hard work, perseverance, time, dedication, and willingness to succeed, and of course, equipping oneself with the right knowledge in managing a blog.

    1. Hi Amit,

      First off, sorry for the so late reply…my apology. I have been away from the blog for some time now, but now back.

      You’re 100% right on that…the secret to success ever remain the same in whatever area of life one determined to be successful. hard work (a bit of luck), perseverance, timing, willingness to succeed, the right knowledge etc.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Shamsudeen,
    Enjoyed reading the article above, really explains everything in detail.
    I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post.
    I have been searching for such an informative post for many days.
    Thank you and good luck in the upcoming articles.

  5. I always do have the same thought! Blogging business is not like it was 5 years ago.
    These income reports are totally mad.

    But glad to see that you were actually pointing to the fact that it’s not easy, not attacking the bloggers.

    Together, we grow.

  6. It should be a kind of motivation to new wannabe bloggers out there. Don’t just be overwhelm with the results but be focus on the hardwork and forget about the income at first. Build a reputation and after some months, you should be making some $$$. That’s how i see it.

    1. Thanks, Jerry,

      Good that you get my message right.

      Focus on providing value upfront to your customers, readers, and fans, then, later the money will come. If newbie marketers see it this way and not get carried away by some income reports figures, it will be better.

      Thanks, Jerry, nice having you here.

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