Sprout Social is a feature-rich social media engagement tool, but it may not be a good fit for everyone, primarily due to its high price. You’re on the right page if you’re looking for Sprout social alternatives.

Many Sprout Social competitors are more budget-friendly and give you the same marketing features. 

For individuals and small businesses, these sprout social alternatives can be the right social media marketing tool for your needs. 

In this post, I closely examine the top 7 competitors of Sprout Social so that you can make better marketing decisions. I discuss each company’s features, pricing, and benefits, like Sprout Social, to your business.

Let’s dive in…

1. Relate Social

Namecheap relate social

RelateSocial is a suite of business tools from Namecheap that lets you post, manage social accounts, respond to comments, discover new customers, and track niche topics from one platform.

It is the most affordable and beginner-friendly social media marketing tool on this list and the best free alternative to Sprout Social.

It’s cheap and comes with features that help you grow your business and followers without all the noise.

With the Namecheap RelateSocial, you can manage social media account profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, and Instagram to build loyal followers and increase engagement.

RelateSocial offers a 30-day free trial period. You don’t need to enter credit card information or lock into any contract details. You can cancel anytime and risk nothing in the process.

RelateSocial Top Features 

  • Track Keywords – Track important niche keywords in discussions, reply in real-time, generate leads, and get more from your marketing efforts.
  • Find New Customers – Use the lead finder and geo-targeting features to find new customers in your area or specific location and be the first to reach them with your services or product.
  • Twitter Lead Search – Use the powerful SocialRelate Twitter search feature to find targeted leads on Twitter for your business.
  • Quick Response – Quickly reply to customers’ queries with ready-to-go response templates.
  • Auto-Publish – Set up content to auto-publish to all your social media profiles in minutes. You can use the calendar to plan and schedule content for the year.

RelateSocial Price

  • Essential – $2.88/month
  • Pro – $9.88/month

2. MissingLettr


MissingLettr is a social media management tool that focuses on automation.

If you need a tool that helps you save time and automate posting, content curation, and drip content from a URL, you can try MissingLettr.

For example, you can set up an RSS field to automatically send published content to your social media profiles.

Also, MissingLettr crawls the web and gathers relevant content for your social media feed. So you don’t have to scrub the web for exciting content manually.

If you publish on Medium, you can connect to it and auto-post from your blog to keep your Medium audience engaged.

You can take up the free MissingLettr 30-day access to the Pro plan if you want to test drive all features.

MissingLettr Top Features

  • Drip Campaign – Auto-publish from an RSS feed or YouTube channel. You can add URLs manually if you need something specific.
  • Curate – Discover exciting content to share with your audience or add relevant content to the library for industry leaders to discover and share with their audience.
  • Facebook Group – You can connect to a  Facebook group as part of your social media profile to post. 
  • Hashtag Matching – MissingLettr can scan through existing posts to discover quotes and images, understand their context, and match them with trending hashtags to increase reach and engagement.

MissingLettr Price

  • Forever Free – $0
  • Solo – $15/month
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Agency – $147/month

3. SocialBee

SocialBee-AI-Powered-Social Media Management Tool front page

SocialBee is an AI-driven social media management and automation platform designed for efficiency, making it the optimal tool for constructing a fully formed strategy.

With SocialBee, you can create content from scratch using the AI generator and Canva integration, schedule posts at the best posting times, post content automatically, gain insights from your performance, and respond to comments, messages, and mentions.

The most noteworthy feature of SocialBee is the Copilot—an AI assistant that generates content, posting schedules, and strategies based on user input.

SocialBee Top Features

  • Content calendar – Structure your content into categories and set up a posting schedule for all your profiles.
  • Upcoming posts – Get a quick overview of your scheduled social media posts.
  • Social inbox – Engage with your followers’ comments, messages, or mentions directly from SocialBee.
  • Reuse content – Customize the posts for each social media network individually and recycle evergreen posts.
  • Team collaboration – Have multiple workspaces, assign roles, leave notes for colleagues, and approve posts.

SocialBee Pricing

  • Bootstrap – $29 per month
  • Accelerate – $49 per month
  • Pro – $99 per month

4. IconoSquare


A powerful data-driven social media marketing tool. IconoSquare was created as an Instagram performance analysis tool, but over the years, it has evolved to cater to other social media platforms, mainly Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Linkedin.

The post-scheduling tool offers powerful features that let you do more with less effort.

You can schedule posting based on the best time to post, the first commenter, tagging, and more.

Besides posting features, Iconosquare gives you critical metric data to analyze followers’ evolution, content engagement, channel performance, and more.

You can get a 14-day trial period with no credit card required.

Iconosquare Top Features 

  • Powerful Post Scheduler – Automate your posting schedule with great insight into followers’ data, such as geolocation, Instagram preview, first commenter, user tagging, and best time to post.
  • Submit posts for Approval – You can submit posts for other team members or clients to approve before publishing. This is an excellent feature for an agency that works with team members.
  • Industry Benchmark – Track and measure your social media marketing growth against selected competitors and compare follower growth, reach, engagement, unfollow, and more metrics.
  • Performance Reporting – Create performance reports on autopilot, and share them with team members or your client via email or other channels.
  • Realtime engagement – You can monitor, listen, and jump on real-time discussions. And also respond to users in their comments or posts. 

Iconosquare price

  • Pro – $49/month
  • Advanced – $79/month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales

5. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a popular social media scheduling software used by over 31,000 social media managers daily.

It comes with a range of social media management features to help you in every way you manage your social media marketing.

Regarding pricing, Agorapulse is one of the tools like Sprout Social. It’s costly, but the extra features and social media profiles justify the cost.

If you use a tool that lets you organize and manage feedback and responses from one platform, Agorapulse lets you do that.

Agorapusle also offers a 30-day free trial of its Pro and Premium plan to see if it’s the suitable Sprout Social alternative for you.

Agorapulse Top Feature

  • Social Inbox – Manage all your social media messages, comments, and reviews from one platform. 
  • Insightful Analytics – Get detailed performance reports and pinpoint opportunities to improve growth.
  • Measure Social Media ROI – Gain insight into what action or post drives the most sales, traffic, engagements, and conversion. So you know where to invest more energy, time, and resources.
  • Social media Monitoring – This feature allows businesses and individuals to listen to customers’ conversations about their business across platforms. You can use the information to plan marketing strategies and understand how your followers and customers receive your business.

Agorapulse Pricing

  • Free – $0
  • Pro – $79/month
  • Premium – $199/month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales

6. Buffer


Buffer is a simple social media management platform and scheduling tool. It offers three simple tools, publishes, engagement, and analytics.

If your business’s social media marketing needs do not exceed scheduling content to social profiles and replying to relevant content, Buffer is sufficient.

The interface is clean, beginner-friendly, and easy to navigate through.

Buffer is one of the best social media management tools for small businesses and individuals because of its simplicity, ease of use, and ability to sell products and services using its built-in start page feature.

Buffer also offers a 14-day free trial access to its premium features. You can sign up below to take advantage of this offer.

Buffer Top Features 

  • Auto Scheduling – Use Buffer to plan a month-long social media content publishing. 
  • URL Shortener – Buffer creates a user-friendly shortened URL for all your published posts. This can prevent the default URL from taking up too much character space.
  • Hashtag suggestion – When creating tweet content within the Buffer dashboard, the algorithm suggests trending hashtags for your content. 
  • Posting Time – Buffer helps suggest the best time to post to your social media profile during the day. It can be helpful for increased engagement.
  • Start Page – You can create a landing page in minutes to sell your product and service and add the URL to your social media profile bio to drive traffic.

Buffer Price

  • Free – $0/month
  • Essential – $5/per channel
  • Team – $10/per channel
  • Agency – $100/per channel 

7. HootSuite


Hootsuite is an industry leader in social media management services. One of the oldest and well-used by over 18 million customers.

It’s a bit pricey to Sprout Social, but it also has more features and benefits to justify its high cost, especially the team and business plans.

Hootsuite offers social media scheduling, content curation, social listening, keyword monitoring, and advanced security capabilities.

You can customize your social feed to fit your marketing needs and content type and only display relevant content from specific keywords or networks.

Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial period. You can take it up to test drive the features and see how they can help your business grow.

Hootsuite Top Features 

  • Manage all profiles in one place – Hootsuite offers a single platform to manage all your social media profiles, track activities, and analyze engagement.
  • Track Real-time data – You can track content effectiveness in real-time and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Customized Stream – Create customized Steam that lets you stay organized, monitor relevant discussions, reply to comments, and discover industry topics that matter to your business.
  • Third-party Integration – Connect Hootsuite with the tools you already use. Over 150 services are available, and 120 are free to connect.
  • Bulk Composer – The Hootsuite bulk composer feature allows you to upload up to 350 social media posts across different time zones.

Hootsuite Price

  • Professional – $49/month
  • Team – $179/month
  • Business – $739/month

8. Sendible


Sendible makes a great alternative to Sprout Social. It’s more affordable, beginner-friendly, and offers one centralized dashboard to manage all your social media accounts.

It also offers plenty of features that make it one of the best competitors to sprout social you could have. 

You can post blog updates to a WordPress blog. Also, you can schedule YouTube video posting, reply to comments, and analyze engagement and performance.

Sendible is suitable for an agency that works for multiple clients, needs post-approval before they are sent, and works on a busy schedule. 

There is a 14-day trial period. No contract. No credit card is required, and you can cancel anytime.

Sendible Top Features 

  • Auto post – Automate social media posting, including Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.
  • Customized Posting – Tailored your content to match each platform message, audience, hashtag, image, etc.
  • Instagram Reels and Carousel – Auto-published reels video and carousel to Instagram. You can plan and schedule carousel reminders to publish later via mobile notification.
  • Built-in Image Editor – Edit your images to fit each social media requirement, add text, crop, filter, stickers, etc…
  • RSS Auto Post – You can add your blog RSS feed to auto post content, your social media profiles, and even follow other blogs within Sendible to curate content.

Sendible Price

  • Creator – $29/month
  • Traction – $89/month
  • Scale – $199/month
  • Custom – Contact sales

Editor’s Pick – Which is Better Than Sprout Social?

If you need a cheaper social media tool than Sprout Social but still gives similar marketing and engagement features. In that case, Missinglettr is the best alternative to Sprout Social.

However, Relate Social is the best option if you’re a beginner social media marketer or an intermediate and want to get along with the tools required to grow your business.

It’s cheap and offers the tools to start, grow and build online brand recognition.

Hootsuite is more advanced and better suits professionals and agencies looking to take their online visibility to the next level.

If budget is not the problem and your business demands more marketing features not present in other tools mentioned above, you can try Hootsuite.

Conclusions…Sprout Social Alternatives

Making the right marketing decision can be a tricky thing. If you get carried away by all the features in a social media marketing tool, you could lose track of what is essential to your business needs.

Pricing, features, and your business requirements make the perfect analysis for you. 

Not all businesses require an all-in-one solution; if your social media needs are limited to auto-scheduling, engagement, and tracking performance, you don’t need to subscribe to a more expensive tool like Hootsuite.

These are essential features in any premium social media marketing tool. And I advise you to subscribe to a less expensive tool like RelateSocial.

All the Sprout Social alternatives listed on this page are good at what they’re meant to do; you must evaluate your needs vs. features and pricing.

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