Bloggers to Follow: Why Following “A” Bloggers Is Dangerous

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bloggers to follow

A few years ago, I jumped in. I started a blog and began to write. Blog hopping every day. Researching for some top bloggers to follow in their footsteps so I can emulate their online marketing success.

Learning more about my industry in the process and meeting new people. It was a daily routine of reading top blogs and trying to follow in their footsteps. Copy what they’re doing and implement the same on my blog.

Everyone has some influencer bloggers to follow.


Yes! We all at one point in time need a mentor in our lives or the business aspect. I advise you to have at least one blogger to learn from.

While this strategy is always good to build better and faster success, there are downsides to it as well. These downsides could be very dangerous if you’re not careful with where, how, who, and when you copy and implement other people’s ideas, actions, case studies, experiences, technics, strategies, and tactics into your own life.

Among the many benefits of reading good books, blogs, magazines, dailies, people’s testimonies, etc. It is to equip yourself with good solid information. You gain valuable experiences and have case studies to incorporate into your own life when occasions or circumstances demand.

There is nothing wrong with using other people’s success stories as an ideal workflow or checklist for your success path.

But in reality, this can sometimes be a disastrous decision or steps to follow. Especially in blogging your way to success.

Most aspiring beginner bloggers quickly jump on board after reading the success story of how that authority blogger sold a million dollars with a single product. He thinks he can also replicate this success story with his blog by selling a similar product too.

What you’re reading on this authority blog is only the surface. The entire fundamental principles, strategies, and tactics that lead to such outstanding sales results were built many years ago.

Often, you’ll read many top blogs.

Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Darren, Yaro, and Ramsay – their monthly earnings reports. And how they went from building a blog from scratch to selling it for some crazy amount of $$$.

What baffles me most about these things is how a beginner blogger became desperate to replicate these success stories on his blog right after reading.

And quickly went on flippa listing his blog for sale. Hoping and wishing some buyers will jump out from the moon to make him an offer in the range of what his “mentor” has sold on his blog.

Take a break and think twice.

If it’s as easy as you had thought, then every known blogger that was before you on the internet would have been a millionaire long before you knew the internet exist.

You Can Copy and Still be Different.

First, let’s get this straight.

There is no new revolution or ground-breaking formula in the world we’re living in today. But at the same time, there is no exact duplicate of ideas or works. So, in whatever dimension or view you look at it, every idea or action is new.

two sitting little cat

If you still don’t get it, let me break it down a bit.

I don’t think there is ever a new way or strategy to make money online that has never been told before I walk into the blogosphere.

Everything that needs to be said about making money online has always been the same. Since the beginning of the world, people have been involved in buying and selling. And that’s just the only true and tested way to make money either offline or online.

So, in whatever ways I had to discover, or claim is new about making money online, it will still go down to “buy and sell”. It is either you’re “selling” your services/products or “buying” someone else services/products.

So, we’re all saying the same thing only in different ways and styles – and that makes it a new idea.

But here is the problem.

Trying to copy someone’s strategies and success blatantly is where you could go wrong and expose yourself to failure.


What you see in the person you’re copying is someone with remarkable success and achievements. Someone who makes thousands of $$$ from Google AdSense. Someone who sold millions of dollars from just an eBook.

And you think you can replicate this success too by following all his tactics and strategies. Using the same email marketing, sending out the same email messages, and just copying all other tactics blatantly.

working in his foot steps

No, you’ll be disappointed.

There are things to consider before trying to copy someone else. Think about these:

  • Do you have a similar experience in the subject?
  • What about the energy level and commitment?
  • Consider the resources that must be spent to get the desired results.
  • What about authority status and social media influence?
  • Timing is very important and your current situation.

All these qualities do not come to anyone who has not worked hard to achieve them. And I must tell you they take years to achieve.

If you’ve not laid the foundation for all these qualities and have achieved them. No matter how or the exact way you blatantly copy someone’s strategies and tactics, the results will forever not be the same.

And one more thing, it will be a very bad move to copy someone just because you like him or love some characteristics about him.

For instance, when I started blogging, I loved so much everything about Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, and Yaro Starak. But I got lucky enough to quickly realize why I shouldn’t copy these people.

Consider these things;

These bloggers don’t respond to comments left on their blog posts like we average bloggers do. And you don’t see them sharing their latest post on social media as we do. They don’t guest post anymore.

They’ve worked so hard in the past to come this far…so now they can do whatever – as copy blogger did some time ago – Closing comments on their blog.

Yet they get the most traffic, make the most money, and just about anything you could think of that makes a blog is called a successful one.

If an average blogger tried to copy or follow this route, it could result in loss of traffic, audience, and even revenue. This is what Kumar called a “voluntary suicide mission”.

man killing himself

But I Still Copy Too And This is How I do it…

As things get clearer and blogging became a lifestyle for me. I started finding my voice and knowing exactly what I want from my blogging career.

But first, I had to evaluate my lifestyle, my passion, and my family’s needs and wants. So, I don’t compromise one for the other.

I knew I don’t want blogging to be all my life and it doesn’t have to be for you too. If you don’t want it to be. So, I think about how I can make this work for me and still get the best out of my blogging career.

I feel a blogger should blog because he wanted to, not because he must blog to keep up with deadlines.

Blogging every day is not what I want. I don’t agree with the idea that I have to post every day to keep maintaining the traffic, income, and just about everything about my blog.

So, I search for “successful” bloggers who believed in these same principles as me. These bloggers do not necessarily have to be someone whom I had been following or admire his success.

After my findings, I discovered these bloggers don’t make up their blog posts with trending topics or some sort of breaking news in the industry. Their updates are timeless.

They write more of an evergreen post and optimize it for organic traffic. So they could benefit from a one-time work long even after they feel like not writing anymore.

And if you take a closer look at my blog post updates, you’ll see all these attributes in it. That’s why I have made bloggers like Derek Halpern and Yaro Starak people I watch closely and copy some of their styles and tactics – but not blatantly.

Derek is the guy who made me believe that if you know your onions; you don’t need more content to be a super blogger. What you need most is more marketing for your existing quality content.

Don’t get this wrong, you need to produce content regularly, but maybe not at the frequency, you’d believe.

Yaro Starak is the guy that imprints the same theory into my mind. And I enjoy the way he manages to see his lifestyle above his blogging career.

If we must blog all day long, sit in front of the computer all the time in order to achieve blogging success, then blogging is just another 9-5-day job.

But right before I copied or followed their teachings, I knew they had put in lots of work in the past to have come to this stage. Before laying the foundation that their blogging career now sits on, they’ve worked their socks off and done correctly many things in the past.

So now they can sit back and watch everything rolling on automation.

Who is your favorite blogger and why do you copy him/her? Let’s hear you out in the comment section.

17 thoughts on “Bloggers to Follow: Why Following “A” Bloggers Is Dangerous”

  1. Hello Shamsudeen,

    Nice and interesting post new bloggers need to read to get more out of blogging.

    Well, i never had a blogger whom i am looking up to or i want to be like. The reason is this, I entered the blogging line 2010 and didn’t had any idea about mentor or how a site works… but still, i survive the race and insha Allah, blogging has been kind to me.

    Follow these top bloggers, will only frustrate a blogger who don’t have the zeal and patience… there is nothing new in making money but there are new strategies coming out daily 😉

    Thanks for the lovely post. Have a good week ahead.

    1. Hi Babanature,

      That sound interesting, reading you never had a mentor to learn from at the time you’re getting with blogging. 2010 is a long way out, you must have crossed over many hurdles and gained lots of experiences in online marketing.

      Thanks for your time here, nice having you here.

  2. Hello, Shamsudeen!

    Actually, we can copy the strategies of someone’s but cannot copy the luck of him.

    If something works for one, it is not guaranteed that it will definitely work like the same for another one.

    And that no one can guarantee that something will work for someone just like it worked the first person.

    We are the creator of our own luck.

    We should definitely learn how things work for someone, but do like how we will do and not just exact-copy someone’s written tips.

    It is the moment of turning off for most…

    May we understand this point to do things our way!

    As life is full of experiments, do as much as you can.

    Great topic you chose to write on, buddy!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hi Adeel,

      First, thanks for all the supports and shares. Noted.

      I love what you bring up here “luck”.

      Luck is something that still viewed and interpret in many ways. Like you rightly said, trying to copy someone else strategies is a good one, but no one can ever copy or duplicate luck.

      That’s impossible.

      I remembered an authority bloggers once said, “he gave most of his success to hard work, timing, consistency and a bit if that thing people called “luck”.

      Thanks Adeel, great contribution from you.

  3. Hey Shamshudeen,

    I remember the day when I first came across an income report which was shocking and yet perplexed to me.

    An entrepreneur like Yaro has made it to the millions and people want to follow him. But copy isn’t an option.

    I agree with the point of being different.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for your valuable contribution. Bloggers like Yaro have come so far to enjoy some privileges but for someone just getting started with online marketing, this might not be same.

      Thanks, Ravi.

  4. You are so cool! I don’t believe I’ve truly read through something like that before. So wonderful to discover someone with unique thoughts on this subject. Really.. thanks for starting this up. I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you saved to favorite to see new information in your blog.

  5. Hello Shamsudeen,

    It is a great article and I loved reading it.

    Yes, we do have someone whom we all consider our “guru” when it comes to blogging. It maybe one or many other bloggers. I do look forward to articles from them and what they share on the social media. It is always exciting to learn from their leadership principles.

    Good Read. Thanks.

  6. Hi Shamsudeen,

    We should develop our own identity and writing style on blogging field. It is the only one method to get good amount of traffic to our contents.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Have a nice day !

    1. Hi Manoj,

      Uniqueness is important in almost all that we do. One has to come out with his or her own style and voice in order to be heard. Thanks for your contribution, glad you find the information useful.

  7. Wow, this is a hard truth for many, thanks for telling. Many newbie jumb in because of what they heard about another blogger. A friend of mine join because he saw me making it and today he doesn’t even have a domain name. To start blogging its important you start with the right mindset. Thanks once again this post is indispensable.

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