First, I have a confession – I’m not sharing this Cloudways Black Friday Deal for the sake of commission. No, nothing as such.

I’m happy to announce the Cloudways BFCM sale and recommend it because I have first-hand experience with their hosting services. I shared my detailed experience and review of Cloudways in this guide.

From the moment I moved to Cloudways, it has been a fantastic experience.  

So, grab the best cloud hosting deal with confidence. Cloudways 40% discount on your first four-month hosting invoice is available on all hosting plans + 40 free migrations done by Cloudways migration experts.

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Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Managed Cloud Hosting with Superior performance and excellent support.
On-Going Offer

Cloudways Black Friday Details

Here are the details for this year’s Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

  • Save 40% on any hosting plans (First four months) + free migration for the first 40 websites.  
  • Valid Promo code: BFCM4040
  • Date: Nov 9th – Nov 30th
  • Validity – New Customers Only.

All Cloudways cloud hosting servers are available for the Black Friday & Cyber Monday web hosting deals:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

How to Activate Cloudways 40% Saving + 40 Free Website Migration

If this is your first time purchasing a hosting plan, here are the step-by-step guidelines to grab the Cloudways Black Friday best deals. 

If you follow the instructions described here, you will save the biggest 40% on your first four months of hosting, which you can use to purchase subsequent months. 

Additionally, you can migrate up to 40 blogs to Cloudways, and their hosting department will handle the migration process at no cost.

Step 1:

Visit the Cloudways Black Friday page from this link. Click the “Get 40% Off Now” button on the landing page. 

Cloudways BFCM Landing page

Step 2:

You must register a free Cloudways account to proceed. This process is straightforward. Enter your email address, account name, password, and other details.

Choose any option that best fits your expected monthly plan in the hosting monthly spending limits field. Whatever option you choose here does not matter to your hosting monthly billing. 

Next, pay attention to the “Got a Promo Code” field. This is where you will enter the Cloudways Black Friday coupon code BFCM4040.  

Cloudways signup form

Note if you do not enter the promo code in this file, you will not get the 40% discount on your invoice plug access to request 40 free migrations. So, ensure you enter the correct coupon code in this option.

Next, accept the Cloudways terms of service and click the Start Free button. At this moment, you’ve completed the first part of the account opening process. 

Step 3:

Log into your email account and verify your email address by completing the required details.

Cloudways verification email

Once you submit the required information, you can log into your account and complete the following steps. 

Cloudways is a reputable company, so it ensures the safety of all its customers and does its best to know them closely. If the account opening process seems too rigorous, please understand it is for your good and peace of mind. 

There is one step to go. 

Step 4:

After completing the above processes, there are two important steps to go over. 

Both of which are part of the account verification process. You must verify your mobile number and email address to activate your Cloudways account.  

Cloudways account verification process

These steps are important to keep the platform safe for everyone and free of malicious activities.  

Cloudways will verify your mobile number via an SMS notification, and you need to verify your email address by clicking on the email link. 

Once you have completed the above steps, your Cloudways account is ready. Now, you can deploy applications on your server and build your websites. 

Those are the steps to saving 40% on your next projects with Cloudways web hosting Black Friday deals.

Cloudways Hosting Features

There are reasons why Cloudways is so popular among small business owners and marketers with growing needs for fast and high-performing hosting plans. 

Cloudways has some remarkable hosting features worth considering if your business requires reliable hosting services. 

  • Built-in integration with Cloudflare Enterprise add-on. 
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • HTTP/3 enables 
  • Deploy the most popular applications on your server, including Magento, Laravel, PHP, and WordPress. 
  • Fully managed cloud hosting plans. 
  • Minimum 1TB bandwidth. 
  • Unlimited web application installations.
  • Test and debug web applications on staging environments.
  • Fully automated daily backup and one-click restore points. 
  • Advanced dedicated security firewall system.
  • Advanced multi-layers cache
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Object Cache
  • 24/7/365 supports
  • Team collaboration and management features.

When you host your website with Cloudways, you enjoy these features without additional cost. 

After turning on the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on for my website, the speed and performance increased, and most notably, the website passed the Google Core Web Vital score. 

Cloudways Hosting Black Friday Price

Since this is the Cloudways web hosting Black Friday sale, it’s important to discuss the pricing. 

As mentioned earlier, you save 40% when you purchase any of the Cloudways-managed cloud hosting packages. But how much is the 40% saving you?

Let’s briefly review Cloudway’s regular hosting pricing and check how much savings you get during the Cloudways hosting discount.

A quick notice: Initially, Cloudways offered cloud hosting plans for Vultr and Linode servers, but that has since stopped. The company no longer offers cloud hosting services for Vultr and Linode cloud servers. 

You can only choose from DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Service. So, let’s find out what you save from picking one of these. 

DigitalOcean Server

The DigitalOcean server’s regular price starts at $11 for the Standard plan and $14 for the premium server. 

However, for this Cloudways CyberMonday and Black Friday deals, you pay $6.6 and $8.4, respectively. 

Do that calculation. Instead of paying $44 or $56 for four months, depending on which server you purchase, you pay $26.4 and $33.6 for the Standard or Premium server. 

That’s a huge saving for anyone. 

DigitalOcean minimum hosting features are as follows:

  • RAM size – 1GB
  • SSD Storage – 25GB
  • Processors – 1Core
  • Bandwidth – 1TB

If you require more storage space, processors, and resources within the DigitalOcean plan, you must go for a higher plan with higher pricing. 

Google Cloud

Google Cloud hosting infrastructure is designed for businesses with a high need for super-fast hosting service with no downtime. 

Cloudways Google Cloud servers start at $37.45, the regular price. It gives you the hosting resources below:

  • RAM size – 1.75GB
  • vCPU –  1
  • Storage – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – 2TB

If you choose the Google Cloud server and take advantage of the 40% Cloudways discount, it will cost you $22.47 monthly. This means you only pay $89.88 for the four-month invoice with this Black Friday special offer.

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Another solid cloud hosting plan from Cloudways is the Amazon Web Service cloud hosting services. 

This plan is exceptionally beneficial for large mission websites with heavy traffic volume and needs high-quality hosting services and features. 

The prices start at $38.56 monthly and are as high as $285.21 monthly. The 40% discount brings the price down to $23.36 for the entry plan. So, assuming you purchase a four-month plan, the total cost is $93.44 instead of $154.24. 

That’s a massive saving. 

You can use the savings on other aspects of your business, like running ads or buying a beautiful and fast theme like Astra Pro or Kadence

Amazon Web Services minimal hosting packages include:

  • RAM size – 2GB
  • vCPU – 2
  • Storage size – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – 2TB

Note that all the hosting plans come with the Cloudways hosting features listed above, including Cloudflare Enterprise add-on features and flexible pricing plans.


What are the Cloudways Black Friday Deals for This Year?

All Cloudways hosting plans are available for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Service, and Google Cloud are all available for a 40% discount from Nov 9th to 30th. 

Your subscription to any cloud hosting package gives you access to all essential and add-on features, including Cloudflare Enterprises, Elastic emails, Safe updates, and more.  

When is Cloudways Black Friday’s Beginning and Ending?

Cloudways Black Friday starts on the 9th of November and will run through Cyber Monday, allowing everyone to get the best deal.  So, even if you miss out on the best Black Friday Cloud hosting deals, you can take advantage of the Cyber Monday cloud hosting offer. 

How Can I Get the Cloudways Managed Hosting Best Deal?

Follow the step-by-step instructions on this page to get Cloudways’ best deal of the year for a whopping 40% savings. You will get the link to the official Cloudways special offer landing page on this page. 


As I said earlier in this Cloudways Black Friday deal, I’ve been using the hosting service since June of this year and never for once regretted the decision.

If your present web host is not delivering the quality of hosting services your business requires, I suggest you try Cloudways. Your website will load faster; you also get reliable and responsive support and daily automated backup.

These are in addition to all the excellent hosting features, such as staging, Varnish, Server Monitoring, WAF security, malware protection, DDoS attack protection, etc.

And what a time to try the Cloudways service! You will only spend a fraction of the actual cost, which puts you at a better advantage.

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