Welcome to CyberNaira dot com

A blog that has helped many beginner online entrepreneurs start their blogs on the path to success.

I am Adeshokan Shamsudeen – a Nigerian professional blogger

I’m an author, blogging coach, and, most importantly, an affiliate marketer.

Marketing other people’s products and services is one of the most reliable ways I earn online.
There are things I don’t want to be known for online…

like being a freelance writer, no. I don’t want to directly be growing someone else’s business while I set myself up for another 9 – to 5-day job.

I see blogging/Internet marketing as a medium to escape the offline rat race and set myself up for a world of total freedom – living the dot-com lifestyle. At the same time, I take charge of everything concerning my business.

I am the boss.

My Definition of Real Freedom….

I don’t believe that the real freedom that comes along with the benefits Internet marketing offers has so much to do with taking gigs to earn money online (working to meet client deadlines).

The freedom you enjoy running an online business comes when you can build, grow, and manage your own business.

A business that works completely on a setup system that doesn’t require your presence to function.

This is why my utmost attention and resources have been channels towards growing my blog businesses.

How I Stumble Upon Blogging

In 2011, I accidentally stumbled upon a weekly publication (Success Digest Extra) by Dr Sunny Ojeabgase courtesy of a friend’s recommendation.

This friend doesn’t like blogs or know much about Internet marketing.

So, he is a blessing for introducing me to that publication.

Since I laid my hands on Success Digest Extra, everything about how I see and perceive making money online has changed completely for the better.

In that publication, I came across the word “blog” for the first time, and from that moment, I decided to know more about it.

So, in November of 2011, I went to a one-day seminar organized by the said Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase titled ” How to Make Money Selling Info Products Online.”

However, now that I know better and have acquired more marketing experience, I can confidently say all that was taught at that seminar was too basic and just scratching the surface.

But I owed so much to that day because it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and the belief that money can be made online legally.

CyberNaira Was Born…

July 3rd, 2012, I bought the domain name https://cybernaira.com plus hosting from WhoGohost. (I stopped recommending WhoGoHost as the best Indigenous web hosting services provider when they ruined my four years of hard work on this blog)

Yes, the WhoGoHost web hosting company has ruined my four (4) years of publishing on this blog.

Before this sad event occurred in the previous year, I had moved to NameCheap and was enjoying my money’s worth. But for some reason, I had to cut costs on online marketing expenses.

I was going through a family crisis and wasn’t financially well then.

So, I was looking for a way to reduce the cost of running the blog. I decided to return to WhoGoHost, which was cheaper than NameCheap then.

I choose their monthly subscription plan to return to NameCheap anytime without losing anything.

This was the beginning of the end of my four years of publishing on this very blog…little did I know that.

After purchasing hosting from WhoGoHost, I only asked for site migration services, which their technicians were happy to help with. But that started everything and the disappearance of my 192 published blog posts.

So sad…

I tried everything I could to see if they could get my blog working normally, but the more I tried, the clearer it got to me that WhoGoHost technicians are incompetent and can’t just get the blog working.

The database was completely messed up. So, I lost 192 published blog posts because I was trying to save costs.


Lesson learned: don’t settle for anything less…stop patronizing cheap web hosting companies.

This blog is hosted by NameCheap, a web hosting company, and I enjoy its services.

Suppose your hosting company is not delivering the services your business needs. You’re about to start a blog and need reliable hosting services…why not try NameCheap today?

If you use the link above to order your hosting account, I will send you a coupon code to save you a 20% discount on your purchase.

Use the link above to let me know when you’re ready to order. Alternatively, you can email me using the contact form on the blog.

Though the loss of 192 published blog posts will remain something I can never forget, I have since put that behind me. I also see it as a blessing in disguise.

An opportunity to start a blog that will be more focused, narrowed, and speak to just one audience category.

Initially, Cybernaira published posts speak to a broader category of the audience.

  • Those who don’t have a blog yet want more information on starting.
  • Those with a blog going need more qualified information on how to succeed.
  • Those who want more traffic to their blog.
  • Those who know nothing about search engine optimization.
  • And lastly, beginner’s affiliate marketers.

You can see that the blog content is scattered all over the place.

Well, that has been taken care of now in this new era of blogging on this blog.

In the future, 90% of the information published on this blog will be about increasing your blog traffic.

If it does not help increase your blog traffic, it will not be published on this blog—simple!

Now that this is clear and you know what to expect from reading this blog, let me show you how to start making consistent $1,000 and above from affiliate marketing.

This is not random information but a detailed account, a case study of how I go from zero to consistent income online.

Fill in the form, confirm your email address, and you’re one step closer to earning your first $1,000 in online marketing.

To your success.