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If I ask you why blogs fail? Your answers will include many reasons, challenges, obstacles, and excuses, right?

But let’s see what the data says…

According to a source, over 600 million blogs are from the 1.7 billion websites. In addition, about 4.4 million blog posts are published every single day.

70% to 80% of those figures are inactive or, better, complete failed blogs. The rest, 30%, about 25% of it, doesn’t get more than 1,000 unique visits per month.

Only 5% of blogs on the internet get 99% of search engine traffic. And even less than 10% of bloggers generate any income.

That’s a terrible stat if you ask me, and there is no doubt why blogs fail.

Suppose you don’t want to be among the 70% or 80% inactive blogs. Then, for the ones that get less than 1,000 visits a month, you have to do more than what you currently do.

You must step up your game, do something better, and significantly grow your blog’s value.

But, if you continue doing what you currently do, you will always get the same result.

8 Reasons Why Blogs Fail

You must address these eight reasons why bloggers fail if you want to build a blog that supports your business, set you on the path of financial freedom, and eventually replaces your daily job.

Blogging isn’t rocket science, but without the fundamental knowledge and understanding of what blogging is and is not, it will be challenging to grow a successful blog.

Here are the eight reasons blog fails and how to fix them… let’s dive in together.

1. Your Blog Is Not Your Business

What is the meaning of a blog to you?

A hobby, right? An online journal or space where you express your thoughts and opinions?

If one of the above is your definition of a blog, then you probably will fall into one of those categories of bloggers that never live up to their full potential.

Not treating your blog as a business is one of the top reasons blogs fail.

The moment you start treating your blog as an online company.

An office apartment or a rented shop where you carry out your normal day-to-day business activities.

From that moment, your approach and strategies to blogging will change for the better.

This is because you will focus on what matters and stop celebrating vanity metrics that don’t add value to your business and pocket.

Blogging/internet marketing is no different from any other physical offline business.

You need to understand that just as it takes substantial efforts and investments to build a solid business in the offline world, these are also required to build a thriving online business that will sustain your livelihood.

Your blog is your business; treat it as such! ASAP!

2. Lack of Consistency

I know it is hard to overcome this, so I mentioned above that your blog is not your business.

However, if your blog means business, you will find all possible means to be consistent and ever-present.

But since most bloggers consider their blogs online journals or hobbies – They write only when they feel like it.

So if nothing pops up in their brain to put down on the text editor…that’s it for the day.

A good writer will always write because he just have to write

To be consistent and maintain such a level, you must cultivate the habit of writing whether you’re ready.

This may sound not very good or not excellent advice, but let’s take this as an example…

Do you think most employees perform their expected tasks because they’re ready to work?

No…I don’t think so.

Many employees don’t even like what they’re doing. Some employees hate the 9 to 5 hours of the job, not even to say they are ready to do it.

But because he would get paid at the end of the month for a job, he just had to put in all he got and execute the task flawlessly.

Knowing that your blog is your business and you’re aiming to make a living out of it will possibly change your attitude towards how you manage your blogging task for the better.

However, if you’re looking for a structured approach to managing performance and improve consi , whether for yourself or your team, you might find this performance management review template helpful.

3. Obsolete Content Marketing Tactics

This must be how you post your blog post promotions once you hit the publish button.

  • Step 1. You hit the publish button.
  • Step 2. The post goes live and automatically gets published on your social network – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Step 3. WordPress automatically pings significant search engines on your behalf.
  • Step 4. You take it over from there and share it across your entire social media group, right?
  • Step 5. You send out tweets a couple of times daily or even weekly.
  • Step 6. You hunt for ComLuv to enable blogs to leave a link back to your posts.

Stop! That’s not content marketing.

How many of your so-called 200,000-plus Facebook group members are active?

Don’t tell me they are because even if they are active users, they’re there for the same reason as yours – dumping the latest post and offers on the group’s floor that no one cares to read or even glance at the headlines.

I know how it works (I, too, do it, but not for driving traffic).

These people are not your potential ideal blog readers or customers. They are blog tourists, and never will they buy from you.

Instead, focus all your energy and time on what matters most. The kind of traffic that puts a smile on your face and makes your pocket “BIG. “

Running a blog business requires money. So I don’t think you’ll be happy to see me at the end of the year not being able to renew the hosting plan.

Effective blog marketing requires that you spend decent money on content marketing. Not just anyhow paid ads but well-targeted and affordable advertisements like Facebook ads and Google Ads.

Building a blog beyond 1,000 daily visits is difficult; you must do more than your best – Go all out!

4. You Depend on FREEmium

Granted! At the beginning of your blogging career. You can do this to learn how this blogging thing and online marketing work using free stuff.

But as soon as you get some belt under you, do what professional bloggers do.

Go for premium tools. Premium WordPress themes, premium SEO software, premium auto-responder services, etc.

Free stuff can only take you far but not far enough to your dreamland.

Depending solely on free tools and services will add more to your frustrations. And in most cases gives you half-baked services.

Do you see why I said in point #1 that you’d need to treat your blog as a business, not a hobby?

When you consider how much you spend on your blog yearly, you will understand why it must be a business you invest in to get returns.

Free stuff won’t catch it!

5. Made For Adsense

This may sound funny, but it is the cold hard truth.

I know hundreds of bloggers that set up their blogs or dabble in blogging back on the mindset that they want to make money from the Adsense program with the blog.

Why set up a blog all because of the Google AdSense program?

That alone has shown that you don’t love blogging and only looking for some quick money.

Don’t get me wrong here.

I don’t advise that one should be blogging for nothing. But, also, you must love what you’re doing to remain relevant, consistent, and creative.

Without a loving passion for what you’re doing, it won’t take long before you call it to quit. So stop building your blog for the AdSense program.

Instead, build a solid business with your blog. Google can pull the plug suddenly without any notice.

It’s not uncommon to wake up one morning only to discover that Google has restricted ads serving on your blog.

Lay the foundation for a genuine lasting business that will take you to the next level in internet marketing.

CopyBlogger started as a blog that publishes content.

Today, CopyBlogger is one of the best software companies developing WordPress themes, plugins, courses, WordPress site builders, etc.

You, too, can do it!

6. Lack of Time

I mean this one.

Blogging is one of the most time-consuming tasks I have ever come across.

The sales gimmick internet marketers will tell you that one or two hours of weekly work on your blog/internet marketing will skyrocket it to the roof-top and earn you significant income.

But here we are, facing reality…things are never so.

I read the Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud interview on Aha-Now. He said that in the early days of his blogging career, he spent almost 16 hours on his daily blogging task.

But these days, he works less… six to eight hours, depending on the workflow.

Despite the growth of Shoutmeloud and its popularity, Harsh still works 6 – 8 hours daily. So, unfortunately, you might still have a very long process to follow.

Time is one of the biggest obstacles facing many bloggers and a cause leading to quitting their blogs. This is because they could not manage it as they should.

If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your blog, you can outsource most of its tasks to freelancers or those in the Philippians.

The Philippians are good at such tasks, speak good English, and are internet savvy.

You can hire someone to help you manage your entire blog, provided you both come to terms and agreements.

Here is a link to a place where you can have these guys work for you at an affordable price.

7. Lack of Creativity

Blogging is all about writing and being creative in the process of doing it.

Many bloggers couldn’t cope with the fact that they had to write to keep the blog going, and eventually, they lost momentum, resulting in quitting.

You should see what some of the early articles I wrote on this blog read.

Then you will realize that writing can also be learned and improved. I’m not telling you that my work is now anywhere near perfect or better than everyone else…No!

But if you walk yourself through the archives of this blog, you will understand what I’m saying. How, over the years, things have completely changed.

With patience and constant practice…anyone with the ability to think and visualize things in their natural form can master the art and science of creative writing.

Don’t let the lack of creative writing scare you away from fulfilling your dream of becoming a better blogger.

There are many blogs to learn how to improve your writing skills, including CopyBlogger. Over at CopyBlogger, you will have more than you need to become a better writer.

Right here on this blog, I wrote a post not too long ago that walks you through the essential guide to improving your writing skills. Check it out here.

8. Ineffective Social Media Strategies

One of the essences of coming online to promote your goods and services is to reach a global audience—people you wouldn’t have reached if only the brick-and-mortar marketing channels were your only marketing medium.

To reach a global audience, one tool you will use primarily to leverage your marketing tactics is social media.

It is not enough to open a Facebook account, Twitter profile, or LinkedIn business profile and leave it like that to let it take care of itself.

No, it would be best if you were active in these places.

Learn how to create awareness for your blog. Make friends, and ethically promotes your blog.

Help people, and establish a meaningful relationship with people who can help you reach your goals faster.

Having 5,000 Facebook friends or 20,000 Twitter followers is not what you should be proud of.

Survey your followers’ lists and see how many percentages of people on these lists are interested in what you’re sharing.

If more than 25% of your Facebook friends are your family members, old schoolmates, ex-football club colleagues, etc., then you probably don’t have followers for your blog business.

If you care about keeping tabs on what your family members ate last night? What clothes are the dogs putting on this morning?

Consider creating a separate Facebook account mainly for categories of people like this.

Doing this will make your social media status updates more targeted and relevant to your followers.


Now let’s go through each point one after the other to see how you can re-engineer your blog and save it from falling.

Treat your Blog As your Business

From now on, treat your blog as a business, not a hobby. 

Dedicate your time to it and focus on implementing positive actions that can lead to achieving your dream goals. 

Stop wasting your time on pointless social media engagement/marketing; focus your time, energy, and resources on positive things. 

You need mainly two things to build a profitable blog – Quality services and effective marketing channels. 

Focus on delivering these two tasks perfectly; your blog will never be the same again. 

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to success in online marketing. Being consistent means having a plan and sticking to it. 

For example, if your posting schedule is five times per week, stick to it regularly. 

On the other hand, if yours is to post twice a week, let your readers know that and never disappoint them by not posting as when expected. 

Whatever your marketing schedule…be consistent in its implementations. 

Blog Marketing

Go over to one of the so-called “A” bloggers, and if possible, ask them a few simple questions like “How were last month’s expenses look like with his blog? 

You will be surprised at the figures. 

The truth is, making money online requires money to be spent. 

Setting up a blog may be nearly nothing, but managing and building a profitable blog requires investing money, energy, and time. 

Spend money on essential things like blogging tools, marketing materials, services, courses, books, web hosting, seminars, etc. 

Buy Premium Tools 

This won’t happen immediately, especially if you’re dead broke when blogging. 

But as time goes on, and when you’re making little money from your blogging activities, invest such money back into your blog so it progresses faster and reaches more people quicker. 

On top of that, your blog will be more professional and gives more value to the community. 

Be The Solution

People willingly put their money in your wallet when they know you can be trusted to solve their problems. 

Blogging because of the Google AdSense program is a complete waste of time. Low self-esteem and the inability to see the bigger picture. 

What if Google continues to reject your AdSense applications? What if you can’t make significant money from the program? 

What if there are too many, and you’ll delete your blog if anyone comes your way? 

The way to make wealth is to find a group of people with a problem and solve it for them. 

Manage your time wisely.

No one has more than 24 hours per day – spend yours wisely. 

If you’re currently holding a day job, have kids to care for, and need to blog by the side– create time and space convenient for you and your family. 

For example, you can schedule to write three to four posts during the weekend to be published on weekdays automatically. 

WordPress makes this feature easy to achieve. 

And on weekdays, you can spare 30 minutes daily for your social media engagements and blog marketing. 

This can also be done through your smartphone while at work. 

Practice Makes Perfect

No one was born with a pencil and paper in his hand – every great writer you see today started somewhere – from scratch. 

You regularly read other blogs, write good books, discuss, etc. You will see that writing epic content is never within your reach. 

You’re just scared to see your true self. One piece of advice, though, is that it may be frustrating and daunting to write without a love for writing. 

Love what you’re doing. 

Build a Social Media Followings

Pick one or two social media sites and learn how to utilize the tools and the platform to your advantage by establishing a group of masterminds determined to help each other succeed. 

It does take more time to achieve this, but not impossible either. Don’t stretch yourself too thin by trying to be everywhere. 

That won’t make you a better internet marketer; it only causes many sleepless nights.

Conclusion…Why do Blogs fail?

There are millions of blogs today, but less than 10 percent of blogs can be classified as successful.

Follow this post’s recommendations if you ever dream of having a successful blog online. If you follow every tip in this guide, you’re one step closer to building your dream bog.

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  1. Hey Shamsudeen,

    I have to admit. I was using freemiums for a couple of years. They can only take you so far.

    It’s very important that you upgrade and use paid tools that you can get a lot more value from. On top of that they usually have some type of affiliate program where you can make commissions. Like the old saying goes “it takes money to make money”.

    This was a great post to end the year! This will give all of us some insight of new goals to make for the coming new year#

    1. Hey Sherman,

      Most of us started that way. I started with using free tools and services too. In my opinion, is an ideal way to get started online if you have little to nothing experience how marketing online works.

      You can start upgrading when things are a bit clear and you know what you’re doing and why you’re here running your business.

      Thanks Sherman for being a valuable friend throughout the years. I sincerely appreciate your supports and every second spent on the blog. Thank you, see you next year, 2017.

  2. Hey Shamsudeen,

    You have brought up an informative article here.

    People really need to know why there are not getting the success in the blogging field.

    I totally agree with your point. People don’t take their blog as a business. They should learn a few things about blogging.

    Consistency is the key.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Consistency is one of the most important factors to success. A lot of people jumped onto the blogging bandwagon only to blog for some few month a year.

      And when it seems the journey is not as easy as they’d speculate…what next?

      They quit, dump the blog and look for the next shiny object.

      Thanks, Ravi, good to see you here and many thanks for the support throughout the year.

  3. Hello Adeshokan,
    You got one point that hit me hard.
    Blogging is time consuming, and if you can’t give enough time to blogging, then you will go no where, especially for newbies. I enjoyed the whole bit of your article and I can say it’s worth every time spent.
    Thanks for sharing and do have a wonderful day ahead..

    1. Hi Larry,

      Nice to see you’re here with us today.

      Blogging is no different from building a real physical brick and mortar business.

      It takes time to grow, you need to devote some considerable amount of time and energy to it. This is what most newbies don’t know or understand about blogging as a business.

      Thanks for stopping by, happy Christmas and a blissful new year in advance.

  4. Hello Shamsudeen,

    You have really indeed set some good tips bloggers need to take time and reason with.

    Sometimes, time and work just don’t go along. That’s why it is good to always find ways to reach your goals.

    Like, if you don’t have the time to sit on your computer, you can use your phone as a tool to still blog and do your online jobs.

    Your tips are valid. Have a peacful weekend ahead

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Yes, you’re right about that. Blogging by the side while still holding a regular day job is not an easy thing.

      Using your mobile smartphone to manage some aspects of your blogging activities will help, and if there is adequate cash…outsourcing is a viable option.

      Thank you.

  5. Hello, Shamsudeen!

    I totally admit that I am committing too many of the mistakes.

    I can say I am hitting to 6 of the mentioned aspects.

    And starting with not thinking my blog as a business.

    That’s really the first part I am not growing enough.

    Then here comes the consistency and not giving enough time; these two play the major for me to not grow it further.

    Now that I have some pointers to look into and start with, I will change my plan in 2017 to start blogging as a business.

    So, thanks so much for putting these up for us!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Hi Adeel,

      Good to see you around here.

      I’m so glad you find this information useful and could take some of it advice into 2017. I wish they help you build a better blog come next year.

      Thank you, nice having you here.

  6. Hi Sir!
    Quite a good insight. I agreed because I made this mistakes at the beginning. Its good to love what you do and have passion for it. Besides, freemium has some predictable limitations and the rate of success is very minimal. Thanks so much for sharing this informative article.

    1. Glad to see this post resonate with you, Okorie. Hope you’ll put some of the advice into practice come 2017.

      Thank you so much and have wonderful celebration.

  7. Hi Shamsudeen,

    I agree with you, but I have set up my blog only for 2 reasons.
    1) Give my user quality things
    2) Make money only from Google Adsense.

    Actually, there is a reason behind it. My blog is entertainment niche; I can’t earn money through the affiliating program, so the only source of my income is Google Adsense or like this.

    I don’t refuse your point. I really appreciate your hard work. But I think you are right than me because I have only one in my views, but on the other hand, most of the blogger fail just because of lack of time and wrong goal.

    Anyway thanks dear for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Areesha Noor!

    1. Hi Areesha,

      I agree with you on Google Adsense being a viable option for bloggers in the entertainment niche. Lots of drive-by traffic and curiosity clicks going on there.

      I agree. Especially if you can drive massive traffic to the blog…it really help monetize the blog better.

      Thanks for sharing your though here, I really appreciate it.

  8. wow! this is indeed an alarming statistics with respect to the rate at which blogs fail. I’m really alarmed. The question which popped up in my head was this; ‘Is my blog just adding up to the numbers or will it survive?’

    I believe with blogs like yours here to guide us, I do believe I’m not going to fade out anytime soon.

    1. Hi Samira,

      Where your blog will be in the next six months is up to you to decide. The efforts you put in is proportional to what you get out of it.

      Thanks for reading through.

  9. hii shamshudeen,

    Nice to see you’re here with us today.
    Quite a good insight. I agreed because I made this mistakes at the beginning. Its good to love what you do and have passion for it.
    Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks for successful blog publishing.

    Best Regards,

  10. Time is definitely one of my main reasons I struggle with! Also find it difficult to think of blog post topics! Great post btw.

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am new to blogging and recently started a blog. I was scared that my blog will not work. Your article will help to ensure that my blog do not get failed.
    Once again thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi Patel,

      Blogs are greats business tools… I hope it works great for you too and for growing your business.

      Thanks for time here.

  12. author comments Biswajit Nath says:

    Hey Shamsudeen,

    Nice research on reasons for a failed blogging career.
    Everyone who blogs think they’re going to earn enough money so they can quit their day jobs and retire in style. It’s a nice thought. Realistically very few people make hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging each year and most of the others fail to do that.
    You have successfully explained the reasons behind this.

  13. author comments himanshu patil says:

    thanks for this information. i am new in blogging and this tricks are good for me. thank o so much

  14. Hello Dear Sir, this blog post is very useful information for the new bloggers, your blog post went to get a lot of new education after I read it,
    Please continue to post such an informative blog. Therefore, people like us will be motivated in real life.
    I’m new in this area and I’m building my website, I’m working hard on this
    Your blogs are very useful here and especially to this blog, which provide this point information, I have received lots of help to read this blog post, please continue to share this kind of information.
    Thank you.

  15. author comments sem strategy says:

    I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative. keep sharing such kind of articles here.

  16. this is a very useful insight sir hope it helps new bloggers to follow this strategy as it is very practical and informative and I myself will try to be consistent about blogging.


    Great post with great information. Lots of things to consider. I really like your post and also like the reasons that you have listed out for blogging failure. Focusing and improving the blogging failures will definitely results in blogging success. Consistency is an important factor and being consistent is really important if we want to be successful in our life. Your tips for doing content marketing is really helpful. It is absolutely true that writing blogs are time consuming task and it requires good writing skills. So it is vital that if we want to be a successful in blogging world then
    we have to invest time. Lack of creativity also leads to blogging failure, whereas blogging is all about being a creative. An excellent Social presence and availability also matters in blogging world, whereas social platforms have become one of an effective channel for marketing and business and building networks. So if we want to shine in blogging world then it is also important to grow our social presence.Treating our blog as a business will definitely provide good results. Your all the tips
    are effective for blogging success but i truly like an ideas of be consistent, treating blog as a business, Practicing and socialism.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Aadarsh,

      Consistency is key to success in every work of life. It bring along with it improvement which leads to being better at what you do everyday and for providing your customers with better service quality.

      In today’s world of blogging, you just have to be there on social media platforms and interact with your fans and customers.

      Thanks, Aadarsh, good to have you here with us today.

  18. author comments MIKHAIL ISMAIL says:

    Samsudeen I have never seen AdSense Ads on this blog so how are you monetizing it.. You have superb content here..

    1. Hi, Mikhail,

      That’s a very good question.

      Yes, I don’t monetize with Adsense on this blog. Most of the blog income comes from affiliate marketing, and a bit of sponsored post. Hope that helps? Thanks for coming.

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