How to Make Money With a Blog For Beginners

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First, I thank you all for answering my call and for sharing your invaluable experiences with the rest of the blogging community. Most especially, for helping my good friend who wants to know when he will start making money from blogging before starting a blog.

I thank you all and appreciate your awesome responses and visit.

Since we have let him into some of what we consider the harsh truth about blogging for money, I believe it is also important that I talked about how to make money with a blog for beginners.

As a matter of fact, how you can make a living relying on your blogging career – full-time?

From one of the responses, I got in the comment box – a particular one. I realize how important the topic of whether people are actually making money online from blogging or not is.

It is very important that I share personal experiences with you on how to make money with a blog for beginners. I was there too, some years ago. Everyone has a beginning.

To answer whether bloggers really make money or not. Here is a list of top earners in the industry breakdown by income Diary. And another monthly income is broken down by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

I believe those two articles should settle whether bloggers do make BIG money from blogging or not. With that out of the way…

Let’s proceed.

How to Make Money With a Blog

Blogs, left alone won’t make you money.

It is the activities you as a blogger run on it that have the potential of making you money. So if your belief is that starting a blog is the sole ticket to making money online, you had better dump that idea into the trash box now.

You can’t make a dime from blogging just by having your blog up and running on the internet.

Take note of the word “Potential“ above. I purposely used that keyword above because nothing you do on your blog is 100% guaranteed that you must earn money from the task.

Having 10,000 email subscribers does not guarantee a cent when you blast out an affiliate offer. Or self-product lunch if the source of your email subscribers list is not targeted to what you’re offering.

Having hundreds of blogs doesn’t guarantee you’re going to be making money online, it all depends on your content and marketing strategies.

Driving “half a million” real human website traffic to your AdSense blog in a single day does not in any way guarantee you’re going to make $10,000 from the visit.

I’m not joking here – ask fake Steve Job.

The foundation for making money from your blogging activities solely depends on one very important fundamental principle:

“Find a group of people with similar pressing needs, create products or services that solve that problem, find the means to market the solution to them in an easy to deliver format.”

We can break that process into two channels:

Quality Services and Effective Marketing channels

The first part of making significant income online is to find something of great value to offer people. This is a group of people you have researched through different mediums. Plus you’ve confirmed from proven data they’re highly interested in what you’re about to offer.

To make this post a quick read, I’ll assume you already have something of great value to offer your audience. So, let’s go ahead to the second part of how to make money with a blog for beginners.

How to Build a Blog Business

You will build a blog business by attracting massive attention to your valuable offer through effective communication channels.

You make the bulk of your money from driving massive targeted traffic through the quality of services you offer the public. This is easier said than done in all honesty, but it is never an impossible task.

The more relevant attention you gather towards your quality products or services, the more your chances of making a significant income from blogging.

Gone are the days of “build it they will come”.

In this age of the crowded marketing world, you have to go out looking for your audience where they reside. Take your product along and tell them all about it. How it will benefit your audience and what’s in it for them.

No one cares about your product; they care about the benefits. How it is going to help them move from point “A” to point “B”. If your product/services do not give any benefits, no matter how good it is, people won’t buy.

So how do you gain the attention needed to sell your valuable products?

Offer Freebies and Free Trial Period

In my experience, offering a free version of your products or services works best to gain attention. People are known to love free stuff; this makes it a good marketing tactic to drag thousands of targeted individuals to your offer.

Once you succeed in bringing these people to view what you have for them, the next big thing to do is make sure you collect their email addresses.

But let’s don’t rush ahead of ourselves, let’s see how you can gain massive blog exposure so more and more people see your valuable product.

1. Organize a Contest/Giveaway

One very blogger I have seen in recent times that is very successful with this strategy is Enstine Muki. He has used cash giveaways to the best commenter on his blog to build a good significant following for his blog.

Before organizing the contest, know exactly what you want to achieve with it. Is it more email subscribers, exposure, brand awareness, word of mouth, giving back to the community, etc.?

Whatever just make sure you plan ahead.

Though many of these contestants may not be part of your blog after the contest is over. But organizing contests still remains one of the best ways of exposing your blog to many when done right.

Collecting email addresses, in my opinion, should top the priority list when organizing a contest. Most people won’t return to your blog afterward. You need a way of getting back to them.

2. Be The Solution

Kingsley knows that traffic is the number one problem most online content marketers are facing. So he set out to help solve that problem by building a content syndication site that exposes your valuable post to a larger audience.

He created – a blog post syndication site that enables content marketers of all sizes to expose their quality content to as many people as possible.

No one could doubt how massive kingged has been so successful in gaining qualified traction towards the blog from all corners of the internet.

3. Buy Cheap Traffic

Buying cheap qualified traffic could mean scaling up and moving faster than expected.

There are lots of places to get started with buying qualified cheap traffic. You can buy cheap traffic services at Fiverr at a very cheaper rate done for you. Another good place for marketers of all sizes to buy cheap traffic too is SEOClerk.

However, caution has to be taken when dealing with sellers in such places. It is very possible to pay for BOT traffic, China views, or junk traffic that does nothing to improve the quality of your blog.

Do your research before buying traffic from any seller. Other customer reviews may help in making an informed decision.

Look at how many orders the seller has processed in the last couple of days, months, or years. And how many orders are in line waiting? If people are placing orders after orders, there is strong evidence that the gig is of high quality.

Bidvertiser is one place to get you rolling with a cheap PPC ad campaign too.

You can bid on some popular keywords for as little under $.50 cents. And the better part of becoming an advertiser with a bidvertiser is that you get an instant $20 in free advertising clicks when you open an advertiser account with them.

4. Offer Quality Content for Free

Nothing comes close to this if done right on a consistent basis. Every day people are demanding more and more information on what matters most to them. You can take advantage of this and give them high-value info that solves their problem for free.

As more people discover your priceless expertise in the field, your blog becomes a center of attraction.

Making money with a blog for beginners won’t be easy in the beginning. You have to give away a lot without expecting anything in return

As you continue doing this, over time, people will start noticing your generosity and will be more willing to associate with you. This might lead to business deals, more brand exposure, guest post opportunity, etc.

5. Social Media Marketing

We can’t just go on without mentioning this one.

Social media has become part of our life, an indispensable marketing tool for attracting a massive targeted audience.

The more you learn how to use these places to your advantage, the more it works for you. However, it is easy to get tempted to try to be everywhere. This approach won’t cut it, stick with one or two social media places, and master it.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are in my opinion where you should make your decision from. Pick one or two from these lists and see how you can make the best out of it.

6. Publish to Other Websites

One of the most under-utilized ways of gaining targeted traction to your website is giving away your best work to another website to publish on their blog.

I lag behind on this one, not too many articles outside there on other blogs.

Many successful bloggers have built their careers from consistent guest posting on related popular blogs. And in return drive targeted traffic back to their sites for long-term value.

Make sure to always have a short description of yourself and your work at the close end of your submitted post – in the Bio. This will ensure people who love your work can reach you via the link in the bio.

Note: Each of these strategies will take longer than others to yield the expected results and will vary from person to person. There are countless ways to gain massive attraction and due to the time and space available here, I can’t start talking about them for now.

You can get started with these six strategies mentioned above. As you get along fine with them, proceed to something bigger with more firepower results.

Selling The Attention to Make Money Online

First, it is important I mention this…

there are no right or wrong ways of making money with a blog on the internet as long as what you’re doing to make such money is legal and does not infringe upon the right of others – Go ahead and do it!

Show me 10 bloggers that make $$$ from blogging, and I will show you 10 bloggers that are making money from blogging in 10 different ways.

Each of the strategies discussed below will work out differently from blogger to blogger, type of blog topics, and different blog monetization methods.

Here are 5 ways to sell the attention you’ve gathered for big money

1. Selling Your Own Product

If you’re successful, you have built credibility, trust, authority, and a large following for your blog. Most importantly, an established audience through email list building, and selling your own information product should be one of the most lucrative ways you should be making money from blogging.

It is easier to make $100,000 per year from selling your own information product, because:

  1. You own the product and can sell it at any price you wish.
  2. You get other bloggers to market it for you – run your own affiliate program.
  3. The product will keep selling for many years to come.
  4. You print money on demand – blast your email list.
  5. The bulk of the money is yours to keep.
  6. It elevates you to expert status – which helps boost people’s confidence in buying from you, etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Many internet marketers have found life worth living from selling other people’s services/products for a small/big commission paycheck.

If you understand what it takes to be a successful super affiliate marketer like Ewen Chia, Zac Johnson, John Chow, Pat Flynn, etc., you can make a successful online business career from affiliate marketing.

It is one of the most recommended and reliable online business models.

All you have to do is find affiliates’ products/services that are high in demand. Create quality informational content around relevant topics to educate your audience. Promotes this content to drive target traffic to the merchant website.

Once the deal or sale is made, you get paid a share of the profit. Dead Simple!

3. Selling Advertising

Big news sites such as TechCrunch make the bulk of their money from display advertising.

Selling advertising on your blog could come in different formats like running PPC/PPM ad campaigns from third-party agents like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, etc.

Running your own in-house advertising program, you take out the middlemen like Google. This one could be more lucrative if your blog receives millions of page views monthly.

It could be a real money-making ATM machine if your blog commands very high traction.

This one is massive, believe me.

I have come across sites making as many as six figures every single month from selling ad space directly to advertisers on their blogs. Massive traffic is all you need to make this happen.

4. Product/Service Review

Another great way to make a significant income from your blogging activities is to offer a review of relevant products to your readers.

It is a good way to make consistent money from your marketing effort. But caution has to be taken in accepting products or services to review on your blog.

Don’t accept whatever is thrown at your doorstep just because the money is good. Think about your audience first, the main reason they have visited your blog is the first thing you should consider.

What subject bring them down to your blog?

The products you review on your blog should align with the primary interest of your blog readers. It is not a good business practice to accept to review an Android app on a blogging tips blog.

They’re not related, except that the blog writes about everything under the sun or an Android app is a productivity tool for bloggers.

5. Membership Sites

A membership site is another way to guarantee yourself a consistent recurring monthly income.

However, this is not for all levels of internet marketers. There are lots of technicalities involved in setting up professional membership sites.

Lots of work around here, no guesswork, or else you risk the chance of ruining your own online reputation. Not many people who write about how to build a successful membership site have actually created one not alone owned a successful one before.

But if you have the nerves and can connect the dots together, membership sites can easily bring you consistent six figures in income every month – Guarantee!


Before I wrap up on how to make money with a blog for beginners. I’ll like to make it known to anyone willing to make a full-time living off his blogging career that nothing stops you from achieving great success with your blog except YOU!

You’re the only one who can decide whether your blog will provide you with financial security or not. And all these depend on your determination, courage, persistence, focus, self-discipline, motivation, and strong will to never say I QUIT!

And a bit part of it is that thing they called “luck “.

22 thoughts on “How to Make Money With a Blog For Beginners”

  1. Varija tripathi


    It is a best speculation for the benefit of peoples.You share some solid points like Organize contest/giveaway, Help others solve their problem for free, Offer quality content for free etc. You perfectly explain 5 ways to sell the attention you’ve gather for big money.

  2. Hey Shamsudeen,

    This was a nice break down of leveraging your blog to make money! I like the fact that you said:

    “Find a group of people with similar pressing needs, create products or services that solve that problem, find the means to market the solution to them in an easy to deliver format.”

    And Kingsley is a perfect example of this! He has created a site for all of us in the blogosphere can benefit from. We engage each other, comment on each others posts, as well as share them. This is perfect collaboration.

    But if anything, this is something that a lot of people who get into the blogosphere lack. They don’t search for their target market, and they don’t use tools like Google Analytics to do so. I use to think like this, and I never could understand why someone would major in ‘marketing’ up until I started marketing and promoting myself. Now I have a full understand LOL

    But yes, when it comes to blogging, and using it to marketing products and services, you definitely want to study marketing. It is definitely more than meets the eye!

    Thanks for sharing Shamsudeen! have a good one!

    I found your post on under the category of Blogging

    1. Hi Sherman,

      First, I must say “Thank You” for helping to spread this post to your followers and loved ones, thank you……am so grateful.

      Yes, the one and only basic fundamental truth that has been in existent since time immemorial for making “legal” money anywhere in the world is to solve people’s problems.

      The more “BIGGER” problem you can solve, the more successful and powerful you can be.

      That’s why we must understand our reader’s pain and needs in other to deliver what matters to them most. Thanks, Sherman, I appreciate your kindness and helpful hands.

  3. Onyema Shedrach

    i like the last number on building a membership website.

    Building a membership site is a very tedious work only meant for techy and geeky guy alike, when I first build my membership website, I bearly sleep all Day because of the coding and tweaking of component, but right it is bringing in a RIO because of the effort I put in to make it standard.

    Thans bro for sharig these wounderful tips, it really ignite me to do more in my blogging life.

  4. Hi Shamsudeen,

    Informative post indeed, and I am glad you shared it with us at the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community), as it would help many others 🙂

    You are right about all that you said – especially the part about blogging not being the way to earn, it’s merely a vehicle, a carrier that helps you achieve your financial goals.

    Yes, many bloggers earn lots from their blogs, through the various ways you mentioned and they write about it. We can talk of a few who have earned with eyes shut, while the rest, they might just be faking it to make it! So, to each their own, we need to do and follow what’s best for us and our blogs, isn’t it?

    #4 buying cheap traffic! Sounds news to me…lol…never knew even this was available! One could never think of it. I guess #2 is what we believe in doing too at the ABC, the purpose for which it was created. #4 is what I love doing best – the best of the things are all for free and very soon, more would be joining the Free category. #5 is what works best for me too – nothing better than having a social media presence to get it all done. #6 have hardly done – just a limited few where friend’s requested for a guest post, but I know they work well for new bloggers especially.

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Have a nice week ahead

    1. Thanks, Harleena,

      I am so glad to see you around here doing what you know best; good to always have people like you around.

      Buying cheap traffic could come handy when you’re trying to reach a target audience for a specific needs, or if you want to test some elements on your website to see reactions towards it.

      For many purposes, this kind of traffic is good as I have experimented with it in the past to get some affiliate stuffs done. Though, it is not advice able if you have nothing selling on your blog.

      I know you’re very good at many on the list, but am a bit surprised to read you’ve not done many guest post out there…. considering your vast access to networking and abundant of a solid relationship with other bloggers.

      Well, thanks a lot for making it a date with us here, have a nice weekend.

  5. Hi Sham,

    I loved what you said regarding giving quality content for free. Who doesn’t want it? ?

    I didn’t knew we could get traffic by buying it. Is it effective? Does it works? I never have done this so I need your guidance with this regard.

    Talking about social media marketing, it is an art… And must be mastered well to take blog to the next level.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Shared it on Twitter. Have a good day! 🙂

    – Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Thanks, Rohan,

      Buying cheap traffic is a hit and miss game, you could win and you could lose it all.

      But I would say 70% of the time I have experimented with it, I have achieved my aim to a better degree. It all depends on the source of your traffic, your offer, and how targeted it is.

      What I do most is not buying xxx amount of traffic, but buying targeted exposure for relevant content and let those who feel concerned click through.

      This type of approach is better than just purchasing xxx numbers of clicks in my opinion. I hope this helps a little?

      Thanks, Rohan.

  6. Hi Shamsudeen

    I love the way you structured this post by revealing the myth that setting up a blog will make one rich. You are right that such mindset will set any newbie blogger to failure.

    Then you looked at ways in which one can gain traffic and I love the different methods that you listed. The nail breaker for me was when you talked about buying traffic which I am still scratching my head.

    Finally, I love the methods of making money which you so brilliantly listed in this post. They are so spot on. Thank for sharing this pots. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks, Ikechi,

      Nice to see you around; buying cheap relevant traffic is a quick way to get things going if done right and due diligent finding must be carried out before putting your money on the table, otherwise it could mean just throwing money where your mouth can’t reach.

      But nevertheless, give it a try, I’m sure there are quality sellers out there. Thanks for coming, do have a nice weekend.

  7. Hi Shamsudeen

    One of the most comprehensive posts I ever read on make money blogger. I can recall a famous and widely hit post of Steve Pavelina which he shared some five years ago but still one of the best because of being regularly updated.

    You are right that fully focusing to earn money will never bring the desired results unless you create the feeling of thankfulness in your visitors so much so that they happily thank you monetarily.

    A few months or one year of blogging should be to create the brand and build the community after that it gets quite easier to sell and earn to serve the visitors needs.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful post which I bookmarked to put into the list of same category which I off and on refer to serve my clients.

    1. Hi Mi Muba,

      Thanks for relating this post to one of your most favorite information on the subject of making money blogging, so glad to see that.

      Focusing on the money side of blogging alone as we all know, or maybe some of us do… this won’t lead to building a popular blog people love to read and regularly come back to get more.

      Thanks, Mi Muba, really appreciate and glad to see you here.

  8. I started my blog by only inserting one or two affiliate banners on every page.
    After about two months I realized that I need to do more to get some orders, so I started to write posts related with my affiliate products and now I receive orders every months, but only if I keep writing these posts.

    1. Thanks, Dave,

      Writing on topics relevant to what you’re promoting or something like product review works best to increase affiliate earnings.

      Thanks for your wonderful contributions, Dave.

  9. Hi Shamsudeen,

    Getting enough search traffic is not so easy as well as make money with a blog also not easy. Specially newbie failed to make money with their blog because most of them don’t know the right way and try wrong techniques. You mention here some effective ways that’s will surely help newbies as well as advance bloggers to make more money with their blog.

    1. Thanks, Fakharuddin for your awesome comment, what you said is true, getting search engine traffic is not as easy as we might have been reading on web.

      And so also making money from one internet business activities, but with constant practices, patients and dedication followed by highly self-discipline character, we can achieve better things in our web business.

      Thank you brother, have a nice day.

  10. My bro. Hope am not late to reward your Money Making Post Article with a Dua comment?

    Gladly, I now know how to make money from a blog . . Upon my return from here, you shall hear my Good success stories which the story will be that i visited your Blog today.

    I know you can’t wait to see it happen?

  11. Shamsudeem,

    The list about is really nice ideas about make money with blog. Actually, they are almost important techniques about blog marketing, and monetizing.

    However, the most I love of what you mention is helping other to solve their problem. You know..? I made my first sale online, not because I’m good at generating traffic to my blog.

    But I learnt about how relationship work for online business, thus I always help other to solve their problem with what issued with their business.

    You know..? They appreciated my help, and they talk about my business. I got my freelance protect from Facebook recommendation..

    Thanks for sharing, I love you mentioned about these important facts..

    1. Thanks, Kimsea,

      Good to see you agree with me on that, helping other people solve their problem is the fundamental principle to a well successful business strategy. In fact, the bigger problem you can solve, the more successful you can become.

      Thanks for visiting and do have a lovely day.

  12. Hi,

    Bringing in traffic to your blog can be one of the biggest problems, but you have nicely outlined things you can do bring in organic traffic. Writing qaulity free content that people find valuable is one of the best ways to bring is great traffic, but not only that, you have to write on a regular basis. Google loves blogs or websites that give out quality content for free on a regular basis. The best money option, in my opinion, is products and advertising. Nicely written.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence,

      Nice to you around this place……I agree with most of your points.

      Quality content isn’t enough anymore, consistency is now more part of the equation and like you rightly said, Google loves blogs that do this on a regular basis.

      Though, the word “regular” or “consistency” in this regard will vary in meaning from person to person and your availability of time.

      Thanks for stopping by, do have a nice day.

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