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Do you want to get the Astra Pro theme for free without making a purchase? This post will show you how I access the Astra Pro plugin from BrainstormForce for free. 

It is a foolproof method that works 100% if you follow my advice and do exactly what I advise in this post to get Astra Pro for free download premium license.

If you’re thinking of getting the nulled version of the Astra Pro theme, I advise you don’t. There are several reasons why using the WP Astra Pro nulled version is terrible. 

I will walk you through some of it, share my experience, and discuss getting Astra Theme Pro free from the developer’s valid for-a-year license.

You can get a valid WP Astra Pro one-year license from Brain Storm Force without paying for it. 

I’m using an Astra Pro for a year’s license, and I didn’t pay for it. 

But first, let’s talk about why pirated themes are not good for you.

Why You Should Not Use Null Astra Pro Version

Aside from the obvious loss of revenue nulled or pirated product has on the business, several other factors are worth considering.

Here are other risks you’re endangering yourself by using nulled themes or other products.

Risk Malware and Virus

When you look at the website giving out pirated software, anyone with a good knowledge of the internet can tell these are phishing websites.

Such websites can easily steal your data, log your keystroke, even hack your webcam, and do whatever they like with your data – selling it, demanding ransom, blackmailing, etc.

When you start the download on the website, malware and other viruses are automatically injected into your computer. 

The malware or virus can spread to your office and home network, complicating resolving things.

Worse, if your system is infected with ransomware, you might lose access to your important files, or the attacker will completely lock your system. 

According to Wikipedia, 181.5 million ransomware attacks were reported in the first six months of 2018. Most of these attacks happen from downloading files online or through email attachments.

The trouble you go through resolving the impact of the attacks is not worth the money you’re trying to save using pirated products.

You Might Break Your Website

One of the biggest concerns about using nulled WordPress themes is the potential for breaking things.

As the most popular content management system, WordPress websites are mainly the target of attacks and vulnerabilities.

You’re making things worse by installing pirated software on your website, giving attackers loopholes into your website configuration files. 

The hackers will mainly modify the function.php and index.php files to gain access to your website and take complete control.

The impact may be so severe that it will take time to regain control of your website. And when you do, the website may have lost its SEO value as the attacker might have changed settings.

If this happens, it may take months of consistent hard work to bring the website back to its initial ranking position if you ever recover.

Compatibility Issue With Other Website Resources

Another concern is the issue of compatibility.

Pirated or nulled software, be it plugins, themes, or scripts, lacks support and updates from the original developer. 

Since you’re not licensed to use it, the products never receive updates. 

WordPress is updated several times yearly and gets major release updates once yearly. 

Every WordPress developer (plugins, themes, scripts, etc.) is expected to keep up and ensure its products and services are compatible with the latest WordPress version. 

No way a nulled version of any WordPress product will get regular updates from the sources.

If you’re considering getting the pirated version of Astra Pro, you’re thinking of using an outdated WordPress theme

Since its launch, over 100 version updates have been made to the Astra Pro theme. You can follow the updates history on the change log page here.

Lack of Supports

Support is one of the benefits you get when you purchase directly from merchants. 

If you ever run into any problem using the product, rest assured the support team is there to provide advice or solutions.

Contrary to this, you don’t get support or help using a pirated product version. You’re on your own; if things break or the product does not work as expected, there is no one to contact.

Though it costs nothing to access and use the pirated product, the time wasted testing the products is not coming back. You can’t get back time.

How to Get WP Astra Pro For Free


If you want to get the full legal copy license of the Astra Pro theme for free, here is how to do so legally without going through backdoors.

You can download the premium Astra Pro plugin for a one-year license for free. 

You can get it through either the Nexcess or Cloudways WordPress hosting plan.

I got it through Cloudways when I migrated hosting and subscribed to the DigitalOcean server. 


Cloudways has partnered with Brainstorm Force to offer Astra Pro as part of an addon for Cloudways hosting. 

You get Astra Pro as a free hosting feature if you subscribe to a paid Cloudways hosting plan. 

After I upgraded to a Cloudways hosting account, I gained access to the Astra Pro addon and unlocked the Pro features. 

Look at the image below; I use Astra Pro on the website with a valid license. 

Astra Pro dashboard

And here’s the confirmation email from Cloudways. 

Cloudways email confirmation for Astra Pro themes addon

This is a great deal as you will kill two birds with a stone. 

You get fast Cloud hosting built on the latest technology infrastructure + the #1 most downloadable WordPress themes of all time for less than $20/month.

Cloudways offers many advanced hosting features to help your website load faster, improve performance, and secure, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.

Note: Here are three things to remember during and after subscribing to Cloudways.

  • Depending on your location and payment methods, if you have encountered challenges while trying to make a payment, reach out to the support rep, and they will help you sort it out.
  • Before accessing the Astra Pro addon, you must upgrade your Cloudways free trial account to a paid plan. Once your account is upgraded, you can click the add-on tab and select Astra Pro from the list of add-ons. 
Astra Pro add-on tab in Cloudways dashboard
  • Your free Astra Pro add-on license will renew monthly for the next 12 months. So, if you see a message at the end of your first Cloudways 30 days that your Astra Pro license has expired, don’t panic. You need to log into your Astra Pro dashboard and regenerate another license to reactivate your Astra Pro add-on.

So, after the free 12 months, you will be billed $4 monthly for using Astra Pro, which adds up to $48 per year. This is still $11 less than the regular price.

However, you can cancel the subscription from your Cloudways account if you don’t need the Astra Pro addon.

Astra Pro Unsubscribe button in Cloudways use dashboard


Another way to legally get an Astra Pro premium license is through the Nexcess WordPress hosting plan.

When you subscribe to one of the Nexcess WordPress hosting packages, you get a list of selected premium WordPress plugins for free; Astra Pro is one of them.

For example, if you subscribe to any hosting plan below, you get Astra Pro as part of the hosting features.

Nexcess Astra Pro offer Price lists -1
Nexcess Astra Pro offer Price lists -2

The deal is a good one, too. 

Nexcess is a reliable and affordable web host you can trust. 

They offer excellent WordPress hosting services, with secured hosting environments, more premium features for free, the latest PHP software, premium image compression tools, etc.

By subscribing to Nexcess WordPress hosting, you get Astra Pro for free and several other premium tools like iThemes Pro, WPMerge, iThemes Sync, language translation, multi-site management, page builders, etc. 

Also, Astra Pro is included in Nexcess’s Woocommerce plan, so if you’re starting an online shop, Nexcess might be the right hosting choice.

This means you have less work and no risk of malware, virus, or compatibility issues. Plus, you can now receive updates and engage support if you need help with the theme. 

Note: When you subscribe to an annual Nexcess hosting plan, you will save four months of free hosting.

Nexcess four months free hosting

WP Astra Pro Support 

As mentioned earlier, support is one of the significant features you gain by buying directly from the source. 

You can access and submit your question and get a response from the support.

Astra Pro offers excellent support through tickets to its paid customers. 

Though one would expect more support channels from a brand like Brainstorm Force, the support ticket option is available 24/7.

WP Astra Pro Pricing 

There are three licenses available for the Astra Pro price; you can choose from the following:

  • Astra Pro 
  • Essential Toolkit 
  • Business Toolkit 

All the plans come with annual and lifetime licenses. Also, you can use your license on 1, 10, or 1,000 sites.

Use the toggle button to switch between the yearly and lifetime plans and select how many sites you intend to activate your license on the pricing page.

Astra Pro theme pricing - Lifetime and Annual

Money Back Guarantee 

If you buy Astra Pro directly without going through Nexcess, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

Therefore, there is no risk in buying the Astra Pro theme today. If you don’t like the performance, you get your money back.

No question. 

You can buy the Astra Pro theme, use it, test every aspect of your website, and decide if it is worth the investment. 

Also, since you’re buying directly from the developer, there is no risk of viruses or malware. 

WP Astra theme has an active download of over 1.6 million websites, with over 5,000 five-star reviews. You’re in a good and reliable company if you buy the Astra Pro theme today.

FAQ – Free Astra Pro Theme

Is Astra Pro Free

Astra Pro is not free. However, there’s a free version you can download from this link. It’s a free forever version with the starter templates. 

You can get a free Astra Pro year license by following the steps in this post.

Is Astra Pro Worth it?

Astra Pro is worth the investment if you want to build your site without hiring a developer. 
The premium starter templates allow anyone with minimal design knowledge to build amazing websites quickly. 

It lets you control your blog design completely, especially if you use page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, and Gutenberg. 

How Many Websites can I use in Astra Pro?

You can use Astra Pro and its plugin on unlimited websites. There’s no restriction to how many websites you can install the plugin.

This is one of the advantages of the Astra Pro theme over its competitors.

Can You Use The Astra Theme for Free?

Yes, Astra is 100% free to use. I’m using the free version now with little to no need for the Astra Pro or add-on.

Though your needs differ from mine, comparing the Astra Pro features vs. the free theme is worth comparing. If there are features you need that are not available in the free version, consider buying the Pro version instead.

Why do I Need Astra Pro?

You don’t need Astra Pro if your website design needs are limited to basic functionalities. 

But if you need more functions like e-commerce features, complete and seamless integration with other marketing tools, custom design, page layout, and more control over your site designed for color, background, width, custom header, footer, etc., you need Astra Pro.

Why is Astra The Best Theme?

Undoubtedly, Astra is one of the best WordPress themes in the market. With 1,653,898 websites using Astra, it’s certainly the most popular.

Astra is lightweight, with a maximum of 50kb, and uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery to optimize performance and speed. 

How do I Download The Free Astra Theme?

The free Astra theme is available for download on the Brainstorm Force website. 

You can download it directly from here or via your WordPress admin theme page. 


If you consider the risk of using pirated or nulled versions of Astra Pro and its price, there’s no reason not to buy it directly. 

The Pro annual license costs $47, which is simply affordable. It gives you more advanced features, layouts, access to footer settings, typography, etc. 

And if the additional $47 will add to your expenses, you should get Astra Pro free through Cloudways or Nexcess.

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