To answer your question, how much does SEMrush cost?

I will begin with a breakdown of the 3 standard monthly plans, the features of each plan, and the availability of a discount offer.

After that, I will tell you how much the SEMrush pricing plan can benefit your business and who it is for.

So, let’s begin…

SEMrush Subscriptions – Features and Plans

Currently, there are 3 standards SEMrush monthly pricing and annual plans. Each plan has unique SEO features and tools that set it apart.

The SEMrush subscription plan you purchase will depend on your business needs and marketing budget. Your SEO and advertising needs, level of expertise, etc.

All the 3 plans are recurring billing options.

If you didn’t cancel your subscription, your payment method would be billed automatically on the same calendar day as your first subscription date.

If you don’t want this to happen, you should cancel your subscription before it expires.

While there are 3 standard plans, there is an option for an Enterprise solution account set up for businesses with specific SEO needs.

If you require this type of SEO solution from SEMrush, send an email to “[email protected]” for more details.

With that out, here are the 3 standard SEMrush pricing plans on the website.

SEMrush Pricing – Monthly and Annual Plan

Semrush PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Semrush Pro$119.95$1,199.40
Semrush Guru$299.95$2,299.40
Semrush Business$449.95$4,499.39

If you subscribe to a SEMrush annual plan, you save 16% of the total cost. This is a good bargain if you have used SEMrush for a long time.

Let’s see what’s in each Semrush plan…

1. Semrush Pro

The Semrush Pro plan is ideal for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, in-house SEO professionals, and start-ups with a low marketing budget.

This plan gives you access to run SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), and social media marketing with over 40 advanced marketing tools.

You can access competitor analysis tools, rankings, social media marketing, and monitoring tools. You have both read and shared access with other users.

And it costs $119.95 per month to get started with the SEMrush Pro plan. If you subscribe to an annual plan, you save 16% on your purchase.

2. SEMrush Guru

The SEMrush guru plan is perfect for small business owners, growing marketing agencies, and professionals who do SEO for a living.

The Guru plan includes everything in the Pro plan and many more SEO tools. If you do SEO for a living, your need for SEO and content marketing is more than just basic; this is the right subscription plan for you.

The SEMrush Guru pricing starts at $229.95 per month with options for additional add-ons or features.

3. SEMrush Business

The SEMrush business plan is ideal for SEO agencies at heart, large eCommerce websites, and businesses with an extensive web presence.

It contains everything in the Pro and Guru plan and offers more SEO features and marketing tools. The Semrush Business plan gives you access to the Semrush API for developers.

It costs $449.95 per month.

For an overview of Semrush features comparison, see the below chart:

Domain and Keyword Analytics Features

Number of Results per report
Number of Request Per day3,0005,00010,000
keyword Metrics updates Per Month2501,0005,000
Access to Historical Data NoYesYes
Optimize Product Listing AdsNoNoYes

Semrush.Trend Features Comparison

Price Per User$200/mo.$200/mo.$200/mo.
Market Explorer
Traffic Analytics of any website
Competitors Benchmarking (5 websites)
Bulk Traffic Analysis (200 Prospects)
Analyze Top pages

Agency Growth Kit Features

Agency Growth Kit$100/mo.$100/mo.$100/mo.
Advanced PDF Report BrandingYesYesYes
White Lable ReportingYesYesYes
Semrush Agency Certification YesYesYes
Unlimited Client Management ToolYesYesYes

Projects Features

Number of Projects51540
Number of Tracked Keywords5001,5005,000
Access to Mobile Ranking ToolYesYesYes
Targets per project110unlimited
Traffic Percentage MetricsNoNoYes
Keyword cannibalization reportNoYesYes
Number of Crawled Pages Per Month100,000300,0001,000,000
Number Crawled Pages Per Project20,00020,000100,000
Number of SEO idea Units5008002,000
Maximum Pages Per OTI campaign3040 50
Number of Tracked Social Media Profiles50100300
Number of social media to post103050
Sharing with “edit” accessYesYesYes
Sharing with “read-only” accessYesYesYes

Reporting Features

Number of Schedule PDF Reports52050
Google Data Studio IntegrationNoYesYes
PDF Templates Sharing with OthersYesYesYes

User Management Features

Number of Users Included111
Additional User Per Price$45/mo.$80/mo.$100/mo.
SAML Single Sign-OnNoNoRequest

Content Marketing Platform Features

Access to Content Marketing ToolsNoYesYes
Number of Researched TopicsNoUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of SEO Content TemplatesNo8002,000
Number of Pages to AuditNo20,00020,000
Maximum Countries to Track MentionNo510
Plagiarism checks per monthNo510
Number of Posts to TrackNo5050

Local SEO Listing Management Features

Basic Location$20/mo.$20/mo.$20/mo.
Distribute Business information
Manage GMB and Facebook listings.
Manage GMB and Facebook listings
Track Local Search Rankings
Monitor User Reviews and Suggestions
Premium Locations$40/mo.$40/mo.$40/mo.
Local Heatmap
Ability to Respond to User Reviews

Other SEMrush Features

Traffic Analytics API AccessRequestRequestRequest
Other APIs AccessNoNoYes
Ranking data from third-party toolsNoRequestYes

FAQ – Cost of Semrush

While you may want to know the cost of SEMrush SEO plans, it’s also important to research if SEMrush is suitable for your business or if you could use other alternatives like SE Ranking.

Also, I understand there could be some other questions about SEMrush you may be seeking to know.

That’s why I have prepared a list of frequently asked questions below.

Is Semrush any Good?

The simple answer is yes.

Semrush is more than reasonable for your business if you have the budget to pay for its monthly or annual subscription.

The value and growth your business will gain from using Semrush are immeasurable.

For most businesses, the key features or tools you benefit from using Semrush are keywords, link building, competitive research, and domain overview Semrush tools.

You may find other Semrush tools more helpful depending on your business needs. Most businesses will need the above-mentioned tools in any industry.

Does Semrush Have a Free Trial?

Like most SEO tools, Semrush offers a free trial of its SEO and content marketing tools.

When you sign up the first time, you can test-drive the SEO software for not less than 7 days.

The free trial offer allows you to see how Semrush works.
You also get the chance to subscribe to either Semrush Pro or SEMrush Guru trial offers. This will allow you to understand how Semrush can help your business grow.

Take the Semrush Guru trial or the Semrsuh Pro trial offers here.

Who Can Use Semrush?

From solo entrepreneurs, in-house SEO professionals, SEO agencies, and small- and large-scale businesses to mission-critical websites, anyone can use Semrush to improve their search ranking and visibility, create better PPC ads, and write better content.

Social media marketers can also use Semrush.

With Semrush’s social media marketing tools and features, marketers can use Semrush to manage their or clients’ social media profiles.

Among the notable BIG companies that have used Semrush are:

If these companies, over ten million Semrush users, and SEO professionals have all used Semrush once, you’re in a good company.

How to Cancel SEMrush Subscription

You can cancel your SEMrush subscription at any time.

To do this, log in to your account and go to the subscription info page. On the top right corner, click the drop-down menu link that says “active” next to “recurring”. Click on the “contact us” link and fill in the form.

A SEMrush customer services team member will contact you for the complete process and details.

Conclusion – How Much Does Semrush Cost?

Semrush is a cost-effective SEO tool.

However, for most first-time users, knowing Semrush’s monthly cost is important before subscribing to any plan. You can decide which plan best suits your marketing and SEO needs.

If the cost of Semrush bothers you, there are other affordable SEO tools you can try. These are not as expensive as Semrush – try SEO Powersuite or SE Ranking.

SEO Powersuite yearly plan offers the best value for money. Though not as robust as Semrush, you have all the essential tools and features to run a successful SEO campaign. And it’s available for both individual and SEO agencies.

You can download its 14-day trial offer from this link.

SE Ranking, on the other hand, is the best alternative to Semrush.

It offers many tools and features in Semrush, a similar interface, extensive data reports, and costs less. Click here to access the 14-day free trial period.

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  1. Semrush provides best and affordable online SEO audit Services. Thanks for providing such a valuable information.

  2. SemRush is one of the best tool for SEO’s, its cost is little higher than other tools but the services it offers are very good.

    1. Hi, Rajesh,

      Yes, Semrush costs a bit more than most SEO tools out there, also it offered much more than many of the top SEO tools today. So overall, I think the price tag is justified.

  3. SEMrush has lots of option, coming on the year where you have backlinks seeker, competitor analysis and more.

  4. Semrush is a great online software for website seo auditing. Thanks a lot for writing.

  5. I use Sem Rush and i’s the best tool. the cost of this tool is perfect and totally worth your money and time. I used it Flipkart Cashback Offer.

    1. Hi, Rajan,

      I’m glad to read you use Semrush too. Also, the cost is justified by the value it delivered to your business.

    1. Hi, Jitendra,

      Glad to read you use Semrush Pro. Hope it is worth the investment.

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