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One of the most complex parts of Twitter marketing is generating consistent and engaging tweets. And as it turns out, you must be consistent, sharing valuable tweets, following, and engaging with other users to build your followers.

But generating consistent and engaging tweets isn’t easy for everyone; writing insightful tweets takes effort and deep industry knowledge.

This is where AI tweet generators are the game changers and can help you craft high-quality, valuable, plenty of ai-generated tweets in seconds.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, generate more tweet engagement, stay consistent, and get more followers, AI tweet generators are a must-have tool. 

The big question is, which AI tweet creator is best for you? 

Here’s your answer

Free AI Tweets Generators  

Some of these Twitter AI tweet generators are free tools; though there might be a paid plan, you can remain on the free tier forever. 

I have included AI tweet writers for different use cases, like random tweet generators from users, fake tweet generators, generating tweets based on past tweets, etc.

So, walk through the list to pick your favorite Twitter AI tweet generator. 

1. Tweet Hunter 

Tweet Hunter - AI Tweet generators

Tweet Hunter uses artificial intelligence technology to create tweets mimicking your favorite Twitter influencer. 

Let’s say you want to tweet in the style or tone of Elon Musk and on the same topic; you can do so with Tweet Hunter.

When you enter a famous Twitter handle into Tweet Hunter AI, it will generate tweets based on the tone and style of the profile. 

Beyond the basics, Tweet Hunter is a powerful social media marketing AI tool for several business needs. 

Here are some of its top features:

  • Monetize your Twitter audience.
  • Schedule tweets and threads in advance. 
  • Discover relevant tweets 
  • Auto-generates AI-powered tweets
  • Import users’ contacts who engage with your tweets into Tweet Hunter.
  • Engage with other Twitter users and reply to tweets.
  • Analyze your performance and get deep insight into your Twitter marketing activities.
  • Monitor your follower’s growth
  • Find new leads on Twitter. 
  • Automatically send DM to users after interacting with your tweets.
  • And lots more.

Tweet Hunter is not free, though there’s a 7-day free trial. After that, the discovery plan starts at $49 per month.

The growth plan costs $99 monthly, but you can get it at 50% off if you have less than 5k followers. 

While the Enterprise plan costs $200/mon, it’s best for an influencer who wants to train the Tweet Hunter AI for their specific needs, generate leads and prospects, and reply with AI-generated responses.

2. Tweetyai

Tweets auto-generated from Tweety ai

Tweety AI works similarly to Tweet Hunter, generating tweets based on a particular Twitter handle.

It is an AI-powered marketing tool that helps you save time, generate tweets and images, and build audience engagement

Tweety AI automatically generates unique tweets based on your previous Twitter content. It analyzes your last 100 tweets and generates relevant future tweets that match your audience’s expectations.

There is a free forever plan that contains ads. If you want to eliminate ads and access more features, the premium plan is $3.99 monthly and $49.90 for a lifetime deal. 

Tweety AI has a few features to get you signups;

  • Generates trending tweets for your selected location.
  • Save time by generating unlimited tweets in advance.
  • Download trending tweets in a CSV file.

3. Unbounce SmartCopy 

Unbounce smart copy is another AI tool you can use to generate tweets for Twitter marketing and build followers. 

From my test, generating several tweets with your business name and relevant #tags works great. 

When you give it a topic to create social media content, it automatically generates up to six tweet variations. 

You can repeat the process if you want to generate more tweets to schedule for the future. 

Here are tweets generated in Unbounce smart copy.

example tweets from Unbounce Smartcopy ai

However, Unbounce Smartcopy is best used as an AI generator for sales and marketing copies.

You can sign up for the free Unbounce Smartcopy account and get ten free credits. This will allow you to generate content for other business needs beyond tweets.

4. Writecream

Writecream is a powerful AI writing tool that is used in many cases.

From generating blog posts, writing and marketing copy, and email copy to social media content, you can use it to generate content in any industry. 

With Writecream AI Boss Mode, you can generate tweet variations with #tags to use on Twitter. 

Here is an example of tweets I generated in Writecream; you can read the prompt below.

Writecream Boss Mode AI

And here is the Writecream AI-generated response.

Auto generated tweets from Writecream AI

From the single prompt, I feed the AI, and it generates a list of ten tweets in five batches, making a total of 50 tweets at a go.

That will take me around 1 hour to think through and develop content ideas. But it takes the Writecream AI Boss Mode approximately 2 seconds to complete. 

Apart from generating Twitter content, Writecream can be used to meet the following content needs:

  • Blog post
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Longform content.
  • Email copy
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Generate digital images.
  • Generate headline variations
  • Conversational AI chatbot – an endless task
  • And lots more

5. Scale Nut 

ScaleNut isn’t the best AI tweets generator you’ll expect, but it’s worth trying. 

It is more helpful for generating SEO-optimized content, copywriting, sales and marketing, Quora answers, emails, and optimizing existing content. 

However, I try it to generate tweet content, and here’s the result. 

I entered the same prompt I used for ChatGPT; you can compare the output to pick your favorite AI tweet generators.

example of tweets auto generated with Scalenut

As I said above, if you want the best of ScaleNut, consider using it for all your SEO content needs. That way, you will get the best worth for your investment.

6. ChatGPT

Ai generated tweets from ChatGPT

No introduction. ChatGPT is the evolutionary AI tool of the moment. 

But do you know one of the best ways you can use ChatGPT for content marketing is by generating unlimited tweets?

You can use ChatGPT to write days, weeks, and even months of content to schedule in your favorite social media scheduling app, like Buffer, Missinglettr, Tailwind, etc.

The best part is that with ChatGPT, you can request the AI to include relevant #tags, specific keywords, tone, and other relevant instructions.

Except you’re willing to try ChatGPT-4, you don’t need a paid account to use ChatGPT to generate unlimited Twitter content. 

I have been using it to write a few tweets later, and it’s been a time saver. 

7. Writesonic

If you’ve been a regular reader, you know I often discuss Writesonic

It’s a powerful AI writing assistant that can be used in many cases, including an AI tweets generator. 

When you sign up for a Writesonic account, whether free or paid, you have access to Chatsonic, the Writesonic AI chatbot.

You can prompt ChatSonic to complete several tasks, including generating relevant and engaging tweets. 

ChatSonic understands the use case behind your prompt, so it automatically includes relevant #tags, emoji, and keywords to write in a particular style and tone, etc. 

So, whether you instruct Chatsonic to include #tags or not, it understands your content needs.

I give Chatsonic the same prompt I use in ChatGPT (do you notice I didn’t add to include #tags, but ChatSonic added relevant tags); here’s the output;

AI generated tweets from Chatsonic

If you require the Writesonic Pro version, here are price options. 

Writesonic AI pricing

Note: You can choose between Premium, Superior, and Ultimate word quality. The better the word equality, the more expensive the plan.

8. Character.ai 

Character.ai is a neural language machine model conversational chatbot. 

Being a Chatbot capable of performing numerous content-related tasks, you can use it to generate unlimited tweets. 

You can create your AI character, which performs your specific task and works according to your instructions. 

For example, you can create a character based on a celebrity, visual assistant, or influencer. 

Other users can interact with your Character and have one-on-one or group chats. 

It’s a fun place; you’ll surely enjoy your time there.

Here are the tweets I generated with Character.ai, which include #tags. 

My first prompt was to create a list of ten tweets. The AI does not include #tags. 

Character ai tweet example

However, I ask it to include #tags; it generates tweets including relevant #tags. 

Character ai tweet example with #tags

Character.ai is one of the best AI tweet generators you can try today. 

However, some #tags it generated were irrelevant to the tweet content.

For example, look at tweet #3 in the above image. I may not want #blogdesign as part of the #tags. 

Well, that’s not an issue; you can always edit whatever the AI generates before you publish. 

Editor’s Choice – Best AI Tweet Generator 

Undoubtedly, most AI content assistants can generate tweets, but from experience, the output quality varies significantly. 

If you want to generate high-quality tweets that build engagement and help your business grow, ChatSonic and ChatGPT are your best choices. 

Their output quality is superior to that of other free AI tweet generators. 

Plus, it’s free, and you can generate unlimited tweets worth scheduling for days, weeks, and months of content marketing. 

However, suppose you have a few dollars to spare monthly and need more features like scheduling, generating leads, analytics, auto DM, and more. In that case, Tweet Hunter is the best AI tweet generator for small businesses. 

More than a free tweet generator AI, Tweet Hunter is an all-one social media management AI app. 

You can sign up for the free trial account. It requires payment details, but you can cancel anytime if you don’t want to get billed.


Whether you’re looking to create tweets for business, fun, generate leads, or build followers, these 8 AI tweet generators will help you save time, achieve more, and increase productivity. 

These tools will help you craft engaging and high-quality content, but you should always check their output for accuracy, errors, and irrelevant words. 

AI tools aren’t a replacement for human creativity; you’re responsible for the content you publish in your space. 

These tools will make you more efficient, produce better tweets, increase your marketing reach, and increase followers. 

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