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Humans can accomplish many things with AI technology, including essay writing. You will learn about ChatSonic AI Essay Writer in today’s post if you’re a student, academic researcher, professor, Scholar, etc.

ChatSonic AI essay generator can help you save hours researching, writing, and getting your essay assignments ready in half the time.

However, unlike marketing copy, using ai to write academic essay papers requires careful planning, understanding the assignments, focusing, etc. 

Your essay’s quality equals the information you feed the artificial intelligence essay writer. The more details in your prompt, the better the essay quality.

With this in mind, let’s begin with how to use ai to write quality essay assignment papers; after that, I will walk you through the step-by-step guide to writing high-quality essays with the ChatSonic ai chatbot

Then we will look at other AI essay-writing tools to compare your options, features, prices, etc. So you can make a better choice.

How to Write Assignment With AI Essay Writer

To use an ai essay writer for assignments that pass the mark, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

First, you must understand what type of essay the assignment requires.

While many types of essays are often divided into four categories – Argumentative, narrative, descriptive, and explosive.

Depending on the academic level, argumentative essays are the most common in university. High school and college students will likely write narrative and explosive essays.

Next, ensure you understand the formatting requirements. 

Most easy assignments require it to be formatted in specific styles, content length, citation, etc. 

Also, you need to narrow down your essay topic, especially if you’re giving a specific topic to write about. 

But if your assignment is to write on a general theme, you must focus on a topic that aligns with your interest and has plenty of resources to aid your assignments.

It will be easier to feed the AI essay writing tool the right prompt and direct it to generate better output if you pay attention to all the above factors.

Any AI writing assistant is as good as the information feeds into it. Bear this in mind. 

How to Write Essay with ChatSonic AI Chatbot

Disclaimer: While I do my best to make this tutorial as thorough as possible, I’m not a good essay writer or student. 

The quality of my essay in this post isn’t anything to be taken seriously, but the evidence that you can write essays or any content type with artificial intelligence like ChatSonic.

I hope this is clear.

Now, let’s dive in.

To begin, I had to tell ChatSonic I had no idea how to write a good essay, so I rely on its guidance to get through this. This is to make sure we are on the same page.

ChatSonic ai prompt and generated answer

Being a dialogue chatbot, ChatSonic offers advice and tips to help me write a good essay. You can judge if the advice is valid if you’re a good essay writer. 

Content Outline

Next, I ask ChatSonic to write the outline, “The effect of Climate Change on the world population.”

Here is what ChatSonic came up with. 

Essay content outline by ChatSonic

You can ask it to write another topic outline if you’re not okay with the first generation. But I had to go with most first generations for this ChatSonic AI free Essay writing review. 


For our Essay introduction, I ask ChatSonic to write a 200-word intro explaining why Climate change is an essential global discussion.

200 word essay introduction by ChatSonic

Taking each section in your content outline one after the other lets you generate long-form content, high quality and helpful information for users.

If you had asked the AI to write an essay on your topic without an outline, the content quality would suffer and might be very short.

So always generates content outlines to make your essay longer.

Let’s move on.

In the above content outline, the definition is next. 

Referencing External Sources

I wanted to cite other sources in my essay, so I asked ChatSonic to include a reference link to a relevant Wikipedia page.

However, I had yet to research which Wikipedia page to link, so I relied entirely on ChatSonic for the research and linking. 

Let’s see if ChatSonic gets this aspect right.

Reference Wikipedia Link by ChatSonic

Surprisingly, ChatSonic searched through the Wikipedia website and found a matching page on Climate Change. To ensure this is more than just some makeup info, I copied and visited the link, here is; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_change (You can verify it).

This is just one of the reasons ChatSonic could be more helpful for content creators than ChatGPT. 

The ability to search for more helpful, relevant information on the web is priceless. It will make your content more original, helpful, and beneficial to users.

Adding Bullets Points

I want the article formatted with a different structure, so I asked the overview section to include bullet points and, at the most, a 150-word count.

Bullet points by ChatSonic

ChatSonic did what I instructed. You can see a paragraph from the image above, followed by a list of bullet points. 

The Essay Body.

Now, this is where ChatSonic kills it. 

I want to make the essay’s body more like a subheading divided into four sections. I give ChatSonics AI Essay writers the prompt to follow.

Here is my prompt, in case. 

In the body section, discuss the impact of climate change on natural resources, the aftermath of extreme weather events on the vulnerable in society, the negative effect of climate change on health risks, and lastly, how climate change will affect food security. Make each point at least two paragraphs.

Essay content by ChatSonic with subheadings

Except for the first subheading, it fails to make it to two paragraphs. But you can always ask it to generate more content or include specific info in a paragraph.

And you can further expand on each section if you want a more thorough explanation of each point. 

This shows you what you can achieve if you know how to feed the AI with concise and clear prompts.

Concluding Part.

I intentionally skipped a few sections in the above content outline. There’s nothing to go with in this post other than to show you how to use ChatSonic to write an essay paper. 

Here is the content generation from ChatSonic from the prompt I gave it.

Essay conclusion written by ChatSonic

You can copy and paste all the Chatsonic responses into the Writesonic editor. You can edit, proofread, format, and optimize from there with the Surfer SEO tool

Apart from essays, Chatsonic is a helpful writing assistant for any content type. 

You can use it to generate content for any industry, form, use case, length, paraphrasing, Quora answers, Ad copy, email, write code, dialogue chatbot, etc.

Sharing Your Essay Documents.

If you’re satisfied with the content quality, you can directly share it inside the ChatSonic dashboard. You can share via a public link, PDF, Microsoft Word, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and WhatsApp.

Option to download content in ChatSonic

How Much Does ChatSonic Cost?

ChatSonic is part of the features/tools in WriteSonic; therefore, you need a subscription to WriteSonic to use ChatSonic. 

There’s a free plan which gives you free 2,500-word credit. You must upgrade to a paid plan to unlock the AI chatbot’s full power and other Writesonic features.

The subscription plan starts at $12.67/month for a 19,000 economy word quality. The premium plan is the right choice if you want top-quality content, but it gives lesser word credit. 

WriteSonic pricing chart

Student and non-profits organization can save 50% when you subscribe to the annual plan today. For marketers, you save 33% off the annual plan, but it’s for a limited time.

If there are better AI essay text generators for you than ChatSonic, here are other options to consider. 

2 Best AI Essay Writers You Should Give a Try

These artificial intelligence writing assistants perform several other tasks beyond essay writing. They can help you with general writing needs, coding, song lyrics, chatbot services, etc.

What you can achieve with artificial intelligence is endless.

Here are two best AI essay writers’ alternatives to ChatSonic ai chatbot.

Contentbot ai 

Contentbot AI has its chatbot version, allowing you to write content on any topic of interest and format. 

You can use it to write your essay and complete the assignments as quickly as possible.

However, it was less powerful than ChatSonic when I tested it. But it is still a good AI essay writer to get you started.

In addition, you can use Contentbot ai to write long-form content of up to 9,000 words in one click. This is a big time safer and relieved if you write on topics that require extensive research and more words on the page.

Longform content word count in Contentbot AI

However, you must proofread and check it for accuracy. Automatically generating that length’s content with artificial intelligence will include a lot of fluff, repetitive sentences, errors, etc.

So, you should employ a human supervisor to look at the content for grammatical errors, accuracy, quality, etc.

Contentbot AI Top Features

  • Paraphrasing – Contentbot has a built-in content rephrasing tool. You can use it to paraphrase any content and generate variables in minutes.
  • Plagiarism Checker – Want to know if the content is original or not? Contentbot ai can help you check the web for plagiarism. 
  • Templates – Over 45+ content templates for different use cases. 
  • Content Automation – Automatically generates content on your chosen topic and gets it emailed weekly. 
  • Discover – This is a very helpful feature powered by Semrush that allows you to run keyword analysis in Contentbot. You have keyword data such as search volume, difficulty,  CPC, SERP results, PAA data, related searches, etc. 

Contentbot ai Pros and Cons 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Contentbot ai.


  • Ease of use.
  • Write long-form content in minutes.
  • Use the chatbot to generate content in any field and topic.
  • Check your content for plagiarism. 
  • Content automation.
  • Generate SEO-Optimized content.


  • Expensive compared to other products in the market.
  • The Chatbot is not conversational like humans.

ContentBot ai Pricing

Contentbot has four standard plans on its website. Each plan gives you different word limits, tools, and support levels.

Here is the pricing plan.

Contentbot ai pricing

For more information on available features, limitations, and support options, visit the Contentbot ai pricing page.

Rytr AI

Rytr AI is another AI essay writer that uses GPT-3 technology to generate predictive text based on previous input. 

Also, it has a deep understanding of the language models and can generate content based on context.

One of the amazing features of Rytr ai long-form content generation. Rytr ai is better at writing long-form SEO-Optimized content based on keywords.

To write an essay with Rytr ai, you must select a content use case – Hint, use the blog idea and content outline template.

Next, enter your primary keyword and content quality, and set the number variation.

Rytr ai content interface

Rytrai will generate the outline based on your input data. 

Select each subheading and keyword for better content quality to generate a paragraph under each section. 

Click on the “Paragraph” label on the option to start the content generation.

Rytr ai content paragraph example and options

This will ensure each section is of high quality and contain more helpful information. But unlike ChatSonic, Rytr can not connect to the internet to reference other credible sources. 

Rytr.ai has several features worth discussing.

Rytr AI Top Features 

  • Rephrase – select a text and rephrase it to read differently. 
  • Content Improver – improve the quality and readability of selected text. 
  • Command – Give the AI the command to generate custom content.
  • Text to image – You can generate original images from the text description.  
  • Plagiarism Checker – Select up to 1,600 characters to check for plagiarism. 
  • Content Templates – 40+ content templates for a variety of content needs.
  • Language – Rytr is available in over 30 languages. 

Rytr Pros and Cons


  • Ryrt is easy to use
  • Generate high-quality content.
  • Use custom use case
  • Subscribe to the team account and management
  • Email and Chat support are available.


  • Occasionally generate fluff
  • Editing can be confusing for beginners

Rytr AI Pricing

Rytr ai offers a generous 10k free characters in its free plan. As a beginner, you can use that to scale your content publication and upgrade when ready.

The premium plan starts at $9/month for 100k characters, plus you can generate up to 20 AI images per month. This could be a good bargain if you have a website with a high demand for visual content.

Here is the complete Rytr ai pricing plan.

Rytr ai pricing

FAQ – AI Essay Writer With ChatSonic

What is the best AI tool for essay writing?

The best ai essay writing tool is ChatSonic from WriteSonic. It is a powerful and easy-to-use dialogue chatbot. It can help create the essay outline and structure, gather points and thesis, and write the conclusion. 

Can I use AI to write an essay?

Yes, you can use AI to write and submit your academic essay at school. Most AI writing tools can generate content needs – blog content, advertising copy, tutorials, how-tos, descriptions, email copy, etc.

Can Chatbots write essays?

Dialog chatbots like Chatsonic and ChatGPT are more than capable of helping you write essays on any topic. 

However, you must feed the chatbot enough information about your essay topic to nudge it in the right direction. The more information you enter, the better it is trained to generate quality content.


A dialogue chatbot like ChatSonic with capabilities to understand the context of a word and respond like humans will do a better job writing essay papers. 

You can guide the chatbot in writing relevant essays, editing the responses, optimizing with Surfer SEO, referencing external sources, etc. – all these features make the ChatSonic chatbot the best AI essay writer today.

However, if you can get ChatSonic to write what you want, try the other two AI paper writers on the list. 

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