Tracking thousands or even hundreds of thousands of keywords can be challenging for SEO agencies.

You need the right SEO rank tracking tool to track, organize, monitor, and accurately measure keyword positions across several search engines, platforms, and geolocations.  

Tracking keywords for dozens of clients will be challenging, but it’s not impossible. 

With the right agency rank tracking software, you can effortlessly track keyword rankings, measure their performance, analyze different SERP placements, and use the data to influence your decision.

White Labeling or branded SEO reports are features most agencies require, so I have carefully curated a list of keyword position-tracking tools for agencies offering these options. 

However, it would be best to do your due diligence to ensure you have everything before subscribing to a premium plan. Time changes, so it is a business operation.

Featured Products

  • Pro Rank Tracker

    • Accurate rank tracking software.
    • Unlimited branded SEO PDF reports.
    • API access.
    • Unlimited team members accounts.
    • Track different search engines and devices.
  • SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

    • Track keywords in over 597 search engines.
    • Track mobile and desktop rankings.
    • Forever free plan.
    • 18 keywords research methods.
    • Track local and international SEO rankings.

All the keyword rank tracking tools listed on this page have either a free plan or a trial version to test. So, you don’t need to commit to a paid plan if you don’t want to.

Use the free plan or the trial offer to learn more about the tool, its features, capability, limitations, integrations, etc., to make the right decision.

1. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro rank tracker front page

One of the best agency rank tracker software is Pro Rank Tracker.

Unlike all-in-one SEO tools, Pro Rank Tracker is purposely built for keyword monitoring and performance management, making optimizing for the right keywords easier. 

It is an SEO rank tracking solution for agencies and professionals to streamline keyword tracking, reporting, and analysis and make team collaboration easier. 

Its dashboard is easier to use, though a bit cluttered. You can manually enter keywords into the tools, upload a file, or enter a URL to extract keywords. 

Pro Rank Tracker lets you track keyword positions from hundreds of Google sites, including YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon. Also, you can select which result type to track – Mobile, Desktop, Snack Pack, Local Finder, or YouTube. 

The tool lets you separately track mobile keywords based on the operating system – IOS or Android. This can be a beneficial feature if your business heavily relies on mobile marketing. 

What Makes Pro Rank Tracker a Top Choice

  • Track unlimited ULRs – no restriction.
  • Track keywords for the top 100 results. 
  • Automatic daily rank tracking. 
  • Create and schedule unlimited keyword reports.
  • Permission-based account access for other users in your team.
  • Access to API 
  • Mobile and Desktop keyword position tracking 
  • Branded mobile reporting app for your client and team members. 
  • White labeling for agencies. 

Pro Rank Tracker Price

Pro Rank Tracker’s freemium plan lets you track up to 20 keywords with limited features. Signing up for the free plan requires no payment details.

However, the premium plan starts at $13.50/m for 100 keywords. The maximum number of trackable keywords in the starter plan is 750, costing you $69 monthly. 

If you need to track more keywords but fewer than 1,000, it costs $89 monthly. 

The price adjusts accordingly as you move the slider up, specifying the number of keywords you need to track in your account. So, you will need to access the pricing page to determine the exact cost for your number of track keywords. 

Pro Rank Tracker has three premium plans – Starter, Pro, and Agency. Tracking more than 20,000 keywords in the agency plan requires custom pricing. 

Contact the sales team for negotiation if you need to get on the agency plan.

2. Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite

Rank Tracker SEO Powersuite landing page

I’ve been using the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker for several years and still use it today. It is one of the go-to tools I use often for keyword research, tracking, and management. 

One of the things I love about Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite is the intuitive user interface and its beginner-friendly approach. You can work with it even if you’ve never used a keyword-tracking tool. 

Creating a project is simple: enter your project domain URLs and hit the finish button to start the tool. This lets you track any domain keyword position, including competitor websites. 

You can track keywords in Google, Baidu, Yandex, Naiver, YouTube, and Yahoo search engines. Also, check the keyword’s SERP history, search engine visibility for a given keyword, and organic traffic to your website.  

The tool also lets you know ranking keywords for different SERP enhancements, like featured snippets, thumbnails, review snippets, FAQs, image packs, Google Maps, and more. 

You also get detailed information about keyword ranking analysis.

This feature lets you see keyword corresponding URLs, 30 days estimated organic traffic, search volume, difference in ranking position within a specific period, and more.  

Tracking unlimited keywords might entice your agency to use Rank Tracker. There is no cap on the number of keywords you can have in your project. This level of control is not commonly found in most agency rank tracking software. 

What Makes SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker a Top Choice

  • Unlimited keywords tracking 
  • Track competitor’s keyword ranking and SERP history.
  • Check keyword position in over 597 local search engines.
  • Track unlimited mobile and desktop keyword positions. 
  • Create custom keyword report templates – perfect for agencies. 
  • Forever free version is available with limited features and access. 
  • Google Search Console and GA4 integration.
  • Automate and schedule keyword tasks, like checking keyword position in SERP, data reporting, keyword data updates, exporting data, and publishing reports to clients or emails.
  • Perform keyword research from over 18 different methods. 
  • Branded SEO report with your company logo for Enterprise license users.
  • Available in 9 different languages. 

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker Price

You pay $149 or $349 yearly for the Professional and Enterprise License if you buy Rank Tracker as a standalone tool. 

However, the SEO Powersuite bundle kits, consisting of Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, Link-Assistant, and Website Auditor, cost $99 (Lite), $299 (Professional), or $499 (Entreprise) yearly subscription, depending on your purchase license. 

Check out the prices and corresponding features on the SEO Powersuite website or my complete Rank Tracker review.

3. AccuRanker

AccuRanker website front page

AccuRanker boosted over 24 billion keywords in its database, making it one of the largest worldwide.

Targeted at enterprise business and SEO agencies, this tool lets you track keywords in various search engines, including Google, Baidu, Bing, YouTube, etc. It lets you track mobile, Desktop and different geolocations. 

One of the core strengths of AccuRanker is its integration with several services; you can seamlessly integrate with Google Locker Studio, Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Sheets, GSC, and Rest API.  

AccuRanker makes it easy for SEO agencies to send branded reports to clients with custom logos, giving you more control over business branding. 

What Makes AccuRanker a Top Choice

  • Automatic 24-hour keyword data refresh.
  • Share of Voice shows you how much of the market value you own.
  • Track keywords in all SERP features. 
  • Monitor search engine ranking on Desktop, mobile and local. 
  • Seamless integration with other Google products and third-party services. 
  • Segment keyword data with tags and filters for better sorting.
  • Track competitor’s ranking keywords. 
  • Create and schedule branded keyword reports for your clients. 
  • Unlimited domain keyword tracking.
  • Add unlimited users to your accounts. 
  • Import keyword ranking data from other keyword tools.
  • And more.

AccuRanker Price

Flexible pricing structure might be one of the selling points for AccuRanker. There is no complicated license plan to choose from; you only pay for the number of tracked keywords. 

Prices start at $116/m for 1,000 keywords. The price adjusts accordingly as you increase the keywords you want to track. 

You determine what you want to spend and how many keywords you need to track. AccuRanker offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to experience the software before committing to a paid plan.

4. Semrush

Semrush website homepage

Unless today is your first time coming online into the digital marketing space, who doesn’t know Semrush?

Semrush is one of the most extensive SEO and marketing tool developers worldwide. There is an abundance of tools for everyday digital marketing and SEO tasks.

From website audit to traffic analysis, competitors research, PPC, advertising, keyword tools, to social media and content optimization, Semrush has all the tools you need to build a digital empire. 

The Semrush position tracking tool has many outstanding features that make it a worthy tool for your agency. 

One notable feature for me is the keyword cannibalization report. This feature lets you see a list of keywords and pages competing for the same search intent. 

Additionally, you can filter results by search intent, SERP features, device types, location, competitors and segment keywords by tags. The advanced filter lets you customize the report to fit your keyword metrics. 

What Makes Semrush Position Tracking a Top Choice?

  • Share of Voice – Get insight into the percentage of traffic your website received from ranking keywords.
  • See your and your competitor’s search engine visibility for ranking keywords. 
  • Track and analyze your ranking distribution in Google’s top 100 results. 
  • Get position changes email alert.
  • Discover competitors in your industry based on common keywords. 
  • Get ranking opportunity suggestions. 

Semrush Subscription

SEOs and marketing professionals can choose from three standard Semrush plans, Pro ($129.95/m), Guru ($249.95/m) and Business ($499.95/m).  

Each plan comes with a set of access and feature limitations. Here I focus only on the position tracking feature and access limitations. 

In the Pro plan, you can track 500 keywords daily and create up to 5 projects. The Guru plan allows tracking up to 1,500 keywords and 15 projects. While the Business plan lets you track 5,000 keywords and create 40 Semrush projects. 

However, tracked keywords are counted across all projects. So, if you track 200 keywords in project 1 and 50 in project 2, that’s 250 keywords already tracked. 

5. RankRanger

Rank Ranger website front page

Rank Ranger is an all-in-one SEO tool, including tracking keyword positions in SERP and other platforms. It also contains marketing tools, social analytics, and white-label SEO services. 

The keyword rank tracker tool is powerful and feature-rich and allows you to monitor keyword position in various platforms, market, and audience channels.  

You can track keywords your business ranks for in different locations, country, state, zip code, etc. 

Also, you can compare location ranking data side by side and filter the results to discover keyword visibility in each location. This will let you know where your business drives most traffic and where to put more effort. 

One feature your agencies will happily use is the Rank Ranger customizable dashboard. It lets you customize your dashboard, import custom data and design the layout to fit your analysis. 

Another fantastic feature is the Rank Ranger Client dashboard. This feature is helpful for agencies that have clients who want access to their account dashboard. 

With this feature, your agency can give clients access to a user portal under your brand logo, enabling customers to take control of their accounts. 

The dashboard is completely white-labeled.  

What Makes Rank Ranger a Top Choice

  • Mobile and desktop rank tracking 
  • Track keywords on any search engines, including Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.
  • Drill down to keywords ranking insights in any location worldwide. 
  • Track and analyze competitors ranking performance in any location, device, platform and search engine. 
  • Customize ranking reports to suit your needs. 
  • Track and monitor mobile-specific SERRP features like iPhone, Android, app, AMP traffic, etc.
  • Give clients access to a branded agency dashboard.
  • Track and analyze competitor’s SERP performance on any device, location, industry, and search engine. 

RankRanger Price

Rank Ranger offers four standard plans, allowing you to choose that best suits your marketing and SEO needs.

SEOs and marketing agencies can choose from Lite, Standard, Pro and Premium plans.

The Lite plan is the cheapest, limiting campaign creation to 15 and daily keyword tracking to 500. The monthly subscription is $79.

Next is the Rank Ranger Standard plan, which costs $149 monthly for up to 1,000 keywords. It lets you create a maximum of 30 campaigns within your account. 

The Pro plan lets you do more; it allows you to create 100+ campaigns and track over 5,000 keywords. 

The Premium plan, too, gives you more value for more. You can track over 25,000 keywords daily and create up to 25 account campaigns. 

However, the Pro and Premium plan requires that you speak with the sales team to get a quote. 

All Rank Ranger plans give you access to unlimited PDF schedule reports.

Editor’s Pick – Best Agency Rank Tracking Software

Depending on the use case, budget and agency needs, finding the right keyword position tracker tool can be challenging. 

These tools are better for specific use cases than each other; without guidance, you could spend more time in the market than expected. 

Based on experience, Pro Rank Tracker is the right option if your agency needs more white-labeling features and control, checking ranking data on the go, and a flexible pricing option. 

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker undoubtedly beat the competition for a budget-friendly keyword position-tracking tool. It’s the most cost-effective and affordable SEO tool in the market. 

Still, it gives you the right balance between affordability and essential SEO features. 

Nonetheless, whatever option you choose on the list is a good choice. All these tools have features that make tracking, monitoring, management, and keyword analysis less painful.

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