Writing My Blog – A Day In A Life Of A Blogger

Like performing rituals, there are things I consider doing before and after writing my blog post, so it could get in front of my targeted audience, satisfy their wants and drive engaging traffic back to my blog.

No magic here, they all consist of things you know but might be a bit lazy to work them out.

This article will not talked about how to do keyword research and blog post optimization for search engine visibility. If you’re here for that, I have written a complete guide on how to get on the first page of SERP.

With that out-of-the-way, let’s get to work.

Where does my Inspiration comes from?

To successfully write a post, you need to be inspired to write. There should be some sort of motivation in you to get those words out.

I don’t have any specific strategies or tactics for getting inspired or motivated to write. It all depends on mood and situation.

Sometimes, I get inspired to write when reading other blogs; example – I publish “my shortest post” ever after reading a “two-word post” on Brian Gardner’s blog.- The shortest post I ever “seen” on any blog.

In my email box too, there are lots of valuable information lying there from other blogs I’ve subscribed to their newsletters. Something I have used to publish full-length articles in the past and comes up with lots of post ideas to write about.

I encourage you to start looking into your email box, especially when writers block hit you.

Writing My Post.

I write and save my post as draft first on my mobile device. This very post was written as a draft on my Android HTC sensation z710e phone using WordPress Android app installed on it.

It’s more convenient and easy when am writing based on what I’ve experience other than imagination, thoughts or research. But is a good practice to always read other blogs so you get more expose and discover new ways of doing things.

Most of my blogging task are done on mobile, like writing post, blog commenting, social media promotions, updating of plugins, approving and deleting comments etc.

Staying long hours in front of your computer could lead to eye strain, headache, blurry vision, tension in your head, neck and shoulder, dizziness etc. It’s important to avoid sitting for hours in front of your personal computer.

I suffered all these recently and that makes me use my mobile more often that in the past working on my blog.

Learn how to use your smart phones to carry out some blogging task in other to reduce the hours you stay in front of your pc.

When am done writing, I kept it there as a draft and revisit the following day for proof-reading and editing. Here is a good time to check for redundant phrases, misspelled words, punctuation marks irrelevant phrases, etc.

Then I upload to main site, for final phase of editing, proofreading, adding images, internal and external linking, and preview before publishing.

At this stage, everything else that follows are done on my laptop. It time to get busy and serious.

This stage is where I optimize it for search engine visibility through the use of WordPress SEO plugin by yoast.

Adding Images.

I used Flickr pic-a-picture plugin to find the right images for my post and is petty easy doing the necessary optimization for the images. Alt, image description tag, resizing, positioning etc, all optimization are done within the Flickr dialog box.

Just a click from your visual editor and the box pop up, insert your keyword for the right images and thousands of result will return to your query. Find and pick your desired image and fill-in the required fields, chose your desired image size and alignment, click on insert and that’s it.

Then I go through the post once again, reading it aloud to myself and think if I can put my name to it. This is done on the preview page.

Satisfied with what I saw on the preview page? I hit the publish button.


The next big thing I do is to ping the search engines. Though, WordPress has an inbuilt system that does this for you automatically. But hey! This is my business, I’ad rather not leave it in the hands of robot.

So I head over to pingomatic and send ping to the relevant search engines.

Promoting the post.

Writing my post is the easiest part, the bigger part of it is promoting the post. It may interest you to know that I usually spend two days promoting a single post.

Below is the break down.

So, what’s next?

After hitting the publish button and post goes live on my blog, I give it some hours for crawlers to visit. This is always done in between two to three hours.

I head over to Facebook, open a tab for all groups I had joined. In total, as at when this post was written, I have 105 of them. Don’t scream here, its only take about 40 minutes posting to 60 groups manually.

Yes, you heard that right.

I post to groups manually, I don’t use automated posting platforms like hoot-suite and the rest.

Reason I don’t use it; most groups have their rules to be respected and followed by all members. Some groups don’t allow posting on the floor of the group. They have separate thread open for posting of blog post, affiliate links etc.

On top of that, I don’t have to post to all groups all the time. There are some topics that doesn’t fits a certain group. Before I post to each group, I go through the group interest and see if they’re a good fit for the post.

For instance, what is a post with the headline “How to drive targeted traffic to your blog” doing in a “weight loss group”? Most members in such group may not even own a blog and have nothing to do with internet traffic.

Is obvious no one will ever click on your link there. You risk the chance of getting kicked out or your links disapproved.

If you don’t want to get kicked out, or get your links disapprove, then post manually to relevant targeted groups.

After I finish posting to targeted groups, I spent some time visiting other bloggers blog in the groups I had post to. Read their latest post and make sure I leave remarkable comments.

Something that has brought new faces down my blog, and establish friendship.

At this point, depending on the energy level at the moment and motivation, I may quit for the day or still head over to justretweet and easyretweet.

On getting there, I spend some time promoting others people’s links. I acquire more credits this way to promotes my links.

After that, I submit my post url and offer 50 credits to anyone who help tweet my link. I see some marketers over there offering 1, 5, 10 credits to get their links retweeted. Hey! come on, you can do better than that.

The harsh truth is, no one cares about your links, they care about the credits you offers to promote your links. Why not offer something better to entice people to retweet your links.

Brian Belfitt of blog engage usually offers 100 credits to get his links retweeted, you can’t just ignore such offer.

Normally, I spend 1500 credits on each post I submitted. This help gets my link retweet 30 times. I take it further by spending 1500 credits on each retweeted site’s. – Justretweet and easyretweet, makes total of 60 times to get my links retweet.

Not too bad, I know of many bloggers who do many times better than that.

Day 2. – Promoting The Post.

I run Google search with the focus keyword phrases targeted in the post, a couple of pages pop up. I visit the top five sites that shows up, read the post and leave comments on them.


I guess at this point you might be wondering what’s all this leading to. The trick here is to expose my latest post to relevant targeted traffic pulling sites.

Chances are when users run a search query through search engines related to your targeted keyword contain in the latest post, they might as well visit the top pages on SERP.

Your comments on this post serves as another recommended related post. You may ask at this junction, what if the visitor did not visit the comment section of the blog?

Don’t worry, at least a few others might visit. And who knows, you might get a link back to that post if the blog is dofollow.

Mind you, this strategy is not aim at building back links or whatsoever. Is strictly for promoting the latest post to as many as possible targeted audience.

My previous article is a good example of this strategy at work, after I published the post, I went around the blogosphere leaving comment on popular commentluv enable blogs.

This way, many blog readers would have the opportunity to see my latest post and if the headline grab their attention, they click-through to my blog and read the body content.

I have gained many readers through this strategy and lots of valuable comments.

Next, I head over to a small group of addicted bloggers on LinkedIn,”Blogger Helping Bloggers”, a small group of bloggers that helps one another a lots.

They have a special thread for your latest post, this thread is created weekly for members to drop their latest post.

I bet you this group read post more than any other group I have ever join including the ones on Facebook. Thanks to you guys, I love you.

I seize this opportunity to say a “BIG” thank you to Susan Cooper, the mod at Bloggers Helping Bloggers for her immense contributions to my small blog community. Thank You, I recognize your contribution through reading and always leaving those great comments.

Rounding Up And Over To You.

Oh! blogging is one work that consume lots of time, energy, resource and your utmost determination to succeed. And it doesn’t end with all I have said so far, there are few automated system for blog marketing I didn’t touch here.

Most of which are premium services and needs you to spend some decent money to get the best result you ever dream of. I advice if you’re really serious about taking your blog beyond its present value, do a lots more than all I have said about marketing your blog.

Your blog is an asset, run it the way business person do run their business. Only when you’re equipped with that kind of mindset, your blog will start paying the bills and “You” live full-time on your blog.

Don’t go yet, I’ll like to know how you go about your blogging activities too, is good when you share your experience with others. My ears are open and ready to listen.

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  1. Good reading your post this morning man and thanks for sharing with us the exact steps you take to get your posts live.

    Yes, spending more time on PC could bring about health issues. While I don’t use mobile to write, I try my best to spend less time on the PC. Those mobile gadget keyboards are not friendly to me. I don’t find my pace typing on them ;)

    hope you are having a wonderful week
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Make money commenting on Kingged.comMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming Muki,
      You’re right, typing on mobile is not convenient compared to typing on PC, but I just have to tried reducing sitting long hours working on PC.
      Thanks for reading my small blog.

  2. A blogger’s life entails a lot. wow! It is really lovely that you blog from your phone. I was doing a similar thing as well until I got a laptop.

    But it appears I am a bit lazy now when I got a laptop. Thanks for sharing a day in your life with us.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Beware! my Images too are Monetzied.My Profile

    • Happy to see you here Emma, I go through some health problem recently due to long hours sitting in front of PC, so I start getting used to blogging on mobile to reduce hours I work on PC.
      Thanks for coming, Emma.

  3. Hello Shamsudeen,
    Wow!!! This post is indeed nice to read. You steps are indeed good and should yield progress if you follow them religiously.
    Did you write this post using a cell phone? How does that feel?
    Well this post is brilliant and i am glad i read it. Have a good weekend
    Babanature recently posted…A New WordPress Theme to Spice up The YearMy Profile

    • Thanks for those king words, Babanature.
      Yes, the post was written on mobile and kept as draft. But editing, adding images, optimizing, preview etc where done on PC.
      Its not hard writing on mobile, especially with a good smartphone with large screen and on screen keyboards.
      Due to two factors; 1. Am tryin to reduce hours spent in front of PC 2. and epileptic power supply. So am now getting used to mobile blogging more than ever.
      Thanks for coming.

  4. Wow Shamsudeen! You do writing on mobile? I cannot….a rookie over here lol! I received my tablet on Christmas. But I hear ya.

    Power tips all around. I take breaks each hour, walk away from my laptop and exercise a ton to avoid computer related issues.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…5 Reasons Why Working Harder Will Not Save YouMy Profile

    • Hi Ryan,
      Writing on mobile is fun, it gives more flexibility and you could just write anywhere at any time.
      Something inspired you when talking to a friend in a restaurant?
      Your WordPress blog is right there with you. No more hand book, blog on the go.
      Many thanks Ryan.

  5. Oh, my goodness! You are a wealth of information! I’m glad I found this post. First of all, thanks for the heads up on the Linked In group, “Bloggers for Bloggers”. I just rushed over there and joined the group as well. I’ve never heard of justretweet and easyretweet. I’ll check that out next. It sounds a lot like Avenue, I think it’s called. I appreciate everything you’ve done here. I’m going to re-read this post to see what I’ve missed. Awesome. All the best to you. ;)

    • Am flattered here Jeanne,
      I sure you’ll find the group on LinkedIn very useful and helping. Justretweet and easyretweet are just two awesome place to kick start your post promotions.
      As usual, thanks for coming.

  6. Nate Leung says:

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    You described exactly what the blogger’s life entails. From beginning to end, pretty much covers it! First time here on you blog by the way. I’ll be back to visit again. :-)
    Nate Leung recently posted…How To Share Your Ideas With The WorldMy Profile

  7. Great content. Very detailed day for a day in the life of a blogger. :-)
    Krystle recently posted…Six steps to your success!My Profile

  8. Wow such great information! I thank you for taking the time to write up about this. As a fairly new blogger I love learning about how I can improve my blog traffic. I need to promote my blog more. Thank you again!
    Marielle Altenor recently posted…January: Forever YoursMy Profile

  9. This is a great post. I checked to see where my post stands on google and it comes second. Thanks for the tips. I came to know about you from LinkedIn group. I have a blogger blog, and I don’t think I can add CommentLuv on it. Any idea how to do it?
    Bindhurani recently posted…Dental Assisting: 10 tips to be an effective DentalAssistantMy Profile

  10. I never thought of running a Google search on my keywords for my posts. It’s brilliant and I will definitely start doing it. Thanks.
    Beth Niebuhr recently posted…Encore! Encore! Encore!My Profile

  11. Smart to not leave your biz up to a robot :)

  12. Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) says:

    Some great tips…complicated, the life of a blogger :) Keyword search is terrific advice
    Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) recently posted…WHERES THE JUSTICE… Big Government?My Profile

  13. Great advice. I always get stuck on the keywords. I use Zemanta and I find it is usually really helpful because it provides suggested photos, related articles and explanatory links.
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…E-MAIL Versus CommunicationsMy Profile

  14. I am really only just beginning to learn about all of this and I agree with Jacquie’s comment above. Thanks for your advice on Day 2.-Promoting The Post.
    Michele Harvey Author recently posted…What Do You Do When the Bottom Drops Out? by Michele HarveyMy Profile

  15. Hello pal, you really dont know how you have helped me and my blog with this your post. It is really an eye opener for me. Thanks alot. came to your blog through nairaland.


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  2. […] out of every persons you ask which social networking sites for marketing your blog is the best will without any consideration tells you be on Facebook, get more followers […]

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