Web CEO SEO Suite Review – Online And Desktop

Web CEO SEO Suite is a complete set of website search engine optimization tools that enable you to come clean with getting your website general optimization right – either that of your own or your clients.

Web CEO SEO tools comes in two version – online application and desktop version. Both of these version comes with plenty of SEO features that completely allow you to carry out complex search engine optimization task and analyze your result to see how they’ve worked and your progress so far, so you can measure how every of your $1 is spent.

The online version of Web CEO SEO Suite comes with 13 essential tools for keyword research, easy to follow SEO check list, white label SEO tools, link building and site motoring; and the ability to work together as a team on a domain and the integration of data collected with the help of WebCEO API.

The desktop version of Web CEO SEO professional suite has been around since 2001 and include 12 essentials tools for website promotion, website ranking, keyword research, back links monitoring, SEO audit and site quality analysis.

The desktop version contain some advance features like branded reports, site report sharing and schedule scanning which makes the SEO tools complete tool both for SEO professionals and internet marketers.

However, before you make the decision on either one to purchase;  first understand your needs and why you had want the search engine optimization tools.

This should be your first and important question to ask. Mainly, there are four critical task that almost getting every SEO’s expert busy all day and they are:

  • Writing Search engine friendly content that increase your chances of higher ranking.
  • Finding the most profitable keywords in your industry that poses the potential strength of higher return on investment.
  • Finding and building of safe links, however this can be a very time consuming task. So the best you can do is to a find a tool that will provide full automation of it.
  • Analyzing and spying on your competitors to see how they fair and what you can do to to rank them.
  • Tracking and monitoring your progress to see where everything is heading to and how far you fair.

The online version of webCEO is extremely useful if you’re using it for personal use and not for business purposes i.e you’re not a SEO consultant. Plus it allow you the availability to make use of it anywhere at anytime on any computer with an internet access.

But the desktop version is right there on your personal computer; but taking cost into consideration, the desktop version seems to be more  ahead of online version of it.

The online version is a monthly subscription, this means you pay every months for using the software. It cost $69 per month and you don’t have to update the software whenever and no hidden or extra charges along with algorithm updates.

But the desktop version which in my opinion, works out cheaper when looking at it in the long run value; cost $499 one time off payment and extra charges for algorithm updates.

Web CEO SEO Suite refines the process of building links, with is website auditor SEO tools that simplify website maintenance. It’s designed to improve your website’s overall performance by giving you information about broken links, missing images and incorrectly displayed graphics. These SEO tool will even alerts you to slow pages and missing meta tags information about your site.

Key Features of Web CEO SEO Suite Online Packages:

Free Plan:

  •  2 projects
  • 5 keywords to check rankings
  • Basic features

Silver Plan:

  • 5 projects
  • 90 keywords to check rankings
  • Web promotion features

Gold Plan:

  • 7 projects
  • 300 keywords to check rankings
  • Web promotion features

Platinum Plan:

  • 25 projects 750 keywords to check rankings
  • Web promotion
  • white-label branding

Pro Plan:

  • Unlimited projects Unlimited keywords to check rankings
  • Web promotion
  • white-label branding
  • unlimited scheduled report scanning.

Key Features of Web CEO SEO Suite Desktop For Professionals :

  • Keyword ranking.
  • Link building.
  • Site auditor.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • White-label reporting.
  • Including 3 months of Knowledge Base updates for free (worth $49 per 3 month period)

You can sign up for a free account of webCEO and test it out  for as long as you decide to upgrade your account.

Web CEO SEO Suite Review - Online And Desktop by

WebCEO Desktop SEO Suite

WebCEO Desktop SEO Suite

Keyword Research


    Link Buildng


      On Page SEO


        Performance Trafcking


          Competitor Analysis



            • - Keyword Ranking, Links, submission and keyword research report are available in Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian and French.
            • - Tracking of Pay per click ad campaign and other ads.
            • - Let you manage unlimited number of site in all its version ; Free, Small-biz and Professional
            • - Automate submission t 140+ Search engines.
            • - Allow you to check your keyword ranking in 600+ search engines with unlimited numbers of keywords.


            • - Over Priced
            • - Limited Technical support
            • - Web CEO professional enterprises allow for only 1,000 keyword suggestion maximum.
            1st page google ranking



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