Social Networking Sites For Marketing Blog – Which Is The best?

With all the buzz/hype about how important social networking sites for marketing blog can easily drive free targeted traffic to your blog/websites, is easy for bloggers to get tempted trying to be in all these social networking places – marketing his blog.

While is quite obvious the important of these social gathering sites, is hard to keep up with their latest trends, tactics and strategies to get the best out of them for blog marketing.

And on top of all this; I believe each social networking sites has its own kind of audience – therefore, it will be almost impossible to find just a niche topic that fits into all these social gathering places.

8 out of every persons you ask which social networking sites for marketing your blog is the best will without any consideration tells you be on Facebook, get more followers on Twitter and hang out on Google+.

While in reality most of these places may/will never bring you good quality targeted traffic compare to other relatively unknown smaller social networking sites.

In my opinion, I believe the best social networking sites for marketing blog for each internet marketer has something to do with what type of content or information you shared in these places and the followers you attract to your content.

Check Your Google Analytic Dash Board.

For instance; If you take a closer look at my Google analytics results below, it revealed that, apart from direct and organic (search engine traffic) traffic which in the past three weeks are the most source of my traffic, top the list of social networking sites that send in the most referral traffic, followed by LinkedIn and just-retweet and having Facebook in the 6th position.


social networking sites

Google Analytics Results


Surprisingly, I spent most of my time marketing my blog on Facebook more than any of these social networking sites. This tells me I have to start giving other social gathering sites more focus and time than what I have been giving – especially,

This brings me to ask you these questions:

  1. What are your experiences so far with your favorite social networking sites?
  2. How has it affect your blog marketing?
  3. What type of content has brought you the most traffic and what experience can you share with us so far?
  4. What are your experiences so far with the big three, “Facebook, Twitter and Google+?
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He is a passionate blogger who write about blogging tips and tutorials, His passion for teaching brought him into the blogging world. connect with him via his Facebook page. follow him on Twitter. Thank You.


  1. Hey bro,
    Facebook has been topping the lead for me in recent times. The second is Twitter and then Google+

    I think Kingged is less of social media and more of content syndication. That’s why I don’t list it with the rest I mentioned above. I put it alongside BlogEngage, Bizsugar, klinkk, blokube, inbound, etc and it’s actually the top on its list ;)

    Good to be active on it for more traffic

    Waiting for your next shot bro
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Free Training Program – Affilorama.comMy Profile

    • Hi Muki,

      Thanks for always be the early bird; and slightly off this topic….Just discover you on Bloggerlab, I believe that group has a lot to offer but for some time now has lost is momentum. I have gained lots from that group in the past when the BIG guns regularly visit and shared quality experiences.

      Back to our main reason for being here; Yes, I agreed kingged is more of content syndication than social networking site, but it would be best if one discover where its content get the best of love and concentrates all his effort to get more out of it.

      Though, I still believe I haven’t done much in terms of promoting on Facebook, and when it comes to Google+…..hmmmm I just haven’t done anything in that aspect. I hope many readers comments on this post will help change things.

      Thank you and do have a lovely days.

  2. *What are your experiences so far with your favorite social networking sites?*

    I use Twitter a lot, as I find that it is the easiest platform on which to build conversations.

    Other social networks (like Facebook or Pinterest) feel more like poster boards. Where as Twitter tends to make it easier to hold a running dialogue.
    Katherine James recently posted…Get Paid To Write Articles by Checking These 5 Job Boards DailyMy Profile

    • Hi James,
      It seems we’re both looking at Facebook same way, not because I get less traffic from it but…. to me Facebook is more like what you’ve just call it or even more than that….Facebook is like a dumping ground for all sort of garbage.

      Though, am still pondering over ways or how to get the best out of it. Thank you for coming, and do have a nice day.

  3. Hey Shamsudeen,
    LinkedIn is full of business people, so it would make sense to get some targeted traffic from there, because they are people interested in learning and reading, while Facebook is for people who are interested in looking at Family pictures,
    and Twitter its just short tweets and most the of time you can’t even read the link, so people will click blindly on the link not knowing where they’re going to end up so there’s no chance at all to get targeted traffic from there.
    Google+ is really for SEO purposes, it boost your optimization so even though i won’t get any traffic from it, i would still be on it.
    I found the best site that’s been working for me is, really good, all targeted all in niche, you might wanna make sure you’re on this one too!
    and thanks for letting me to know about, will give it a try.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch @ YourCvBuilder recently posted…Loading, Website Design Lebanon, full-service marketing and advertising companyMy Profile

    • Micht, you said something that makes me wanted to keep laughing…..Yes, to some extent Facebook is for people who wanted to keep looking at families wedding, birthday, funeral pictures and so on.

      But like you just said, LinkedIn is for business people, and that url shortner about twitter really is something to worry about. Many times, I too don’t click on links except am familiar with the marketer – otherwise I don’t. I might have to look at Quora cause I never been there for once.Thanks for mentioning.

      Thanks Micth, good to have you here.

  4. Everyone would have different experience about the best social networking sites for marketing blog. I agree with you that each website and platform has its audience and

    … the best social networking sites for marketing blog for each internet marketer has something to do with what type of content or information you shared in these places and the followers you attract to your content.

    This comment was also shared in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

  5. Hi Shamsudeen,

    Well, out of the biggies- Facebook, Twitter and Google, I’ve been getting good results from Facebook. That is followed by Google + and then Twitter.

    If you ask me, I’d say one must do a thorough ROI (Return On Investment) analysis on each of the social sharing platform. Like you mentioned, Google analytics makes this process real simple.

    An ROI analysis should revolve around the time spent promoting and marketing a blog on the social site and the number of visitors you get in return of those efforts.

    Out of the 3 biggies, ROI analysis shows that Facebook and Google + returns maximum benefits (visitors wise).

    Well, you posed some questions in the end. I’ll answer #1 and #3! :)

    Facebook, my favorite networking site, has not only helped market my blog, it has also been a platform where I could very easily network with fellow bloggers! Like, I was chatting and being in touch with some very popular bloggers! Isn’t that wonderful! That has been a wonderful experience using Facebook.

    And regarding the types of post getting good traffic- job related, bizarre/oddities articles. Such articles have been getting consistent traffic from Facebook in my case. An intriguing topic and a good image easily grabs visitors’ eyeballs and sends them to my blog :)

    I found the link to this post at, where I’m going to King it :)


    • Thanks Arun,

      You’re right, I do agree that Facebook is very good for networking as I also have gain many of that on Facebook, especially with bloggers like. And I believe also Facebook is good for getting post idea, as most bloggers community over there are full of topics you never even imaging; something I have been using often.

      The types of post you mentioned that woks well for you on Facebook speak more volume of my observation; I have been wondering what will works and what doesn’t over there and am beginning to come close to my conclusion.

      Good to hear you’re doing great over there at Facebook, thumbs up.

      Thanks for coming and do have a nice day.

  6. Hi Shamsudeen,
    To add to my previous comment, I acknowledge the fact that you mentioned as your top refferral source. It even trumps popular sites like LinkedIn and Facebook :D

    This should give bloggers who are looking for valuable traffic sources something to chew. is an engaging blogging community for QUALITY traffic.

    I strongly believe that is the BEST based on your analytics.

    This comment was also shared in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Thanks Sunny,
      Yes, not that I just acknowledge kingged as my top referral traffic source for now, but that’s what my analytic result says. And I could also confirm that this traffic is not just any kind of traffic, but engaging one and full of insightful comments from people like you, Arun, kingley, Metz and the list goes on.

      Thanks for coming as usual, my regards to the king like community and hope you do have a nice day.

  7. If you are a blogger you should be on Pinterest. I would be willing to bet if you start using Pinterest regularly it will take over your number one position within 2 months. The traffic you can get from Pinterest is endless. Something shared their has the longest lifespan of any social channel.
    Bill Gassett recently posted…Maintenance Tips For HomeownersMy Profile

    • Hi Bill,

      It feels so good seeing you here reading my blog; hope you’re not disappointed with the look of things over here?

      I have been hearing how pinterest is good for blog marketing but never really pay any serious attention to the site. I keep wondering since its an image sharing sites, I keep wondering how will content marketers get the best out of it?

      But now, all that has changed and will start using it effectively.

      Thanks for mentioning and lets see how it goes.

  8. Hello Shamsudeen,

    Facebook users are always in hurry :) and will increase the bounce rate of a website. Getting non targeted visitors are of no use. I received more visitors from Yahoo! answers than any other social networking sites, also bounce rate was low as compared to others. Pinterest is another good source to get targeted traffic. Many companies have reported that Pinterest now generates almost as much traffic as using Twitter and Facebook alone.
    Worli recently posted…How to Interpret Your Email AnalyticsMy Profile

    • Thanks Worli,

      Honestly, I believe Facebook is sometimes over hype for its traffic pulling stats or maybe some type of information not just good or fits into Facebook community. Facebook users are primarily there for social fun/entertainments; these people are more interested in looking at friends and families pictures, i.e wedding, birthday, funeral, events pictures.

      You’re the third or so marketer giving much credit to pinterest and I think is high time I look into it with a more serious attention. Thanks for coming, and do have a wonderful time.

  9. Hi Shamsudeen,
    I think this post is a great reminder to slow down and look at Analytics. We can all guess where we should comment, but instead of guessing we can see historical facts.

    I like your comment “Surprisingly, I spent most of my time marketing my blog on Facebook more than any of these social networking sites. This tells me I have to start giving other social gathering sites more focus and time than what I have been giving – especially,”

    I think we all get caught up in guessing. We get so busy commenting and reading and commenting and reading. So we continue. Then we read a post about a new place to visit that we may not have heard about before. Off we go.

    But we really do need to slow down and look at Analytics. Sure, we can try new things; we can go comment on posts because we like them. But we do need to spend time at places where it is a two way street: where we comment but also get traffic. Good post!

    Barb Brady recently posted…#8.02 But I WANT Outlook email to retrieve website emailMy Profile

    • Thanks Brady,

      Looking at Analytic once a while is a very good practice bloggers need to be doing – at least once in every months. This gives you a clear documentation of everything that has been happening on your blog…both within and outside of it.

      And like you said, we guess a lot and guessing doesn’t kill the bird. You need to be precise and know exactly where and when to strike, in other to have the bird killed.

      Hearing about new traffic channel and off we go is a very big problem that may take long to cure, and I tell you, only a few bloggers will conquer this plague.

      But we do need to spend time at places where it is a two way street: where we comment but also get traffic.

      Thanks for saying this, I love it most.

  10. Hi Shamsudeen,
    I forgot to tell you, I read your post on
    Barb Brady recently posted…#8.02 But I WANT Outlook email to retrieve website emailMy Profile

  11. Hi Shammy,

    GA is the truth serum, right? If you check metrics you can see where and how traffic flows in through social accounts. I like twitter, and get much of my traffic through the platform although Facebook has been good to me too. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Is been while I heard your voice; thanks for adding some to this one. Yes, twitter has been a great tool for blog marketing and I too, have gained some good exposure using it.

      Thanks for coming Ryan and do have a lovely day.

  12. Chery Schmidt says:

    Hello Shamsudeen, I really have have been working on my social media strategies this year and the top on my list right now is G+ I have only been active on Kingged for a few weeks now so I will keep on tracking and let you know.

    I also joined Empire Avenue in Feb, this site has really been great to. I even attracted a few business partners which is Awesome..

    Great article my friend!! Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    P.S. I did land on yur blog tonight Via where I also left a comment and kingged this post
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…5 Tips To Help You Build An Online Business Of Your DreamsMy Profile

    • Thanks Chery,

      And from the look of things; this is your first time reading my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay?

      Unlike you, I haven’t been getting any engagements from G+, though not much time has been giving to its also. Something I would be looking into how I can get the best out of it by following some of advises people like you has been giving through the comments on this post.

      I never heard of Empire Avenue, thanks for mentioning and good to hear you attracted business partners over there.

      Thanks for coming Chery, and hope to always have you here.

  13. I’m using twitter,google plus and pinterest a lot to build up my affiliate program.
    Rossaimi recently posted…Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Penolong Akauntan W27My Profile

  14. Hi Shamsudeen,
    For my blogs, Facebook have been the prime traffic source. Since I make use of tools like RT exchange sites, I also get a significant amount of traffic from twitter. Recently, I am getting good traffic from stumbleupon too. It have surprassed facebook and twitter referral clicks.

    Pinterest has got nice potential if you are showcasing good images on blog posts. Some people have been extensively using it for getting traffic.

    P.S. : I did end up on your blog today Via Kingged where I also commented and kingged this post..
    Jakes recently posted…MIT’s Wi-Vi lets you See through the Walls using Wi-Fi signalsMy Profile

    • Thanks Jakes,

      Stumbleupon traffic have some kind of drama I really don’t understand; though, maybe due to my type of content anyway.

      It bring instant rush but on the average, they’re most likely result in bounce traffic. Never engage with the content. I’ll be much pleased if you have any sort of good tutorial that gives a great deal on driving stumbleupon targeted traffic.

      Yes, good images are good for pinterest, maybe a couple of reasons why travel blogs, food recipe and health blogs do perform well over at pinterest.

      Thanks Jakes, and hope to hear back from you.

      *Note* I have also left you same comment on kingged, the blog syndication feed where you have found this post.

  15. Hello Shamsuden,

    For any newbie blogger Facebook works well, I mean very well to bring in lot of traffic.

    I get a lot of traffic from organic search and a lot more from Facebook too.

    I’m still hoping to get traffic from Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Even StumbleUpon works for me….
    Abhishek Tavasalkar recently posted…Create a Windows 7 bootable USB in under 9 MinutesMy Profile

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for reading my blog today and I do hope you have nice stay.

      Yes, Facebook is well great for traffic pulling, especially if your content is based around breaking news and entertainment, Gossip, adult related topics etc.

      Many readers to this post gives pinterest 4 star for targeted traffic, though I too still struggling with pinterest traffic.

      Thanks for coming and do have a nice day.

  16. For me it has been Facebook for now. I joined Kingged today. Hopefully it will outrank facebook within a few days. :)
    Harshajyoti Das recently posted…5 Ways Investing In Idea Generation Can Make You A MillionaireMy Profile

  17. among all social networking site, i prefer Twitter most, because it is the source of much traffic on our blog. Moreover, after that Facebook is the most targeting social n/w. Well Justretweet is new to me i’ll definitely try it to get boost traffic.
    Above all thanks for such a wonderful informative article.
    Really appreciable !!!

    • Hi Nitin,

      Twitter is good for blog marketing; and I just like it for is direct response and I will choose it over Facebook any day any time.

      I bet when you start getting yourself more with just-retweet, you will see why you’ll need to be there more often.

      Thanks for coming, Nitin

  18. I find twitter, google plus and facebook to be good traffic sources but like another commentator, LinkedIn has provided me with the best results.

    I find it’s the most targeted platform for finding other business professionals.

    I recently wrote a blog post on how to set up your social media strategy for maximum ROI. Check it out!


  19. I just discovered about 2 weeks ago and the response so far? Great. Another good social networking sites that I use and personally recommend are blogengage and
    Rudd recently posted…How to Add Youtube Video Gallery to WordPressMy Profile

    • Thanks Rudd; you recommendation is noted. Kingged is just one very place to be for all bloggers looking for free flow of traffic and engagements.

      And the daily cash give away just makes everything about kingged almost perfect.

      Thanks Rudd, and have a nice day.


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