Top 10 Social Networking Qualities for Building Successful Blogging Career.

Don’t be a lonely blogger; no man knows it all. Social networking and relationship building are just about what you’ll need most in building that blog of your dream.

I learned this lesson the hard way, and until I did; all about my blogging career was crawling like a snail.

It easy to get tempted trying to be that superman – that one hero that fix almost everything that got broken on his own – but when it comes to achieving greater success……you just can’t find a superman.

There is no such in the universe, it only exist in the book.

So how do you grow your social networking channels and established meaningful connections that help grow your blogging career to its apex?

But right before we go into that; is important we talked about those wrong places to start looking for networking and relationship building.

You Can’t Walk The Ladder From Top To Bottom.

If you’re just starting out online, I mean if you’re freshly dressed up here – you’ll have come across many great advices on how you can speed up your way to attract good attention from top influencer.

But, hey! You’ve tried and tried and tried, and these things never happen. Darren Rowse never check you out, nor did he even reply to comment you left on his post that took almost half an hour for you to craft out such comments.

Nor did Brain Clark ever re-tweet your most talked about blog post that drive you insanely amount of traffic despite all your efforts in following him almost everywhere online….re-tweeting any of his updates, you +1 and likes everything about him.

Wait a second; you will never get what you’re looking for from these people. These are wrong places to start looking for friendship, relationship building and networking for a beginner blogger.

What you will get from these so called authority bloggers is zilch; unless you’ve walked your way up to some great height….. trying to get these people’s attention may become an exercise in futile.

I was thinking same way like you some years back, but luckily for me I met a guy who quickly told me it won’t do me any good trying to be friend with an already established blogger at the beginning of my blogging career – good I listen to his advice.

Where To Start Building Networking And relationship.

You’ll need to start with your peer group, and after that, gradually, when you see how things are moving with you, you can start looking for these authority bloggers on their social gathering and their blogs.

Your peer groups are the best tools available to you for building relationship, established effective connections and good solid social networking. These are the people that will genuinely sing your praises, celebrates your tiny success and recommend you to others.

I wish you agree with this in quick time; so you don’t start waiting for ships at the airport.

Top 10 Qualities for Social Networking and Relationship Building.

Here I will talk about those qualities you’ll need to possess in other to attract good meaningful connections and build better relationship.

1. Appreciate People first.

This is mostly important in building good solid relationship and better social networking with your peers.

Don’t look to yourself as high above others; appreciate others talent, their personalities, their status, culture, background, etc. If you don’t learn to celebrate other people’s life, then no one will sing your praises.

2. Help others.

Don’t try to always be at the receiving end.

Life is all about give and take, you get what you pay for and only if you’re giving then you can receive.

Learn to help others with whatever is in your possession; be it skills, money, properties, wisdom, knowledge, advices and just about any way you can be of help to someone.

When you visit your regular online communities, listen to people complains, their worries and fears – see how you can be of help. This will not only get you noticed but also elevate you to an expert status.

3. Share Your Problem with Others.

Yes, just as it’s important for you to help others, so also is important for you to share your problem with other too. Don’t give sign that you’re Mr. know it all.

Raise discussion, and ask others to get involved in providing solution to it.

4. Be Real.

I have some young friends guilty of this; some of my friends on Facebook do some horrible things that most likely give negative remarks about them – something so silly like deliberately wrong spelling of their names e.g, “Sunday” was spelled out as “Xundey”.

There are many issues with things like this: First, if I were your old friend and have lost contact for quite some time; I decide to check you out on Facebook by typing your full name (both with surname); there is just no way for me to identify you.

Second; if am to do business with you online, I may consider you a scammer. Why manipulating your name?

And when chatting online; spell every word out correctly. Avoid using abbreviations except when it’s necessary and appropriate. This shows some sort of respect, maturity and seriousness in you.

Some people go as far as abbreviating any word they type to the point of writing “okay” as “k”. This get me annoyed and makes me feels you just don’t have my time or the time you spend with me is not valuable to you.

5. Your Appearance.

Yes, it’s true that the internet is faceless communities, but remember your profile pictures are there to tell who you are and what you look like.

Don’t make people have negative feelings about you just because your profile says so. Upload good looking pictures of yourself and not that of a celebrity, cartoon or that of an animal.

Most people online like to interact with someone they can at least see he is human and not robots.

6. Listen to others.

Don’t make it a habit to always want to win the arguments; give other people’s taught, experiences, advices and solution a try. You can’t do it all alone, if you can, why reading this post?

7. Overcome Fear.

Take away the inferiority complex inside you out. If you’re not seeing yourself as someone who can do it, then how do you expect others to believe you can do it?

You have to beat that fear inside of you out immediately, see things in the bigger picture and believe you can do it.

8. Branding and packaging.

This is highly important in today’s business world.

You have to brand yourself so people look at you with an impressive look, and wanted to associate with you and your business. No one likes to be associated with negative things, so package yourself in a modest way and present yourself as a civilized citizen.

9. Communicates Appropriately.

The way you address others matters a lot, especially when you’re speaking to someone on the other side of the world. These are people from different cultural background, nations, blood, lifestyle, thinking, ideology, races, etc.

Learn how to communicate properly, and speak to people in a tone that shows respect. Don’t be rude in your communication. Cause you may never get that second chance to amend things.


If I have to write all 10 qualities out here, then I’ll become guilty of point number 3. Number 2 on my list says, “help others”, I have done that by providing you with 9 point that I know of that will be of help in this regard.

While number 3 says, “Share your problem with others too”, so my problem is that I don’t know the 10th quality to better social networking and relationship building.

Help me out.

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  1. hello shamsi. i agree with you. i almost fall in this social media trap too where i only wana do things myself. i don’t like sharing and asking for help think i know all but later had some difficulties, but when i started seeking help from others, things go easy for me.Recomment Nokia SECRET CODES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS.

    • Thanks Emma,

      It feels good to hear you once believe that you can be a superman; but quick to realize there is just no way you can be that. Sharing with others our problems is a perfect way to quickly get out of it and even achieve success quickly than it might takes us if we decide to go solo.

      Thanks for coming Emma, and do have lovely time.

  2. Nice one Shamsudeen! My number 10 quality would be celebrate success with others. Sharing their valuable posts on the social networks is another another way of helping them. :)

    Basically, the beginning of building a successful network is creating and sharing value with others.

    Your nine qualities are reminders of what are NEEDED to climb the ladder of networking from bottom up. Impressive piece I must remark!

    I have left the above comment in where this post was shared and kingged for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Hello Sunny,
      As usual, thanks for coming and contributing your quota to my blog to see it grow in size and shapes; thank you and I must say that your remarkable comments on each post I published is noted and without doubt, you’re such a guy full with talents and wisdom.

      Yes, the beginning of better successful network is to provide value to others as this will get more people wanted to associate with you and value your time well spent with them. This also gain you some sort of respect among other people who notice your exceptional helping hand.

      Thanks Sunny, and hope this relationship will lead to more better successful dealing in the very near future.

  3. Hi Shamsudeen,

    That’s a well written article. I can see the research the you have put in it.

    I liked the 10 point. The question mark. If you really start listing the qualities of a successful blog, it will go endlessly.

    In this context I would like to say “Sharing is caring”. Once people attain the passion and see blogging as platform to learn and connect with people, all other qualities will naturally follow with it.

    Newbies should change the attitude. Rome was not built in a day. A blogger require hardwork and a good heart to make them really successful.

    Thanks for the share !!!!!!!!!

    PS: I got dropped here from Kingged
    Jakes recently posted…MIT’s Wi-Vi lets you See through the Walls using Wi-Fi signalsMy Profile

    • Thanks Jakes,

      Definitely, if one try to write all that is to building successful blogging career; I don’t think we will ever have a finished book. Thanks for adding “Sharing is Caring”, this indeed a great way to get on the radar of interested people and connect with people like minded.

      And in return, we get same treatment if we provide quality like Sunday as suggested in his comment above.

      Thanks for reading through Jakes and adding your voice to it, I also left you this comment on kingged where this post was syndicated for the web.

  4. Hi there Shamsudeen,
    Nice post. Actually all we need as bloggers is to connect to our audience and not to think on how we can start from above. the foundation must be laid and it must be firm. Otherwise our blogging career will be destroyed. We need all these qualities!
    Thanks, Laura.
    Laura Ben recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, news and featuresMy Profile

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for coming, and from the look of things, it seems this your first visit to my blog?

      If I guess right; you’re most welcome to CyberNaira.

      Back to main topic; most bloggers in their early days of blogging, always try to get the attention of these so called Authority bloggers which lead them to following them around everywhere on the net.

      While this is good in its context, is never a smart move for beginners bloggers to take. Better start with your peers, and learn to sits first, then crawl before thinking of walking with your legs – this how a baby go from stage to stage.

      Thanks Laura and hope your stay is full of new discoveries.

  5. My 10th point lies between 3 and 2. Sharing problems and helping others.

    Find out what problems your fans and followers might have. This will go a long way in helping many folks out there.

    Some people don’t know they have to share their problems to get someone help in solving them. They prefer to tell their problems to those whom they know have the solution. That is why it is important to establish oneself as an authority in the first inatance.

    That is where unsolicited help/offer comes in. Majority of great men I know become successful by helping people in this manners.

    Deep interaction, study and analysis help understand what problem people really have. Things become easier though when the problems disclosure is initiated from the horse mouth.
    aceclue recently posted…WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks You Shouldn’t MissMy Profile

    • Hi Aceclue,

      There is a proverb in my native language that says,”When you keep to yourself your sickness, your sickness kills you silently”. People should learn how to share their problem with others; it doesn’t matter how small or big it is – you might not know who that next person is.

      Thanks for coming, Aceclue and hope you enjoy your stay.

  6. Hello; I thought this was an excellent post. I agree it is important to be real. I have seen a marked improvement of my site’s rankings and the responses to my posts since i started sharing more of my personal life in them. People are inspired by a blind person conquering blogging, social media, videos, online conferences, and my weight loss too. and i love that you mentioned asking for help. some of my best linked in or face book posts were when i asked friends and followers to help me solve a problem on my site. and you are so right you have to build up to knowing the super stars in most cases. that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them, it just means you shouldn’t base your success or failure on them noticing you. thanks for the post and take care, Max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Blog hop on the writing processMy Profile

    • Hi Max,
      Thanks for coming, and oh yes! helping others is a very useful way to get noticed in a very crowded environments like the internet is, and would ever be.

      Sharing your problem too with others quickly build up friendship and established useful and meaningful connections if you follow through on what you’ve started.

      Thanks Max, and do have a lovely day.

  7. Nice thought there and thanks for the share.
    When I was thinking on how to start blogging there was no where I read of such information. Actually I thought it is just a frequent writing thing which doesn’t involve money, much time and attention as it is. But after starting and visiting blogs like I have just done blogging knowledge started coming into my mind. I am applying every knowledge I get from other people’s post and it has been effective in my blogging career.

  8. Nice and informative post

    Every blogger starts up for building a successful blogging career. The above article explains us some important things which helps us for making our blogging career successful. For having such life you should be always active in social networking and relationship building. The above article explains top 10 qualities which are helpful for every blogger.

    There are many points which I like but some of them are communicating appropriately. Do not try to do it all by yourself. listening to others and overcoming you fear. All these points help us in social networking and in building relationships. Great post I hope this post will help many bloggers for creating a successful blogging career especially beginners.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted…How to Reduce your Stress at Financial Year-endMy Profile

  9. Ashley - Be Wonderfully You says:

    #10 For me would be to be consistent. Keep the quality posts coming. Keep on point, just because a post isn’t something you usually talk about doesn’t mean it has to veer completely off track from your blog premise.

    • Thanks Ashley,

      Consistency is key in whatever we’re doing, either offline or online.In each, we have to strive to achieve perfection – though we can’t achieve this – but the determination to always reach the peak will bring out the best in us always.

      And like you said, is good to always have a variety of topics for your readers to read.

      Thanks for coming.

  10. Excellent information, a tutorial is walkways great. The information shared here is worth reading again. Thank you.

  11. Great advice! It is important to appreciate people. You have to treat them like they are important for after all they are. If it wasn’t for people we wouldn’t have anyone reading, following, liking, and commenting on our blogs!

    • Thanks Cheryl,

      What you added to this post might be a bit short in length but the value of it is beyond its length.

      Without people, there is nobody.

      Thanks for the great advice and do have a lovely day.

  12. Hi Shamsudeen!

    I absolutely agree with you on this post. It is a lot easier and more effective to build your blog with your peers or current circle of influence. Let your online communities that you are connected to you create a buzz for you. The Law Of Sowing & Reaping reigns true in any arena of life. Great article. This will definitely help someone become more efficient with their time.
    Karl E Bennett Jr recently posted…How To Create A Profitable Affiliate Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  13. Keeping it real and participating with others in your blogging community are great keys to success in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing Shamsudeen!

    • Thanks Al Calder,
      Without participating with others, there is just no way we can talk about networking and relationship building.

      And that you’ve just pointed out.

      Thanks for reading through, wish you a lovely day.

  14. Hmmn, building and maintaining a strong business network is critical to professional success and I must say that it is easier than it seems. It involves figuring out who you know, deciding who you want to know, and implementing a strategy that showcases your best personal and professional skills.

    Well, I must say that the answer is ACCESSIBILITY.

    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

  15. wow! I should add the 10th one? You just spoke my mind. My point would have being overcoming fear but you exquisitely dealt with it in your 7th point.

    This was an insightful post. Do have a great day bro!
    Emmanuel recently posted…Just a Billion Reason why I will Quit Blogging One day.My Profile


  1. says:

    10 Social Networking Qualities for Building Successful Blog – CyberNaira

    It easy to get tempted trying to be that superman – that one hero that fix almost everything that got broken on his own – but when it comes to achieving greater success……you just can’t find a superman. There is no such in the universe, it only exist in…

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