5 Social Media Strategies to Boost SEO

The Journey of a thousand miles start with taking the first step…that’s what is most important in undertaking any adventure.

This analogy maybe compare to the ever evolving world of search engine optimization for starters becoming professionals. While the task, steps or whatever needed to achieve better search engine visibility maybe overwhelming – this can never be achieved without taking the first steps.

While everything – the art and science – about searching engine optimization best practices seems to be changing and adapting itself to the continual algorithm changes, updates and very deep complex of Google and other major search engines, the rules are not created in a day.

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This makes it a bit difficult to predicts which leading industry best practices will eventually lift your business above  your competitors and making sure your web pages always hit the first pages of SERP.

But following from experience and some other factors – we do know that there are some little things that can be done to enhance your website popularity, quality targeted traffic, search ranking and in return boost revenue on a consistent cost-effective basis.

Social media has become part of our today’s SEO strategies and the good news for entrepreneur looking to leverage on social media strategies to boost SEO and their search organic traffic is that there are marketing tactics that never consider spamming or out of favor. These are considered as one of industry best practices and never seem to be out of practices in long distance.

The era of relying “ONLY” on quality content and inbound links seems to be decline as fast as I know. If you want more better result from your online business, then is obvious you’ll need look more closer at how social media influence these result and most especially – organic search traffic.

Though, Google as come out on many occasion to defend this claim that social signal do not affect search ranking. But from what I can tell…..social signal do affect organic search traffic.

That’s a discussion for another day!

Lets move on with how social media strategies can boost your organic SEO efforts.

1. Quality Content.

There is no and I don’t think there will ever be a or any substitute for this.

Quality content is the beginning of marketing strategy in internet marketing; if you can produce high relevant quality information that solves users needs and wants, then the battle to win over your potential customers is already half way won.

And not only that, but you have also set a good foundation to a better search engine optimization process.

Here is a good post I write not too long ago that deals with how to improve your writing skills.

2. Use Paid Social Advertisement.

This one tricky and debatable – but from experience I’m saying this.

Each time I run an ads campaign on Facebook that has a positive result, I see a slightly increase in my organic traffic from Google search engine. Reason I don’t know or understand why this have to be so – something am still trying to figure out why and what might be the cause.

And also, I have come across other marketers sharing their experience on this too. Maybe you test it out yourself and see what result you get.

3. Make Social Sharing Easy.

Your blog post is not the only place to include your social sharing buttons.

Include them in your email newsletters and if possible in all out going promotional messages that goes out on behalf of  your brand name. This helps to make your content reach more people who you can’t possibly reach and increase your opt-in rate.

At the end of each blog post , kindly ask for social share like I would also be glad to see you share this post on your different social networking sites. Here is a post by Ian Cleary of RazorSocial that writes on how to make it easy to have your audience sharing your quality content and effective tools you can use to ease the task of content sharing.

4. Be Active.

Yes, without been active on social media it could be a daunting task to command the attention of your potential customers. If you don’t have all the time in this world to spend on your social activities, you can out source it to visual assistance or get someone from places like fiverr, odesk etc to do it for you.

Not everyone has the time to hang around in these social media places, but their importance to online marketing could make us rethink in our time management.

5. Use Google Authorship.

*Updated* Google Authorship no longer exist, so ignore this section.

Simply put – put your face to your work!

That’s how I see the reason behind Google Authorship verification process. Authorship is one the best features of Google+ and it not only impact your SEO ranking but also helps in increasing click-through rate.

Lets assume you search for a particular keyword phrase and it happen that you’re in my Google+ circle, Facebook friends or wherever and this picture of mine stand by one of the result linking back to my web page…

Google+ rel=author

you definitely might want to check out what your friend have to say to you – and that help me gain more click-through rate. There is a small piece of code (rel=author) that you’ll need to copy and paste into your web pages to allow your profile picture stand next to your listing in Google search.

If you click on the name of the author that appear on the search result, this will take you to the Google+ page of that author which may result in joining his circle. The power of images can do a lot here too and make the difference in click-through rate as searchers may likely click on the result with author’s image stand next to it than the one without author image in the result.

To add (rel=author) code and claim Google authorship for your published content read this post from socialmediaexaminer that gives you a very comprehensive details on all you need to know about Google authorship.

These are just five and not in any way a conclusive list of social media strategies to boost SEO efforts; I’ll be glad if you can include your in the comment box below so we can both keep updating this post with fresh relevant point that help users make the most inform decision.

5 Social Media Strategies to Boost SEO by
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  1. says

    I have heard that we do get rewarded by an increase in organic traffic. It’s a bit scary to think of FB and Google teaming up like this. Thanks for the #5 tip. I will definitely use that and also will check out the articles you provided links for.

    • says

      Thanks Beth,

      Really, is scary to see this things happen, but that what I have experienced getting to thrice of running a successful FB ads. But well, all the same for the good.

      Thanks for reading through, hope I see more of you.

    • says

      Yes Arleen, it works if your Google+ page is for business. But like you already know, to increase your chances of higher click-through rate in search engine result pages, it will be wise to use a profile photo that has the face of human – Yourself.

      From user point of view, I will click on a search result that has a human face attach to it over the one with a company logo; except that the brand in question is “cocacola” or a close Pal.

      Hope you get that?

      Thanks for reading through, I appreciate your visit.

  2. says

    Being active also means regularly creating updates on posts, comments and social engagement. These would always refresh search engine algorithms and ultimately boost SEO! Good strategies, I agree!

    • says

      Thanks Sunny,

      Regularly updating social status, posting of interesting videos and images, joining the conversation will also always keeps the brand name in the heart of its customers.

      Thanks for coming, and do have a nice day.

  3. says

    Recently one of the BHB members set up a google+ community which I also joined. I am still so new to all of this that a lot of it overwhelms me, but I have bookmarked your site and will work my way through the information starting right at the top with number one. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks Lenie,

      Very good I feel over here to read you actually bookmark this page for further reading, Thank you!

      Yes, it’s true that all these stuffs about blogging could be at times very overwhelming….you just have to remain focus to your goal and know the reason you’re into it. Stay and remain focus to that reason.

      Thank you.

  4. Sarmista Aun says

    Hello Shamsudeen,

    Every one wants to their post on the top the Search Engine. Why? Because it will help to increase traffic rate of your blog. To get good ranking signal, we have to optimize our blog post.

    We can do this thing by utilizing different social media.

    Join several social media.
    Try to active on these area.
    Post frequently there.
    And always write quality content, do not copy.

    This will help your post to get good ranking on Google or any other search engine.

    Thanks Shamsudeen for sharing this topic on Kingged.

    Sarmista Aun recently posted…How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Sarmista,
      You have made good and valid point there, posting regularly and be proactive in your favorites social networking site is one of the ingredient to a better social media marketing.

      Thanks Sarmista, nice having you here.

  5. William Rusho says

    This is such a good article for me. I was a bit of a luddite before, and am trying to learn more about social media. Such good information.

  6. says

    Hello; I appreciate your taking the time to share these with us. I wasn’t convinced about adding sharing buttons to an email until reading this post. I just started using an auto responder with the ability to send more professional emails and I had started including follow buttons at the bottom. I will now also be adding sharing buttons. do you have a suggestion as to where in the email and in what order to post the sharing buttons. thanks, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Knowing your worth and setting pricesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for coming; the bottom also is the ideal place to include sharing buttons. I don’t think placing them in any particular order do matter, just the major ones – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupn etc.

      Thanks Max, nice having you here.

  7. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    I think the equation we miss so often is that it’s content + sharing + engaging with other’s content = success.

    In my experience, social media has made it possible for me to connect with other amazing bloggers and speakers. When they write and have something to say that contributes to my business or life I want to know it, interact with it (like commenting) and share it out with my audience.

    The scarcity model of me me me isn’t going to get you SEO. Building a community that is growing and syndicating out of relationships will.

    That to me is where social media is powerful long-term for SEO.

    I appreciate your post Shamsudeen and I hope you have a really strong finish to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…Are You Flailing Around Trying To Build A Business Online Or Are You Actively Building a Community That Will Help You Do It?My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Don,

      Nice seeing you around, hope you had some great time reading my blog?

      Internet marketing is not about you, but your potential audience and customers. If nothing isn’t it for the readers, then there is absolute no value in it.

      Thanks for bringing that up, do have a nice day.

    • says

      Thanks Susan,

      Not only you is having a hard time with tip #4, I struggle with that too. Is hard to keep up with all that happens over there especially wen you have a lot by the side like you said.

      But am trying to see how I can fix it.

      Thanks for coming.

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