Why Google Should Start Penalizing Sites For Removing Dates From Blog Posts

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Again, the debate over either removing dates from blog posts is good or bad blogging practice has surface once more. But this time, I’m not going to sit on the fence.

Sometimes ago, I published an article in which I gave an advice why following in the footsteps of authority bloggers could be dangerous. I urge you to read that post and take some of what I shared there.

Before you follow someone’s lead, be careful who you follow and don’t just go with conventional thought; analyze yourself and evaluate every of your qualities, goals, your true self, who you are, how you want others to perceive you and your business etc.

First, I want to ask you a question and sincerely I do want “YOU” to answer it.

Is there truly an “evergreen” information?

Many authors will argue that their content is evergreen and timeless. But in real honesty, is there ever a 100% evergreen information? There is one aspect of life that I know of that is evergreen and that is “life and death”.

Since the beginning of the world Man has being giving birth to their off-spring and Man has being caused to die when his time is up. No one lives forever – and that is an evergreen information but….wait a seconds!

The fundamental word or actions in the above statement is life and death;  the causes or implementations of these actions has been known to increase from time to time, from generation to generations.

Many years ago, the only means for a woman to get pregnant is to have a physical sexual intercourse with a man, then she can/may conceive and become pregnant. After nine months when are time is due, she delivers her burden – a baby is born.

Fast forward to modern days and the improvements in science and technology, now a woman can get pregnant without having a man physically deposit sperms in her through sexual intercourse. She can even now decide the sex of her unborn baby.

The causes of death has rapidly grown from time to time in our generation than it ever was. From HIV,Cancer to now another deadly virus – Ebola.

Now tell me…if the causes of life and death could increase over time, do we still have a so-called 100% ever green information?

I was reading through Derek Halpern of social trigger’s blog and couldn’t resist what I saw – the blog post carries no dates and dates on comment section has been removed too.

To me this is totally a NO! NO!

Why are we here? – Blog Authors.

We’re supposed to give to the users the best possible “relevant” answers to their queries. One of the most important factors that makes an information relevant to a user’s query is dates. A user need to know before all else the degree of authenticity the information before him is relevant to his “present” needs.

We are living in a very fast pace world that is changing almost every single seconds; here and there things are happening, news are breaking out from every hooks and corners, event are taking places and technology is trying to make it almost possible to catch up with the changes around us.

One very place to turn to when you need a recap of all major events and information is the world-wide web. The very place to get accurate data information now turn into a place of deceit.

No mater how you – bloggers – think, believe or clamming your contents are timeless – I tell you they’re not.

Years ago, we have no such commenting system called ComLuv. Those bloggers who are writing about commenting strategy or whatever topic about blog commenting never have the grace to include ComLuv has part of their teachings or case studies.

Now we do; and if blog post dates is not on those articles written years ago before the existence of ComLuv blog commenting system, then a user who is looking for an up to dates information on blog commenting tools may eventually do away with non-applicable tactics on effective commenting.

If post dates are not on your posts – I assume two things:

1. You’re  a lazy blogger and don’t want your blog visitor to see that in you.

2. You’ re trying to manipulate page-view by deceiving visitors from search engine to click-through to your website – since dates are not visible on your search listing in SERP, readers may likely click-through based on benefits of doubt.

The Worst Case of Removing Dates from Blogs Posts.

Well, to some degree user may not find it too offensive if dates were only removed from the post and is still visible in the comment section. At least we have some evident to judge the relevancy of the information at hand.

But when the entire blog can’t be identify with publication date, then such blog visitors are in deep shit. One very thing that is still mystery to me is that this practice of removing dates on either posts or entire blog is mostly common among the so-called “A” blogger.

Do the finds yourself and see in every 10 blogs you’ll find out there that carries no dates of publication on its blog post, I bet 8 out that figure are one of those bloggers we look up to for advice.

Now it became glaring why you should be careful who you listen to and take advice from. These people – Authority Bloggers – can do anything and still get away with it. Don’t replicate their tactics or strategies.

Be yourself and follow the path that is upright and crawl, walk or better run at your own pace.

Recently, I was searching for the term “wpengine coupon code” and Art Of Blog – a well popular and authoritative blog – pop-up among the SERP result.

art of blog

Without much thinking about it, I click-through to the blog and was reading through before something caught my attention – the promo code I heard of was different from what I saw on their blog – Art of Blog – I was like, “what’s going on with WpEngine”?

Then, being an insider in the blogging industry….something tells me to look out for publication date. I did, but no dates attached to the post. Oh my GOD!

I scroll down to the comment section to see if there is dates and behold the information am reading was way be back published and only valid in the year 2012. Oh! That was when I really understand and realize the degree of harm we are doing to consumers of our content if such thing as dates is being removed on our publications.

The below image shows the dates of the publication on Art of Blog comment section. Thank GOD they keep that!

Art of blog comments


The Bigger Shocker of Removing Dates from Blog Posts.

I wasn’t satisfied with my findings; so I proceed further with my research wanting to know more why bloggers do this and maybe there is any real positive benefits the practice offers visitors – of all mentioned arguments for removing dates on blog post, all were in favor of the blog owners and their selfish interest.

I followed a link from Google SERP to warrior forum there I found the biggest shocker of them all.

Read carefully the below statement.

warrior forum debate


What do you called that?

Business tactics or fraud?

I believe Google should start penalizing sites that indulge in this act of deceive and unethical blogging practice.

Share this article if you believe that removing dates on blog post is entirely not acceptable and misleading. Put yourself in your sites visitors shoes!


Why Google Should Start Penalizing Sites For Removing Dates From Blog Posts by
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  1. Hello Shamsudeen,
    A blog post is timeless or evergreen, if after so many years people still finds the information useful. If you are in the tech niche or you give tutorials, it would be hard to give an evergreen post, why? Because things change. If you ask me, There are ever green articles.

    And what makes a post timeless is the date, because age don’t count on things that still help, right?

    I don’t like blog posts that don’t have date on them and most time, i do not comment on such blogs :) . That’s just me sha…

    Shared the post on all my social networks because i love it :)
    Thanks and do have a nice week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…Web Traffic? How To Kick Start Your Blog The Smart WayMy Profile

    • Good to see you around here Babanature, thanks for coming.

      Yes, you’re right and I sincerely know too that to some degree there are evergreen contents. But that shouldn’t take away the fact that things change, system get updated and ways and manners at how things are been done get improved on.

      So, there is always room for improvement or updating of the so called evergreen content.

      Even at that, removing dates from online publications is never and I don think a time will come that it will be even consider a fair blogging practice.

      Thanks for coming and many of the thanks for helping sharing this article with your followers. Thanks.

  2. I am very happy that I found this during my search for something concerning this. I have read your article completely and i have gained a lot from it. I m a new reader and happy to have found you. Thanks for the tips and I look forward to reading more posts in the future. I’m impressed by your blogging and I hope that others will learn from you as I do. Thank you again for all your help.
    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing.

    Jagbir Sandhu

  3. Hello Shamsudeen!

    Good day to you!

    “Why Google Should Start Penalizing Sites For Removing Dates From Blog Posts” post will help bloggers realize the benefit or a blog post with published date on. It makes sense that Google should penalize site for removing dates. It’s honestly frustrating to know a post without publish date looks helpful in our studies or search, and has comments from year 2012 or 2013.

    Readers should be aware about this kind of blogs. It would be a smart idea if bloggers practice putting the date on their post. They could benefit from it, if they are not lazy enough to post sometimes a week if not everyday.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  4. Hi Shamsudeen,

    I loved the fact that before you started with the article, you have given a preamble. It’s so good to know that you believe the same thing as I do. It’s definitely true that how far our world has advanced. Beginning from Aristotle, Ptolemy and other great mind to recent genetic engineering. Though there is a far better side to it, the rapid pace of advancement is also a growing concern. Humans are trying to outdo God. Isn’t what this we find? Yes, it is the fact.

    Now, about your article, I have seen many blogs where dates aren’t mentioned. It didn’t use to bother me previously but since I have started blogging, it is always a cause of frown for me. The authors try and I reiterate, they actually try to deceive their readers. Maybe some of them are just down right lazy. But given the fact that readers rely heavily on the information of a blog, dates are a compulsory element. Google should penalize them for the delinquencies. Not publishing the dates can really be a cause of worry, especially about the ingenuity. Because as you have said, many new things are being discovered. In our present world scenario, there are constant upheavals. Therefore what once was right, may not be the same in the next moment. Just like Galileo, who was indicted because of his belief. Huh !! Imagine what would be the case if it had been now? Maybe the people behind the prosecution might have been sued. Lol !!

    But seriously Shamsudeen, it was a very good post from your side friend. And I hope your readers would be of same mind as I am. Have a great day bro…….

    Sanjay Pal recently posted…How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your BlogMy Profile

    • What else can I say Sanjay…….but to Thank you for the wisdom you’ve shared here today.

      I’m so happy that you even point to other areas I never thought of, or my reasoning just didn’t went in that direction.

      And that’s the kind of world we’re living in at the moment…things changed fast here and the better all data, documents, information and whatever are properly kept, documented with dates to indicates when the theory/practical was born for future purposes the better for the next generation.

      Thanks Sanjay, you have really added more value to this post.

  5. I feel that, if blog is related to some technology or if related to computer science and stuff then daily many things are changing in those fields and if someone removes date from info of date , it is sad , as there blog can never be ever green but if someone is writing a blog about nature or lets take Mathematics ( :) my subject) then 2 + 2 = 4 always and trees will be green always sea will have water… ( just an example) then blog can be ever green and dates does not matter much.
    But on the whole this practice is not good , as I believe this is an action to deceive reader which is not good actually in any case!
    andleeb recently posted…Honor killing in KashmirMy Profile

    • You amuse me Andleeb with your examples; 2+2 = will always be 4. That’s interesting! Anyway you’re right in all your views, also am glad you conclude that on the whole its still not a good practice to remove dates from blog.

      Andleeb, you have been a very good reader of my blog and I appreciate your effort in taking time to always visit and making your presence felt. Thank you.

      • You are welcome. I enjoy reading and as you are added in list when I get link and have free time , rush to see what’s new.
        Yes I feel that it is wrong to remove date.
        andleeb recently posted…Honor killing in KashmirMy Profile

        • Thanks Andleeb, you’re always welcome here. Do have a nice day.

          And one more thing, I visited your blog now and see that your wordpress.com site is linked to your blogspot when I clicked on the article to read it.


          • Actually blogspot is main … I had that one .. then thought to concentrate on one and to all the friends of word press I just leave something there…

            I wanna ask you, if you can advice me …. is it fine like this or better delete wordpress?

            • Well you ask me!

              If I have to choose between the two…I would get on with wordpress.com and say goodbye to blogspot.That’s me, I have played with blogger in the past and couldn’t do much with it.

              Though, I don’t have the luxury of blogging with wordpress.com so little I can tell of it, but from what I saw on your blog, I think is better than blogger.

              But I would advice as soon as possible….if you’re aiming to take your blogging career beyond just hobby, go for self hosted wordpress.org blog.

              Thank you.


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    Why Removing Dates From Blog Posts Deserve Google\’s Penalty

    Again, the debate over either removing dates from blog posts is good or bad blogging practice has surface once more. But this time, I m not going to sit on the fence.

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