Paid Blog Promotion – 3 questions before You Jump Into It

Looking back at everything I went through in the early days of my blogging career; and analyzing what it takes to be where my blog stands today….there are things I wish I had done long time ago, if I had discover them early – Paid blog promotion.

Now that I have discover and utilize them and seeing the effect they have on the progress of this blog, I was like beating my head against the wall why haven’t I know these things long time ago.

But then, it occur to me maybe if I had discover these things about six months into my blogging career, they wouldn’t have benefited me anyway.


Lets take the issue of paid blog promotion as a case study.

Without an effective reasonable amount of targeted traffic, almost every business can not survive. But also if you’re sending a specific kind of traffic to a low quality content, it might ended up a fruitless efforts.

So, if I had embark on paid promotion a year and half ago, it won’t have yield into something rewarding base on my level of writing as at then. I can succeed in dragging readers down to this blog but I can’t force them to read and love what I wrote.

And this mean it would be hard to find any return visit.

I assume before a blogger take to paid blog promotion, there are certain questions he need must answer first. And his honesty to these questions will either give the green light or the red light.

3 questions

1. Do You Have Valuable Information Ready For Your Potential Audience?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself first and check through your content archives to see if you have good solid information for the type of readers you want to drive down to your blog.

Quality content in this aspect involve so many checks and balances.

First, take a second look at your writing style, your use of words and language.

  • Does it match the type of audience you wants?
  • Look at the structure and length of the articles, is it something your guest will love?
  • What is the response of your current readers toward your content?
  • Do they love what you’re writing?
  • Check your analytic to see what percentage of return visitors you’re having.
  • Look at direct visit you currently have.

Checking your Google analytic is important; if the small amount of readers you have at the moment are returning to see what next you have in store for them, that’s an indication they love what you’re writing.

You only need to expend into other areas where you can locate similar type of audience and expose your content to them. Now you can be rest assured your money won’t ended up burning into the thin air.

Use the data you gathered in your Google analytic to see where most of your current readers are coming from and use that data to market your content to other potential readers in that location.

2. Do you have plan for consistence content production?

This is something an average blogger overlook.

If you don’t have plan or not capable of producing content consistently, it would be wise not to embark on paid promotion of your blog unless you’re only marketing a specific content for a reason.

When you promote your blog across to different audience and they follow your link, saw what you have on your blog and like it. Chances are few percentage of that audience will return on regular basis to check on your next blog post updates and if you’re not giving them something new and fresh, that might simply be a turn off for many readers.

A waste of money, resource and energy.

3. Is your blog well set up?

This is crucial and to the overall success of your blogging business. You’ll need to evaluate the state of your blog and see what could be missing or need to put in the right position.

I suggest you have a working subscription form on your blog and your income strategies should be well planned and laid out.

The opt-in form is very important you have it on your blog; as many first time visitor would like to subscribe to your newsletter if they like what you’re doing. And if you’re not providing them with an option to subscribe, you’re not helping yourself.

Look at the bottom end of this post; you’ll see my subscription form there. See it in action by subscribing to this blog post updates. Thank you as you do so.

Well, these are my three areas I assume a blogger should look into before taking to paid promotion of his blog. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending money to promote your blog.

Your blog is your marketing tool, and you’ll need to treat it like an entrepreneur.

Taking to paid blog promotion is never a bad idea, in fact it is one very means many successful content marketers have used and still using to market their content to a more large targeted audience that they could not have possibly reach.

Let’s hear your views on this topic in the comment box below.

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  1. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,
    There is a learning curve in all things, if you have learned and applied paid promotion earlier, perhaps some of the things you have learned about generating unpaid traffic would not have been possible.

    Yes, I like the three questions asked in this post. It doesn’t make sense directing visitors to a site which offers no value.

    If a blogger is going for paid blog promotion, then he/she must have a ready-made solution for the concerns of audience.

    For paid promotion to work, quality content and valuable offers must be in place!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

    • says

      This is one of the reason I always value your comment Sunny;

      There is a learning curve in all things, if you have learned and applied paid promotion earlier, perhaps some of the things you have learned about generating unpaid traffic would not have been possible.

      I never thought of that when writing this post and would have added that point if I had think of it that way. Many thanks to you Sunny, I tell you the truth, it’s been wonderful knowing you. Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks Pat,
      Your point are on point and very valuable ones; without and effective planning and implementation, advertising your blog may turn to be a waste of money.

      Thanks for coming and my regards to BHB.

  2. says

    Hi Shamsuddin
    Thanks for writing and sharing this cool post. Every paid thing must pay us back. We just need to pick a paid gadget, service or plugin with lot of care. And before investing in blog promotion we must be confirmed if we manage to reap its all benefits during the campaign and after it is finished. This we must ensure before putting our hard-earned money into any paid venturing.

  3. says

    Hi Shamsudeen.,
    This is my first visit on your website and got impressed!!! :)
    What a wonder post indeed, all the point that you have mentioned above are superb and yup in blogging we all need to implementing all these point to make our blog effective and derive a traffic on it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting.

  4. says

    Hey Shamsudeen,

    Great article. For me, blog promotion is fine as long as it is along side with my niche. At the same time, I try avoid those companies that want to submit their articles. Those are really bad or not even close to being an SEO article.

    In short, yes that makes you a lot of money real fast (if you have PR 2 and above site) but at the end of the day, it all boils down if you really want to make the blog as a hub for guest posting or other wise :)

    Hope this makes sense.
    Reginald recently posted…115 Bite Size SEO Tips and ResourcesMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Reginald,

      Well, you’re just right on points and there is no way I couldn’t have agree more on that. Those are really bad for our business and should be thrown into the trash.

      Thanks for coming Reginald, and do have a nice day.

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