7 ways to optimize your content for social media shares and traffic

Social media sites has become an integral part of our today’s online marketing strategies; and no doubt every marketer now uses it to drives traffic, engagement, leads and consequently, increase sales potential.

As a content marketer, among what you should really care about is the impact the numbers of shares, likes, re-tweet and +1 your content could get which can affect your ranking in search engine result pages. Though Google has never admit to the fact that social media shares affect ranking.

But going by the result of Moz 2013 ranking factors experiment that proves number of Google+ a page receive contributes to it actual ranking position. With that said, here is a list of seven effective tactics to optimize your content for social media shares and traffic:

1. The Post Headline 

If perhaps there is just only one factor that will stand in between you and your potential audience on social media…….that will certainly be the article headline.

In one of my recent blog post, I made mention why your social media updates needs to carry a very strong compelling headline. Social media audience is always in a hurry and always scans through status; your post headline should define clearly what your information is all about.

If readers had to think for 10 seconds before having a clue into what your information is all about, your whole article could as well just be swimming out of the gate. You probably don’t want that.

A good article headline will instantly tell the readers what he should expect from reading the article and what type of information it is. You might want experiment with different types of headline to see which works best and why.

2. Use Big Attractive Images 

It is no more a breaking news the importance of images in social media updates. According to a research conducted in the year 2012 by MDG blog, it appear that posts with images get views 94% more than post without images.

Use big attractive images in your post and set it as the feature image for the post so it get displayed alongside your post.

3. Tell Stories 

It is true that logic, facts, education, fictions, or even your personal observation about things or places could easily turn to Stella post; but this fact remain the same……people are more consume and persuasive in stories than any other type of information.

Fact can be challenged, everyone knows that fictions are not real; and even the syllabus that the educational system runs could change from year to year but the story of a man cannot be change or doubt.

If you’re selling a product, tell a story about the pleasant even that took place between your sales rep and customers. If you’re content marketer, your journey so far is a very good story to tell. I bet if your readers won’t appreciate this most than any of your other content format.

Go through your content archives and dig deep; searching for those post that have receive the highest numbers of shares and comments, certainly it will come out as the one you incorporates your personal experience in to it.

4. Share in Relevant Places 

There is no point in writing a good quality piece of information about how to lose weight then going ahead to share it on i tones.

That would certainly be a wasted effort of time, resources and energy. Same apply to social media sites like Facebook groups. Share your articles in relevant places, groups, networks, marketing channels etc.

5. Optimize for Search engine 

This mustn’t go without saying; ensure that your content is well optimized for both search engine and users. What to note here is that a good search engine friendly article, is as well a user friendly content.

Optimize your keyword to be identified and understood easily by search engine and remember you also need to do that for the users too. If users had to read up to the fifth paragraph before knowing if the content is relevant to his query, then you might as well be misleading your readers.

6. Make Friends and lots of it 

Your social network of friends will help in this regards a lot; and if you’re not paying attention to the circle of friends you keep on social media, is time to look into it.

Why keeping friends who enjoy in talking about birthday parties and stuffs like that when your primary duty on social media sites is to build your brand awareness and grow your customer data base?

Look out for friends and influential who share same ideas and are closely in same niche as you. These are people who understand and value what you’re doing and could help spread your content across to their followers.

By time I started using Facebook, my friend list was full of families and close associates who never heard of the world “blogging“, and some didn’t even know the difference between Facebook and the internet.

You can imagine what categories of people I keep.

I remember telling my elder brother that I own and manage a blog on the internet; he asked a blog? Do I mean Facebook? I don’t know how to explain further but directed him to my blog so he could see what a blog look like and this just makes everything more worsen as he couldn’t even understand what I’m doing right there on my blog.

Make sure your lists of friends are people that can help in one way or the other with what you’re doing.

7. Include Call-to-action 

The best way to make people do something you wanted them to do is to tell them to do it and show them how to do it.

Include a cal-to-action button in your post updates like sharing button, destination web page url etc. Whatever is your purpose of marketing content, provide ways for your target audience to connect with you and your brand and help spread the word out of your blog.

Word of mouth and individual recommendation are still the best form of advertisements that guarantee sales than any other form of advert.

What other ways you know out there good for optimizing your content for social media traffic, shares, likes, +1?


7 ways to optimize your content for social media shares and traffic by
1st page google ranking


  1. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    Yes indeed, you do need the power of social media to boost your blog and you cannot deny the traffic you gain from it too. I know it’s always worked very well for me :)

    I agree with all your points. A catchy title is the key factor I would say, and if you have one, people just click to read all that you’ve written. Similarly, it’s the image that attracts them as well, not to mention, if it’s good, it gets several Pins on Pinterest, something I experience on my blog! Some posts have the images pinned over 2000 times!! And those old posts still drive traffic to my blog.

    Sharing your own experiences and having many friends from all niches is another important point as you mentioned, and it does make a difference. We cannot forget sharing is caring also….more you give the more you receive too, and even if you don’t, at least you played your part.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…SYPS: Resolve Lifestyle Problems to Make Your Life BetterMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for coming and you’ve just added another good points I miss in the article – if this images are attractive and tell a story, they could get pinned to pinterest which could add as an additional source of FREE traffic down to our blog.

      Having the right people in your circle is one of the best lesson I have learnt in recent times so far, many people are yet to understand this simple fact. If you’re blogger, have good percentage of friends that blogs and so it goes for other profession too.

      This will help in accelerate your progress when the need for help arises. It’s like having a group of mastermind around you, this is highly important to the attainment of success.

      Thanks, I appreciate your coming.

  2. says

    Hey Shamsudeen Adeshokan
    It is right without optimization of your contents they will be just like another post on blogosphere. It should be perfectly appealing for all the three targets 1) readers 2) social media 3) search engines.
    For that you need to first put keywords in your contents, then craft attractive headlines, write fresh contents and finally put awesome images to enhance their value. You have mentioned these points in this post and I easily grasped them and reproduce them here just to let you know how well-described and easy to understand your post is.
    Once again thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful post.

    • says

      Thanks Mi Muba,

      Nice seeing you around here, thanks for coming.

      You pointed out something that caught my attention – appealing to the three target: Readers, Social media and search engine.

      This is one very big mistakes many bloggers make, thinking is pointless optimizing their post for search engine. I have come across many bloggers that don’t even write their content around any keyword. A very BIG mistakes.

      Like you said, bloggers should strive hard to make their content well optimized to attract the readers, social media and search engine.

      Thanks Mi Muba, and do have a nice day.

  3. says

    I do hope I’m not the only stranger in CyberNaira? The reason for this has to do with the fact that CN now has a new design.
    I am adapting to the changes though but as to what you have to offer in terms of optimizing one’s contents for social media, headlines can’t be underestimated at all!
    Emmanuel recently posted…Why Blogging is a Serious Business?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Emma,

      Relax, You’re in the right place – CN. How do you see my new design? I thought of finding something more light and simple, and hope this prose theme from studiopress would do.

      Thanks Emmanuel.

  4. swapnil says

    optimizing new content fast i have will start my blog over old blog my old blog having lots of error n bugs now don’t have time to fix it so i have decided to start new blog hope i will get traffic by the way nice post really enjoyed it lot

  5. Augustus says

    Great post you’ve got over here, blogging without traffic is like fighting against the wind, or speaking to oneself. This post is highly valuable and gives insight into how to make content go viral.

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