How I Earned $205 Affiliate Commissions By writing Just Four Blog Post

In my last blog post, I made mention of how I managed to earn $205 affiliate commissions on SEO Power Suites software from two sales by writing four blog post to promotes the products; today, I want to discuss with you various ways in which an affiliate could earn more by doing less work.

Less work in the sense that an affiliate work on purpose, knowing exactly what to promotes, how to promote, when and where to promote his chosen products and best affiliate program to join.

Without knowing what affiliates product(s) to promote that could bring you high affiliate commissions from little sales, and that, it has already high in demand – people are already buying the products – you may be working harder for pennies.

Below is the screen shot of my bluesnap affiliate dashboard account.


bluesanp affiliate program

Imaging you’re promoting an affiliate products with a “50%” dollar in commission and the product is priced at $97, it will take you up to five sales to reach $200….but if you went for an affiliate product that is priced at $399 and has an affiliate commission of 33%, then with just two sales you’re already hitting $200 and above.

There is one important aspect to be aware of here, going for high paying affiliate commission product isn’t just the key, but make sure the product has already earn peoples trust and loyalty. There is a big different in promoting high commission affiliate product and promoting what people are already buying. You have to find the balance in between the two, so as to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

So how do you find or know exactly what affiliate product(s) people are already buying that you can join to promotes and share in the mega affiliate commissions?

I like to use Google keyword planner a lot and the reason is simple….most people who make the final decision on what to buy, where to buy, from whom to buy and at what price to buy goods and services on the net always use the search engine to make that final decision.

So in our quest to find our choice of affiliate products to promote, we rather turn to where the buyers carried out their buying decision…..The Search Engine.

Using Google Keyword Planner To Find High Paying Affiliate Commission.

Log in to Google keyword planner and be prepared to run an extensive keyword research and be patient, because it might take a while to really discover what you’re looking for.

Here I won’t tell you what high in demand affiliate product is right for you to look for; it all depend on your blog niche, your audience, the market and so many other factors that you alone can answer.

But in my case, I went for search engine optimization products/services, and the reason for that too is simple….as long as people uses the search engine to find answers to their queries and search engine result first page is where most of them believe the right answers are, then webmasters will always try and stop at nothing to rank on this first page.

So….there will and will always be needs for search engine optimization products in a very high demand among webmasters.

Input your keyword ideas into the relevant field, and see what result Google keyword planner return. The cost per bid field is what we’re going to use in determine what affiliate products to promotes.

In the case of SEO Power suites software that I promote, what caught my attention was the cost per bid each SEO products/services advertiser is willing to pay for Google adword. If an advertiser is so willing to pay such amount for Google adword, then there is a strong indication that affiliates programs based on such or similar products will pay very well.

After an extensive keyword research and finally, I settle for search engine optimization products……it’s time to find out what SEO product(s) or service(s) people are currently buying and with better affiliate commission.

To do this, we still have to make use of the search engine but this time….we assumes ourselves as the buyer and not an affiliate.

Assuming you’re on the point of making a decision on which search engine optimization tools/software you’re to buy, what will you type into search box?

  1. Top SEO software.
  2. Best SEO tools.
  3. Best 2014 seo software.
  4. Best seo software for small business.
  5. SEO for professional.
  6. Best seo services, etc.

Just to give you an insight to what users are likely to find you with in-case you ended up promoting such affiliate product; doing this will make the process of finding the right affiliate product to promote easier than you think.

It will open you to people’s honest reviews, word-of-mouth, recommendations, forum discussions, popular market place and so on about the affiliate product you’re about to promote.

Instead of finding what works and what not, trial and errors on your own…you can easily scale through all these process by easily following what other affiliates are already promoting and talking about In all these places.

If you do this right, you should find a suitable affiliate products to promotes and with the right affiliate program network.

After going through all these process, it’s time to visit the product manufacture’s websites to see how their affiliate program is being run and see if it’s a good fit for you. Don’t just sign up for an affiliate program mainly because their commission payment is high and very attractive.

There are lots of things to consider before joining an affiliate program among which is first…..payment structure.

Payment structure is the first thing I look at when signing up for any affiliate program. After all, is all about the money.

Nobody is ready to work and not getting paid and neither should you.

Check to see if your preferred means of payment is available and all other necessary factors are well in place. Things like duration of payment, how you get paid, when you get paid, minimum payout, etc.

Most affiliate program is FREE to join, in fact, if an affiliate program asks for a fee before you join I see that as a turn off.

One Step At A Time……

Let’s call it a day here and will be back together in our subsequent blog post updates where I will be revealing the top three ways you can easily boost your affiliates commission overnight and how my four blog post result in those two sales that generates $205….$205 is never a big deal, but if you’ve been marketing on the  internet for while, you will agree that making money online is not as easy as the guru’s told you.

But don’t just close this page and leave like that, sharing is caring…….. the share buttons are on your left side of this post. Definitely your friends on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Reddit are waiting to know what you’re reading at the moment.

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How I Earned $205 Affiliate Commissions By writing Just Four Blog Post by
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    • says

      Thanks Enstine,

      I switch in June to prose theme, I know you use prose theme too.

      I read some post about make money on your blog, and I tried incorporate what I read into my blog post and see how I can include affiliate links inside it. All thanks to your make money post.

      Thanks for coming, and really, I like your post about Kevin Duncan, thanks.

  1. Seth Adeogun says

    Hey Shamsudeen! You indeed earned a bunch promoting honest reviews. I have come to believe that Affiliate marketing is all about giving out honest opinion about a product in a simple way… A very good share from you. Thanks.

  2. Ujiro says

    Men I’ve bin trying to make sales by promoting Bluesnap products on AdWords. But sadly enough I haven’t made any sale yet. By the way the product you made two sales from on your blog, is the same product that earned me a ban on AdWords in 2013. Google hates linkassistant dot com/seo-spyglass. However I have opened another AdWords account this year and I’ve been so careful with this account, but I’m yet to make any sale. What should I do?

    • says

      HI Ujiro,

      First, you force me to say this…..”You’ve just showed me a reason Google ban you from adword – Your affiliate link in comment section” That’s bad bro.

      However, if you’re struggling to make a sale as you rightly pointed out, follow the steps in the article and hopefully, your good day will come by. On the side note, I use Bidvertiser and Facebook advert and so far, both seems to work out well for me. But if I have to choose….I will go with bidvertiser.

      Thanks for coming, and do have a nice day.

  3. Ujiro says

    Tell me more About bidvertiser, How are they more better than Google? Why did you prefer it to Facebook and Google? More info please.

    • says

      For me, Facebook is good if you’re giving out freebies to collect emails and generates leads, other than that I have decide to stop using Facebook for generating sales.

      And for brand awareness, I still use Facebook, but if am selling….I use Bidertiser, their cost per click is reasonable and very very minimal.

  4. Ujiro says

    Some people say that to make a sale with just some few Hits per a day (say 100 hits per a day) on PPC Campaigns won’t earn anyone a sale because the sample size is too small.

    Will a traffic of 1000 hits per day earn at least a sale?

    How many Hits did u get before u made your breakthrough?


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