Google Panda 4.0 Is Now Out

Matt Cutts, Google head of spam search announces on twitter that Google have rolled out the much awaited Google Panda 4.0. Probably the first of it’s kind in this year.

Google Panda 4.0


What’s this all about?

Nothing new if you ask me; all Google algorithm updates are design to do one thing….weed out the bad boys from the good guys. Well, it depend on how Google sees you and your link building tactics.`

They are design to give more weight and credibility to sites that updates their blog with constant fresh quality content and that earn links naturally over sites that engage in illicit practice to game Google search engine.

This is expected to be a major update on Google algorithm and not just a refresh on data. We expect a major changes in the way Panda now identify sites and I guess you shouldn’t be surprise at this; since a couple of manual penalty being melted out on some guest blogging network.

According to Google, Panda 4.0 will have an effect on different  languages to different degrees like the English queries for an example, ~7.5% of it queries where affected. So significant that a regular search engine user could easily notice.

For now; not much we could take from this Panda 4.0 update as we’re yet to see the full effect on website ranking. According to Matt Cutts statement;

Google is rolling out our panda 4.0 “starting today”.

This mean for now, it is an ongoing exercise not just a one time action. Keep close and watch your stats regularly to see what changes in your traffic or organic traffic you might notice.

Getting hit by Panda update is not what you’ll want to take lightly; better to protect your site from been hit than trying to cure the injury it has cursed you. Here are some quotes and complain from people that have witness the brutal effect of previous Panda updates:


“Getting hit by Panda is like having your business burned down, only in the real world you can rebuild. With Panda, there’s no coming back. Your business has been nuked.”

“I can remember my first weekend after Panda annihilated my site of 6 years…a site that I had put my blood, sweat, and tears into. At the time Panda hit my first child was less than a month old and it seemed as if my world was falling apart.”

Here is a list of things to remember when playing save from Google updates:

  • Make sure your websites is free from duplicate, low and plagiarism content.
  • Maintain a clean design of your website and well structured.
  • Keyword Stuffing era has gone, user experience should be your major priority.
  • Updates frequently and at least; one detailed post once a week or two.
  • Constantly check for low or spammy sites linking to you and get them remove on time.
  • Earn link naturally and don’t buy or beg for links.
  • Invest in your social media campaign; Google takes social signal as an indication that your content is loved by many.
  • Consider your overall ads ratio to content.
  • Keep content area clean and best for readers.
  • Make sure all Meta data are unique and relevant to individual pages.

Well, this is all I can give for now; I hope you’re save from Google Panda 4.0 updates and will love to hear from you in the comment box below.



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  1. says

    This Panda update really killed it. I really love the search result quality now. Since, it only targets on-page and content spam, it really kicked out the spammy sites.

    • says

      Thanks Shaun; well, lets see what others will start experiencing in the coming days or week. This updates seems to be an ongoing process at the moments, till when the noise is over, then we can give our best judgement.

  2. says

    If you are producing quality of website and content then there is no need to see any Google updates.
    You can Write few unique articles and build high quality backlinks. Then no Google updates will hit you. :) Thanks for informing.
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