How To Get More Comments To Your Blog Post

get more commentGet yourself a chair, a jug full of water or coffee – whichever is your favorite………because this might take a bit longer than usual.

In a very recent development, an authority blog just shot down the comment section of its blog and says, “No more comments” please. I don’t have to spill it out here, but in-case you’ve not heard of it…Copy Blogger just did that; yes, Brian Clark and his team have closed down readers favorite section of that great blog.

Well, if that worries you for any reason, read all about it on their blog. And in real sense, I would not advice an average blogger to try this out on his blog, is like shooting yourself in the foot.

But that’s not the main reason of my write up; I just keep wondering why unarguably most bloggers dream is to have an effective loyal readers that engage with their content, many bloggers are relentlessly finding ways or how to get more comments on their blog post, and here we are, an authority blog is just doing the opposite.

Well, that’s by the way……..If you’re struggling to get more comments to  your blog post, I mean just about no one is leaving comments on your “quality” blog post , then this post is for you.

Read it to its fullest; every piece of advice I would give here are what I undertake or put into practice when I was in your situation before moving up a bit to something like averaging 30 comments per post. 30 comment per post not something really to be proud of, but at least, better than not having any comment.

And the good part of it all is, when you start seeing 5 comments on each post, then getting 10 comments shouldn’t be that difficult. And moving up to 20, 30 40, 50 and even hundreds would become much easier because they would at one stage, leveraging on the existing effective strategies.

Top 9 steps Guide to get more comments on your quality post:


1. Provide Quality.

There is no short cut to having readers leaving comments on your post if the post it’s not quality itself.  Quality in this term is not just to any type of information. Based on what I have experience with post that readers have engaged most with on my blog; there are certain type of content that easily attract comments.

First, I have seen that post that address real life activities, day to day issues and what almost every internet marketers are passing through in their online activities easily attract more comments than the rest.

Published quality post that talk about what other webmasters like you are passing through, something that will resonate with them in their business activities, or real life events.

Then, the how to articles too, are very good ones that easily attract comments and especially, if what you discuss in your how to articles are what you’ve experience, tested and found out to be working.

Like when you write how you get thousands of Facebook likes in less than 30 minutes, or how you get AdSense account without a single post on your blog. You know that in itself is a big issue among so many bloggers.

2. Your Headline.

The purpose of a very good headline to a post can never be over emphasize; The below image shows an instance where an article headline has not only increase traffic rate, but also compel the reader to leave comments on the post.

get more comment

If readers are not intrigue or get curious to visit your quality content, there is just no way the body of the post exist, and if the body does not exist………so having comment becomes delusion.

Make sure you do all you can to come up with a very attractive headline for your post; therefore, you can as well increase traffic rate to your quality content.

And remember, only about just 1 to 3 percent of those who actually read your post will likely leave comment on it. The rest 97 percent or so would just read and pass away without saying hello to the author.

So, if only about 1 to 3 percent of those who actually read a post leaves comments on it, then it is more than glaring why you’ll need to increase…………..

3. Traffic Rate.

Yes, and that’s just it!

Just like the quality and amount of targeted traffic you generate to your offer are proportional to your sales, so also it does to comments on your posts.

Do a little mathematics here: if 100 people actually read your post and you have 2 percent of that figure decides to leave comments on the post… that gives us just two comments.

But if 1000 people actually read same post and 2 percent of it leaves comments on it, then we will have 20 comments.

This is just one of the so many reasons why marketing is more essential to the overall success of your blog than creating content itself.  And reason why so many people including I, believe in the 80/20 rule.

Market your quality content, promotes it everywhere till there is no more any marketing channel available to you within your reach.

4. Install Comluv Plugin.

I know you had been expecting to see this on my list?

Of course, you just can’t go wrong doing this to increase comments on your blog. Many readers are tempted to leave comments on posts not because they wanted to, but just to have their latest post displayed alongside their comment.

So, take advantage of this and increase your chances of having comments on your post. Though, doing this may bring in so many spam comments. But don’t worry, is good to start this way and it help in increasing traffic rate.

Later on when you have started seeing constructive and valuable comments from other readers on post you’ve published, and when traffic have increase to give indication that people like what you’re doing, you can start weeding out those cleaver spammers that like to say something like “nice post”, “well done”, “good tips” etc.

5. Blog Syndication Feeds.

If there is only one very good way to increase comments rate on your blog, then I would rather say join blog communities that have your post syndicated to their massive community of readers – my opinion, others might have different views.

If you’re sure of the quality of your content, then this strategy is definitely going to increase the engagements that happen on your blog.

My favorite syndication feed for now is kingged; these guys something amaze me with their level of energy, commitments and willingness to help other content marketers.

Join this community and others you find relevant to your type of content, install their bookmark tools and every post you published on your blog should be shared in this places. But it doesn’t end there, join in the discussion and interact with other bloggers out there.

Create awareness in these places and make friends with other bloggers who will help shared, vote and leave comment on your post.

6. Be A Good Commenter.

Blog commenting is just an integral part of blog marketing. And when it comes to blog marketing, you get what you pay for.

The result of any marketing activities carried out by you is proportional to the time, energy and resources you put into making it work.

So, if you want good quality constructive comments on your post, then go all out and leave such comments on other bloggers post too. And if you can just be a bit better than Harleen of Aha!Now, my very good friend Efoghorjos Joseph, or my brother from another mother, Nosa Ero Nosa and the good guy from kingged, Sunday…… that’s a massive plus for you.

These people mentioned above not only leave remarkable comments on post they’ve read and understood the author’s view, but also add more value, teachings and take away to the original post itself.

7. Reply to Every comments.

Does this sound strange?

No, I don’t think it did. Make it a habit to always reply to every single comment left on your post, and most especially, those readers that have really proved they’ve read and understand your point or arguments. By doing this, you’re telling them you care about them and most importantly, you’re building a sense of community around your blog.

Though, when things went up the roof, and comment become large in numbers, replying to every comment may become difficult or not necessary. But if you’re still struggling to have good engagement happen on your blog, try all you can to respond to every good comment left by readers of your blog.

And this also help to increase comment count, has its obvious your reply to each comment add up to the numbers, which help in showing first time visitors that you care about your blog and its readers.

8. Make it Convenient to Leave Comment.

I don’t understand why some blogs make it hard for readers to leave comments on their post by putting all sorts of barriers on the way. If you think captcha isn’t good or making it difficult for readers to see, then remove it.

I would advise you don’t even put this thing in the way if what you want on your post is reader’s engagement; spammers these days are clever enough to get through with your captcha in place. What I would advise is you don’t automatically approved comment.

Have every comment held in moderation queue, only approved comments get published. Though I understand that this may take a bit of your time and since the time it takes is absolutely unproductive one, we get tempted not trying to go through the rigorous task.

But better you go this way than to get spammers invade your blog, or making genuine commenter going through the huddle of leaving comment on your post.

9. Comment Notification Reply.

This is just one very powerful way to get the conversation going. This helps a lot to bring other commenter on same post together. If you’re on WordPress, install the comment reply notification plugin and gives commenter the options to either chose to follow reply to their own comment alone, or that of others on the same post.

Well, well, well!

Enough Shamsudeen; is time to give the reader of this post a chance to see if all I have said are actually working or not. Let’s start the experiments here on this blog.

The comment box, in my opinion is very easy to use and like I said above, it is powered by comluv wordpress plugin, which means you’ll have your latest post displayed alongside your comment which helps increase traffic to your post.

So my ears are all wide open, what’s your opinion on what I have said so far?


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  1. Hello; some very good points in there. I agree with you about comment love and the value of laving good comments. I’m disappointed to hear I didn’t make the list of top commenters. grin I’ll have to work on that. My comments are often memorable either because of their quality or because I happen to be one of the few blind bloggers active in the community. I’m modest too. Thanks to the members of the bloggers helping bloggers group on linked in I am routinely receiving 20 or more comments on my posts. and my current one has gotten 25. a big deal as you say when compared to 1 5 or 10 a post. thanks again for sharing and take care, Max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…3rd time was the charm: I’m now a “hangout on air” masterMy Profile

    • Thanks Max,

      My comments are often memorable either because of their quality or because I happen to be one of the few “blind bloggers” active in the community

      No Max, this is not true about you; not because you happen to be a partially blind person….but your comments are just full of quality, I mean something that add more value to the original post itself. Sometimes I got to learn few things in your reply that I hadn’t taught about when writing the post.

      Yes, you’re right about Bloggers Helping Blogger group on LinkedIn,they’re really an awesome people to associate with. I would say they amount to about 40% of comments on my blog. Thanks for coming Max, and soon will get in touch with you.

      Lots of task at hand at the moments.

  2. Hi Shamsudeen,
    This is another powerful post. Its in-depth and guides bloggers on how to provide a piece that would be worth commenting on.

    Quality trumps all other factors and it is important to provide this consistently.

    By quality I mean a post that provides value and makes the reader willing to action.

    I have left the above comment in where this post was shared and kingged for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Thanks Sunday,

      You’re right about quality being ahead of any other factors known to increase engagements on blogs.

      There is no short cut to success when it comes to internet marketing; you just have to provide quality in anything you do here, otherwise you might just be wasting your time or thinking internet marketing is just a scam.

      I decide to write about this topic after seen how I have moved from “no comment” on any of my blog post to what it used to be this days; and couldn’t have achieved that without the support of good avenue like kingged and my good friends on the internet – Joseph, Sam Adeyinka, Babanature, Andrew, Susan Copper, Max, Ryan, Nate, Arun, Nosa etc, and a host of others time and space couldn’t permit me to mention here.

      It feels so good when you hit published button and within few minutes, someone just say “hello, are you there”, this gives the authors some sense of confident that you’re doing something at least “good”.

      Thanks for coming Sunday, and once again, I do appreciate your amazing energy you put into making this place a better place to be.

      *Note* I have also left you same comment on kingged, the blog syndication feed where you have found this post.

  3. Great points. I have only commented on a comment in my blog if they needed an answer. What a great idea to start a conversation. Thank you.
    Michelle DeBerge recently posted…5 Ways to Release RegretMy Profile

  4. Hello
    I have learned a lot from this post as I recently started writing and it will be great help if you can also tell how to install comment luv plugin and first time I heard about kingged , I will try to sign up on that…
    I also struggle for selection of topic ( heading) I hope some day I will come across some blog to give some tips about the topic…
    Sometimes I try to comment on some post and I get error notifications many times… I really feel sad
    Thank you for a nice post.

    • Hi Andleeb,
      First, I want to welcome you to my blog; and like you said in your comment,

      Sometimes I try to comment on some post and I get error notifications many times… I really feel sad

      And you’ve already done that here too, three times you’ve leave comments on this very post, two of it where just identical and the other one was a bit different. I had to approved only this one.

      I visited your blog and would say, keep it up. But there is plenty ahead of you, and if you play around here well enough, you’ll sure find good resource materials that teaches how to write articles headline that readers can’t ignore.

      Keep working at it, and hope you discover your voice in quick time. Thanks for coming and do have a nice day.

      • Hello Again

        Yes I have mentioned before …. twice I tried from my mobile I tried once it gave me error then I went back and tried again and it was again unsuccessful …..
        Then I tried from my laptop … so the third comment was different
        Thank you for replying.

  5. These tips are wonderful! Definitely some very helpful information! Thanks so much for sharing this, I will be using some of this tips very soon!

  6. this is very good information. I agree with everything that you said here. I actually was thinking the same thing about how hard it is to leave comments on some peoples site which is a complete turn off.
    Jay recently posted…The Lasting EffectMy Profile

  7. Hi Shamsudeen. Interesting look at comments. I agree that dialogue is the real goal and feel it is important to add constructive comments rather than just mark the fact that one has visited. Also I believe every comment should be answered even if it just a simple thanks for the interest but preferably a response to what was said or a clarification of the original post intent. Several times reader comments have provided clues that the post was not as clear as I might have wished and I have done small edits as a result.

    • Thanks Paul,
      I would like to first comment on your last point;

      Several times reader comments have provided clues that the post was not as clear as I might have wished and I have done small edits as a result.

      Yes, many times I have come across a situation where a reader misunderstood my point or arguments in the post; this happen in one of my recent post titled “5 Blogging Myths you’ll need to debunk”, I had to use the comment section to make things more clearer than I did in the post.

      Though I do understand that when comment became many, it maybe somehow difficult to respond to all, but like you said, dialogue is important and not just for the sake of replying to comment, but to add more in-depth or values to it.

      Thank you Paul and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  8. All of these are really great points. I do most if not all of them right now. That wasn’t so in the beginning of my blogging career. I had to learn as everyone does how it works and why. I am forwarding this to a few newbies who are trying the figure this all out. :-) I know they will learn much from this. Thank you.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Lucky Coin: StoryMy Profile

    • Thanks Susan, and words can’t described how grateful I am. Thanks for sharing this post with your community, am very grateful.

      Like you, almost every single points on this list I don’t do also when getting started with blogging, but as times went by and knowledge about blogging increases, then I started doing some stuffs that put my blog on the right course.

      Maybe a reason I wrote this post, to share my experiences with the readers community.

      Thanks again, and many thanks for keeping BHB a better place to be for every content marketer.

  9. Shamsudeen, excellent post! Being a helpful commentor does wonders for getting more comments. The thoughts I share on Kingged and on other authority blogs like yours generate real interest, and help me score comments on my Cash With a True Conscience ;)

    So important to live by the Golden Rule: give, receive.

    Tweeted and Stumbled!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…5 Tips for Growing a Successful Freelance Writing BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Ryan,
      You’re such a person I looked up to in this regard – blog commenting is great for blog marketing, but it takes also greater efforts on the part of the blogger to really get the best out of it; and exactly what you’re doing. Sometimes when I get on kingged, and see your stats for the day, I freeze at what I saw.

      I think there is plenty of energy inside you, and great wisdom to always leave those remarkable comments anywhere you comment. Thanks for coming and sharing your experience with my community.

      And before I forget, many thanks for the tweet and stumble. Thanks again Ryan, am very grateful.

  10. There is no better way to attract quality comments than publishing only quality articles on your blog. People will be naturally drawn to leaving worthy comments either in appreciation of the a nice article they just read or make contributions.
    Desmond Nwosu recently posted…Top 10 Movies Streaming Sites to Watch Movies OnlineMy Profile

    • Thanks Desmond,

      But I still think we need to do more than publishing quality content if we really want that super bowl engagements on our blog – publishing quality content to attract engagement is just half the battle; the other half remain in getting involved yourself – lots of marketing strategies.

      For long period, I rely mostly on trying to published quality information on my blog and thinking peoeple will be attracted to it just like that; but this never happen.

      Not until I learn to work on my blog less, and promote it outside of it massively…everything about my little blog was crawling like snail.

      Is like putting up an email subscription form on your blog, and thinking people will just opt-in like that; though few people will, but I bet you a good number of prospect will only opt-in if there is some stuffs to gain immediately they join.

      Thanks Desmond, you’ve been such a nice person and thank you for adding to this another perspective.

  11. Great tips everyone wants people to read and provide feedback. Capturing the audience line you have here is key. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.
    Carolyn Coleman-Grady recently posted…Extra Extra-Read All About ItMy Profile

  12. You have some valid points and I agree with one of them the most. I never understood why some people make it so hard to leave a comment. There have been a few times where I got fed up because of all the security checks and clicks of this and that to the point where i eventually just gave up and left without commenting.
    Jay recently posted…Marriage Takes Work but Shouldn’t Feel Like a JobMy Profile

    • Thanks Jay,

      And that’s just so funny; well, some claim all these security checks are for spammers. But like they said in my native language; “If you close your eyes just because you don’t want to see the bad guy, you won’t know when the good guy will pass you by”.

      So, if we really want engagements on our blog, then keep it open and convenient for people to leave comment on your blog.

      Thanks for coming Jay, good to see you here again.

  13. Thanks for your advise. A few of these things I already do, and after reading this, I’ve just installed comment reply on my blog, and I am going to look into Commentluv.

    • Thanks Grace,

      I feels so happy that you’ve installed comment reply notification just after reading this post; and thanks again for reading through. Commentluv is your sure bet, you’ll be happy to have it installed on your blog.

      Thanks for coming, and do have a nice time reading my blog.

  14. Hey Shamsudeen Adeshokan ,
    Comments are very important for bloggers, Commenting will improve our blog audience. Replying each and every comments is good for understanding our audience or other bloggers what they thinking..
    After Reading this article even I also installed comment reply notification plugin on my blog. Thanks for sharing this lovely article with us… :) :) ..

    • Hi Parthiban,

      Thanks for reading through and am so glad to read after you go through this post, you have installed the comment reply notification plugin.

      Thanks for reading and hope to see you here some other time.

  15. The first thing to do is to be active in your own blog. Make sure your content has a voice that encourages readers to leave their opinion in your comment box. Throw questions that are interesting and intriguing. Well, take a stand, don’t be boring, for the reason that boring content will always get zero comments. Moreover, yes, quality is important. No hesitation to that.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Thanks Metz,

      In fact, without been active on your blog, there is just no way every other factors I had mention will come alive. And like you said, having your voice is highly important, let people know who you’re and the tone at which you communicate.

      I have also found out that asking question at the end of your post works well, but I decide not include it in this list. Thanks Metz for coming and do have a day.

    • Thanks Metz,

      In fact, without been active on your blog, there is just no way every other factors I had mention will come alive. And like you said, having your voice is highly important, let people know who you’re and the tone at which you communicate.

      I have also found out that asking question at the end of your post works well, but I decide not include it in this list. Thanks Metz for coming and do have a day.

  16. Great points to grow blog comments. I concur with your approach to blog comments with a view to building and growing your audience.

    It seems though, that there is a lot of confusion around blog comments as a strategy to build and grow an audience, as opposed to a tactic that a lot of people seem to engage in.

    • Hi Vinay,

      Most of my points listed above are meant to improve or get more engagements on blogs, but like you rightly suggested, most bloggers have misunderstood the real benefits and purpose of blog commenting.

      In fact, I wrote a guest article on why I don’t believe regular blog commenting will ever build a successful blogging career. I don’t know if you have been opportune to read that post?

      Thanks for coming Vinay, good to see you here and do have lovely time.


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