5 Effective Blog Commenting Strategies – Save Your Energy And Time

One of the biggest obstacles facing a blogger when starting out with your blog for the very first time is getting visitors to read your valuable blog posts; getting five, ten visitors a day could be a very difficult thing to achieve.

As time flies by more and more energy is being put into making things work out fine your way, yet no positive changes in amount of daily unique visitors. And you start to explore different strategies, tactic and just about any means you could think of to improve the level of visit and engagements.

On top of strategies that mostly comes to mind is guest blogging, but hey!

Where do you begin your guest blogging campaign? You’re just new here and barely without any connection to get your guest post accepted on your favorite blogs. The other possibly option that strikes is “blog commenting”.

effective blog commenting

Guest blogging is more valuable and if done properly, yield more positive result than blog commenting; but in real sense, is hard and not every blogger would have a successful guest blogging campaign.

That’s why you would need to kick-start your online awareness with an effective blog commenting strategies that not only bring you “relevant” daily blog readers, but also save you time and energy so you don’t spend most of your valuable time on endless blog commenting campaign.

Blog commenting is easy if done strategically, with the right plan and execution. Your blog readers will grow drastically.

Professional blogging consist of countless daily task, and combine it with blog commenting for blog marketing can be an overwhelming task if not done with proper efficiency. You’ll need to work “smart” and not “hard” in your blog commenting campaign for marketing your blog.

Here are Five effective blog commenting Strategies to save you time and energy.


1. Comment on Popular Targeted Blogs.

Except that you’re not commenting to market your blog and drive targeted traffic back to your blog post; one of the very basic fact that makes blog commenting a success is relevancy.

The blogs you comments on will determine your success. Be picky on blogs you reads and comments on. If you’re in the health related niche and you’re mostly commenting on blogging tips blogs you’re not going to get the best out of your commenting efforts.

See blog commenting as a “micro” or “mini” guest blogging campaign. You’re contributing to other blogs content by sharing your experiences and valuable thought with their readers community.

There is no way your guest post on health topics will be accepted on blogging tips blogs; the moments you start seeing your blog commenting strategy in this way the better.

2. Subscribe to Blog Updates.

Once you discover relevant blogs to regularly reads and comments on, your next line of action is to subscribe to their rss newsletter. This way you can be rest assured of getting notifications once the blogs updates with fresh content.

There is a very strong reason you’ll need to do this and is explain below and mostly, the very reason you’ll also need to subscribe to this blog rss newsletter right now.

Do it now!

The rss subscription form is right below this post and for recognizing you as a valuable subscriber, there is a link in the welcome email you’ll receive after you sign up to download an eBook on blogging your way to success worth $100,000 from Yaro.

3. Be the early bird.

Driving targeted traffic and boosting blog engagement through blog commenting is just like trying to drive traffic through the search engine.

Once you miss out on the first page of SERP, that’s it! You’re not there and nobody care to look at the next page. Try be among the “first five” to read and leave remarkable comments on the post.

effective blog comment

It makes whole lots of difference when your comments is an excellent one and is seen by mostly all others who leave comments on the post.

This is why I suggest above that you subscribe to your favorites blogs rss feeds, so you get an instant notification once the blogs hit publish buttons.

4. Reply to Other Comments.

I used this strategy a lot and has proved to be effective as described.

And apart from the fact that it help drive free targeted traffic to your blog, it also help in building friendship, establish relationship, networking and establish you as an expert in your field.

But don’t abuse this strategy by trying to reply to every other comments that is left on the post. Do this when someone might have ask a question and it happens that the blog owner hasn’t reply and no one has supply the answers. If you’re confident and feel you know what the answer is, then take the chance.

It is a great way to show case your talent to a larger community and build your portfolio as a professional blogger.

5. Content Is King.

It doesn’t matter where, how, when or what you’re writing online, always focus on giving out your best shot.

Either you’re engaging in forum discussions, social media status updates, blog comments, article writing, blog post, etc. Always provide quality content. Remember, someone somewhere is reading your content and your name has been attached to your content.

There we have it!

My five Effective Blog commenting Strategies that saves time and energy.

The topic of blog commenting is an ongoing debates in the industry, I would like to ear from you how you’ve mange to build your readership through blog commenting in the comments box below.

5 Effective Blog Commenting Strategies - Save Your Energy And Time by
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  1. Swapnadip Chakraborty says

    Hey Shamsudeen,

    Interesting topic. Yes, always comment on other blogs. It will help to build relationship with other bloggers. All the points are very important but if you ask me about this, then I would like add one. Before commenting, we should go through it properly and then only share our thoughts with them. And try to throw a relevant question to the bloggers. Whenever someone comment on your blog then try to reply him/her as soon as possible.

    All the best and Thanks to you for your artilce.

    Swapnadip Chakraborty recently posted…Dreamhost Promo Code – $50 Discount + 1 Free DomainMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Swapnadip,

      The points you added are well valid and if not the very beginning to a success remarkable comments. If we don’t read the blog post first before trying to leave comment, then only in the trash folder will our comment ended.

      There will be evidence in our comment that we didn’t read but just trying to say some random thought. Thanks Man, nice seeing you around here.

    • says

      Thanks Reginald,

      Yes, you’re definitely right about that. Building relationship is the key to a successful online business career. An effective regular blog commenting strategies is needed to achieve this.

      Thanks Reginald for coming and do av a nice day.

  2. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,
    You are spot-on with these 5 effective blog commenting strategies. It is not enough to comment on blogs but it is much important to do it strategically.

    Blog comments must be relevant, unique, and timely to gain traction. If a blogger is not getting enough feedback from his post then employing these strategies for commenting would definitely bring in results.

    Objective comments would also bring about feed back which may lead to valuable conversation!

    Indeed, these 5 strategies can save energy and time wasted on driving traffic to a blog!

    This post was “kingged” or upvoted in kingged.com where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

    • says

      Hi Susan,

      That’s mostly the difficult side of it, I too get flooded my inbox by trying to keep up with my favorite blogs and I had to unsubscribe from few in other to get the best out of the ones I really must follow.

      Well, allow me to say this…this is not the post I had wanted you to visit. I don’t know but I would appreciate it if you can take 2 minutes to read this piece of words I had previously put together.


      I believe this post need your voice and your honest view will be very much welcome . Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Jeri,

      Is being a while I last see you around, hope you’re doing great?

      Actually replying to all comments left on blog post will depend on the level of comments entries and the value of the comment. One liner comment like “great post”, “nice one”, really don’t deserve (in my opinion) any reply from the webmaster.

      Except if otherwise, there is a need for such one liner comment and its actually inline with the topic, I may consider replying the author.

      All in all, for small and medium size readership blog, I would advice to always reply to at least 90% of comments left on blog post.

      Thanks Jeri and I really appreciate your coming, do have a nice day.

  3. says

    Excellent information and some of your points about commenting on blogs are well received. I will be able to re-double my efforts with a bit more focus. Thanks.

  4. says

    Hey bro,
    When I started blogging in 2012, commenting was a quick tool I had handy. Like you said, commenting on popular blogs is the secret. I started off on BasiBlogTips and blogEngage. These 2 were hot then and drove a lot of traffic to my new blog

    I remember being on BBT’s list. Each time there was a new post, I would be amongst the first to drop a comment. That’s another strong point you have mentioned.

    Replying to comments both on your blog and other blogs is powerful. I wrote about this in the past. It’s a strong tool to create relationships and pull many to your blog. I love the tips you share under this point.

    Of course, if you miss the content, everything else ends up in the waste basket. If you do a long comment with no quality in it, chances of it being approved are slim. If you end up with poor quality on your blog, you completely kick your readers away.

    Thanks for putting these points together bro. It’s a topic that’s always interesting to talk about.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Free WP Plugin for More Traffic & Engagement ~ MyCommentAuthorsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Muki,

      Good to see the money blogger around here reading my blog. Yes, those two blogs still stand tall today and have also help my blog too in some other ways.

      Thanks and you know what…that was a freaking post you put up on your blog. It caught everyone by surprise. Keep up the creativity.

  5. Lawrence Berry says

    This is some great and valuable tips. I agree with some and I slightly disagree with one. I say that you don’t always have to comment on blogs that are relevant to your blog, because you can read someone’s else blog of a different niche and still get great information, and leave a great comment, while learning new information on blogging techniques. I really like reading all types of blogs, because with such variety I can really learn a lot from other people. You can even begin to get a little more creative. I do agree that you should subscribe and be the early bird. These are some good tips I shall follow!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Great Lovers Are Great EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Lawrence,

      I wouldn’t disagree with you on that, because it depend on individual motive of reading and commenting on the blogs you read. It’s okay to read blogs in different niche, it’s all up to you and your aim of doing that.

      I only put targeted traffic into consideration when I say comment on relevant popular blogs. Hope we’re clear here.

      Thanks Lawrence.

  6. says

    Commenting and sharing are two things that take some time but are definitely worth it when trying to build a community. I try my best and hope that it leads to reciprocity, at least. At most, I hope that others will see my work and continue coming back:) Great stuff here, as always:)

    • says

      Thanks Carl,
      I agree both takes time but like you said, they worth the trouble. Keep doing it naturally without hesitating to give out your best and soon you will reap the reward of your great effort.

      Thanks Carl for coming, I appreciate your stay.

  7. chakravarthyds says

    Hey Shamsudeen,
    Simple, yet informative post.
    “Be an early bird” is the best advice to become visible to other bloggers. If you subscribe to the blogger, you will be notified as soon as the blog post is published, so that you can leave a comment.
    Even if you miss the opportunity, no need to worry. Just reply to the first commenter, so that your comment is in the prime visible zone.
    Thank you for this post.
    This post was Kingged in Kingged community.

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