How to Choose The Right SEO Software That Best Fit Your Needs

A good quality (search engine optimization) SEO software will provide you with the right tools that will enable you carry out your SEO task with ease, and completely automate the process of optimizing your website/blog for maximum search engine visibility.

And as a result, will dramatically increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic that comes your way which will eventually have significant amount of positive effect on your online business i.e leads generation, sales, credibility, authority, quality back-links etc.

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The problem now is, frequent updates of search engine algorithm which has constantly making it more difficult for an individual to handle the SEO aspect of his/her website and on top of that, considering the enormous amount of time needed for proper website optimization, most firms and marketing professionals prefer buying seo software.

Most of the top-notch professional seo software available in the market will provide you with complete seo analysis, data driven management tools, on-page and off-page seo analysis etc.

However, the most complete seo software tools will provide you with:

  • Advance tools on white-hat link building.
  • Keyword research and suggestion tools.
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) tools.
  • Site Visitors analysis and tracking.
  • Finding broken links.
  • Site optimization tools.
  • Advice and suggestion on site overall optimization.
  • Search engine submission tools and many more!

Things to Watch out for When Buying SEO software.

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You definitely want an increase in website search visibility, exposure, quality back-links, authority, credibility, sales, leads generation etc. Therefore, before you settle down with a SEO software, there are certain criteria you should look for or consider before making that final decision.

1. Link Building Strategies and Managements.

First, check out the pattern this tool is design to perform such task. Going by recent penalty and algorithm changes, is obvious what is legal today might be a grave sin tomorrow.

Links are still relevant to search ranking and the quality of it’s that point towards your site, the better your website is view in the eye of Google and other search engines.

Most importantly, these area needs your proper evaluation and analysis before making your decision:  Back-link checker, link exchange locator,link verification, email templates, link analysis and customized reports.

2. Keyword research and Analysis.

Almost everything about search engine optimization rely on an effective keyword research; though, search engine optimization is more than keyword research.

But if not all, everything about your website optimization will become completely useless if your website is not target for the right keywords.

Therefore, a quality SEO software will give you comprehensive analysis on your keywords research, keyword density, keywords suggestion tools, adword features, effective keyword index, etc.

3. Submission Tools.

Submitting to directories is many times a time-consuming task and this is what a quality seo tools will do – saving you time on this and giving you advantage to focus on more important aspect of your online business.

In my opinion, these areas are worth evaluating when making decision on which seo tools to go for: search engine submission tools, automatic submission and manual submission, article directories submission, website locator, submission enlightenment, Submission reporting tools.

4. Help Desk.

This area calls for no bargain; if your seo company provides no adequate support channels, then you might want to check on the seller next door.

There should be a forum where members/customers could easily ask question from other seo experts that are readily to help. Email address to get in touch, online customer care representative, 24/7 help desk, accessible phone number, tools, how to guides articles, videos, white papers, contact us page, free trial and above all these is, money back guarantee.

Many times customers run into difficulties when using tools they purchased, and the best place to turn for help is where they bought the products/services, or from other users who have purchased and used similar tool.

5. Competitors Analysis.

While am not a fan of running background check on competitors, it’s still a practical area to look into and one of the key part areas to consider when buying a seo tool.

Having a proper understanding of how your competitors felt in the market, their weakness and strength might give you an added advantage to do better in SERP.

A good seo tool will give you details guide on your competitors analysis, competitors website analysis, ranking analysis etc.

6. Reporting tools.

If there is no way to check on your website performance, then it doesn’t worth it. The only way to measure your website progress is through a set of tools that allow you to compare, track, evaluate and analyze your seo task.

A good seo tools will provide you with: rank checker, visitors analysis, traffic statistics, performance trends, report experts, alert report, report with chart and graph, return on investment calculator, and automated reporting.

7. Regular Updates.

Like I said in third paragraph of this report, search engine algorithm keep changing and updating months after months and it’s becoming more and more increasingly difficult to keep tab on their frequent changes, this result in making what is legitimate today an illegal practice tomorrow.

Not all SEO tools adapt to this changes and offer up-to-date best SEO practice which is in-line with search engine current guidelines. Therefore, instead of improving the quality of your website, your website get harm, and in worse case scenario, may even consider as spam site if you don’t amend things in-time.

Nevertheless, if you’re on quest of finding reliable seo tools that gives the best return on investment, and provide you with an up-to-dates SEO best practice according to search algorithm changes, check out these two:

How to Choose The Right SEO Software That Best Fit Your Needs by
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