Case Study – Making Money Online – What You Should Know

I wanted to sell an eBook online and actually, I was in need of an auto-responder services to help collect subscribers details on a landing page. As at the time, it was indeed a pressing need.

Quickly, I grab my credit card and opt to pay an email marketing company so I can have that services rendered. Unfortunately, the card was decline and I had to visit the local bank to make a physical cash deposit.

Well, I made the deposit and get the service I wanted. They parted away with my money and I enjoy their good service too. They give me a good reason to always come back when next the need arise.

I created the landing page and got every other thing rolling, the product was ready and date was fixed to start selling. It was indeed a success. I will tell you all about that in our next installment.

Don’t feel bored am just telling a story, there is more to that you’ve just read above if you look closely.

The above scenario is the simple logic way to make millions of $$$ online.

Before you too can start collecting people’s money online just like the email marketing company did with my money, there is one and only important question you’ll need to answer.

Despite that I had wanted to pay within the comfort of my home and my credit card denied me of that luxury, I had to pass through the ever busy road of Lagos and face the long Que in the bank to make that deposit.

Imagine how desperate I am to give them my money.

Your foundation to the exact amount of money you’ll make online will depend on your sincerity to answer this simple but critical question. You miss this step, I guarantee you’ll be chasing pipe dream throughout your internet marketing career.

Allow me to put this straight up in your face;

  • “what do you have in exchange for the money you want to earn online”?
  • Yes, that’s the simple question that stand between you and the millions of dollars you wanted to earn online.
  • If you have nothing to sell; ie no products to sell nor any service to render, then forget about earning money online.

The email marketing company that took my money didn’t have it cause am a philanthropist, donating to the charity club. No, they render a service I was in need of and since they offer good quality services in that aspect, they’re rest assured of ending up with my money in their pocket.

Am not going to bother you with a long length of article, but take a closer look at the internet most profitable companies and see if you can find anyone in the list that sells nothing or offers no service and still make money on the internet.

*Note – Most of the big earners on the internet offer free services to get the attention of large targeted visitors so they can sell something to them easily.

Google – Google is the internet most visited website above Facebook and any other.

How does Google makes money?

The answer is pretty simple. Google offer lots of free services and sell lots products too, mostly, digital products. Google saw a growing problem on the internet which its users are facing and in timely coming, provide solution to many of those problem.

Adword is one of Google most profitable business, how does Adword makes Google money?

Google saw the need for advertisers to easily reach large amount of audience they may not have reached if without the help of third-party advertiser.

They created a system that allow business minded advertiser to easily reach millions of targeted customer through his pay-per-click advertising system which gave birth to another income earning platform for webmastersAdsense.

Webmasters build a blog, provide quality services on it through content creation and in some cases, provide quality service.

Everyone in the chain gives something out in exchange for what they want – “Money

A win win situation for all party.

Amazon, eBay, clickbank, Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, linkshare, bidvertiser, etc all either sell services or products.

There are some that combine both selling of services and products. They have one trail in common if you look closely.

They offer free platform where people could come do business with them and either through the back door directly or indirectly through the front door, design means to sell something to the populace.

Using the “Free” strategy to make money online.

One common trait about the big players on the net is to offer a free platform for people to come and exploit.

Google offer so many free services that you and I pays nothing to enjoy. Facebook was design primarily for social engagement that charge nothing to get started.

It cost nothing to post your video on YouTube, while WordPress is completely free to anyone to start blogging in minutes.Yet all these websites are the biggest money-maker on the internet.

How does a blogger offer free services to get the attention of people?

We do that through giving away free quality information. Examine yourself, why are you here today reading this post?

You wanted to discover how you too can start making money online. I guess am damn right about that. I give away freely, quality information on that topic in exchange for your time spent on my blog.

While through indirect means unknown to you I have design means of making money from your time spent and certain action you took on my blog.

Quite simple, put on your think cap and guess what you can offer the internet in exchange for what you want. It doesn’t have to be free stuff, but be sure it address a problem and offer solution to it.

To your success.

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  1. Hi Shamsudeen,

    Sow and reap. Awesome reminder here. Do you want money? What are you willing to give up to get money? Create value, become valuable, make money. Giving precedes getting, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The bottom line of this article is that you have to ask yourself are you getting something for nothing? If there is no product to be sold and if it is WAY overpriced in the store then RUN because they want your money.

    Lawrence Bergfeld
    Lawrence Bergfeld recently posted…Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On Accomplishing Goals TodayMy Profile

  3. You want something? You’re going to have to pay for it, and work for it. No way around that! Thank you for the informative article. All the best in 2014
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted…Childhood Dreams Come True, New Era Trading Post Online Retail StoreMy Profile

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