Why Following The FootSteps Of Authority Bloggers Could Be Dangerous

Two years ago, I got started with blogging; it was a daily routine to always read top blogs and tried to follow in their footsteps – copy what they’re doing and tried to implement it into my blog – everyone has some bloggers to follow.


While this strategy is always good to build better success, there are down side to it as well and which are very dangerous if you’re not careful with where, how and when you copy and implement other people’s ideas, actions, case studies, experiences, technics, strategies and tactics into your own life.

Among the many benefits of reading good books, blogs, magazines, dailies, people’s testimonies etc, is to equip yourself with good solid information, experiences and case studies to incorporate into your own life when occasions, situations, events and or circumstances demand for such principles or ideas.

There is nothing wrong in using other people’s success stories as an ideal work flow for your own path.

But in reality, these can be a disastrous decision taken or steps to follow, especially in blogging your way to success.

Most aspiring bloggers quickly jump on board after reading the success story of how that authority blogger sold half a million dollar with a single products, and thinking he can also replicate this success story on his own blog by selling a similar product too.

What you’re reading on this authority blogger’s blog is only the surface; the entire fundamental principles, strategies and tactics that leads to such outstanding sales result where build over many years ago.

Often, you’ll read on many top bloggers blog post – bloggers like Pat Flynn, Darren, Yaro, and Ramsay – their monthly earnings reports. And how they went from building a blog from scratch to selling it for some crazy amount of $$$.

What baffles me most about these things is, how a beginner blogger became desperate to replicate these success stories on his blog just after reading.

And quickly went on flippa to list his blog for sale hoping some buyers will jump out from the moon and make him an offer in the range of what his “mentor” have sold with his own blog.

Take a break and think twice; if it’s as easy as you had thought, then every known blogger that was before you on the internet would have been a millionaire long before you know the internet.

You can copy and still be different.

First, let’s get this straight; there is no new idea in the world but at the same time, there is no exact duplicate of ideas or works. So in whatever dimension or views you look at it, every ideas or actions are new.

If you still don’t get it, let me break it down a bit….I really don’t think there is ever a new way or strategy to make money online that has never been told before I walk into the blogosphere.

Everything that needs to be said about making money online has always been the same; since the beginning of the world people have involved in buying and selling. And that’s just the only true and tested way to make money either offline or online.

So in whatever ways I had discovered, or claim is new about making money online, everything will still go down to “buy and sell”. Either you’re “selling” your services/products or “buying” someone else services/products.

So, we’re all saying same thing only in a different ways and styles – and that makes it a new idea.

But here is the problem; trying to copy someone blatantly is where you could go wrong and expose yourself to failure.


What you see in the person you’re copying is someone with remarkable success and achievements; someone who makes thousands of $$$ from Google AdSense, someone who sold millions of dollar from just an eBook.

And you think you can replicate these successes too by following all his tactics and strategies – using same email marketing, sending out same email messages and just copying all other tactics.

No, you’ll be disappointed.

There are things to consider before trying to copy someone else, think about it:

  • do you have similar experience in the subject.
  • what about the energy level and commitment?
  • Consider the resources that must be spend to give the desired results.
  • What about authority status and social media influence?
  • Timing is very important and your current situation.

All these qualities does not come to anyone who have not worked hard to achieve them, and they take years to achieve.

If you’ve not lay the foundation for all these qualities and achieve them, no matter how or exact way you blatantly copy someone, the results will forever not be the same.

And one more thing, it will be a very bad move to copy someone just because you like him or love some characteristics about him.

For instance, when I started blogging, I love so much everything about Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and Yaro Starak. But I get lucky enough to quickly realize why I shouldn’t copy these people.

Take a look at it;

These bloggers don’t respond to comment left on their blog post like we averaged bloggers do. And you don’t see them sharing their latest post on social media like we do. They don’t guest post anymore. They’ve worked so hard in the past to come this far…..so now they can do whatever – like copy blogger just did- Closing comments on their blog.

Yet they get the most traffic, money and just about anything you could think of that makes a blog being called successful.

If an average blogger tried to copy or follow this route, I guess that would be an end to his blogging career. This is what Kumar called “voluntary suicide mission”.

But I still Copy Too and this is how I do it……..

As things get more clearly and blogging became a lifestyle for me; I started finding my voice and knowing exactly what I want from my blogging career.

But first, I had to evaluate my lifestyle, my passion and my family needs and wants. So I don’t compromise one for the other.

I knew I don’t want blogging to be all my life and it doesn’t have to be for you too, if you don’t want it to be. So I think about how I can make this work for me and still get the best out of my blogging career.

I feel a blogger should blog because he wanted to, not because he must blog to keep up with deadlines.

Blogging every day is not what I want; I don’t agree with the idea that I have to post every day to keep maintaining the traffic, income and just about everything about my blog.

So, I search for “successful” bloggers who had believed in these same principles like me and these bloggers does not necessarily be someone whom I had loved.

After my findings, I discovered these bloggers don’t make up their blog post with trending topics or some sort of breaking news in the industry…their updates are timeless.

They write more of evergreen post and optimize it for organic traffic, so they could benefits from a one time work long even after they feel like not writing anymore.

And if you take a closer look at my blog post updates, you’ll see all these attributes in it clearly. That’s why I have made bloggers like Derek Halpern and Yaro Starak people I watch closely and copy some of their styles and tactics – but not blatantly.

Derek is the guy who made me believe that if you know your onions; you don’t need more contents to be a super blogger. What you need most is more marketing for your existing quality content – don’t get this wrong, you need to produce content regularly, but maybe not in the frequency you’re thinking.

Yaro is the guy that imprints that same theory into my mind; and I enjoy the way he manage to see his lifestyle above his blogging career. If we must blog all day long; sit in front of the computer all time in other to achieve success in blogging, then, just another 9-5day job.

But right before I copy or follow their teachings, I knew they had put in lots of works in the past to come this stage. Before laying the foundation that their blogging career now sits on, they’ve worked their sucks off and done correctly many things in the past.

So now they can sit back and watch everything rolling.

Who is your favorites blogger and why do you copy him/her?

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Why Following The FootSteps Of Authority Bloggers Could Be Dangerous by
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  1. My favorite blogger has to be Neil Patel of QuickSprout. He offers so much fantastic free advice on how to build a website and promote it. Plus he is very much about content marketing and focusing on giving your readers the information they seek first, before trying to sell them anything.

    Also, I love his quote about the key to success: “… the main key to my success was that I let everything out. Because sooner or later others are going to know what you know, so might as well be the one to tell them.”
    Katherine James recently posted…6 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make When PitchingMy Profile

  2. Hi Shamsudeen,
    Copying authority bloggers blatantly could be disaster for the newbie. This is because, as you rightly pointed out, every blogger has a peculiar situation.

    However, there are still things to copy from them – which include the commitment to provide value always to their readers. How this is achieved could differ with bloggers because their circumstances are not the same.

    By the way, I concur with you that we can still copy other bloggers and still be different. Why is that? We are different personality, timing, resources, commitment, and influence. Copying strategies and tactics may not always yield same results.

    I have shared the above comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social bookmarking website where this post was “kingged” for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • Hi Sunny,

      I have come to conclude that in life, there is just no one size fits all in everything that exists on earth. And, no matter how we look at it; time, circumstances, commitments, will power, determination etc, will forever be playing major roles in what distinguish winners from losers.

      Even if I tried to replicates everything about “you”, I can only try on the surface but the journey that took you to where you’re today, I have not walked the path and never know how it feels to get there. And there is just no substituted for experience. You can’t buy it in the market place.

      Thanks for coming and my regards to the kingged community, thanks Sunny.

  3. That’s revealing Shamsudeen. We always think about the positive results, while not considering that pessimistic stuff it will grounds us.

    We have the choice on how to utilize the ideas that we have learned from bloggers that we are following, it depends on our intention. Sunday has a point, the results aren’t for all time the same since “You can copy and still be different.” (In your own words).

    Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site, enabling me to find this good piece.

    • Hello Metz,

      Thanks for reading; and there you go, most people always focus on the results, and never sees the struggles that went into making it work. And that’s just one of the irony of life.

      Yes, if we are definite and fully understand how we want our life to be; I mean our own destiny, then we can copy someone and still follow through with our own course.

      Thanks for adding your voice to this, Metz and do have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Hi Shamsudeen,
    Trying to be a carbon-copy of a pro blogger of your own niche can only bring harm.

    Observe them from a distance. Understand what made them pro. You can be a ditto copy. But that would slow down your whole journey to be a successful blogger. Instead copy them wisely and be different as variety and uniqueness is the key for quick attention in a society. Same applies for blog-o-sphere too.

    The article was cleverly presented and nicely concluded using the section “But I still Copy Too and this is How I do It”.

    PS: I ended up here from Kingged.com where I have kingged and commented on the article
    Jakes recently posted…IEEE 802.11ah : Wi-Fi to invade into 900 MHzMy Profile

    • Hi Jakes,
      Many thanks for this remarkable comment; surely you did add more value to this post and something that is good for other readers.

      I really appreciate your coming and as usual, leaving those insightful comments, thanks Jakes and do have a lovely day.

  5. I am so glad you wrote this. There are many followers and conformers out there. I, to my detriment, have been more of a non-conformer. I’m more of a rule follower than a person follower. I guess the way to true success is being a “trend maker.”
    Meredith Yeverino recently posted…Words with Friends (WWF) PromptMy Profile

  6. Excellent post. I’m glad you shared this sometimes I feel.like I I don’t blog I’m not keeping up. Strategy, content, authentic content is important to me. Shared and liked for you.
    Carolyn Coleman-Grady recently posted…Will The Nuts Move Forward And Take A Bow: Its Your Day To ShineMy Profile

  7. I love this post, Shamsudeen. Very good topic, and much wisdom. It’s true that there is probably nothing new under the sun that has not been said about blogging, business, and how to succeed. But I do agree with you that following successful bloggers is a smart thing to do, to learn from them and their methods. We do have to realize that they didn’t get there easily, and nor will we. Success in anything requires very hard work, determination, and consistency. Thank you so much for your insight. Much appreciated.
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted…Personal Branding, A Complete How-to Guide from A to Z [Infographic]My Profile

    • Hello Jeanne,
      Quite sometime – back to main reason – following other successful bloggers footsteps is always a good move but we should be careful how we do this; and always remember that the road that lead to success is full of thorns, broken bottles, hard-work, patient, commitments etc, and not think we just can just duplicates someone else success overnight.

      Thanks Jeanne, I appreciate your coming.

  8. Great post Shamsudeen! Good advice for newbies :)

  9. Great post! I completely agree that you should not completely copy other people in any aspect of your business. I do think you should look at them and model the parts that make sense to you, but always remember what makes you unique. What makes you special.

    • Hello Cindy,

      Thanks for coming and good to see you did agree with this; trying to 100% copy and paste someone is never a smart move, be yourself and like you said – but always remember what makes you unique. What makes you special.

      Thanks Cindy, and do have lovely day.

  10. Chery Schmidt says:

    Hey Shamsudeen, This was a great article, I don’t really think I have one favorite blogger that I follow or copy, but I do have quite a few that I visit on a daily basis and learn from. I do believe it is important to pay attention to what these top bloggers are doing and then Yes model them LOL

    I see a lot of bloggers writing longer posts, I see you have done so here today as well. So see you are observing a few things along the way as well, HUH? Keep up the great work,

    Thanks for the great article.. Chery :))

    I did land here today Via Kingged where I also commented and kingges this post..
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Taking Care Of You First To Create More Wealth And AbundanceMy Profile

    • Hi Chery,

      Longer post? Yes, and not just today but I tried often to go more in-dept on topics I write about – i just don’t like it when it seems there is still more on the subject I haven’t covered. Though, we can never have a complete or finished discussion.

      Is good when you have someone to follow but, we still need to remember who we are and not trying to duplicates or photostat someone.

      Thanks Chery, do have a nice day.

  11. Hello; these ar all great points. and in addition most successful bloggrs had to do it for years before reaching the level of success you want to copy. keep the posts coming, max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…Wednesday night meet up recap April 2, 2014My Profile


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    Why Following Other Bloggers Could Be Dangerous – CyberNaira

    Two years ago, I got started with blogging; it was a daily routine to always read top blogs and tried to follow in their footsteps – copy what they’re doing and tried to implement it into my blog – everyone has some bloggers to follow. Right?

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