What’s Your Take On Blog Commenting Reciprocate

I belong to a community of bloggers on LinkedIn called “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. Yes as the name literally state, it is a group of bloggers coming together to help each another in mostly, engagement.

I love this group so much that most of my time spent in any online bloggers communities this group takes more than 50% of total time spent.
But in recent time, I started having an issue with something. And this something has given me a whole lots of sleepless night cause it effect on blogging is part of, engagement.

Why do you leave comments on blog post?

And if I may ask in another perspective, why do you even care so “much” about comments on your blog post?


comments reciproctal


I asked these questions because there is an issue that has continue to let not sleep, and it nothing more than “blog commenting reciprocate”.

I read blog post for some simple reasons:

  1. To create awareness for my blog.
  2. For “small scale” blog marketing and posts promotions.
  3. To Build relationship with other “relevant bloggers”.
  4. To establish meaningful networking strategies.
  5. To build back engagement on my blog posts.
  6. Not for building back links. Not for SEO benefits.

I think the idea of comments reciprocating is flaw. Don’t get me wrong, I know and understand that part of its (comments reciprocate)usefulness is to encourage other bloggers and to show-case each other’s talent.

Here is a blog post that I wrote sometime ago that deals with getting more comments on your blog posts. Read it and learn some simple tricks on getting more comments on your post, if you care for comments.

But what if I don’t understand what your blog topic is all about and instead of leaving trash comments on your post that other commentators who understand your points and are genuine readers of your blog will find awful…is best I move on to another blog where I could find interested relevant topic.

Why do you have to depend on reciprocal to have comments on your blog post?

give and take commenting sysytem

I don’t know about you, but if I have to depend on such system to have real people leaving comments on my blog post, then my content is not worth reading in the first place.

Blog post are meant to be read if the reader find it useful, relevant and resonate within.

There suppose to be strategy in how we blog, how we manage our online activities.

I see this same tactics of having comments on your blog post as that one blogger who just care about seeing his traffic stats on the rise but never took the time to think what is in it for me in this traffic spike?

Of what benefits is the increase in traffic spike having on my blog’s overall quality, revenue, engagement, marketing, social media presence etc?

Having 10 genuine readers who read your blog posts based on the simple fact that they do like and enjoy what you’re doing is far better than 100 of readers whom you’re manipulating to read and leave comments on your blog post.

Yes, don’t be surprise I use the word “manipulation” above, to me the entire system of blog commenting reciprocal is in itself trying to manipulate one of the criteria that determines the quality of your blog content, which is the level of engagements going on your blog.

If readers find your post educating, quality, entertaining, and in whatever the readers wants, for sure they will always come back to read more.

I read a couple of blogs each day and to be honest with you, these blogs I never receive a visit from the bloggers behind them for once and the truth is, these are blogs I enjoy reading and leaving comments on.

The bloggers who managed these blogs wrote quality information that makes me just want to read more. Apart from Enstine and occasionally Harleena, who makes it their duty to always keep in touch once a while, all others are not my blog visitors and that never stop me from visiting their blog next time.

Focus on the most important aspect of blogging and comments shouldn’t be something you worry over. And to say this straight without leaving in some words, gone are the days when the level of engagement or traffic volume could be taken as measurement for a blog’s quality.

What’s the purpose of being a business blogger?

I don’t know about you, but time is the most important and priceless commodity to me and each seconds I spent online should be account for and spent on what has the potential capability to bring direct effective measurable results on my blog’s revenue.

Unless you’re blogging for fun and not hoping to make a living from blogging, then there are some chicken little you should keep worrying over, like blog commenting.

As a blogger, I see two things that are the most important and the life line that will either make or break your blogging success.

Quality content and Effective Targeted Marketing.

These are the two ingredients every blogger needs to “make money” from blogging. I say make money from blogging with a reason.

Not every blogger would create a popular blog and that kind of community around his blog like that of Darren Rowse, Harleena, Enstine, Pat Flynn, Ramsay, etc.

But every blogger should learn the true and tested ways of making money from his blogging activities. Focus on what matter most and the rest will take care of itself.

If you’re doing something great with your blogging activities, i.e you’re discovering new tactics, new strategies, making more money and putting all these things as a post on your blog, and backed it up with an effective marketing system; I bet you if thousands of readers won’t stream down to your blog.

But You can share if you don’t leave or reciprocate comments.

Yes, and fine.

That’s okay if your followers are diverse and read whatever you share with them.

For some social media icons, they share only what appeal to their audience and can’t blame them for ignoring other quality posts that in some way doesn’t target to their followers.

When you start sharing with your readers what they don’t know you with, and is obvious these things do not mean good to them, you may lose them faster than you ever think.

Find the balance in between and keep the good image you’re known for into consideration before any other financial or social gain.

What is your take on blog commenting reciprocate?

Feel free to voice out your opinion, especially if you’re from BHB on LinkedIn.


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  1. says

    My take on blog commenting reciprocate is that the basic principle of commenting must be brought to the fore. This means that a reader should leave naturally leave a comment in the comment box if he/she has a question, a concern, or a view to share. Of course this must be valuable in line with the content of the post.

    Business bloggers must never ignore the fact that commenting is good for engagement. However, there is need to put balancing into perspective. This implies that strategies must be put in place to encourage “valuable” comments, whether blog commenting reciprocate is applied or not!
    This post “kingged” or upvoted in kingged.com where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

    • says

      Thanks Sunny,

      In whatever a business Blogger does online, there must he planing, and strategically execute.

      If things are not done with proper planning here, then time will be spent without any valuable gain to show for it.

      I believe if like you said, better strategy are inplace to encourage comments on your blog, then there will certaintly be no need for comments reciprocate.

      Thanks Sunny, and do have a nice day.

  2. Sanjay Pal says

    Hello Shamsudeen,

    Nice topic and you have written it well. I do agree that expletives should be avoided while commenting. There is really no cause for reciprocal comments.
    But buddy, I have to contradict with you on just one thing. Imagine a totally new blogger. He/She doesn’t even have a clue about how to proceed forward. Lets just say his ideas are original and he knows how to express them vividly. But given he is a new comer, his blog goes unnoticed. Therefore in situations such as this, he can resort to reciprocal commenting.
    However I believe that it should not come as an excuse. The person shouldn’t always adopt the measure. It’s basically redundant.

    Since you haven’t mentioned about this, I thought that maybe I should point it out.
    Anyways, really helpful article you have written. I’m planning to visit your blog regularly. Good Job brother…..Have a great day !!!!

    Sanjay Pal recently posted…Google Considers HTTPS As An Important Ranking SignalMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Sanjay,

      The points you raised is good and honestly, you’re right on that. I know of some bloggers who started their community building efforts around their blog with such system of blog commenting.

      And am so glad you also get my points right in the post, some bloggers have taken it as mandatory that comments has to be returned back to their blog. This I strongly go against, and even the word “comments reciprocal” annoy me.

      It’s like you’re forcing the reader to leave a comment on your post, irrespective of wether he likes it or not – just drop a comment.

      Thanks Sanjay, and hope to always see you around.

  3. says

    I to was involved in the “giving of luv” to sites, blogs and pages I haven’t been back to since and never intend to. I to had a moral problem with the practice and felt that it provided false encouragement, when genuine mentoring or membership of a mastermind group may have been more effective.
    I admire your courage in standing up and challenging what could become a negative practice in the industry.

  4. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    Informative post indeed.:)

    Blog commenting is always a great stuff to follow. But people forget why they are commenting at other blog?
    I have found that most of bloggers do it for better SEO but the real thing is blog commenting is the best way to make human bonds with other bloggers.

    Promoting a business need social awareness which can be possible only if bloggers have connection with their readers.

    There are many famous bloggers who recommend to comment as much as possible. In real sense I like to follow the guide.:)

    Nice post.

    Have a nice weekend.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Remove URL From Google Search Engine Using It’s Webmaster Tools?My Profile

    • says

      Very much appreciated comments Ravi and many thanks for visiting my blog.

      I like it when you said this;

      Promoting a business need social awareness which can be possible only if bloggers have connection with their readers.

      Thanks for your comment,and hope to see you some other time.

  5. says

    Hello Shamsudeen,
    What do I make of this? I for instance don’t see anything wrong reciprocating comments. I always make I sure I visit all those bloggers who comment on my blog and if there is something I could add, I just add my version.

    • says

      Yes Emmanuel,

      Nothing is wrong in comment reciprocate; but I don’t think you will like this line if I leave them on your blog after reading your blog post…..Hi Emmanuel, I have comment on your post, please reciprocate by visiting my blog and do the same.

      What does that mean?

      Are we forcing each other to read our blog post or what? That’s the kind of ugly scene I see around and I just don’t think is right to go such route getting comments on your blog post.

      Of course people reciprocate comments with style and I too do it. But it has to be a thing of personal choice and only if I feel your blog post is relevant to my marketing strategy.

      And in your comment, you pointed out something that settle everything;

      “I” always make I sure I visit all those bloggers who comment on my blog and “if” there is something I could add, I just add my version

      The word “I” shows it is your personal choice, and the other “IF” tells you’re after relevancy and not mandatory that you must reciprocate the comment left on your blog post.

      Thanks and hope you don’t understand where am coming from.

  6. says

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    Glad you came up with this topic of discussion, and let me thank you first for the kind mention as well :)

    Well, sad but true, most bloggers comment for reciprocation and perhaps that’s what works in the Blogosphere too. Reasons could be many, though its not something I like one bit either. After all, if you like what I write, then alone you should come and comment, and when you do, make it a point to leave a full-hearted, meaningful comment, not just leave a comment for mere links!

    This is one reason I removed CommentLuv, as I wanted to see who my loyal readers are, who aren’t after link-love only, and I am pretty happy with the results because most of the regular readers still come, and they are not link-hungry, while I don’t see the linkers much now!

    I’ve visited blogs with no rank, nothing, yet they have huge number of comments. Those blogs don’t even have a site link in their comment section, just a simple name and email – so those are the real community builders who are out there to build relationships with fellow bloggers.

    Of course, while I am trying various commenting systems presently, I am not done away with CommentLuv, which I also removed for the number of broken links and spam it generates. More of that in a future post that I’d shortly come up with.

    But in short, I wish reciprocation wasn’t on people’s minds and they would simply come at their free will, nor tag us on Facebook or leave us messages to comment on their blogs, just because they commented on ours. That is kind of forcing you or compelling you to visit their blogs, and I myself do that at times, but not every time because who has so much of time, I certainly don’t.

    I love visiting the blogs like Leo Babatua where there are no comments, no shares, no hassle, nothing. Just plain, simple, and beautiful content, and he gets so many people linking and liking his work because he is good.

    Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate the kind mention yet again. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…7 Important Reasons to Become an Organ DonorMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Harleena,

      Am so glad you get my points and argument straight; commenting on posts shouldn’t be like that. If only bloggers know what it mean to give and don’t expect taking back….they would certainly comment on blog post and move on to another without even remember the last blog they visit.

      If I come to your blog to read and comment on, let it be my personal decision. Not because am forced to, or slightly because I have to return a favor. Blog commenting is an integral part of blog marketing of which if done with careful planning could bring significant success to a blog popularity and build a very healthy readership.

      Many bloggers forget that and only focus on the immediate gain which won’t take them far anywhere.

      As for the commenting system you’re experimenting with on your blog…well, I still believe commluv stands out among all others.

      Not because of its link juice, but I think it makes leaving comment much easier and brings fun into blog commenting. I really don’t like discuss commenting system; the fact that I have to sign in to comment on post just don’t make any sense to me.

      Time is important when your marketing online and every seconds needs to be account for.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a pleasant day.

  7. says

    Hello Shamsudeen
    I know you from Bloggers helping Bloggers and have learned a lot from your posts.
    I have read your post about your vacation , as I was also on vacation from my social media so missed a lot as well.
    I hope everything is fine as you have also mentioned about some problem you have faced. Coming to your point I also try to write , but I do not stick with some regular time schedule as have more priorities in Life.
    This is right that if someone read and share it’s good , if he/she wants to. We should not force anyone even to comment. If we have time , we must try to reciprocate , but one should not only come to say … Hi , Bye and leave link.
    There is also a problem here , like in BHB we use to read all posts and comment , sometime , I will take about myself , don know about others , I do not understand anything but as per commitment , then I go and read a lot of more stuff related to that post , after understanding I comment , it takes a lot of time.
    I am a beginner , do not know anything about SEO and never thought if I can money , but I am in process of learning that I enjoy.

    Thanks for a nice , eye opening post.
    andleeb recently posted…Honor KillingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Andleeb,

      Yes, its been a long time I last see you around here; hope it is for the good reason?

      Thanks for coming and am glad you find this post an eye opener to something different.

      Blog commenting is a great way to build relationship when you focus on giving without aiming for the immediate gain it can bring to your blog. This type of gain is what I see around in most online bloggers communities and it just turn me off.

      Keep learning, focus on what matter most to you in blogging; there are lots of dissattraction that will slow down your progress and waste most of your valuable time.

      There are valuable resource you can download on the basis of SEO that will put you on the right path. I would recommend two ebooks you can download immediately: one is by Google itself and the other by Moz. You can search for it on the net.

      Hope to always see you around, thanks Andleeb.

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