Reason I Went on Vacation And Back to Blogging After 40 Days

After embarking on an accidental (I call it accidental because I didn’t planned for it) vacation from blogging and the internet for over 40 consecutive days; I feel so good, healthy and completely refresh to be back here.

It was unintentional to be away from blogging and my internet activities completely but it turns out to be one moment I will never forget in the history of my online business career. Lots of things, drama, learning and more have happened both in personal life and online while I was away from it.

back to bloging

I have learned new things, new ideas, and new strategies and above all, meet new people that I may or may not have met in the manner and places we have met each other.

Though, while I can’t boost of 100% off the net completely; sometimes I peep in and read, glance at some of the events, places and breaking news around.

Like you already know, during my absence, the domain name expired and this makes coming back to this very blog a bit scary to me. I was right in the middle of letting it go……..yes, I wanted to quit cybernaira dot com for an obvious reason best known to me at the moment.

You may be wondering why would I wanted to let go a blog I have nurtured for two consecutive years and have put in all I got,…my sweat, blood, my all!…..but the truth Is, there are lots of both positives and negatives things happening behind the scene that you don’t know.

Don’t rush; I would let you in to all details soon than you think.

My Special Appreciation Goes To……

But right before that and any other thing………..there are some special people I need must pay gratitude and shown appreciation for their uncommon help and concern they showed me during the time this very blog was completely off –line and on the brink of collapsing.

Kingsley of was someone I managed to know by accident and not really through kingged. I could remember it was on Enstine Muki’s blog that we first had conversations together before I later on join his blogger’s community – kingged.

Since then, nothing more than a blogger and entrepreneur relationship, but something very different took place while he come to know that my blog has expired and I couldn’t renew it.

Don’t ask me what he did…..sorry that may sound too harsh but for certain reason I won’t spill the beans here. I don’t want to expose him to dubious, fraudulent people, so best if I keep it within GOD, kingsley and I.

From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you; there is no better way to show my appreciation than to say THANK YOU! It was an uncommon help I ever received from anyone online and it came at a time I need that help.

Then, there are two readers of this blog I must not ever forget and to let them know that I really appreciate their concerns and love they showed me during this period.

Aminu Mubarak and Udeme Peter, thank you guys for your love and concern about cybernaira dot com….I never expect someone somewhere will be bothered about the existence of this blog, but you guys prove me wrong.

You made me believe there are people out there who positively care about the little things I do here, thank you! And honestly, you guys are part of the reasons I decide to keep running this blog and push it beyond the first two years – cybernaira is now in its third year running.

Coming Soon…..

And lastly, while I was away from blogging, I receive a certain email from bluesnap affiliate program that I made two sales of SEO Power-Suite software….both sales commission amount to $205 after affiliate maintenance fee have being deducted, though I haven’t received my earnings as their next payment circle will be next month -August.

What gives me joy and happiness from this commission is not the amount; far from that….is that, they came from just two sales and were results of just 4 articles dedicated to promoting SEO Power-Suites software.

In my subsequent blog post, I will be reveling how I manage to make that sales from just writing and posting four blog posts.

Keep a date with me.


Reason I Went on Vacation And Back to Blogging After 40 Days by

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