5 Reliable Affiliate Network Programs Worth Checking

Unless you’re new here – I mean in internet marketing – you must have join an affiliate network programs of one merchant or the other. However, finding reliable affiliate marketing programs that houses many merchant products and services to promotes sometimes becomes the real problem.

Most affiliate programs are relatively free to join and require nothing but your email, password and username to get started in most cases; and you can start promoting merchant products and services to earn money.


affiliate network program


The fact that affiliate network programs doesn’t need the affiliates to get involve in the handling of products, sales, delivery, refunds and customers care makes it one of the very best way that frees the affiliate of traditional sales model and makes it a good way to start making money online.

Affiliate marketing program works by having the merchant handling all the process that involved from creating the product to selling, collecting money, shipping, refund, customer care etc. While the affiliates only have to worry about promoting his/her affiliate links to generates qualified sales to earn his/her commission which is agreed upon sign up with the affiliate program.

The affiliate networks companies provide and manage for individual merchant all the necessary work involve in generating affiliates sign up, tracking and reporting tools, ensure affiliates get paid on time and which payment option best serve their affiliates.

However, in this post, and based on what I have tried and have practical experience with this affiliates networks, below are my five reliable affiliates network programs to join if you’re looking for the type of products and services they have within their affiliate programs.

1. Share-a-Sale Affiliate Network Programs.

Chicago-based affiliates network company, Share-a-sale has being around like many years ago, and still waxing stronger than ever. With over 3,000 merchant products and services to promotes in almost all kinds of industry, you just can beat this.

Among such notable merchant within their affiliates program include Studio press, HootSuite, Wp Engine, GoDaddy, Prosper Loan, to mention just few.

All you need to get started with Share-a-Sale affiliate program is your email and password. You can sign up from here.

2. More-niche.

The More-niche Affiliate program is unique in its own way in the sense that, most products and services in the More-niche affiliates programs are health related products.

If you have a health related blog and looking to have products and services in this field to promotes on your blog, then More-niche affiliates program is one you should try out today. You sure have more than enough products and services to lay your hands on. It is a home for the health products affiliate marketers lovers.

You can sign up for the More-niche affiliate program from here.

3. SEOBook.

Why SEOBook affiliate program?

When you sign up for SEOBook affiliate program, you get an instant $20 sign up fee and this help in making your journey to reach the minimum payout easier.

On top of that, you’re assign with a dedicated affiliate manager that help you out when you need a helping hand or run into a hitch. Just as the name implies, it is an affiliates program for the SEOBook products.

You can sign up for SEOBook affiliate program right from here.

4. Submit In Me.

Just like the SEOBook affiliate program, Submit in me gives away $10 upon sign up for their affiliates program too, and just  simple way to say thank you for joining our community.

Submit In Me is where you get the chance to promotes different kind of SEO tools like back link removal and responsive web design theme. Though, not too many products to have here but still a good place to get started.

You can sign up for Submit In Me affiliate program from here.

5. SFI – Strong Future International.

This affiliate program has been round since 1998 and is founder, Gery Carson has taken SFI just from promoting one product to over 90,000 products and services world-wide and still going stronger all day.

If you’re looking to set yourself a recurring commission or even have the golden benefit of passing your affiliate marketing business onto your next generation, then the SFI affiliate program is the right option for you.

I bet you already know or heard of SFI, nevertheless here is the link to become a part of this growing community.

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