5 Blogging Myths You’ll Need To Debunk In 2014

blogging myths

By: Duncan

There are lots of blogging myths been inherited from generation to generations of bloggers; and the worst case is – most of us accept and believe these things without evaluating their true position or benefits.

Most of these blogging myths get thrown around and picked up by, most especially, beginner’s blogger. If you blatantly turn deaf ears to these myths, they are the least factors that could ruin your blogging career if you know what you’re doing as opposed what your blogging coach made you to believe.

Before you read further; be warned that some of what you will find on this list may surprise you or not in line with you – is okay. I will advise you dig deep in your search and come back here after that, and leave me a comment on what you discovered.

Debunk These 5 Blogging Myths!


Myths #1. Daily Posting Will Lead to Success.

I stand to be corrected on this – Just by posting daily won’t result in building a successful blog. You need to know what you’re doing and be definite as to what you want from blogging.

If you have to be posting daily to achieve success in blogging, then is obvious you’ve set yourself another 9-5day job. If you understand why marketing is important to the overall success of your blog, you won’t accept this as a factor that lead to successful blogging career.

If you’re in doubt about this fact, consider reading this post on infolinks by Derek Halpern of social trigger.

And unless you have a team of authors and editors, you will sure compromise quality with quantity.

Three posts per week are enough to build a profitable blog, unless you’re running a news or entertainment blog. Then staying up to date with current events is highly important in those niches.

Myths #2. Write for human, Not Search Engine.

Wait; don’t start throwing stones at me.

This is true and the best way to approach writing your post – I too, preach and promote this believe. But where many bloggers get this phrase wrong is thinking write for human, not search engines meaning not doing keyword research before writing articles.

If you’re just writing your articles without knowing what is popular, trending and marketable in what geographical location or worldwide, then is obvious you’re speaking to an empty chair and not pulling traffic from search engines.

There was a time I felt sick and could not updates my blog close to a month, that was when I realize the power of post optimization and referral traffic.

My traffic didn’t stop, in fact on some days it’s higher than most day I published content. Traffic keeps coming from search engines and links I had placed elsewhere on other blogs.

Don’t take write for human, not search engine as keywords research meaningless, no – it mean don’t stuff your post with your focus keyword in all paragraphs so your article reads awkward.

Search is still the highest activities internet users perform online; why not give your post a chance to get found.

Besides, organic traffic still remains the most targeted and rewarding of all traffic channels.

What gives me more worried over this assertion is that the top bloggers who delivers these sermons are bloggers with thousands of high rank pages in search engines that drives tons of free targeted traffic on daily basis to their blog.

These bloggers have writing on countless of keywords relevant to their niches and get ranked for almost anything. They have built community, established authority and gain the trust of their loyal readers.

So now they can confidently write post without aiming at any keyword.

As a beginner blogger, you have to find the balance between writing post that build community around your blog and post that stand the chance of pulling organic traffic. This way, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Even if you stop writing for months and your blog readers tired of seeing same old stuffs on the home page; search engines visitors will make sure your blog keep receiving traffic for as long as those post remain on first pages of SERP.

Time, circumstances, situations, knowledge, skills, determinations level, all these will determine how a certain advice will be of benefits to different individuals.

When taking advice from Probloggers, be aware of his status, credibility and authority in the field. Same tactics, strategies may not benefit you at the moment due to your current status and online popularity.

Write, write and write many keyword optimized blog posts that will continue to be relevant today, tomorrow and forever.

For sure, these posts won’t get rank on the first page of SERP immediately, but keep writing until Google shown mercy and give you a spot in search engine first page. When this happen, don’t stop at it, keep writing keyword optimized post till you dominate the entire first page of Google.

Myths #3. Readers Have Short Attention Span – Shorter Posts are better.

I have lost count on times I heard this in forums, bloggers communities and most especially, what I found out about bloggers who are making this claim is that they are the lazy type. Most of them have nothing to say, nothing to write about, they have no real life examples to relate to.

If this claim is true about web readers, then Probloggers like Darren Rowse, Pat Fylnn, Yaro Starak, Ramsay of Blog tyrant, shouldn’t have built such an amazing followers of blog readers; these bloggers are known for their constant long form of contents.

A good blog post is like a woman skirt; long enough to cover the whole subject and should be short enough to make it look interesting.

Don’t leave readers hanging, use whatever word count it takes to get your message across, but don’t start beating a dead horse. Remove unnecessary words, redundant phrases and make it one point per paragraph.

If the reader feels your post is helpful, he will surely read it to the last alphabet. I have read a blog post that is 4,500 plus word count, why do I have to read such a soap opera?

The answer is simple – the lessons contain in it are exactly what I need to learn at that time in moment.

Myths #4. Blog For Fun, Don’t Blog For Money.

Well, maybe you’re talking to Bill Gates who is already multi billionaire but if you’re talking to a man like me, then I had better find something else and not blogging.

Consider the entire hectic task associated with professional blogging, and the importance of blogs in our today’s society, is now glaring than ever why you should start blogging for money.

Why do you worry over alexa traffic data?
Why sweat over Google PageRank?
Why do you look for links in all places?
Why worried if you don’t post regularly?
Why do you build a Google friendly blog?
Why do you spend money building a list of subscribers?
Why do you worried over Google algorithm updates?
Why? Why? Why?

I guess hobby bloggers don’t care about all these mumbo jumbo.

Myths #5. Content is King.

Hmmmm! This is getting serious.

Who said content is not king? Did I hear you yelling at me? Yes, I quite agree with you on this, content is king but of what glory is a king without a shining crown on his head?

A coup has been arraigned and marketing is positioned to put that crown on his head – well polished. Without an effective targeted marketing channel even the highest of quality content writing by the most authoritative blogger will go down unnoticed – or at least only a few readers will see it.

But I tell you the truth, a mediocre writing post by an average blogger will get found more and go viral if giving the utmost exposure and targeted marketing communication channel its deserve.

Internet marketing is all about great awareness, effective connections, networking and great marketing skills.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you shouldn’t be surprise by my argument on this one. I always said it here times without number how marketing your blog should be more important to you than writing content.

Spend time writing your quality contents, but spend days, weeks even months marketing your quality contents. Only this way you can start seeing the reward of your brave efforts.

I wish you best of luck.

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5 Blogging Myths You'll Need To Debunk In 2014 by
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  1. Great blogging myths you have here. Some hold true as well. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. One that I would add is that it’s all about the keywords. I’ve learned that over time keyword research does help but ultimately there’s so many moving parts to running a successful blog. All great tips my friend!
    Nate recently posted…MLSP Mastery ReviewMy Profile

  3. You nailed it. It is very informative.

    Keep the good works up.

  4. Shammy,

    2 sides exist on each coin, meaning that for each belief, there is a myth in the same idea. Slow, steady and patience wins this race, following basic fundamentals and of course, listening to your intuition. Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…1 Minute Video: Why Do You Struggle to Convert through Twitter?My Profile

    • Haaaahaaa! Ryan, I got you. Well, you’re right, every piece that has an advantage also have its own disadvantage too. You just don’t get a cut and nail when it comes to blogging.
      Thanks for coming, and do have a wonderful day.

  5. Jacqueline Gum (Jacquie) says:

    Great myth busting…and I only disagree with one of them! I think that short IS better because I truly believe that people’s attention span is waning and rapidly!

    • Hmmmm! Your opinion Jacqueline.

      On my part, I found that if your post really meant something to that reader, if it really dig deep into his heart and solve his problem; he will read to the last alphabet. Am talking about someone who is really looking for some sort of information that will solve his problem not just web readers who are reading for reading sake or just to add their voice to something – offence not intended.

      Well, thanks for coming and I love it that you just don’t go with my views. Hope you do have a lovely day.

  6. Your spots are right on. I focus on keywords also in the meta tags as well as throughout the copy I am writing. As much as I think it is great meeting all the bloggers out there, my main goal is to bring traffic to my blog site which will help in SEO of my main site where I sell promotional products. Every blog I write refers back to my business.

  7. I agree with you on most all counts. I used to watch my stats WAY to many times. I have sense stopped doing that. My biggest challenge is keeping my story posts short. That is partly due to the fact that they are short stories. My wine and food post are easy to accomplish that. I do know that if you are consistent, market your work and write well you will get there in time. :-)
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Gratitude and Blessings: StoryMy Profile

    • Many thanks Susan, I really appreciate your coming here to read and leave comments on my blog. I did wrote a post in which I made mention of you, didn’t know if you have the time to see it?

      Do have a nice welcome and hope your day is great.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post, Shamsudeen, and I agree with everything you say. There are a lot of misconceptions about blogging. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting quality traffic, being found by the search engines, and making money. Thank you!
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted…Fundraising For a Senior Dog Named Tika in Need of Dental Surgery NowMy Profile

  9. Indeed, these myths have been demystified. I am sure many will pick a word with you on the explanation of content is king.

    While I agree that “without an effective targeted marketing channel even the highest of quality content writing by the most authoritative blogger will go down unnoticed”.

    However, I must state that quality content would still be needed to draw the attention of the targeted market!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post is socially bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • Thanks Sunday, nice to hear your voice over here. Am sure of many will pick a word with me over why marketing is the king. But I guess if we must admit that content is king, then marketing is king’s mother.

      Thanks for coming, and do have a nice weekend.

  10. You have really addressed some blogging myths that needs to be done with especially now that Google Hummingbird update is in ful swing. Most people these days surf using smart devices and can’t afford to read very long posts, so i prefer keeping it short and straight to point.

    I will always advocate for content quality over quantity, instead of publishing crappy contents everyday i’ll rather publish few times in a week provided the quality is good enough to solve the problems of my audience.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…7 ways to boost your wireless internet speedMy Profile

    • Thanks Desmond,
      You’ve really made some insightful comments and one that needs to take into account especially with the rise in the use and popularity of smartphones.
      Thanks and hope you do have a nice time.

  11. Daily Posting Will Lead to Success – it depends on your content if it is persuasive and valuable enough for readers. This should be addressed to newbies since they are thinking this method will work and they might fail to remember to give worth.

    This comment was left in kingged.com where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    • Hi Metz,
      Giving value is the keyword here and a good reason I believe a newbie blogger shouldn’t attempt publishing content every day on his blog otherwise, quality will suffer.
      Thanks for visiting and I appreciate you taking the time to visit through kingged and leave this comment.

  12. Quite true, things should be balanced. It doesn’t stop you to write for humans and search engines at the same time. As well as blogging for fun and for money can be combined, though should have a clear goals what blog is all about.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…WebmaisterPro on SoftLayer Server and New FeaturesMy Profile

    • Welcome Banev to my blog, I appreciate you leaving your first comment and hope you do have a lovely experience reading this blog.

      You’re right in those words, finding the balance is essential in blogging, because there is just more than enough to build a successful blogs.

      Thanks for visiting, and do have wonderful day.

  13. Hey Adeshokan,
    I agree with myth#4 Blog for Gun not money. This is the worst approach. But I do not accept or agree your other myths. They are a kind of de-motivational! Just my opinion! :-)
    Nicholas @ Technary.com recently posted…Apple iPod classic reviewMy Profile

  14. The value of your tips is that regardless whether one agrees with all of them they stimulate thinking instead of just blindly following conventional wisdom. Good Post !
    Paul Graham recently posted…Google thinks I am a Cross-DresserMy Profile

  15. “Myths #3. Readers Have Short Attention Span – Shorter Posts are better.”

    Its good to see this myth thrown out the window.

    I have found that blog articles of around 1000-1500 in length (as opposed to 300-600 words) get a much more positive response from readers (provided you are offering great content).
    Katherine James recently posted…7 Travel Magazines That Want To Publish Your ArticlesMy Profile

  16. To be honest with you bro, I intend starting a long argument with you with regards to some of the points you’ve raised but the reality is, I don’t have to since opinions are like shoe sizes, everyone has his or her own.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Why I sometimes HATE Blogging?My Profile

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for coming but how I Wish you share your views on this with everyone to learn from you. I do understand and know that my views are mine and not necessary something everyone should buy into.

      One certain thing I do know for sure concerning this post is; they’re are not what I read on other people’s blog, they’re what I have overtime tried, experiments with and have found to be working for me and not just some consensus or conventional knowledge.
      I wish you goodluck. Thanks for coming and do have a nice day.

  17. Shamsudeen, I can’t but agree with you on all the points.
    I remember what former President OBJ once said “The West used coal to drive their industrial revolution and thereafter they are telling us that coal is no longer good for us. We will continue to use coal” (not exactly the way he made the quotation). He also said that after using DDT to eradicate mosquitoes and malaria, the same West is telling us that DDT is bad :D :D :D :D :D :D

    The same thing is happening on the internet today. So many probloggers will never tell you the truth – they tell you what they want you to believe. You raised a pertinent question as to why the likes of Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Yaro Starak, etc are still holding sway with their blogs if readers don’t read long posts. I have noticed a significant rise in readership since I increased the length of my posts and made them more valuable.

    Writing for humans is superb way to make your post real and understandable to human readers. But neglecting SEO is a sure way to ruin your blog as humans also might not be able to spread the words round about your updates and help to index your posts. There must be a balance, things shouldn’t be one way traffic.

    I have seen bloggers who update their blogs just once a week and yet they still have significant number of loyal readers. The important thing here is to have a rhythm that both human and search engines should understand. But for newbie bloggers, publishing once a week would be suicidal. However, writing a post everyday for the rest of your life would be the best way to suffer from a burn-out =D

    Thank you for doing justice to this topic. Do have a pleasant day.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Why Most Bloggers Never See Their Blogs As a BusinessMy Profile

  18. Nice article but i m not fully agreed with your one that blog for fun not for money.
    All blogger blog for money while doing fun activities online.
    varun recently posted…How to Install WordPress Plugins – Step by Step with ScreenshotsMy Profile

    • Hi Varu,
      First; thanks for reading and giving your stands on the point I raised, but it seems you didn’t get my arguments clear on that one particular (blog for fun, not for money).

      Am not saying bloggers should blog for fun, and not for money. I used that phrase as its what is commonly thrown around online, which I strongly opposed.

      Bloggers should move from been called a “blogger” to “Business blogger”, a strong reason we should blog for money, if we must remain in this business for years to come and create something worthy enough to take care of our responsibilities. Start blogging for the money and like you said, while doing fun things online.

      Hope am a bit clear now? Thanks for coming and do have a wonderful day.

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