25 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

Lets face it, is not an easy task to get traffic to your website especially when you’re just starting out. I know, I too have tried a lot to get “free” target traffic to my blog but is not just as easy as the marketing “Guru’s” have made us believe. But, is not hard either to drive engage traffic “if” you’re ready to put in the extra work involved.

This post aim at providing straight actionable tactic and strategies you can start implementing on your blog to increase the volume of website traffic that comes your way, while some of the advice in this list won’t be a quick fix, others will get you an instant result if you work them well.

Without further delay or long intro; let’s get along together……

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1. Have a clean website –

Yes, you might be surprise at how by just giving your website a clean fresh look might increase your traffic by 50, 100 even by 200% overnight. If users are finding your blog hard to navigate or your content is not readable, then no amount of traffic send your way will be of benefits.

2. Publish Frequently –

If now you’re posting 3 times per week, try increase it to five and see if there could be any difference in level of traffic to your website.

Sometimes, the more readers are certain they would always find some fresh content on your blog, the more constant they’re likely visiting and the more your content reach newer audience.

3. Target relevant Long tail Keyword –

The key to ranking for any keyword lies in how relevant your content it is to users queries. And the best way to go about this is to identify what combination of words users are typing into search box to perform their search.

The better your content match these terms, the more your chances of making it to the first page.

4. Craft Better Headlines –

If there is only one magic in your content that will do the trick, that would certainly be your article’s headline. Think about it this way; what makes you click-through to read this post?

The headline of course…you get curious and want to know more on how you can drive traffic to your blog. That’s it, the headline will drive your more than 50% of your engage traffic if you work it out well.

5. Optimize Your Website For Organic Traffic –

Search engine traffic still remain the number one quality traffic and the most reliable way to drive free quality targeted traffic to any website.

This is why you’ll need to spent more time, resources and money optimizing your website to rank higher for your target keywords. And the good news is , SEO is not all that hard to do, you only need to prepare yourself for the task ahead. Learn what it takes to build a search engine friendly blog and you will see the result.

In my last post, I gave a great deal on how to learn seo with 20 useful resources that will help you in no small measure achieve your aim. Read the post here.

6. Use Social Bookmarking sites –

Social bookmarking sites are still relevant to driving free engage traffic and you should take advantage of it. They’re good and very useful means of driving traffic and sometimes, building back-links.

If you need help in getting the best of social bookmarking sites, check out this post by webconfs.

7. Don’t Neglect Free Promotion –

It is true that many of the free means to promotes your site brings no reasonable result, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it.

Classified advert, directories submission, free press-release, etc. When it comes to website traffic, every referral links add up the total numbers of traffic generates to a website.

8. Guest Post On High Traffic Relevant Blog –

By guest posting on high traffic relevant blog in your niche, you’re exposing your content to larger community and if your content is good, that the host blogger’s reader enjoy reading it, you’ll sure see an increase in traffic on your blog.

9. Join Bloggers Community –

You can’t build a successful blog alone, likewise you’ll need the help of other bloggers to achieve most things in blogging. Join relevant bloggers communities that will help in making your content go viral and share it across the net.

There are countless of bloggers communities you can join:

  • Blogcatalog
  • Bizsugar
  • BlogEngage
  • Tiberr
  • Dospalsh
  • Kingged
  • Kilnkk
  • BlogTopSites etc.

10. Use StumbleUpon –

Sometimes the traffic that comes from StumbleUpon just don’t worth it, but that doesn’t stop you from stumbling your post. Each post you published on your blog should be stumbled over, and don’t worry if they send you bounce traffic or not.

Sooner than later, you will experience an engage traffic from StumbleUpon, something I started noticing recently.

11. Use Reddit –

Reddit is a community like forum where members have the chance to subscribe to any group of their choice or interest. There is absolutely groups or sub-reddit has it is called over at Reddit for any topic you can think of: politics, social media, internet, lifestyle, blogging, blogs, WordPress, SEO, Developers, Travel, in fact whatever you can just think of.

So, there is abundant of opportunity awaiting you over at Reddit.

12. Twitter –

Though it takes time and lots of work to get large followers base on twitter, but if can go through the storm and build targeted loyal followers on twitter, the reward is far more greater than the trouble.

13. Facebook –

Just like twitter, it takes more than work and time to build significant amount of likes and fans on Facebook, but also, if you can find your around building your Facebook page to thousands of fans and likes, then this could easily turn into your traffic stream.

14. Create and give away free product –

People like free stuffs, why not create one and give to them from what you already have?

Depending on your niche and type of content you write on your blog, most bloggers already have more than enough content to turn into quality product to give away. Go deep into your content archive and combine together relevant topics, ideas and blog post into one powerful eBook and offer to give it away for free.

Chances are, many people will download it and if they find it good enough, they will share it with their friends. This is how you claim authority, expert and fame in your niche.

15. Contribute To Well-Known Website –

This is hard and especially if you’re new and unknown in the industry. But not hard to come-by also.

If you can become a regular or guest contributor to well-known websites, newsletter publications or magazines, you’re not only going to drive free targeted traffic to your blog, but also establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

16. Revisit Your Existing Posts –

Everyday on the internet things change, and technology advances, so also search engines algorithm keep updating on regular basis.

What works today become obsolete tomorrow…..therefore, it is important that you revisit your old post and see how you can tweak it around to match with today’s seo best practice and optimize it to rank better for your target keyword.

17. Interview Popular Celebrity –

Depending on your niche or type of industry, interviewing popular person in that niche has been proving times without number to  be a good source of driving relevant targeted traffic to any website.

Try it, it worked like magic. But the hardest part is keeping those traffic. Be warned!

18. Regular Blog Commenting –

Yes! it worked and I too still do lots of it. If you’re not commenting on relevant popular niche blog, then the right time to start it is now.

19. Join Relevant Facebook Group –

There are lots of groups or communities of like minded-people on Facebook you can join to promotes your content for free. Take advantage of it and don’t be left out.

Though….for some, this doesn’t turn out to be as promised. But also it depend on how engage your content is and how well targeted the groups you’re posting your content.

20. Categories Your Content Properly –

Not only is this good for SEO purposes, but also it allow readers find what they’re looking for quickly on your bog and tends to make them stay longer on your website.

21. Write “How To” Posts –

There are many reasons why this type of post work well: First, many search engines users begin their search queries with “How to”, also, this type of post tends to tell people who the post teaches how to do or achieve something.

If your “How to” post is written on a topic many people are interested in, then chances are more traffic will come your way if you market the post to the right audience or it rank on the first page for its target keyword.

22. Write A “List Post” –

Don’t look further if you’re searching for an example of what “A List Post” is. The headline of this post reads “25 ways to get traffic to your website”. The figure “25” might have been the first thing that caught your attention toward reading this post.

You want to know what 30 ways you can increase your website traffic. That’s part of what a list post do.

23. Swap Ads –

Get other bloggers involve in ads swapping. It is simple to achieve this, because it is a win win situation. What you do is place your ad banner on their website and they place their ad banner on your website too. It could be just 125×125 size banner.

24. Re-purpose Your Old Content –

There are lots of way to turn your old post into brand new sparkling content in other format. You can make a YouTube video for an old post where you just pick some lines in the post and deliver it as speech in your video or make a slide-share presentation of it.

Another way is to combine some relevant posts together and turn them into an eBook that you can either sell for profits or give it away for as a free report on your blog.

25. Build Your list –

This won’t drive you instant traffic, because you’re not going to have a list of 1,000 subscriber just in one day.

It takes gradual process to build huge list of active subscribers. But the quicker you start getting your list together, the better for your online marketing and driving targeted traffic on demand.

While is obvious this list is far from been called complete, getting free traffic is a very vast topic that we can go on and on discussing till infinity.

If you’ve applied any of the above mentioned ways to get traffic to your website and see how effective it is, let us know in the comment box below and hope you’re share with us other ways you know out there good enough to drive free targeted traffic.

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    Hi bro Shamsudeen,

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    That’s why i am directly on your blog from your comment link what you had made!

    Firstly thanks for adding more value on my blog post.

    Really if we able to implement these 25 Ways we can get huge traffic!
    And, it is a good idea to make headline more attractive to get more readers attention.
    I have also written a blog post about ” Explode Amazing free website traffic now! – Grab 50+ Headline Templates” and got a lot of readers attention!
    Really it works.

    However, very informative article. Keep it up bro!

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      Hi Minhaj,

      Thanks for your kind observation, yes that’s true.

      For some days I haven’t updates this blog due to other pressing issues related to online marketing and the technical side of growing a blog traffic.

      I am working behind the scene to add more value to this very blog so it will be a better place for you, my valuable reader. Things will back to normal, and I think, better.

      And thanks for sharing your quality post with us.

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