15 Tips For Work at Home Bloggers

Living the internet lifestyle is great, having the freedom to decide how you work, where you work, what you earn, and hours you work is every work at home bloggers dream.

Like any other thing in life, these freedom does not come freely to work at home bloggers. It comes along with it great equal challenges. As a blogger, we’re faced with too many stress and challenges.

Below are 15 tips for work at home bloggers to help you find your rhythm and turn your blogging career around for better.

#1. Focus On Positive Task. - It easy to get lost on the internet and waste hours doing nothing other than surfing the net.

Social media sites could easily turn you into internet junkie. I mean, addicted internet suffers. Discover how to stay focus, utilize your time positively and gain more control over what you do online.

#2. Work In healthy Environment. - Blogging is all about writing and sitting long hours in front of your computer. Sitting long hours in an uncomfortable position could lead to different pains and several other related issues in the body.

Discover your best sitting position that gives comfort while typing on your pc and manage to take break when necessary.

#3. Cut Off Distraction. - Tv is on? Turn it off and if music in the background is not making you focus on your blogging task, stop it from playing.

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable writing while the tv set is on. It cause lots of distraction and more time is wasted.

#4. Create Time For Family. - Don’t mixed things up, your family needs you and you need them too. Working at the comfort of your home could sometime tempting to ignore others attention.

Especially your kids and spouse, make time for them and don’t  mixed up with any other activities.

#5. Don’t Skip The Gym. - Being at home working all day could reduce your chances of getting in the gym putting the body in good shape doing daily regular exercise.

You risk chances of getting over weight by not taking your physical activities regularly as sitting in one position most of the time increases your chances of being over weight.

I run the field twice a week and spend at least one hour on each day performing physical exercise.

#6. Have a Working Hour. - You don’t have to be a slave to yourself.

If you’re at home working round the clock on your pc, then, is obvious you’re still holding another 9-5 hours day job.

Have your working hour and keep to it. It makes it easy attending to other necessary obligations like supporting the kids to school and help in house keeping. Your spouse too, needs your attention.

#7. Make Time For Visit. - Break away from your daily task and take fresh air out side. Visit friends and family, refresh yourself and be renewed.

#8. Discover New Things. - Cultivate the habit of learning, makes it a daily routine to read new books, visit different websites, join new group and meet new blogger.

Remember, the internet is ever-changing.

#9. Set Realistic Goals.- Is easy to set goals, but is another thing taking the necessary steps that leads to achievement. Working your 9 to 5 job is easy to get direction from bosses and co-workers.

Working at home demand from you to be more of self-discipline, focus and determine.

#10. Don’t Procrastinate. - If it needs to be done, do it now. Being at home working full-time could tempt you to always find reason to allow it till tomorrow. Don’t give room for procrastination to set in.

#11. Learn To Have Fun. - Is not all about the money. Yes, I know money make the world go around but there is more to life than just money.

Have fun with others, don’t isolate yourself from the public. Is easy to get isolated when you’re spending most of your day in front of computer.

#12. Don’t Skip Meals. - Is easy not to get hungry when you’re not running around places. Take a break from your computer and find time to have that lunch break and most especially, never you fail to take your breakfast.

#`13. Focus on The Task at Hand.- There are  countless of task associated with professional blogging. Sometime it just get overwhelmed and frustrating, when this set in, take a little break and learn to work only on the most important task at hand.

I manage this by drafting out task on paper before turning on my pc.

#14. Create an Office. - Be professional, it doesn’t matter if you work at the comfort of your bed room or kitchen.

Have a space in your room dedicated to your internet business. This space should contain all that is to your tools, computers, pen, table, chair, etc.

If you can afford it, dedicate a room and not just a space.

#15. Know When to Work. - Yes, I understand we have the freedom to work at any hour of the day but is important to know when to work and when not to.

Is best to work when everything is calm.

#16. Go on Vacation. - This is the beauty of living the laptop lifestyle. What a great feeling knowing you’re on vacation and have nothing to lose or worried over your business.

Give your family that special surprise, take them to places they never imagine.

Blogging is stressful and time consuming. Sometimes, all we need to bounce back in full energy and concentration is a bit of that break.

How do you manage your task at home and get inspired to blog more? I most have missed so many other useful tips here, is good when you contribute to the list by leaving your thought below in the comments box.



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  1. The main thing here is to cut of distractions and cut the procrastination. If a person does not do what is necessary to be done TODAY then they won’t get it done at all.

    Personally I like taking a good walk outside because when I return from exercising, I work faster!

    Lawrence Bergfeld
    Lawrence Bergfeld recently posted…Exclusive MLM Leadership Tip On MastermindingMy Profile

  2. Hi Sham,


    Take care of your temple; your body. Exercise. Eat right. I break every 60 minutes to run around or do pushups. I also get in 30 minutes or more of constant cardio daily.

    Take care of your body to take care of your work at home gig.

    Work. Mentally, physically. Prosper.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How Can You Be the Most Inspirational Person?My Profile

    • Ryan,

      Take care of your temple; your body. Exercise. Eat right. I break every 60 minutes to run around or do pushups. I also get in 30 minutes or more of constant cardio daily.

      Take care of your body to take care of your work at home gig.

      Work. Mentally, physically. Prosper.

      You’ve summarize all I wanted to say.
      Thank you.

  3. Nice tips…. Thanks 4 the info
    Anyikwa chinonso recently posted…How to perform a system recovery on windows 7My Profile

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