Why You Will Never Make Money From Blogging

By now you must have admit it’s a total waste of your time trying to make money from your blog directly. A blog is a great tool to make money and not a device that pumps out money like an ATM.

When you’re trying to make money from blogging, there are steps to follow, the foundation at which your blogging career is built upon and the right mind-set.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, even not a get-rich-slow scheme either. If you’re looking for one that will shut you to the roof top instantly, you better fly to the moon or take the other means. Blog won’t make you money.

You heard that right.

So, what’s all the noise around the internet about bloggers making some six figure income annually from their blogs?

Or may be I should tell you how not to make money from blogging. If you’re dead serious about earning full-time income online from blogging, that is good enough to replace your day job. You have one very important question to answer………….

make money from blogging

Why do you want to start a blog?

May be you’ve not taught about it, or it just don’t make any sense to you. You need to answer that question first. If you didn’t know the reasons you’re into something, then, is obvious you don’t know what you want from it.

  • Do you need money fast?
  • Do you have the passion and the desire to become a professional blogger?
  • Do you want to be the best in what you do?
  • Do you have a skill or knowledge you want to sell to the world?
  • Are you inspired by the success stories of six figure income bloggers?

Well, a few reasons to think about, your honest reply to these questions will decide if blogging is right for you or not. So you don’t follow the “fake steve job” footsteps, believing money is all about traffic. Not all traffic worth a cent of the investment.

Take your time to ponder and reason well, don’t be in a rush to yes, I know why am into this. Seek experts opinions and check list what you got.

Your Business Strategy.

Until you accept it, blogging is a business. Contrary to what people says or believe, though, it may be fun to some bloggers at the beginning of their blogging career, but I tell you the truth, if you’re dead serious about how to make money from blogging, you had better throw away that mind-set.

Take your blog as your company, run it like you would do for an off-line company in the real world. Your blog is your office, you need to start running it like an organization.

There must be a basic business plan that you must follow and adapt into your blogging strategies. Don’t just blog, but blog aiming at something, there must be a reason why you should post that article, why, who and when are you posting. All these should be met in your criteria for blogging.

When you have a strategy, a plan that you follow, it will be seen in you as a blogger. Your blog lay-out will speak of it, how often you post will tell your audience what you determine to achieve with your blog.

You know who you’re selling to and what you’re selling on your blog, you don’t go about applying for every affiliate program you know of on the internet.

How Pro Bloggers Make Money From Blogging.

1. Direct Service.

Many time over, I have always evangelize the best and the most guarantee way to earn legitimate income online big enough to replace your job is to have something to sale to your audience directly.

The primary business of amazon is to sell stuffs people are in need of directly to them. Google sell products and services you and I must need as long as we continue to use the world-wide-web.

Yahoo are into selling services and products too, if you really want to make big money online, sell something that solve people’s problem in the real world.

You can’t make money from blogging by merely selling Google ads on your blog and thinking that will take you far in life. You need a solid workable business plan that will guarantee you make money from blogging.

If you’re not sure what to sell to your audience, here is a quick home work. Try figure out who your audience are, their locations, language, territories, age, sex and any other information you can get.

Your Google analytics data should help you with all the above information needed. When you’re done with your research, find out what is their problem, how eager are they willing to solve this problem.

Find the solution to the problem and present it to them the way they prefer getting it. Is as simple as that.

Do not try to force your audience to buy something they are not willing to buy, rather, listen and learn what they want and finally, give it to them.

2. They Do Not Blog For Money.

If you want to see your blog getting off the bottom of the ladder, don’t blog because you need money and thinking your blog will give you just that. I have seen bloggers with three months old blog complaining of not making money from blogging.

Is obvious this blogger will not blog for more than six months and will eventually quit. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then don’t go into blogging, it won’t help you.

Money shouldn’t be your primary reason for blogging, there are lots of reason to start a blog and become a blogger.

Real bloggers don’t blog for money, they do for the passion and desire to become best at what they enjoy doing.

Have you consider how a football player become the highest paid athletics in the world? He learned to master what he enjoy doing. A good football player will play even if there is nothing at stake and would put his whole into it.

When he is the best at what he do, sponsors knocking at his door, best clubs begging for his signature.

When you’re the go-to-guy in your field, money will flow easily than you can imagine. Word-of-mouth will be your source of advertising, satisfied clients will help evangelize your services far and beyond.

3. Don’t Depend On AdSense.

I call this “ticking time bomb”.

Many bloggers are into blogging this days to have a blog made for Adsense. A very bad game play. Do not build a blog hoping to get approve and get Google ads on your blog. You’re playing with a time ticking bomb that explode at any time.

Work on your traffic and find a better means to make the best of your targeted traffic and sell something of value to them. Adsense shouldn’t be the main reason you’re building your blog.

Besides, you need good solid traffic to make big money from Adsense, while not make better use of that traffic for more better purpose than selling your visitors to someone else.

4. They Are Not lazy Blogger.

If you can’t commit yourself to serious hard job, a life consuming activities, stay away from blogging. You can’t make money from blogging. Blogging is one of those things I would prefer not to have ever known in my life.

Well, if you prefer blogging for the fun of it, you’re free to do what you like with your blog. But I guess you’re here to find out how you will make money from blogging?

If yes, then, either you’re blogging part-time, hoping to replace your day job soon, or blogging full-time but not yet making money from blogging, then be ready for a serious task ahead of you.

Real successful bloggers are not lazy bloggers, they work hard enough to be where they are today and even more harder to maintain the standard and keep improving.

I wish you the best, happy blogging career.

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