Why Blogging For Money is The New Rule In 21th Century And Not Passion

blogging for money

By: fly

I have heard a lot about how important it is to start your blog based on your passion and not money. Well, you’re about to know why you should start blogging for money and not passion.

Before you start throwing stones at me, wait and hear me out. I have my reason which if you endeavor to read through, you may have to re-think on why passion will not see you through building a successful blog.

I know, just like you that not only in blogging that every inventory or successful business idea start with a simple ideology and behind that there is one strong reason, “The Passion to succeed”. I have blogged now for over a year and most tell you between this period, I have learned a lots more than one could learn in 5 years combined.

I recently read a blog post on John show’s blog titled “Blogging without Passion : Can you make money like that?”.

In this post, the author, “Micheal Chibuzor” tells how important you should be clear on what really your passion is if you’re to start your blog based on passion. How some confused trending to what really their passion is. They follow trend and mis-interpret on the strong fact they do not realize what their passion.

He talks about how some succeed in some internet business model like website flipping, make money online niches, niche blogging; they are not really passionate about these niches but went into it for the money. And the good news is they meet their target.

Blogging Based on Passion.

People who follow this path to starting their blog may or may not really know what blogging is all about.

They listen to what their teacher said; Start your blog based on what you’re passionate about. Yes, that’s what we’re all told initially, but after couple of months blogging, the passionate blogger knows first-hand that it takes more than writing blog post to build successful blog.

It takes more of marketing, social media marketing, word of mouth, SEO, at least one should know the basis of it to build a blog that is popular and command authority online. But the passionate blogger refuse to accept this fact and fundamentally believe that the key to building success with blog lies in content creation alone.

I saw two downside to this path of starting a blog:

#1. What If there is no market for your passion?

Except you’re new to internet marketing, you must have come to know that not every topic is a killer online. In fact smart internet marketers have come to know the benefits of surveying the market first before lunching or creating his product.

Not all niche or internet business model has a hungry market waiting to hear what you have to say. Using the Google keyword tool will give you a clear understanding of what am talking about.

#2. What if the Market Is already Saturated?

Blogging in Nigeria has made me understanding this fact clear enough that you don’t go into a market that is already saturated. Most bloggers in Nigeria are either into entertainment and celebrity niche, gossip, news, fashion, event and occasion just about things of this stuff.

Now, the questions are:

  • If this is your passion, will you still go into it?
  • Do you have what it takes to out run your competitors?
  • Are you ready to share the money with everyone in the industry?

If you’re still keen on blogging in such saturated market, you must be ready to do more than what your competitors are doing now.

Blogging for Money – The New Wave

A good harmful of bloggers who do well start with their blog based on passion, but what if your passion also is to make a living from your blog. I mean start making money to see you live full-time on it? I guess you understand the strong reason money holds in everyone’s life.

Many blogs that was built upon the old school teaching “passion” where no longer alive on the net today. The bloggers behind them eventually get tired and lost the passion to continue when they could no longer sustain the blog on passion alone. Is clear to them why they need money to run it like a real business.

Except you’re blogging just for fun or hubby, then passion alone is enough for you to see your blog grow. If you’re serious about building business with your blog, I mean you’re not creating blog but you’re building business with your blog, then money must be the reason you’re into it.

Who else want to start a company around passion and not expecting to make profits from it? When that company gulp a big chunk of your money and doesn’t bring you return, can passion alone sustain it?

Take the freelance industry for an example; most people in the field don’t have passion for writing but hey! They do it for the money and are really doing it well.

Most people who work day job don’t like doing it for another day but still do it for another and are making money from it. Money is a strong factor that if is the driven force that keeps you going, then there is every tendency you’re going to achieve your goal.

Darren Rowse Blogging Journey: A case Study

Read Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income . In this special detailed book, Darren talked about how he started his blogging career on curiosity and how his wife and him where monitoring the situation to see if this new hubby of him would transform into something reliable.

What I learn from his story was if he hadn’t make money from his new hubby as when he did, he would have found himself another paid job. Now, I assume you admit it, passion alone wouldn’t have seen him become the blogger he is today.

He talked about how he manage to increase his Adsense earning each months to make sure things went his way. No matter how passionate you’re with starting a blog, if you’re not making the kind of money you want from it, only time will tell.

Darren saw an opportunity in the rise of twitter; he created twitip, to share in the opportunity presented by twitter. I don’t think he had passion in creating twitter tip blog; he only saw an opportunity in it and went for it. The Money Factor

What Does A Blog Mean To You?

I don’t know about you, to me a blog is an office, a company, a store, an apartment where you work every minutes 24 hours a day the running of your business. A blog is an equivalent of an off-line offices where we have staffs, CEO’s, secretary, store keepers and so on.

When you start seeing your blog as an online diary that has for long taking it to be, then you’re not equipped with the mindset to make your blog an asset. Treat your blog like a business, then the strategies and tactics that result into making money from your blog would set in.

Blogging As a Career

I see nothing wrong in starting a blog based on the primary reason of making money from it and live full-time on blogging. If I choose blogging as a career then I must learn how to blog for money.

Where problem lies is when you’re not ready to learn the ropes in climbing to the top of the ladder. If you must make money from your blog, then you should also be ready to learn what it takes to make six figure in-come from your blog.

Am kidding, am not there yet.

The blogger who started their blog on the money factors did not fail because they are blogging for money, No, they fail because they are not willing and ready to learn. Even if they start blogging based on passion, the moment they are not willing to learn, they already fail.

I assume they are lazy and not willing to work, no matter how passionate you’re about something, if you’re not ready to put in the required ingredient to make it work, then, you’re bound to fail.

Now Your Turn To Speak

So lets the stones start rolling……..

What is (are) your reason(s) for starting your blog?

Whichever is your reason for blogging how is it so far?

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  1. Shamsudeen I like your thinking. So many people are quick to say blog about what you like or your passion. Sure you can do it and if you dont care about people reading it or making any money go for it. I have a blog that I don’t care whether it ever ranks for keywords or makes money. On the other hand most people are trying to blog about their passions to MAKE MONEY. Like you mention if no one is looking for your passion or the niche is tough and you cant bring anything new you will so get burned out spinning your wheels. Just found your site and you are doing a great job from what I can tell.
    Thomas recently posted…June Stats, Updates, Goals, and Future PlansMy Profile

    • Thomas,
      Thank you, am so glad for your comment. Bloggers should look deep inward about what truly his passion is, and evaluate the industry he is stepping into before starting a blog topic on it.

      Just found your site and you are doing a great job from what I can tell

      Thank you for that, Hope to always see you around.

  2. Great information. Blogging is the new traffic and business source now a days. It’s easy to get started and you can let the world know what you have to offer.
    Krystle recently posted…Six steps to your success!My Profile

  3. My blog is based on my passion and it hasn’t made me a penny so far … passion doesn’t pay the bills … I am rubbish at business though!
    Denise Pattton recently posted…New Tug Boat Automative SculpturesMy Profile


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