WhoGoHost Web Hosting Company In Nigeria Review

Is over a year that this blog - CyberNaira – has been powered by WordPress and hosted by Whogohost web hosting and domain name registrar.

I think is time I write a review of  my experience so far with this web hosting company - Whogohost domain registrar and hosting company. But before that, I want to use this opportunity to throw more light on the differences between hosting and domain name.

Not quite long, I had the opportunity to reply someone whom til this moments, remain anonymous. We talk through email conversion about how to go about moving her blog from blogger to WordPress.

During our conversation, I discover that she had no experience of the differences between hosting and a domain name. I had to start using metaphor and forget about internet jargon to explain the differences.

So I thought about many out there who like my dear friend still get confused about the differences between domain and hosting.

What Is a Domain Name And What Hosting Is?

A domain name can be compared to the name of a building, a business name, an address to a location in an environment.

The very building you’re living now as a number figure given to it by the local or state Government. That’s exactly what a domain name is in a simple term.

On the other hand hosting can be compared to the parcel of land you bought in other to have your building built on it.

Is as simple as that.

Why do yo need the two to have your blog running and visible?

Like I said earlier, for your blog to be visible, you’ll need a space on the internet to hold your blog. A space like a parcel of land that a building stand on it. On the internet, that parcel of land is called hosting. You need to purchase it from a reliable source to avoid unforeseen catastrophe.

A domain name is the acquired name you give to your blog so when people wish to see or visit it on the net , they could call it by that name and it will be accessable. Just like an address of an office apartment.

Now, without a visible or physical building, an office address is meaningless. If I gave you my business card with an office address name on it and the building does not exist, what happen when you try visit the address? You meet nothing there.

So, to have a blog up and running on the internet you’ll need both a domain name and a hosting space.

With that cleared, let’s get down to the real topic of today, a review of whogohost web hosting and domain name registrar company.

WhoGoHost Web Hosting Review.

First off, I write this review without any personal benefits or sponsorship deal attached to it. I write this based on my personal experience so far with their services and others I have had the opportunity to have recommend hosting their blog with whogohost.

As the second largest web hosting company in Nigeria (Indigenous web hosting company) behind Syskay, with market share of 14.887 % and over 3,710  domains names hosted on their server, is obvious this web hosting company are really doing great.

whogohost best web hosting comapny In nigeria


The company was founded in the year 2006 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, and after a successful partnership with GNBO project moved from 11th position to it’s current position. A project which has gave birth to many Nigerian internet entrepreneur and online presence for many local business owners.

One major aspect about their services I so much loved is their response to complains from their customers. My emails always got an instant reply, and if there is any reason for solution not provided instantly, their customer care is always there to provide alternatives.

Though am an affiliate and have so far got 9 sign up, which am happy with as no one ever return a negative feed back to me. Am showing you this to have a brief knowledge what their affiliate program look like.

As you can even make money with them, and receiving your money is no problem. You receive your affiliate commission straight in your local bank account. No PayPal issue or whatever.

Below is My affiliate details.

whogohost best hosting company in nigeria


In conclusion, I think whogohost as done better when taken in to consideration the environment they operate in and to say they’ve just be in operative barely not up to a decade in business. And their Facebook page as help a lots to educate people on the way forward about web hosting in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading through.

All internal links with the anchor text “Whogohost” are my affiliate code. So take note, I may earned a commission if you purchase hosting or buy your domain name through it.

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