How to Blog-Getting Articles Idea When Writer’s Block Hit You

By: Kristine Paulus

Oh, what will I write today ?

Your brain ain’t just at the right place at the moment. You need to published that awesome content, but nothing seems to be getting in or coming out to drop on that white paper. You’re stuck and really feel terribly bad about it.

That’s writer’s block right ?, it happen, not to you alone, don’t worry, in a couple of minutes you’re going to have more than good quality articles idea to write about. So you can maintain your integrity and authority.

Follow the guide line below, they are proven and effective ways to get out of the trap.

1. Visit your social networking site.

This one has worked effectively for me, see what’s happening on your favorites social networking site, listen to the conversation, take part in it. Forum is also a very nice place to draw inspiration from.

Lots of good quality blog post had been derived from forum thread and people’s post. Spend time there to see if you can grab good quality idea.

2. Visit Other Blogs In Your Niche.

Traditionally, bloggers get more exposure and well-informed by visiting other bloggers blog. The comment thread there is a very nice tools to take advantage of. A blog with good traffic and long comment thread is a good place to visit.

By doing this, you get to know the latest trending topic in your niche and most importantly have better quality blog post idea.

3. Visit Google Trend.

Visit Google trend and see if some hot topic pull the trigger and get you going. Search for latest topic in your country and if you can come up with some astonishing ideas, you will have great information people love to read.

Google trend is a useful tools to make use of, it position you to be in custody of latest information as it’s happening.

4. Take A Walk With Someone.

Having conversation with someone could trigger some article’s idea in you and bring about new thing entirely.

It could be your spouse, friends, or children.

5. Visit Your E-mail Box.

I have used this method and is working well, some vital information are in those e-mail you and I received daily. Some breaking news, trending news, and many other useful info.

Take a break from everything and go through the inbox, there is certainly some vital useful information in there.

6. Read Other Blogs.

Try this and its working fine, in fact is essential that you take your time each week to visit other bloggers blog and read what they have on their blog.

This have a tremendous positive effect on your thinking mentality and its helps to quickly come up with post idea easily.

I read blogs a lot, mostly blogs closely related to my niche topic and it has helped in no small measure better shaped my writing skill and articles idea.

Writer’s block do happen and when it does, sit back and take a vacation from your task. It could mean that the batteries need to be recharged or cool off somewhere in the Caribbean ocean or far away china.

These are some of the known working strategies to overcome it when it struck you, even the most advance bloggers sometimes get trapped in it.

What other ways do you manage writers block ?

I want to hear you speak to me through the comment box below this post.

Happy blogging.

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How to Blog-Getting Articles Idea When Writer's Block Hit You by
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